‘Toons To Jump-Start The Weekend!

Whew … what a week, eh?  Take heart, my friends, for it’s Friday and hopefully we’ll have a two-day break from any major screw-ups by you-know-who.  I think he usually spends the weekends golfing and pigging out at one of his golf resorts … on  our dime, of course.  What better way to head into the weekend than with a few ‘toons, mostly at ol’ what’s-his-name’s expense?

Of course the biggest news item of the week was Trump’s idea that he could just pick up the phone, contact Denmark’s Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, and purchase Greenland.  Never mind that Congress had not authorized such a purchase, never mind that Greenland is an autonomous nation … he had a wild hair and acted, foolishly, on it.  Well, at least the cartoon artists had some fun with it.

COLORgreenland-2Nick Anderson cartoongreenland-4greenland-5Bruce Plante Cartoon: Trump and Greenlandgreenland-7

The saddest, most maddening news was that Trump has decided to strip the Endangered Species Act, placing profit ahead of life, ahead of the earth.  All living things are part of earth’s ecosystem and when we lose one species, it disturbs the balance.  Sadly, the only ‘balance’ that Trump and his cronies are concerned about is the one in their investment portfolio.  



Economists have been warning for a while now that there are signs of a pending slowdown … or worse.  Still, da man in da Oval lives in his own little world, listens to nobody, and says he trusts his ‘gut’ more than all the experts.  Sure is enough of his gut, isn’t there.  Anyway … for two weeks now, certain indicators of a potential recession have caused some market fluctuations.  Trump has an economic advisor, Larry Kudlow, who doesn’t even have a degree in economics … he, apparently, listens to Trump’s ‘gut’, too.  Trump has been bouncing off walls … first he’s going to cut payroll taxes, then he’s not.  He’s demanding that the Federal Reserve lower interest rates even more (really bad move, folks), and when Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell indicated that a huge cut was unlikely, Trump called him “the enemy”, said he didn’t know whether our real enemy was China or Powell.  And as if that weren’t enough, so far he has blamed both the democrats and the media for trying to crash his economy just to make him look bad.  As if he needed help with that … 


As we all knew he would, he reversed course on backing any new gun legislation, such as expanded background checks or red flag laws … {yawn} … it was only a matter of time.  We the People are far less important than his buddies over at the NRA …


I particularly liked this one …


And lastly, I just couldn’t resist a poke at the ginormous ego that is part and parcel of Donald Trump.  He was giving a press conference, when suddenly he stopped, looked up at the sky, and declared, “I am the chosen one”.  Please, somebody, shut this man up!!!  First, I have to ask … the chosen WHAT???  And chosen by whom?  Vladimir Putin? 


Have a great weekend, my friends!

38 thoughts on “‘Toons To Jump-Start The Weekend!

  1. Jill, Trump Toadies have come to the president’s defense attacking Anthony Scaramucci’s comments that Trump is “off the rails.” To be frank, it has become obviois his temper tantrums are far more frequent. And, we have said for some time, it will get worse. In this case it is clearly reported that the Trump tariffs and beating up allies is detrimental to the global and US economy. But, his fragile ego cannot accept accountability, so he needs to blame others. His challenge is it is hard to hide when you are caught holding matches and the gasoline can. Keith

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    • Of course, the toadies had to immediately go on the offense, lest somebody think seriously about Scaramucci’s remarks! I see his bad behaviour as escalating, and how many times in just the past week has he reversed course on something he said only days or even hours before. I honestly think he is mentally ill and a clear and present danger, and I don’t envy his lackeys having to try to make him appear somewhat normal, else excuse away his horrible behaviour. Good analogy about being caught holding the matches and gasoline can … even then, he would blame somebody else.

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      • Jill, part of the reason for the reversals is he surprises his own staff again and again with his tweets. Then they must scramble. And, it is not uncommon for the idea to be poor and saner heads tell him that is unwise or the market reacts. Another reason he lives in a different reality is while he has the best intelligence staff in the world, he continues to watch and glean information (I won’t call it news) from dubious sources like Fox and Friends, Sean Hannity, etc. Chicken Little may have been watching Sean Hannity when he told everyone the “sky is falling.”


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          • Jill, I watched some of “The Loudest Voice,” which is a HBO miniseries starring Russel Crowe as Roger Ailes. It is based on the well-researched book that Ailes had his henchmen discredit online with trolls, if you believe the movie. Again, if you believe the movie, Ailes hired Hannity not because he could win an argument. In fact, when Hannity tried to reason with people, he did not fare well. Ailes hired Hannity to overwhelm guests, to not let them talk. This model was not inconsistent with some of the other entertainment people – get an educated guest and don’t let them talk. I found this interesting. Keith

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            • I remember your recommendation of “The Loudest Voice”, and have it on my watchlist, though I haven’t actually managed to watch it yet. Sigh. I can easily believe that Ailes hired Hannity to be obnoxiously overwhelming. And oh how he has succeeded in his mission. He’s not the worst of the lot … I reserve that for the likes of Tucker Carlson, Tomi Lahren, Ann Coulter and others … but Hannity is a grade-A jerk.


  2. If Trump is taking the weekend off, who’s the faker at the G-7 conference?
    And I heard this morning he was asking for help stopping the recession. Someone must have got through to him his ass is on the line. (Makes a nice cartoon picture, doesn’t it?)
    So he snubbed the Queen of Denmark? He’s snubbed queens before, no problem!
    None of the endangered species make any money for him. They stand in the way of Progress! Remember when Arthur Dent hired the tractor driver to lie in front of the tractor to save his house? Maybe we can hire Donnie Jingo Tooter to lay in front of the endandered species’ forests. His sign could read: I’M ENDANGRED! I’M THE LAST LIVING ORANGE TURD!

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    • You’re so right … the gutting of the Endangered Species Act breaks my heart and makes my blood boil. It’s almost as bad as Bolsinaro wanting to open the rainforest to business and industry! And gun control goes without saying. Sometimes the cartoonists can get a point across without words better than a 1,000-word article can do. Thanks!

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    • The pundits have all been having great fun with that one. Sad thing is that some of the evangelical “leaders” in this country, such as Franklin Graham, have been saying that ever since the 2016 election, that “God” put Trump in office and that he should be forgiven all his “sins”, because he is a “saviour”. So much bullsh*t. Sigh. Same to you, my friend! 🙋

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      • I wonder what Jesus would maketh of it he who threw the shopkeepers out of the temple. I had an interesting conversation with a Jehova’s witness yesterday. He gave me one of his pamphlets and I gave it back to him saying that I am not interested. He started a conversation anyway where I made it very clear that I believe the change that is happening will produce something utterly new and no religion has any answers anyway which led him to the topic of Homosexuality. Duh. I didn’t go down that route just said with as much authority as I could muster that in my opinion it’ll all go and even those who think they know Gods will will get a big surprise. I think I scared him so he left. I send a blessing with him and hope they keep away from now on… 😊🙋‍♀️🐝

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        • So you guys have Jehovah’s Witnesses over there too, eh? You were more patient with him than I would have been! I learned long ago that there are three ways to get rid of them quickly: 1) Answer the door naked; 2) display an American flag, in which case they won’t even knock, or 3) tell them you are on your way out the door and would they please move. Don’t combine #1 & #3, though, for then they might call the cops. I put a U.S. flag sticker on my front window long ago, and it has kept them away, but recently in disgust with my nation, I scraped it off the window and shredded it. I still have my ways, though … 🙂

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