Jolly’s Surprise Monday!

Good morning, friends … come in, come in … and welcome to yet another Monday morning!  I hope you all had a marvelous weekend!  Mine?  Well, daughter Chris had scheduled a day off on Friday, as she was expecting to be gone all weekend with band commitments and wanted us to have a family day.  But then on Thursday night at band practice, she found out she had the dates wrong and it’s actually next weekend that she’ll be gone, but by that time it was too late to change her day off, so she had a relaxing three-day weekend!  Miss Goose and I enjoyed having her home for an extra day, but as always, the weekend went by way too fast.

Now, let’s have some fun before you have to go back to the salt mines, okay?  Grab a snack … and then Jolly has a surprise for you!

jollyHi … it’s me, Jolly!  Guess what?  I been waitin’ all weekend to tell you dis … I gots me a puppy!!! Gwammie says it’s a kitty just like da Feral Five, but to me, it’s a puppy.  But … I gots a problem … I don’ know what to name ‘im.  Can you guys help me?  If you think of a good name, just tell it in da comments, ‘kay?  Isn’t he cute???  You kin pet ‘im if you wanna …Jollys-kitty

He’s been dying to tell you that all weekend … ‘bout drove me nuts, saying, “Is it Monday yet, is it, huh huh?”  Oh, and please … don’t tell Jolly it’s a girl kitty … he’ll freak!

Now, hold onto your hats, folks, ‘cause I found a deal I know you’re gonna jump at!  Those of us of a certain age remember Elvis Presley and his penchant for fancy cars, right?  His cars have become a part of his legend, in fact.  Some are on display in the Automobile Museum at his Graceland home in Memphis.  Others have been sold, such as his 1971 Mercedes-Benz sold just last year for over $100,000.  And another of his cars, a 1967 Lincoln Continental limousine, which once served as something of a royal carriage for the Presley family, will be auctioned this week at Mecum Auctions in Monterey, California.

Any of my West Coast readers might want to consider hopping on down to Monterey and putting in a bid …Elvis-car-exterior

Elvis-car-interiorOkay … well … it hasn’t exactly been kept in tip-top condition, but nothing a little cleaning and a few replacement parts won’t take care of, right?  And the car has history and … AND … it comes with amenities!

‘Colonel’ Tom Parker, Elvis’ agent, bought the car for Elvis for a wedding present in 1967 when he married Priscilla Beaulieu, and it became their family car for a time.  And amenities … it comes complete with a license plate that reads “1-ELVIS” in red letters, and it also comes with a copy of the car’s original title application, which registered the vehicle under the name E.A. Presley.  Now who could pass up a deal like that???

Now here’s a job for you, Larry Paul Brown!  A West Coast restaurant chain announced it is seeking a “bacon intern” to make $1,000 in a single day by taste-testing bacon.  Think of it, one day spent eating one of your favourite foods, and getting paid a cool grand to boot!bacon-1.pngbacon-2.png

Farmer Boys announced the opening for the dream job on its website, stipulating that applicants should use a photo or video on their Instagram accounts to explain why they would be best suited to the position.  Check it out and let us know how you fare, but be quick, for all applications must be in by August 20th, so you have just over a week.

Now, I use my share of emojis and overall, I think they’re cute, and sometimes they even serve a purpose, for electronic communication can be misleading without the eye contact, vocal intonation, and body language to help understand when a person is kidding vs when they are angry or put out.  Misunderstandings happen easily … I know, for I’ve had more than a few.  But, would you want to live in this house?Emoji-houseThe house is the source of an ongoing controversy in Manhattan Beach, California.  Neighbors accuse the owner, Kathryn Kidd, of adopting the unusual decor as retribution after she was fined $4,000 for illegally using the house for short-term rentals, such as Airbnb, which is banned in Manhattan Beach.

An Instagram post from the artist who painted the home originally featured the caption: “Are your neighbors constantly ratting you out? Have they cost you thousands in fines? Have you wanted to tell them off lately? Why risk a case, when you can hire me to paint them a pretty message?”

Kidd denied the emoji paintings were intentionally designed to irk her neighbors.

“It’s a message to me to be positive and happy and love life. I have eyelash extensions. The eyes are like a Mona Lisa eye. They kind of follow you.”

Um … not sure I believe her.

And finally, if it’s Jolly Monday, there must be a cute animal video, yes?  Take a gander at these adorable lion cubs … guaranteed to melt your heart!

Well, folks, that’s a wrap for today.  Time for you guys to get on out there and earn a living, and time for me to earn my keep ‘round here by doing some laundry and some cleaning, and I’ve got to get a beef roast in the crock pot.  Have a great week, my friends, and share those smiles, okay?  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa and Jolly!  Oh … and the ‘puppy’!Jollys-kittyjolly

43 thoughts on “Jolly’s Surprise Monday!

  1. Benjamin is delighted with this Jolly Tuesmonday post! “Namaste, Miss Jill! It’s me, Benjamin! I can share the juiceboxes, cause there’s lots of them and it’s kind to share, and the lots of yummy donuts too! Some of the coffee is just how Gem likes it, that’s better!” Elvis’s car gets a pass, “it’s rubbish” (he loves that word) and the pink house is “YUCKY!”. The video is a humongous hit with him, “They look just like Simba and Nala in the new Lion King movie I went to yesterday.” Yesterday was in reality a few weeks ago, but in Benjamin’s world if it’s not today then it’s yesterday. With regard to Jolly’s dog-cat, Benjamin thinks it could be called “Shemale”. He does not like the word female as the opposite word for male and instead labels a girl as a shemale…be it an insect, a squirrel or a person! Benjamin adds : “Catch the kisses I sent and neckbuster hugs to you and Jolly too. Thank you and Bye!”

