The Boiling Frog

Most of the blogs I read on a semi-regular basis are political or historical in nature, but there are a handful that I try to catch once a week or so for their humour or feel-good value. Recently, our friends Ellen and Benjamin introduced me to a new one, Nuggets of Gold. Nuggets is usually humorous and/or uplifting. The blogger, Joy of Roses, is a very lovable lady, and about once a week I pop in there for a smile or two and a hug. Yesterday, however, she took on a more serious tone, just for the day, and wrote this post which I think puts into words something that most of us feel at a gut level but have tried to avoid voicing, rather like the elephant in the room. So, allow me to introduce you to Joy of Roses, and please think about her words โ€ฆ I hope they are not prophetic, but they are certainly reflective of our situation today. Thank you, Joy of Roses, for this well-written and thoughtful post and for your permission to share it.

Nuggets of Gold


When I was in school and first studied about Hitler I remember feeling sickened by what I learned. It was mind boggling to me how a Country could let someone so evil take over power and do all the horrible things that he did!

What I grew to realize was that he wasnโ€™t outright evil all at once. It was a growing thing. He didnโ€™t call for the extermination of the Jews right away. He started slowly taking their rights away, and then encouraging people not to buy from them and so on. He persuaded people to believe that he was doing the right thing for the Country, that he would make Germany great again. He was disgruntled about how Germany was.

There are articles that say that his stare could be mesmerizing and intimidating and he would use that when making speeches and making eye contact with others. Itโ€ฆ

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36 thoughts on “The Boiling Frog

  1. So scary….SO TRUE!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing JOY ROSES’ post and thank you for your ongoing words of insight and wisdom! ! Trump and his entire family need to be in prison! They need to be prosecuted and kept behind bars…indefinitely! They now have access to all world leaders, government secrets, information, etc……. and have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt…. that they are EVIL!!!!!!!!!!
    Unfortunately, it’s not just trump and his family! All of the Republicans that are supporting him, need to be voted out of office! There needs to be a public WALK of SHAME, for all of them! Escort them all out of Congress, the Senate, and the Supreme Court….. for starters!
    I remain in shock! Just can’t believe that he is the President of the United States. Something has gone VERY WRONG!!!!!!!!! Wish I could wake up from this NIGHTMARE!!!!!!

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  2. I think we are all being boiled slowly. Mary Plumbago shared a great article above, and I want to say that we truly are in that world again. I wish I could turn back time because I have allowed myself to be boiled slowly. And while I have no smile on my face, I cannot climb out of the pot for many reasons. The stranglehold on me is one that I didn’t see coming. My spouse has a copy of Mein Kampf. He inherited it’s insidious rhetoric from his father who was actually in the Royal Air force in World War Two. His father also owned a ‘Little Red Book.’ These ideas never go away, they are never defeated. They run in a subterranean world of ‘denial’ and ‘invisible cloaking,’ to resurface into the open when enough members are recruited once more. Beware your neighbour, your friend, and even your Spouse, for you do not truly know everything about them. There are a number of people out there who will turn on you in a heartbeat, if they cannot control you. It is showing up in the mass shootings… The perpetrators are everywhere because they are not your average criminal or nutter. They are articulate, rational people with evil in their hearts.

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  3. Miss JoyRoses is a very special friend of Benjamin and Gem. She writes wondrous stories and with our friend Mr. Colin has written one of Benjamin’s favorite books, “The Odessa Chronicles”. Her Tuesday’s Thoughts is one of my favorite weekly posts, quotes being my love! Politics is not a usual topic for her posts, but as this post shows mayhaps it should become one. Thank-you Jill for sharing this post with your many followers.

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    • It was Benjamin and Gem who led me to Miss JoyRoses, and she has now also become a good friend to me! Thank you!!! I think the world needs balance, and I think Miss JoyRoses’ forte is more upbeat, feel good, humorous work. An occasional political post, sure, but I think living in the rabbit hole would not be healthy for her. And, she provides much needed brightening of our days! ‘Twas my pleasure to share this … I hope the day comes that we don’t need posts like this, but … I don’t forsee that. Sigh.

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      • I quite agree, Miss JoyRoses excels at many other things and she does indeed provide a candle in the darkness that tends to overwhelm many of us these days. Frankly, I would not change a thing about her! I dare say that rabbit hole is already rather crowded. Thank-you!

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        • Oh gosh! Between you and Jill, you guys have made my cheeks red! Thank you both for your words! I am shaking my head, “excels at many other things” You both filled my heart for the day!
          I had to laugh about the “rabbit hole”, I know what you 2 meant, but my thoughts took a more lighter turn. Here is a smile for you both, since you made me smile!
          Trust me, I am very familiar with being in holes! I seem to have no trouble getting myself into them! Remember Colin’s post “The Laws of Holes” ? Yes, getting into holes is one thing I excel at dear Ellen, LOL!

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