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Last week, one of my relatively new readers, Mathew|Blog of the Wolf Boy, sent me an email asking if I would be willing to participate in his weekly feature, “Behind the Author”, where he does interviews with fellow writers/bloggers. I was honoured, and especially since mine is one of the few political blogs he follows, so it would be a bit outside the ‘comfort zone’ of his blog. Mathew generously gave me permission to share the interview with my own readers, so … take a look!

Blog of the Wolf Boy

Hello again friends, bloggers and muses,

Welcome back to another installment of Behind the Author. This is where we journey behind the scenes in one writer’s life to understand a little more about them and how they’ve ended up where they are now. As always, the point is to better understand the inner sanctum of successful writer’s and bloggers. However, they’re also meant to be fun and personal as well.

Today’s Guest: Jill Dennison of Filosofa’s Word

Today’s Behind the Author is going to be unique from the other interviews of the past, because Jill Dennison is a political journalist/blogger in the USA. Some of you may have differing political views, and that would be unfortunate, but now is not the time for people to remain silent when the entire world is in a crisis. So, if you’re not fond with the contents of this interview, because it does not…

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30 thoughts on “Behind the Author: Filosofa’s Word

  1. Fascinating interview Jill. Thanks for inspiring me and everyone else who is lucky enough to follow you. I’m so glad you decided to change direction back in 2013. We need you out here more than ever!!

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    • Heh heh … it took some fingertip biting, but I managed. Actually, Mat made it a painless and fun process. A couple of questions a day until we were finished. I rather enjoyed it. I had an offer a couple of years ago to do a similar interview by one of my readers from Australia, but he wanted to do it live over Skype, and at the last minute, I got cold feet, fearing that I would stutter or say something wrong, so I backed out. Mat and I did this one via email, so it was easy.

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  2. what a great post. Did you ever finish your doctorate degree? I started a masters in counseling but dropped out after the first year. I think it was just too soon for me to do it, especially since I had just finished my undergraduate degree the previous semester.

    Back then, they didn’t have the technology they have now so I would have to record each of my classes, then listen back to the tapes while writing my notes on a braille writer since it was too noisy for the classroom and then do my studying.

    You can imagine that this meant that my class time was really double of everyone else just to achieve the same result.

    hugs my friend, I hope you’re doing okay.

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    • Thanks Scott!!! No, I have most of the coursework done, but not all. I eventually concluded that it was a lot of money that I could put to better use. Education is never wasted, and occasionally I take an online course in one thing or another related to my field, but I doubt that I will ever finish the Ph.D. I’m 68 years old, so it isn’t like I’m going to go to work for the State Department! I did almost go to work for the CIA when I was younger, but common sense kicked in and I remembered I was a single mom with 3 kids to raise.

      I can imagine from your description how hard that must have been, but with today’s technology, have you considered going back to school someday? Yeah, I’m doing okay … not sleeping very well, but otherwise okay. Hugs!!!


      • Hi Jill.

        I had thought once in a while about going back to school but I don’t really have the interest in sitting through lectures in a classroom and I know my mind would wander off as it usually does.

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        • You might consider online classes. I love them, for you set your own schedule and your own pace, and some online universities are fully accredited. Just a thought. Heh heh … my mind wanders into the next county if I let it off the leash!


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