VOTE!!! – Part II — A Guest Post By Roger Jacob

This is Part II of a guest post on voting in the 2020 election, by our friend, Roger Jacob … Roger has a clear view from across the big pond of what is happening in the U.S. today, and has some words of wisdom, from a historical context, that we all need to hear.  Many thanks, Roger, for your wise words, and for taking the time out of your own writing schedule to write this post for us.

USA Not Voting Is No Longer A Luxury You Can Indulge

Part II

The Unhappy but Unavoidable Basics

“Democracy is a very bad form of government. But I ask you never to forget: All the others are so much worse.”

This stirring and wise little statement is from the opening credits of each episode of the brief CBS drama 1963-1964 Slattery’s People. The outline being the local politics and a state legislator James Slattery.

Churchill’s earlier version was, one of his less erudite and not so stirring “Indeed it has been said that democracy is the worst form of Government except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time”, which it is argued was not one of his own and probably explains why it lacks a Churchillian ‘something’

Thus when you objectively compare the other forms of government (or antics masquerading as government) the ask yourself this ‘Would I like to live there for the rest of my life?’. For make no mistake, in this current era of Human history of large aggressive states and huge corporations central government of a nation by a small group of people is the only alternative, unless you can find a very small piece of isolated land that no one wants and survive on it…while hoping no one finds valuable resources thereupon. You are dealing with a 7.7 billion sized very flawed but inventive species here, hiding out and surviving can be difficult.

On Democracy and more Unavoidables

Having to accept the fact that someone is going to run the place wherever you live and thus have an impact on your life, having a say in who gets there is an attractive option. As you are going to vote in people and not saintly beings there will be mistakes, flaws, compromise, disappointments and all the other baggage humans drag around with them. This is also unavoidable. This is the Current Reality. If you are looking for perfection in government. Sorry that era has not arrived yet…hopefully it will, if we survive that long.

Another facet of democracy is that folk who have very strong opinions will make sure they can get out there and vote. Now you may not care for the folk with the Strong Opinions, but if you don’t vote then they will have a disproportionate say in your life. Again you don’t get to avoid this. Yes you can protest, yes you can organise campaigns and you might win a few, but ‘they’ the elected of the ‘Strong Opinions’ will still be there and the only chance you will get to remove them will be at the next election.

This is how the flawed process of Democracy works. Participation is the only stable, civic way you can ensure it remains Stable and Civic.

Narrowing in. The USA in 2020

I address this portion to the citizens of voting age in the USA.

You will not need me to list, report or otherwise enumerate the controversial decisions, statements and persons who have appeared upon the political stage since the election of 2016. You have them burned into your memory and possibly your hearts. You know full well that the temperature of the political atmosphere has risen and thus increased the level of toxicity. You know, as I suggested before Consensus is a very endangered species, in some regions it is extinct.

Now it may be, it is possible that many of the folk associated with the current administration are not racists, homophobic, anti-minority, narrow-minded reactionaries or religious zealots. It maybe. However by the actions and statements coming out of the administration these views have been given an air of respectability, they can be howled out under the guise of the much-abused term ‘Free Speech’. There are people striding about the public domain who back in the 1960s & 1970s would have labelled ‘wackos’ and generally laughed at. Now they have far too many followers.

In this situation I will ask those of you who do not vote this very hard question. Are you content with that situation? Are you not bothered about what is happening along the US Mexican border? Are you at ease with the mass shooting? Are you at ease with the Hate-Crime and unprovoked attacks on minority peoples? Are you? Now be careful with your reply as you might feel inclined to reply to me, because whatever you write however you argue, I will be replying too … with those questions. For there is no option if you choose to stay in the USA. Are you content with this administration and its followers? Are you?  Are you willing to stand by and do naught but simply write an impassioned piece in Social Media in the belief that somehow that will change things? For ‘they’ write impassioned pieces too.

We dial back to the previous post. And that that 60,000,000+ folk voted from this administration and rest assured they will vote again, and again, and again. This 25%-30% of the numbers. But they are not the majority…they were not the majority in 2016 … thanks to a narrow margin and a freak of your system they ‘won’. So do they truly represent anyone other than themselves. Are you content with these people telling you how the nation is going to be run. Are you?

