Deconstructing government in Trump’s America

The important things, as I have said before, are slipping under the radar. Jeff, from On the Fence Voters, has shone a spotlight on one such thing. This administration is working so hard to destroy not only the nation, but the entire globe. Please take a minute to read Jeff’s assessment. Thanks, Jeff, for keeping us informed!

On The Fence Voters

Bannon’s prophetic prediction playing out before our eyes at USDA

In the early days of the Trump administration, former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon declared that the President’s cabinet picks are well suited to implement a complete “deconstruction of the administrative state.” The quote by Bannon is relatively well known. Unfortunately, large swaths of the American people do not understand that that deconstruction is not only alive and well, but proceeding with lightning speed—with no end in sight.

To put it in more simpler terms, the administration is on track to weaken regulatory agencies and other bureaucratic entities, faster and more extreme than any previous Republican administration had ever tried to do. And it’s not like George W. Bush or Ronald Reagan didn’t try mightily to achieve this end. After all, less and smaller government is one of the main objectives of most Republicans as it is. But the…

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13 thoughts on “Deconstructing government in Trump’s America

  1. Jill, I won’t repeat my comment on BrookingsLib’s post. In short, the conservative oligarchy wants fewer people asking them questions about their business. They do not want to be troubled by regulations on polluting the environment, cheating or aggressively marketing to people, or cutting corners. Cutting inspectors and inspections led to Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Outsourcing testing to Boeing killed people in two crashes. Repealing Glass Steagall led to a our housing based recession.

    On the flip side, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was instigated and led by now Senator Elizabeth Warren. It was a huge success, but Republicans hate it. Why? The CFPB penalizes banks and credit cards companies for screwing over customers. Bank of America was fined $870 million for selling products to customers without asking, eg. 95% of the fine repays the screwed over customers. American Express, Wells Fargo are among others who have been fined? My question is why do GOP leaders want to dismantle this? Keith

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    • I’m always puzzled, though, by the republicans disregard for the future, such as getting rid of environmental regulations. They do know that climate change isn’t a hoax, but they prefer to disregard it so they don’t have to dip into their profits to comply with environmental regulations … but … don’t these CEOs have kids and grandkids? ow do they justify the fact that they may well be signing the death warrants of their grandchildren and future generations? How do they sleep at nights? Greed is one thing, but complete disregard for everything and everyone that isn’t adding to their net worth is ridiculous.


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