It’s Always About The Size Of His …

Crowds.  It’s always about the size of his crowds.  The “man” goes to El Paso, where a mass shooting has left some 22 people dead and many more injured, as a direct result of his own words.  Protestors abound, for he was not welcome in El Paso after inciting the violence that has left the city in mourning.  And what does he do?  He comes away bragging that the size of his crowd was double the number of the protestors.  How disrespectful, tacky, inconsiderate, and a bunch of other adjectives I could think of.  This, folks, is the person that we have sitting in the Oval Office, the person whose decisions could lead to peace … or war.  The person, in essence, who holds our very lives in his tiny hands.

This was not a day for politics, not a day to fuel the fires of division that are burning out of control in this nation.  It was a day of mourning, of grieving for lost loved ones, and Donald Trump, who should have been the most remorseful, apologetic of all, turned it into another “politics as usual” day in both El Paso and Dayton.

I cannot recall another person holding the office of president who has so degraded and devalued the office.  I cannot remember another who needed his own public relations team, working day and night, to go behind Trump and repair the damage he leaves in his wake.  We have had presidents in my lifetime who I didn’t like very much, but never have I felt such loathing for not only the actions, but the “man” himself.  Donald Trump is devoid of humanity, lacking a conscience, and has no love of this nation nor its people, but only loves himself.

The political posturing surrounding the question of whether to impeach or not to impeach must stop.  We elected Senators and Representatives, we pay their salary, and in return we expect them to act in the best interest of the nation and its people.  Congress has let us down mightily.  Those members of Congress are so afraid of the “man” in the Oval Office that they refuse to act.  They are afraid of his temper tantrums, his ignominious tweets, and most of all, they are afraid that he will speak against them at the next election.  Screw the next election, people!  There are fifteen months left until the election in 2020.  Fifteen months in which this “man” is doing more damage to this nation, to our reputation, our alliances, and our very lives.  GET HIM OUT!

Mitch McConnell and his band of scallywags have obstructed justice for long enough!  They, along with Donald Trump, have the blood of the victims in El Paso on their hands, for they are in the pockets of the NRA and have long refused to pass any meaningful gun regulations.  They are also responsible for the very election rigging that allowed Donald Trump to move into the White House and by refusing to even consider election security measures, they are rigging the 2020 election in Trump’s favour as well.

This nation cannot tolerate another 15 months of Donald Trump’s sheer cruelty and ignorance, let alone another 63 months, in the event of his re-election.  I would call for a mass movement to demand that he step down, but we all know how far that would get.  His ego will not allow him to step down, and frankly, I don’t think it will allow him to even admit defeat if he is voted out next year or reaches the end of his second term in 2024.  He is, as our friend Keith has said, a clear and present danger.  He is a danger to the very foundation of our government, he is a danger to every other nation on this planet, and he is a danger to the planet itself.

It matters not to me how he is removed from the Oval Office, but he must be removed.  He cares not at all for the people of this country.  I call on every member of Congress to support his removal, else frankly, you don’t deserve to be sitting on Capitol Hill, don’t deserve the salary that we are all working hard to give you.  Either get with the program, do your job, uphold the Oath of Office you took, or get the hell out.

Congressional Oath of Office:

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter.

46 thoughts on “It’s Always About The Size Of His …

  1. There was a most appalling photograph taken of Trump and Melania when they visited El Paso. Melania is holding the baby of murdered victims while Trump gives a thumbs up to the crowd. The thousand words in this picture all shout ‘unfit for office!’ The man has no morals nor a caring bone in his body. I am surprised that no one threw anything at his head. 😑

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    • I saw that picture … multiple times … and it galls me every time. I remarked on it on Twitter once or twice, found it crass, abominable, and a number of other things. That baby’s parents both died saving its life … Melania and Donnie don’t even deserve to touch it, and that thumbs-up was just sickening. I’d like to throw something at his head … preferably a molotov cocktail!


  2. Pull this post if you want, Jill, but this is the mindset we decent people are up against. It is like a Hitler rally from the past and this was in 2016! Can you imagine now!
    This cancer will not go away even after trump is long gone. David Duke could run for president and he would probably win.

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    • I wouldn’t even consider taking this down, for you are right … this is how it begins. People need to be aware. As for David Duke … in an honest and fair election, Trump couldn’t win, David Duke couldn’t win, probably no republican could win at this point. The key words here, though, are “honest” and “fair”. We are likely to have the most rigged election we have ever seen, between the Russian influence, lack of election security, gerrymandering, and voter disenfranchisement efforts. If Trump wins again, if McConnell retains his seat … it won’t be by honest means. Sigh.

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  3. Great post Jill.
    And well done all you contributors
    “….and raise the black flag*. No quarter to the violators of our homes and firesides. Our political leadership is too timid to face the reality of this coming war.’
    *The opposite of the White Flag….signifying no quarter will be given.
    Actually said by T J ‘Stonewall’ Jackson…of the Confederate Army……You gotta love the irony.