For the non-voter by principal here is your paradox which in this case has to be answered. You might well have very strong views on government, which is why you do not vote. I will again  come back to the earlier point. Someone is going to run the nation. Are you content with this administration running it, or would you rather chance another, and yes risk those disappointment? Some might say ‘better the devil you know’… Let me say from a study of American political history ‘Well folks, if you are content with a devil …’

This I will hammer home again, and again. Are you content? Are you willing to let things go on the way they are? Do you truly think that an alternative will be The Same? Do you? Are you willing to risk the lives and well-being of minorities to satisfy your own views? Are you content for them to lay there upon some allegorical petri dish while you muse over your own political philosophies hoping to gain some ephemeral moral high-ground. Sorry, but that is not the real world you are living in. Oh yes you can talk about change and I would not challenge that but in this climate you do not get the chance to make that change because it comes by steady, slow evolution and right now we are looking at a possible political extinct event.

Polemic? Yes of course. Because currently American politics is a place of polemics from both sides and in that toxic environment your way does not have a hope. Civil War does. But not yours. Not at this time. The atmosphere is too toxic.

Your only option to change is to get out there and vote.


This is something of fall-back cop-out which comes in many forms. Let us leave the lazy ‘What’s the point’ excuse, I’ve put up enough arguments against that in the above words. NO need to repeat. There are others worries. These needed to be address by activism

Gerrymandering- Yes, they will do that. You need a rather dull and stodgy UK style Boundaries Commission to guard against that and even then there is huffing and puffing. However you are in pre-war situation here and propaganda  plays a part. Imagine the result when Trump’s dream gerrymandering has worked. For Trump 65,000,000. Against Trump 90,000,000. Imagine what the media and world media would make of that. It would be quite comic, and the streets would be clogged with protestors. And where is Trump’s mandate? Also that would have many a congress or senate member worrying about the next election.

Not Eligible – This is an old trick which was used in the South to keep ‘those people’ out of the booths when the local politicians were queasy about ‘good ol’ boys’ with clubs. This takes finesse as what would be required would be a strongly created website were folk denied the vote could register their names and the reason. Imagine millions of  names turning up? Of course that does need, as I said a very good site.

The Russians – Yeah. That’s another old one from the European book of tricks. Influence the nation, or make you think they are influencing the nation and thus erode the feeling a vote will count. Get out there and vote and make a noise about it. As with the other two problems it is all about raising the opposition profile.


Your nation is on tracks for an extremist disaster. Trump is only a small part of it. The main issue is the polarisation. The only way that can be defeated is by The Active Moderate, who demands their voice be heard. The one who will not be silent, and the only way they will listen by is the counting of the votes and the voice of those who voted.

Anything else is quite frankly fluff the current administration will blow away with its own propaganda.

The administration’s supporters will vote you can be sure of that. By not voting you are simply supporting them and stoking the fires.

Are you content with that?

Are you comfortable with the persecution of minorities?

Are you at ease with the erosion of the environment?

Are you glad the rich are getting richer?

If you don’t vote out of choice, then you must be.

Stands to reason.

Note to readers:  I will be re-running these two posts, as well as others, in the days leading up to election day.  Meanwhile, feel free to use these to help try to convince people you may know who claim it is too much bother to vote, or have other excuses. 

14 thoughts on “VOTE!!! – Part II — A Guest Post By Roger Jacob

  1. Dear Roger, has it ever crossed ur mind that the US political system is a two-headed snake? Corporations, lobbyist, special interest big money donors play both sides! They form PACs which contribute millions to buy allegiance from both sides; either way they win, talk about stacking the deck. Democratic candidates take as much from Wall St banks, Big Oil, Big Ag, etc just like the Repubs. How do you think they raise 100s of millions, by nickle and diming citizens? In 2016, The Clinton Foundation raised nearly half a billion in “donations”, do you think that’s a fluke? Trump said he would use his own money to finance his campaign and not take PAC money. So why is he so beholden to the oil industry, you think Rex Tillerson chairman of Exxon Mobil installed as Sec of State was a coincidence? You think all those Russian banks lending Trump billions has nothing to do with his presidency?
    My point being, the players change but the game remains the same. If you want to face reality, voting is an illusion to pacify the public into thinking they have a say in our democratic process, lol.

    Now if we elect a Progressive candidate to run for Prez, that would be a game changer! Alas, the DNC will do everything in their power to denounce, marginalize and smear candidates who threaten the status quo, ie business as usual. They did that to Bernie Sanders in 2016, and they’ll do it again come 2020. Why do you think our liberal press attack Tulsi Gabbard incessantly… she’s a combat veteran who’s anti-war, pro immigration, wants healthcare for all, green new deal conservationist, all her policies adversely affect the corporate America money machine! She and Bernie will never see the light of day. Dems will push for a corporate centrist like Biden or Harris, and of course the BIG FAT GREED/ CORRUPTION MONEY is on Trump!

