Sources of *Sigh*s

As most of you who have followed this blog for any length of time know, I am a lover of animals.  I have often said I prefer goats, bears, lions, snakes and spiders to most humans, especially these days.  So, you might imagine the low-throated growl that has been emitting from me ever since reading the following headline this morning …

U.S. Significantly Weakens Endangered Species Act

First, he destroys the camaraderie of the nation, turns brother against brother, mother against child, and friend against friend.  Then, he destroys the environment, not only of the nation, but of the entire planet, by reversing nearly every environmental protection regulation on the books and pulling the U.S. – against the will of the majority – out of the Paris Climate Accords.  And now … now he is destroying the beautiful wildlife, many species of which were here on earth long before humans were, and all of which are more worthy of life than humans!Bald Eagle.jpgThe story:

The Endangered Species Act of 1973 is a key legislation for both domestic and international conservation. The act aims to provide a framework to conserve and protect endangered and threatened species and their habitats.  Under the current law, assessments about which species should be labeled as ‘endangered’ must be made solely based on science, without consideration for economic impacts.  But, if the new ruling is allowed to go into effect, regulators would be forced to conduct economic assessments — for instance, estimating lost revenue from a prohibition on logging in a critical habitat — when deciding whether a species warrants protection.

David Bernhardt

David Bernhardt (Why are all of Trump’s minions like him:  fat, old, white, male???)

The ruling appears to be in the interest of the fossil fuel and logging industries.  David Bernhardt, Trump’s Secretary of the Interior, is a former oil and gas lobbyist who has long been a critic of the Endangered Species Act, saying that it places an “unnecessary regulatory burden” on companies, such as coal, oil and gas companies.

Environmental groups, Democratic state attorneys general and Democrats in Congress denounced the changes and vowed to challenge them in Congress and in the courts.  But, as we have seen, both Congress and the courts have had very limited success in stopping the runaway train that is Donald Trump.Grizzly Bear.jpgMake no mistake … allowing thousands of species to become extinct will have a significant impact on this planet, as will allowing the fossil fuel industry to continue operating unregulated.  The human species is on the brink of bringing about its own extinction, and frankly, I’m not so sure that’s an altogether bad thing!  We are not trying to live in harmony with nature but are rather trying to dominate and destroy nature.

I have a terrific idea!  Since Trump is removing the protections for both the environment and wildlife, let’s also remove the protections for Trump … protections, I might add, that we the taxpayers pay with our hard-earned money!  No more Secret Service protection for Donnie!

And in other news … if you didn’t think that Donald Trump had brainwashed republicans before, this will surely convince you.  According to a recent study by Pew Research, while most Americans continue to say it would be too risky to give U.S. presidents more power, the share expressing this opinion has declined since last year. Most of the change has been among Republicans – especially conservative Republicans. The study found that …

Currently, 66% of the public says “it would be too risky to give U.S. presidents more power to deal directly with many of the country’s problems.” About three-in-ten adults (29%) offer the contrasting opinion that “problems could be dealt with more effectively if U.S. presidents didn’t have to worry so much about Congress or the courts.” In March 2018, 76% of the public said it would be too risky to give presidents more power.

Republicans and Republican-leaning independents (51%) now say it would be too risky to give presidents more power, down from 70% last year.

The share of Republicans who say presidents could operate more effectively if they did not have to worry so much about Congress and the courts has increased 16 percentage points since then, from 27% to 43%.

There was a reason the framers of the Constitution put in place three independent branches of the federal government, a system of “checks and balances”, to provide oversight.  Donald Trump has already largely trampled the Constitution in this area, for any time he cannot get his way through Congress or the courts, he simply writes an ‘executive order’, or circumvents the system altogether.  And now, we find that increasingly, republicans are fine with that.  At this point, I would say we are already experiencing an autocratic government, and teetering on the brink of a dictatorship.  This is no longer just a nightmare scenario, my friends, but a clear and present danger. So yes, be afraid … be very afraid.

50 thoughts on “Sources of *Sigh*s

  1. This country and the entire planet are in the midst of an extinction crisis! This is a well proven, extensively documented, undeniable fact. Yet the deniers of this fact and the enablers of the destructive interests of big business, our own government, are proceeding with the total decimation of the 1973 Endangered Species Act. I am enraged and I am heartbroken and I will contribute my last dollar, if need be, towards fighting this atrocity. Alone I am of a small monetary value and voice in this war, but mine united with others must be heard and make a difference before it is too late. Thank-you!

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  2. If you want to see who really has the power and control in this country…take an extra 39 min. and listen to this podcast. I heard it on NPR in the car and googled it to finished listening when I got home. I was amazed. It’s about the Koch brothers, but I had no idea just how much power and control they have and we think our little voices matter.