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    • Someday, perhaps, it will be proven that I was right, and the trumpeters will go home with their little tails tucked between their legs. More likely, they will still be trying to convince themselves that they were right all along. Or, perhaps we will just blow the whole planet up with nukes. Sigh.

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  4. Jill, more than a few Republicans are speaking out against the racism and support of white supremacy in their party, yet they still are a small number and they get vilified for speaking courageously. Nebraska State Senator McCollister spoke out against the racism and he gets a letter from the Nebraska GOP condemning his remarks and inviting him to leave the party. Gronda has a post on this. I called the PR person on the memo sharing my disappointment with them and emailed McCollister to applaud his courage and accuracy.

    A Texas Judge announced her leaving the GOP saying “Trump’s ideology is racism.” Congressman Will Hurd, the lone Black GOP member in the House will not run for reelection. And, Carly Fiorini said on the BBC Trump lacks character and his words are racist. We must encourage such statements as they get vilified by their party. Keitg

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    • This is good to see, but I am thoroughly disgusted by the GOP for continuing to give their complete support to the racist-in-chief! What the heck has the former “Grand” Old Party become??? Do they not realize what they are doing to this nation? I hope to see more courageous members of Congress stand for what is right. This whole mess sickens me. You were wise to leave the party when you did … surely there comes a point when they simply sink?


      • Jill, what will it take for some to find that conscience and spine? Trump said it correctly that he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and they would still support him. When you really think about that statement, it is highly insulting to his base. Keith

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        • You’re right … it is highly insulting to his base, but they don’t understand that. Short-sighted and narrow-minded they are. I’m not sure how we break this cycle, but we must find a way.


  5. American Friends, listen Up.
    If war should break out between you and somebody- like Iran and each side gathers it’s allies, who have you got. Turkey, North Korea Brazil, Israel ? Iran may have Russia though it’s possible you might too, but Russia want stability in that part of the world. How about all of the European Countries? Truth to be told we don’t really know anymore as Trump has shown no real friendship to anyone here, not even the country of his family origin, Germany and to be honest we were happy with the status Iran as they kept to the nuclear agreement. Thanks to Trump that’s fallen by the wayside but they did keep faith with us as long as they could.
    It’s like a huge game of chess nowadays with what used to be the chessmaster knocking the pieces off the board.
    On a personal note I have nothing to offer the States as an ally as long as such a large proportion are occupied by those holding the opinion only white people have any worth and having more guns than the army is much more important than a bit of limitation to prevent more mass killings.

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    • Quite frankly, this nation deserves no allies. If we were to become involved in a war with Iran or anybody else, Trump would quickly find that neither Russia, nor Saudi Arabia, nor Turkey, nor DPRK would come to his aid. Brazil? I laugh at that! And, while I suspect the EU and UK would come to our aid, it would be done with reluctance, and I wouldn’t blame you guys if you thumbed your noses at us and said, “Tough luck, fools”. We’ve done naught but cause troubles by pulling out of both the Paris climate accords and the Iran nuclear deal. Trump has denigrated every European leader from Theresa May to Macron to Angela Merkel. Trump wanted isolationism, he eschewed globalization … well, he’s got his wish. I hope, frankly, that we are left to sink or swim and that Trump finally is reviled for the a** he is. Now, with all that said … I wouldn’t mind a guest post from one of my favourite UK readers on this topic … hint, hint.

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  6. Please tell us how you really feel!!! LOL….All kidding aside Jill…. You’re spot on as usual. Every morning I wake up and turn the news on and there HE is. His face. His mouth moving. The ‘breaking news’ flashing across the screen with something ridiculous he’s done. The shouting reporters, who we can’t hear over the damn helicopter in the background. It’s deja vu all over again…every day. We’re being held captive by this ‘man.’ And the media just keeps falling all over themselves. They don’t know how to report on him. They try to treat the ‘office’ with respect. But then he shows the ‘office’ absolutely NO respect. High crimes and misdemeanors? Holy crap, every damn day!!

    And now Congress is on a freaking 5 week break. OMG. If this isn’t an emergency situation I don’t know what is. All I know is, when they come back, I better see witnesses…on the stand…under oath…in public. Enough with this B.S of waiting for the courts. I’ve had it. Thanks for vetting Jill… do it so damn well!!

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    • I don’t watch t.v., but every morning I boot up my laptop, or check the “breaking news” on my phone, and … there he is. I do wish that the media would at least stop publishing pictures of him, for he truly makes me ill to look at … I always expect worms to start crawling out of his pocky, puffy facial skin, and while we’re on the topic, what the heck is that ‘thing’ atop his ugly head??? Okay … deep breaths … I think I got that out of my system now.

      You’re right, but the thing you must remember is that the media, or at least the most credible sources, cannot be seen as biased, and so they are between a rock and a hard place. I agree that they make him the focus entirely too much, reporting on his every tweet, his every word. But, I think they are truly in uncharted territory and know not the best course of action, especially since he denigrates and demeans them at every opportunity. I’m not pleased with the job they are doing, but I think I understand.

