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This afternoon’s post comes from Simeon Levine, a young man of 17 years living in Australia. Though he lives 9,500 miles away, in another hemisphere, and has only spent 17 years on this planet, Mr. Levine sees as clearly as any, more than most in this country, the culture of guns in the U.S. Thank you, Simeon Levine, for this post and for your generous permission to re-blog!

Levine Lowdown

On the 3rd and 4th
of August 2019, 32 people were killed and 51 injured in two separate mass
shootings in America. Hundreds of family members and friends left grieving, and
bystanders forever replaying the traumatic circumstance again and again inside
their heads. Communities destroyed by the loss of life, thousands fearful of
the future and millions left shocked and overwhelmed by the situation.

I am Australian. I
feel helpless. I can’t even begin to gain a comprehensive understanding of the
American system and the obsession with guns. In April 1996, the Port Arthur
massacre left 35 people killed and 23 injured, one of Australia’s largest mass
shootings, and one of the last mass shootings. After the massacre, Prime Minister,
John Howard, restricted the legal ownership and use of self-loading rifles,
shotguns and tightened recreational shooters guidelines. A “buy-back” scheme
was introduced, costing millions of dollars, but protecting the lives…

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14 thoughts on “America and Guns

  1. If guns aren’t the problem, but people are the problem, then why would you want the problem to have guns.

    If we had mostly normal sane people in this country, then I’d agree with you, but, we have a lot of mental illness…maybe due to drugs, terrible parenting, gangs, a love of violence in our culture etc., an obnoxious lethal president who inflames hate every time he opens his mouth and a stupid gullible cult base who are bigots in the extreme, far right religious nuts and bully wannabes.

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    • Personally, I don’t think guns belong in the hands of civilians … Period. I would be happy to see the 2nd Amendment repealed, but I don’t look for that to happen … the men who are lacking in other areas have to have their guns to prove their manhood, I guess.

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  2. Can you guarantee me that all the criminals will turn their guns in? You can’t. When you can guarantee that, then your point will be valid. Australia started out as a penal colony. Who in their right mind would let criminals have guns? That’s a big reason that they have nothing like the 2nd Amendment. I also said nothing about video games. If anyone, it’s the media that’s partially responsible. Each wacko is trying to outdo the last one, to get the media attention. Dead or alive.

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    • No, of course I cannot guarantee you that. But, you cannot guarantee you will get all your passengers safely to their destinations each day, yet you still board that bus and drive it … you don’t say, “Well, I might have an accident, so i’ll just stay home”. In my book, it matters not what Australia or the U.S. was 200-300 years ago. What matters is what is happening today. Today, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, France, Germany, Canada, are all safer nations than the U.S. The U.S. has become a nation where men think it is the gun that makes the man, when nothing could be further from the truth. Guns, money … both seem to be more important to some than human lives. Sad.


  3. Australia does NOT have a 2nd amendment. Hence no understanding of what it’s for. Bottom line, citizens should have what the govt has to protect ourselves from the govt. will it ever come to that? Hopefully never, Maybe if the laws that we already have in place would be enforced, it would be a different story. The punishments for illegally purchasing arms, or falsifying legal, federal documents to purchase firearms are a joke. You get more time for marijuana possession. Quit slapping them on the wrist. Start locking them up. I still don’t get how the left can blame a inanimate object. I guess that firearm got up in the morning and decided to do a mass shooting? Give me an example of a law that isn’t on the books, that would have prevented any of these mass shootings? Banning assault rifles would not have prevented anything. Obama tried that and there were still were mass shootings. Also notice how the Dayton shooting is being phased out and all they want to talk about is El Paso. Hmmmm, maybe because the Dayton shooter was for Elizabeth Warren and socialism? The media does not help, by promoting its own agenda, instead of just reporting with no slant at all. Walter Cronkite was a Democrat, but damned if you could tell it when he was reporting the news. I just don’t see any viable solution, NRA or no NRA. The Supreme Court will always find for the 2nd Amendment.


    • No, Australia does not have a foolish 2nd amendment and frankly, that makes them much smarter than we are. I wish we would repeal the 2nd Amendment, for today it has gone far beyond what the framers of the Constitution ever intended. Guns in the hands of civilians are ridiculous, and assault weapons in the hands of civilians are simply absurd. I am not proud of this nation for its gun culture … I am ashamed. You mention marijuana possession … marijuana does NOT kill people … guns do. Yes, GUNS KILL. You and the republican ilk say it is mental health that kills, but a mentally ill person without a gun cannot kill more than one or two people, unlike a mentally ill person with a semi-automatic. You say it’s video games, but Japan has the highest video game sales in the world and a very small fraction of the gun-related deaths … I think it was 10 last year … compared to the U.S. The difference? People don’t own guns in Japan. This isn’t about politics, or at least it shouldn’t be … it should be about common sense. Leave the guns in the hands of the military and law enforcement. You want a weapon? Fine, go buy a baseball bat! Meanwhile, i stand by what I say … nobody … NOBODY who isn’t in law enforcement needs a gun. PERIOD.

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