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    • Listening to a podcast is impossible with my near-deafness, but I found a written transcript of the interview. The thought came to mind as I read it that, basically the Koch brothers OWN the United States! Like you, I knew they were powerful and that many of our politicians were deeply in their pockets, but I did not realize just how far their influence extended. Sigh.

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  3. Jill, while both are corrupt, there is a key difference between Nixon and Trump. Nixon enacted the EPA and Endangered Species Acts, while Trump is hobbling them for industry to care less about the environment as they pursue profit. Many of Trump’s impactful decisions grease the skids for a wealthy few. Attacking the environment is just one more set. Keith

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  4. Hunters normally wait nervously for hunting season to start, I admit I’m not fond of letting people kill animals but we could open a Trump season instead and there are all kinds of weasels can be included like David Bernhardt and all the Trump kith and kin except his student daughter and his youngest son.You score points for each one you get and win a holiday to an unusual destination (*jail but shhhh about that).

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    • what would you guys say if a republican wanted to go on a hunting spree against Hillary Clinton or her supporters? If you would be outraged about that but would endorse such a move towards the current administration, some soul searching might be in order. I say this as a person with no devotion or love for any politician or political party.

      Think about it.

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      • I agree, Scott, but only to a point. Too many crackpots (I am not talking mental illness sufferers, just people who cannot think straight) are out there to kill others, and they all seem to be Trump supporters. Something needs to be done to combat them.
        I do not endorse non-Trump supporters killing republicans in their turn, that could touch off another civil war, But there has to be a show of strength to let potential shooters know they can’t get away with this. It is time to stop shooting them to kill, and having the crackpots brought to justice publicly and humiliatingly.
        They are ready to die, and even hope to die in their chosen arenas of death. Make them suffer slowly and publicly in arenas of normal life.
        (Having only just thought of this I need to think it through more. My own words frighten even me, but we cannot go on as we are.)

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    • I’m not fond of killing animals, or as you know, even such things as spiders or flies, but I honestly believe I could kill the likes of Trump without so much as a prick of conscience. Why? Because I believe that at the end of the day, he will cost many, many lives in the style of other dictators who have gone before him. If the voters in this nation are not smart enough to see where we are headed and vote him out, then somebody better be brave enough to do what’s needed, even if it means sacrificing their own life or spending the rest of it in prison. Sigh.

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  5. Little by little…bit by bit…One thing after another. If only people like my best friend would have taken their vote seriously in 2016…instead of writing in John Kasich, which is what he did. And he wasn’t even running. Wake the hell up people! Jill, if this happens again…like you say in your wonderful piece: Be afraid…very afraid

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    • I suppose your friend’s vote for Kasich was because he didn’t like Hillary, eh? That was the biggest problem in 2016 … too many people didn’t like Trump, but didn’t like Hillary either. Still, throwing away a vote by writing in a non-candidate, or even voting for a 3rd party candidate, was partly what put us where we are today. And my fear is we may not have learned a lesson, but may be headed down that same path … sigh.

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      • Yep, I advised him of the error of his ways but, it didn’t matter. He still doesn’t like Trump but he would have done the same thing if he had the chance. Huh? How does that make sense? There’s some real naive people out there. My pal is one of them


        • the problem is that for a long time, our presidential candidates have been the choice between the lesser of two evils. Do we not, as a nation, deserve something better than that? I didn’t like Hillary or trump either.

          The way to have a very real impact is to get involved at the local level if you can but most people don’t want to do the work or take the time to do so. For the most part, candidates don’t just appear out of nowhere, a lot of them have served in some capacity in one way or another at a local level and then climbed the political ladder.

          Trump is this weird anomaly and as I have always said, as a country, we needed someone to come in and take the country from the elite who are so out of touch with the average American but that hasn’t happened with him at all.

          In fact, add “Drain the swamp” to the ever growing list of campaign promises deliberately broken by this sham of a human.

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  6. “The share of Republicans who say presidents could operate more effectively if they did not have to worry so much about Congress and the courts has increased 16 percentage points since then, from 27% to 43%.”
    These are the same hipocrits who pounded their chests and screamed to the skies wheo Obama used his pen and phone to make executive decisions which, if memory served, he did a few times.
    Just more proof that these idiots don’t give a damn about the constitution, they are only interested in party loyalty, for if a democrat were in charge, you’d see those numbers flip faster than trumps rally audience can chant “Lock her up.”

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    • Yep … the word “hypocrite” fits them perfectly. Can you imagine what sort of things Trump might do if given even more power than he already has? It is the stuff that causes the nightmares that waken me every 15 minutes through the night! Sigh.

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