      As for Congress … their break is intended for them to connect to their constituents back home, to be available for consultations, phone calls, and holding Town Hall or other events. If they actually do that, as they are supposed to, they may well be catching some flak from their constituents … let’s hope so, anyway. Gonna be a long 120 months, my friend.

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      • Yes…they’re in a tough spot to be sure.

        On another note though, I am hearing a more aggressive posture from Nadler concerning impeachment. It seems when they get back we might see some action on that front. One can only hope!!

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        • True … I think that now more than half the democrats in the House are for impeachment, perhaps it will move forward. I still have mixed thoughts about it, but at this point, I just want them to stop sitting on their thumbs and DO something!

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  7. I fully agree with your opinion of Trump. My fear is that if the House does impeach him, but then it fails in the Senate, he will use such an outcome to rally his base for the next election. So perhaps it might be better to just concentrate on making sure he is not re-elected. If it came down to a choice of impeach but he wins the next election or not impeach and he loses the next election, I’d prefer the second outcome. The ideal situation is that he would be impeached and found guilty.

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    • Hi Jim, The worry is not that impeachment will fail, the odds are some 99 to 1 in his favour. The purpose of impeachment is first to call Trump to account for the long list of things he has done prior to and during his time in office. Second it is to make him respond to being impeached, which he will do by sucking his tweeting thumbs and using them to attack everyone who he believes is attacking him. Third is to turn him into the whimpering idiot he has been all along, “mewling and puking” in his base’s arms, demanding they protect his piddly little ego. You cannot tell anyone what he is like, they won’t believe you no matter what. So maybe you can show them, and show his political buddies how weak he is underneath his unearned bravado.
      No, this is not the true purpose of impeachment, but he is not a true president. Like Hitler he is a wimp pretending to be a bully, and while that impresses his followers it impresses noone else in this world.
      When “his crowd” is only double the number of protesters in El Paso, he is showing his weakness. The number of protesters at most events is 1 in 10 or less; when it is only 1 in 3 the protesters are winning. But he has no idea. To him 1 in 3 is a great number. Imagine if 1,000,000 protesters showed up at one of his rallies. The 2,000,000 worshippers would pee their panties in fear. They’re only comfortable when they outnumber the protesters 100 to 1…
      Impeachment is a must. As Jill intimates, anything less will be a green light for him. He will take it as a sign of weakness, and he will plow everyone who resists him under.
      He cannot be allowed to think that. Even if he doesn’t get impeached in the end…

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      • I realize the importance of using the impeachment process to send a message to Trump, but as you note, the odds are strongly in his favor that nothing will come of it. He will then use that outcome as proof, in his mind, and to his followers, that he has done nothing wrong. Much like he has tried to do with the Mueller report. I think such an outcome will just further rally his backers, making for a difficult election for the Democratic candidate in 2020. It’s a tough call, and I’m guessing that is why Pelosi has been hesitant to proceed with starting the impeachment process.

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        • Pelosi, and others who agree with her, are afraid of losing, while doing nothing to win. She might be a good politician, but she needs to show she has the courage to try to defeat him. She is not showing any.
          Courage is what the Democratic Party nominee will need to take on Trump. Such nominee will not bring out Democratic voters if they play defensively, that will inspire no one. Their nominee must show they not only want to win, but that they have the tools to win.
          I’m an outsider, I can have no actual effect on the outcome of 2020. But I am a citizen of this world we are on, and I know another 4 years of Trumpelstiltskin could condemn the whole world. But it is up to Americans to save the world for real this time, WITH BALLOTS NOT BULLETS. It is up to you, and no one but you. Go do your job!

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    • Well, now … you’ve given me an idea for a new post. You are right, and there is no doubt his base will, led by him, use it as a rallying point if he is impeached but not convicted. It is, as I see it, one of four possible scenarios. In saner times, I would have said that no president who had been impeached, even if not convicted in the Senate, could possibly win re-election. But, these are not saner times, and I learned my lesson about making predictions back in 2016 when I swore right up until about 3:00 a.m. on Wednesday, November 9th, that Trump couldn’t possibly win and that we would be inaugurating another “President Clinton” in 2017. Silly me, eh? My crystal ball must have been broken at the time. Anyway, back on point, given the fact that the Senate refuses to consider election security bills, the Supreme Court has basically given the “all clear” for additional gerrymandering, certain states are doing everything in their power to disenfranchise poor and minority voters, I think it is quite possible that with or without impeachment, he stands a good chance of losing the popular vote by an even larger margin than in 2016, but nonetheless, winning the electoral college. This is the justification for at least opening impeachment proceedings, for it gives the committees greater access to information and data that is currently being withheld, and perhaps enough “dirt” can be dug up to sway enough voters to actually overcome the manipulation and rigging of the election. Maybe. Maybe not. Sigh.

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