The Twilight Zone Presidency

A day late to the party, I was reading Jeff’s post over at On the Fence Voters, and he was doing a wrap-up of yesterday’s news … you know, Trump referring to himself as the “chosen one”, picking a fight with Denmark, gloating over conspiracy-theorist Wayne Allen Root’s nauseating praise of Trump … and suddenly my jaw dropped. I try to stay on top of the news, but I had missed this one. There’s a new media outlet in town, folks, and this, as Jeff says, will leave you feeling like we truly are living in the Twilight Zone. Take a look at what he has found out about Epoch Times … but first, take a few aspirins and perhaps have an antacid handy, for you may feel ill by the time you get to the end. Thank you, Jeff, for this enlightenment …

On The Fence Voters

I was too young to remember the original television series The Twilight Zone, which ran on CBS from 1959-1964. But I do remember watching those same shows, which ran in syndication for several years in the late 60s and 70s. Yes, I’m dating myself here. So for those who have no recollection of the series, the host, Rod Serling, would appear at the beginning and introduce each show with a short monologue explaining what we were about to see.

The show was unique for its time and entered into strange and often highly imaginative themes that bordered on the bizarre and extreme. After the last few days of President Trump’s continued hijacking of all available oxygen in the media world, I found myself remembering the legendary series and thinking that we have indeed entered The Twilight Zone. Even a guy with the innovative imagination of Rod Serling would have had…

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18 thoughts on “The Twilight Zone Presidency

  1. Well, if we are looking at conspiracy theories… I’d say we have jumped into an alternate, mirrored Universe, where right is wrong, and vise versa. Nothing is making any sense any longer. Mr Sterling would have to make a feature length movie of ‘the Twilight Zone,’ to even try to come close to the Bizarro world of today.

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  2. If you’d have told me a few short years ago that we would be laughing at the antics of the American President (not in a nice way) as he heaped ridicule on the population and made other Nations back away carefully, I’d have suggested we’d all been eating ergot and having hallucinations. This pantomime surely can’t continue, apart from anything else he can’t be US President as well as King of Israel caan he. It’s not the product of a sane mind who says he’s The Chosen One.and in the same week offers to buy another country.It wasn’t a very diplomatic reaction when he was told no. As to him being the Chosen One,the answer on that one is a very resounding NO.

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    • Sigh. Yeah, if anybody had told me even 3-4 years ago that this was to be our destiny, I would have laughed them out of the room. But, as they say, truth is stranger than fiction, and today this is our reality. I like to think it cannot continue, and if this nation were united as its name implies, it wouldn’t continue, wouldn’t have gone this far. But, the reality is that it can continue and is likely to. I don’t know for how long, for we are on a path that has an end … right off a cliff. We are approaching that cliff, and I’ve only just come to realize that the complete destruction of this nation is indeed quite possible under the current circumstances. The last best hope is next year’s election … if Trump wins again next year, all bets are off and it is my sincere belief that this country will be destroyed from within. The answer to all of that is convincing people that Trump is not making the U.S. great again, but is leading it over a big cliff. I don’t know how to do that. 😥

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