Your Tuesday Dose of Snarky Snippets

I wonder if the day will ever come in whatever is left of my lifetime that there won’t be something for me to be snarky or rant about?  I’m thinking not, but I wouldn’t mind … honest I wouldn’t!  But, for today, there is plenty to bring my blood to a boiling point and have me gritting my teeth ‘til they crack.

Creative Obfuscation 101

Some of the republicans have scrambled around and wracked their little brains to come up with some of he most novel excuses for the mass shootings last weekend.  The usual stock ‘reasons’ they offer are mental illness, video games, television, and social media.  But this time, Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick came up with a rather unique excuse.  He claims it is because we no longer have mandatory school prayer (I’m still scratching my head over this one).  Perhaps Mr. Patrick has forgotten about the concept of separation of church and state?  Frankly, I find religion to be the cause of much of the violence in the world today, not the antidote.

But, you see, they have to make up excuses, for if they cannot direct the conversation into some other channel, then it is going to the most logical reason for mass shootings … guns.  Or rather, gun laws, of which we have too few.  And they don’t want to talk about gun laws, because … their little buddies over at the NRA who are channeling money into their accounts, will be vewy, vewy angwy.assault-weapons.pngIt rather reminds me of the overweight lady who, rather than blame the fact that she eats too much and exercises too little, blames: hormones, metabolism, marital strife, past pregnancies, and anything else that removes the responsibility from her own self.

Where are your values, Mitchie?

We all know that political campaigns can be pretty ugly.  It seems to me that the ugliest ones are by candidates that have the least to offer, so lacking any viable platform on which to run, they go on the offensive and attack their opponents.  Mitch McConnell, aka #MoscowMitch, crossed the line this weekend, though.

On Saturday evening, just hours after a gunman opened fire in a Wal-Mart in El Paso, leaving 22 people dead and 26 injured, there was a campaign event at a place called Fancy Farm.  One of the “attractions” at the event was this …Mitchie-2Notice the “tombstone” in the front on the right … the one that reads “R.I.P. Amy McGrath”.  Amy McGrath is the woman that is running against Mitch next year.  Amy McGrath is also the first female Marine Corps pilot to fly the F/A-18 on a combat mission. McGrath served for 20 years in the Marine Corps during which time she flew 89 combat missions bombing al Qaeda and the Taliban.  Mitchell McConnell, on the other hand, served exactly five weeks in the Army Reserve in 1967.

At any time and under any circumstances, the faux tombstone with his opponent’s name would be highly inappropriate.  But … the timing here could not have been much worse.  We just saw, for the umpteenth time, how a politician’s incitement can lead to deadly violence, and he pulls this crap?  And, not content to leave it alone, his campaign posted the pic on Twitter, alongside one of a smiling Mitchie, and the tweet is still there … has not been removed.  Every comment I read was negative, calling Mitch out for inciting violence, for disrespect, for inappropriateness.  If you ever wondered whether McConnell has a heart or a conscience, this should answer your question.

Ms. McGrath responded the next day …

“Hours after the El Paso shooting, Mitch McConnell proudly tweeted this photo. I find it so troubling that our politics have become so nasty and personal that the Senate Majority Leader thinks it’s appropriate to use imagery of the death of a political opponent (me) as messaging.”

The judge is pondering …

The judge is Judge Reggie Walton, and what he is pondering is … whether the redactions by the Justice Department in Robert Mueller’s final report fall under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and ought to be released to the public.

Two organizations, BuzzFeed and the nonprofit Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), have filed a lawsuit seeking to remove the black bars covering nearly 1,000 items in former special counsel Robert Mueller’s 448-page final report.  While no ruling has yet been handed down, at several points during yesterday’s proceedings, Judge Walton seemed increasingly skeptical of the government’s arguments pressing him to leave the redactions untouched.

Now, it is the opinion of this writer that the only valid reason at this point to have all those redactions would be if releasing them would cause a national security issue.  Frankly, I cannot conceive of a single piece of information in Mueller’s report that would create a genuine national security issue.  The long and short of it is that the redacted portions almost certainly prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Trump and his cronies acted outside the law.  It isn’t a ‘national’ security issue, but rather a ‘Trump’ security issue.

But, before you get excited, let me caution you that if Judge Walton rules for the plaintiffs (BuzzFeed and EPIC), Trump’s lawyers will have an appeal all ready to file, and it will be filed before you can blink your eyes five times.  The next judge may well be more of the opinion that Trump is above the law and that the public has no right to know how many laws he broke on the path to the Oval Office.  Still, there is some hope.

Okay, friends … enough snark for one day, don’t you think?  I leave you with a bit of humour …McConnell.jpg

22 thoughts on “Your Tuesday Dose of Snarky Snippets

  1. Re:McConnell vs Amy McGrath, Are there no laws or criminal lawyers in your country? That RIP sign is a blatant public death threat and should have immediately been treated as such. By now that gang should be in jail awaiting trial. I’m afraid you’ve totally lost it down there.

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    • I fully agree with you, but Trump has declared himself to be ‘above the law’, and apparently that status extends to his favoured minions. If something should happen to Ms. McGrath, McConnell should be arrested and tried for manslaughter at the very least. There are no longer, apparently, any limits to how nasty politicians can be.