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    • Namaste Benjamin … and Gem! I knew you would be willing to share your juice boxes … and the donuts! Which donut did you like? Jolly actually reminded me about the coffee with cream for Gem … otherwise, I might have forgotten again! I agree with you about the rubbish car and the pink house … I wouldn’t like to have either one of them. So you saw the new Lion King movie? Was it good? I haven’t seen it, but I love the old Lion King movie … except for the part where Mufasa gets killed … I always cry at that part. I will tell Jolly of your name suggestion, “Shemale”, and see what he says. Jolly and I both thank you for the neckbuster hugs and the kisses! We love you … and you too, Gem!


  2. The first name that came to mind was Pinswirl, after those toy windmills of our youth. Working with Jolly, she, oops, “he” is bound to be Spinny after awhile.
    Given time, the “emoji house” will become a landmark. Where I grew up there was a bright pink house on a corner lot, and everyone gave directions by it. Turn at the pink house and the fourth house is ours, and things like that. No one got lost.
    I used to be a vegetarian, but the woman I was seeing was a carnivore. One morning the witch got out of bed early and cooked a whole pound of bacon until the scent just pervaded her house. I woke up to the most wonderful smell in the world. And thus I was turned back into an omnivore. I called her a “bitch” for doing it, but I could not resist the bacon.

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    • I shall pass your suggestion on to Jolly! I told him he has to decide by Sunday night so I can let you all know what name he picks.

      I don’t much care for the emoji house, but I suppose it would grow on me. I dunno, though, once I discovered that my front door is painted purple, I hated it and still shake my head and cuss every time I see it, and that was March 2018, so for nearly a year and a half I haven’t gotten used to it.

      I’m guessing that “witch” was not Gail, but a precursor. 🙂


    • All the bacon I’ve ever seen in the stores here was either smoked or cured. I didn’t realize there was any other kind until one of my UK friends kept telling me to try the kind that isn’t smoked or cured, and I discovered it doesn’t exist in the stores! I still like what we have, but I’m sure that to you guys it would taste awful. I’m particularly fond of maple-cured bacon. 🙂 Hugs ‘n love to you, dear Jack! ❤


  3. Aw heck, Jill, I would love to apply for that job and I would surely win, but alas, I have signed on to an ‘ice cream eating” contract. Hmmm maybe I could combine the two – a farm boy’s heaven – vanilla ice cream topped with bacon sprinkles.😁🙏

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  4. Sorry, but all I can think of at my age is all the saturated fat in the bacon. And eating a ton of it each day will surely make your days on this earth briefer. We have discovered soy bacon which tastes and smells the same but has little or none of the fat. You must eat bacon of some sort: it’s the law.

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    • Then I take it you won’t be applying for the job as bacon-taster, eh? Soy bacon? I think I’ll pass. You know … I never even tasted bacon until I got married, for my father was Jewish and we didn’t eat pork. When I had been married a few weeks, my husband made it quite clear that he wanted bacon for breakfast one Sunday. I didn’t even know how to cook the stuff, so a phone call to his mum was in order. The first time I tried it, I thought it was the most disgusting thing I had ever tasted. Now, some 50 years later, I must admit I do love bacon bits on my salad or baked potato, and it goes nicely on a peanut butter & banana sandwich. 🙂
      Have a great week, my friend!

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  5. Thanks so much for my rhubarb crumble.. I’m sorry, you should have said it was to share before you gave it to me. I just happened to have a tin of evaporated milk in my pocket. No point in anyone else applying for the bacon job, it’s mine.Have a great week with your puppy Jolly.

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    • ‘Twas my pleasure … and no, you didn’t have to share it … I baked it just for you, just the way you liked it … the rest had donuts, except for Larry who devoured the bacon. But David … who carries a tin of evaporated milk in their pocket??? Jolly says thanks!

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  6. I’m getting my Hurrumphhhs out of the way first…..Karthyn Kidd, dear lady I personally do not care for folk who hire their houses out so other careless selfish folk can disturb people with raucous noise. If they want to have a loud unfettered party they can go and find a piece of desert! You can stop your whinging. You broke the law…tough!(Ahhh, that’s better..I did enjoy that!). *
    Lion cubs are too cute….Two years later…err.
    A new kitty….I’m going with ‘Snooks’..It’s a gender-free name and kinda cute.
    Now you guys….looking at you Tiger Lily (😾…me????)… nice…She’s a little kitten, if she wants to chase your tail…remember…you were young once!
    * Thanks Jill for the opportunity for the Monday Hurrumphh!

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  7. I think I’d live in that house. Why not? I hear Manhattan Beach is nice, and honestly, it’d be easy to direct people how to find your address when you hosted dinner parties.

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  8. Well that pup is kinda cute, and I thought of Jokey (as a name) as fitting with Jolly and Joyful, but somehow it isn’t cute enough… Keeping with the ‘J’ theme… How about ‘Jem?’ or perhaps ‘Jilly?’ ☺️

    Happy Monday!

    And nope, wouldn’t eat bacon for anything, but I did used to like it (pre-vegan days). 😉

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