    Am I going to vote? Hell yes just to get the orange baboon out, but his replacement will not be any different fundamentally, it’s all business as usual after we’re done patting ourselves on the back for a job well done. *Sigh*

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      • I’m not sure WHAT the heck WordPress is doing these days! Every day it seems like something is missing that was just fine the day before! Sigh. Thanks for ‘liking’ … I hope you get your button back soon!


    • Oh it occurs to me time after time. And I would say. So what else is new? A trip down history’s annals will show this has been the case, either by use of money or in ‘simpler’ days a big crew of armed and trained troops or an out of context view of a religion.
      In the Long View of History, the simple fact is. There is Government. If there is not Government then there are groups of individuals with the aforementioned armed followers going around the place and as yet no one has come up with a sustainable form of Human organisation other than Government. This is how we are. It cannot be avoided, as much as we would wish. It’s there. A brief examination of the world will show Government. End of conversation. NO avoiding it.
      Now the next step is Degrees of Government, which again is unavoidable. In the small and brief history of the USA you will have seen a variety styles, some hopeless, some better than others. The question is, which is the best which will make Life tolerable for the vast majority of The People? Bear in mind we are talking about the Flawed Human Race here. It is therefore for necessary to seek out the path and the folk who can compromise with the minimum of pain, suffering and at best inconvenience to The People.
      This is the Harsh Reality. We in Europe have had about 2,000 years’ experience of this and we still don’t learn the lessons that The Moderate, Middle of The Road is the only basis from which a society can grow and reach some better standard. Revolutions do not work, they lead to strong people who have strong views about opponents which often end with a fatal dose of a piece of metal, and while they are about it, the opponents’ families, friends and folk who lived next door. Compromise, as the best alternative you are stuck with it for the current epoch of Humanity.
      Now we come down to Today in the USA. And I ask you, directly any US citizen planning not to vote. Are you satisfied for Trump to remain in The Whitehouse? Are you content that the arch hypocrite John (I avoided serving in Vietnam) Bolton is content to send other people to die, for him? Are you at ease with Steve Bannon having ‘respect’? Are you OK with the KKK and the Neo-Nazis parading under the banner of ‘Good People’? Do you think it’s OK for mass shooting to continue as long as there are ‘thoughts and prayers’ and the idea that if everyone was armed everything would be cool? The degree of respectability Trump lends to this?
      Those hard questions I fear cannot be avoided. In the USA there is a civic war zone which Trump is incapable of handling even if he wasn’t so stupid to see what is going on out there with his 60,000,000+ followers. This cannot be avoided. It is at the doorstep. The days of complaining about simple corruption are past. History is warning.
      The choice is either vote Trump out or let him stay.
      I ask again. Are you content with Trump staying?
      In conclusion, and if hopefully, he is thrown out. Then the fight is not over, The 60,000,000 will be peeved, the apologists will still be there. The fight is constant. The struggle for Civilisation, Compassion, Tolerance and Respect goes on and on and on. The eye can never be taken off of the game.


  2. Jill, Roger, I think a word we do not use enough is “weary.” Americans and non-Americans are weary of the current president. Far too many issues (even very small ones) are made contentious. My guess is even his followers are tired having to defend the most recent action or comment or tweet. They fail to make the connection that he is the lone constant in the turmoil.

    Don’t let two US Congressman go into another country? Really? Is that what we want in a person who occupies a position of leadership? Let me boil it down to this – Four year old Donnie tells his friend Benny that he can’t have two classmates at his party because I am mad at them.

    There is a reason I do my best to not refer to him as a leader. He is in a position of leadership. Keith

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    • You’re right, Keith … “weary” is the definition of this nation at this time, I think. I know it fits my mood. Like you, I rarely refer to him seriously as a “leader”, and when I do use the word, I almost always put quotes around it, same as when I am forced to refer to him as a “man”, for in my book he is neither. I hope someday we have a leader again.


    • This is why I refer to him as the incumbent, not only did he get into the Whitehouse with 2,000,000 (approx) less votes than Clinton but time and time again he has shown himself unworthy to the office, which, if the office holder mean to lead the nation (the entire nations) does require a measure of dignity. Ranting to your voter base does not count.


    • Agreed … I’m thinking that despite all the GOP efforts such as gerrymandering and voter disenfranchisement, they are afraid that if every eligible voter turns out next year, their little cabal will be over and done with. Trump & Co cannot possibly win an honest election, so next best thing is to lie, cheat & steal … and keep people away from the polls.

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  3. Thank you Jill for the use of your lectern…
    By the way on reviewing it might be as well to change ‘intimidated’ to ‘suggested’. It started out as a typo which I thought could stay, but the Grammar Police might make much of it…..
    Thanks again.

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