  2. Good post, Jill. Let’s look on the positive side – we now know with certainty who and what trump is, we know his supporters, WHO CONTINUE TO SUPPORT, are small-minded xenophobic, racist bigots. Be thankful because we know where we stand. And the scum (read Mitch, Lindsay and most castrated Republicans) are even worse because they hide behind the hallowed halls of Congress. Smile, it’s a great day to be alive.😊

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    • Yes, we now know for certain … but did we really have any doubts? Sigh. Yes, it’s a great day to be alive … I find that I wake up each morning, take inventory to make sure the heart is beating, I’m breathing, and my feet still work, and I’m satisfied … and then I remember who’s president. Sigh.

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  3. The 2020 election race is supposed to be a laying out of electoral policy, promises to voters, and ethical behaviour. What it is in reality, is a media hype of hatreds, lies, and pure vitriolic slandering. The political system, the governing system, the public well being system have all broken down. The words ‘for the people’ and ‘by the people’ and ‘justice for all,’ should all be removed from from the constitution because they no longer apply with the actions of the current administration. Those paper tombstones also say the death of socialism. That really means that people no longer matter. Mitch McConnell does not care about ‘the people’ that he wants to vote for him. It is a giant con to take away voter rights. Only a fool would vote for him!

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    • You’re right on all counts, and the 2020 election is destined to be an even bigger and uglier circus than was the 2016 election. I do believe that whoever the democratic candidate ends up being will beat Trump at the polls, as Hillary beat Trump by 2.8 million votes in 2016. However, with gerrymandereed districts, the electoral college may well put him into office yet again. This nation will not withstand an additional 4 years of Trump and still be recognizable. I will not withstand another 4 years of Trump. Period. There is a reason that Mitch won’t consider the election security bills that have already been passed by the House, and that is he knows Trump cannot win an honest, fair & square election. So, gotta cheat. Sigh.

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  4. Jill, here is a link to the posthumous editorial written by a gun owner following the New Zealand mass shooting. It should be required reading by every Republican and American. As for McConnell, he has many questions to answer.

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    • It is collective madness, my friend. I no longer recognize this country or about half of the people. I think we are on a very dangerous path. Thanks for the love ‘n hugs, my friend … both are much needed right now. 😥 Hugs ‘n love back … ❤


  5. I’m so over trump and his mindless racist deplorable supporters and the republicans soulless money hungry corrupt weak complicitors (is that a word?)

    Let’s face it, the republicans and trump and his base do not care one iota who dies. If it’s minorities…great, the more whites the better….democrats even better….the poor, well then, we don’t have to waste tax dollars…non Christians, good, we don’t want those atheists, Muslims, Buddhists and Jews here anyway….and liberals, best of all, we don’t want those people who want to be all inclusive and actually care about the planet and people here for sure.

    Now bring me my guns!

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  6. I heard some of the so called excuses for assault weapons yesterday. I think the idea of deluded and fervent followers of a fake gun god came to mind. Reality has long since left them. How can it be the guns fault it’s immigration, it’s games, it’s mental health, it’s freedom, it’s the Democrats. Maybe I’m being cynical but the people who promote this tend not to go places where the incidents occur – somebody else’s issue.

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    • These are times when it’s easy to become cynical … I know, for I’ve been there for a couple of years now. I’ve said for a while that we will see a push for gun control when some members of Congress lose their own kids to a school shooter, and likely not a minute before. Talk is cheap … they need some action.

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  7. Ah Mitch (6 weeks national guard) is with Bolton (I don’t fight I just send other poor shmucks too) then.
    Remember the lines from Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Fortunate Son:
    “Some folks inherit star spangled eyes
    Ooh, they send you down to war, Lord
    And when you ask them, “How much should we give?”
    Ooh, they only answer More! more! more! yoh”
    School Prayer……
    Yeah that worked very well, back in the day when there with racist lynchings……Gimme a break.
    Or to put it another way…If all these thoughts and prayers they come out with were genuine and hearfelt by now the USA would be the most tolerant and peaceful nation in the world…..Someone an’t praying very well!
    Jerks…more jerks and Super-Jerks!!

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  8. Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest? spoken by Henry II of England in his bid to be rid of Thomas a Becket who spoke too many truths for the Kings comfort.Many people have spoken against the power of Kings and yet many try to emulate that power. In my eyes that little Tombstone to Amy McGrath is the same as Henry’s remark, nay it’s worse, this is a suggestion of her death where Henry’s remark leaves doubt, Mitches do not. Trump’s remarks towards the Gang of Four smacks of the same thing, an invitation for some lunatic with a gun to deal with his problems for him. And incidentally not all gunmen are mentally disturbed, some are just angry people made angrier still by politicians who create lies to suck people in to create anger. Trump is a past master at this and also at dodging the blame. We have to call time on dirty politics, now might be a good time by getting rid of McConnells incitement to violence.

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    • Well stated, my friend. I thought last night, when I saw Mitch’s little ‘graveyard’, that in the current atmosphere in this country, that is all it would take for someone to go into one of McGrath’s rallies with an AR15 and start shooting. If anything happens to her, Mitch McConnell should be tried for manslaughter. Sigh. Nasty place, this USA has become.

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