Snippy Snarkets … Er… Snarky Snippets!

There is so much on my mind that needs venting that I didn’t know where to start, so you know when that happens I have to unload some of it in a round of snark snippets, yes?

He should have been locked in his room …

Every time little Donnie is allowed out to play with the other kids, I get nervous.  Last year at the G7 summit he embarrassed us all by suggesting that Russia, who was ousted in 2014 from what was once the G8 for their forcible annexation of the Crimea, should be let back in.  He has already started on that tired old claim again this year.  His stated reason?

“Because we should have Russia at the negotiating table. You know, whether you like it or not, and it may not be politically correct, but we have a world to run.”

His real reason, however, is that Putin, in exchange for doing everything in his power to shove Donnie, despite the wishes of the voters in the U.S., into the Oval Office, in return expects Donnie to do his bidding.

Trump fails to understand that the G7 is meant to solidify policies on the basis of shared values and interests. If Putin were there, he would not be cooperative. Quite the contrary, he would render the group ineffective.

Trump’s minions are apparently pissed that France is focusing much of this year’s G7 meeting on such things as climate change and human rights … the Trump team apparently only wanted to discuss trade.  Quite frankly, in this I side with the French, for there is no single issue more relevant, more urgent than climate change and in fact, it is really the ONLY issue that matters very much at the moment.  If we don’t act on climate change NOW, nothing else will matter in just a few short years.  And I will always think that human rights are more important than trade.  At this time in our history, the U.S. is guilty of more serious human rights violations than in the past 155 years, since the end of slavery.

According to aides, Trump left for the G7 fully intending to promote his isolationist “America First” viewpoint, but hopefully the other six nations, France, Canada, Germany, Italy, UK, and Japan, will keep the conference to more relevant topics.  Otherwise, next year Trump may not need to worry about attending, and it may be called the G6.  According to Jon B. Alterman, senior vice president at the Center for Strategic and International Studies …

“There has been a complete realization on the world stage that the U.S. is not playing its traditional role and may never again play the role it’s played for 75 years. But it’s unclear what role the United States will play, and what the consequences of that might be.”

European Council President Donald Tusk noted that …

“For me it’s absolutely clear that if someone, for example … the United States and President Trump, uses tariffs and taxation as a political instrument, tool for some different political reasons, it means that this confrontation can be really risky for the whole world, including the E.U. Under no condition can we agree with this logic. If the U.S. imposes tariffs on France, the E.U. will respond in kind.”

I’m sure I’ll have more about this after tomorrow, but for now, suffice it to say that Donald Trump fails to understand the concept of international cooperation, his ego requires that he be the center of attention at all times, that his demands are the only ones that matter.  He literally sucks all of the air out of the room when he’s in it.

She’s baaaaaaack …

I suppose you’ve all heard the news that former White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the woman who sold her soul for the chance to lick Donald Trump’s boots, has taken a job over at Fox “News”?  As one person tweeted, “In a way, Sarah, you’ve been a Fox contributor all along.”  True dat.

Now, last I heard, when she left her position in July, she was planning on making a 2020 run for Governor of Arkansas.  Wonder what happened to that?  Oh wait … it’s perfect, now that I think about it!  She can be her own best source of advertisement … unlimited exposure, hundreds of opportunities to toot her own horn, to be seen by all the good people of Arkansas.  Who needs to worry about campaign contributions when they are on state-tv every day?

Former CBS news anchor Dan Rather tweeted that her new role was “about as surprising as water flowing down hill.”

Comedienne Chelsea Handler: “I’m not surprised Sarah Huckabee Sanders is joining Fox News, but I will be surprised to see what she looks like as a blonde,” an obvious reference to the fact that most of the female personalities on Fox are blonde bimbos.

The jokes on Twitter were endless.  I will only say I’m thankful that I don’t watch Fox, for I had enough of watching Sanders lie for Donnie-boy for two years.  I only hope that the people of Arkansas are smart enough not to elect her governor.

A bit of humour …

I end with just a bit of humour … I debated about including this one, for in a way it’s not exactly tasteful (pun intended), but I simply couldn’t resist.

Apparently, Chicago doesn’t like Trump very much (does anybody, really???), and a Chicago eatery has found a new way to mock him.  The eatery is called Weiner’s Circle, and from what I understand it is a very popular hot dog stand.  Chicago is, after all, famous for hot dogs!

Weiner’s Circle has put a new item on the menu, named the Trump Footlong.  It is three inches long.Trump-footlong

“The special item will be dressed exactly the same as a Chicago dog, only smaller in size. Customers can enjoy a single Trump footlong for $2.69; a Trump Package with two hot dogs, fries and a drink for $8.30; or the Super PAC for $12.56, which comes with four hot dogs, fries and a drink, according to RedEye. Wiener’s Circle is doing a little decorating as well… “

Trump-footlong-2Wiener’s Circle employees are also wearing hats that say, “Make Wiener’s great again.” The Trump-style hot dogs are available Friday through Sunday.

And on that note, I shall quietly slip away for a bit, but stay tuned, for I have more …

25 thoughts on “Snippy Snarkets … Er… Snarky Snippets!

  1. Trump’s performance at this year’s G7 has held little in the way of surprises. I cannot even say there were disappointments, as I’m long past being able to be disappointed by him. I had read in several different sources that Trump did not want to attend this year’s summit, calling it a waste of his time. I dare say it is more of a waste for every other attending country. I cannot verify this, but I have also read that this year is the first time in history that the participating countries will abandon the traditional joint statement at the end of the summit. This most likely stems from last year’s Trump fiasco in Canada with Justin Trudeau. That Trump continues to make history both here and abroad is not surprising either, it is the sort of history that he is making that rankles me. Sarah Huckabee Sanders is much like a persistent virus. Just when you think it has cleared, the infection is in a silent stage or an asymptomatic mode. Then it suddenly rears its ugly head and strikes again…it has been said that this is the norm in rodents! Weiner’s Circle may be doing a great disservice to the noble hot dog by naming one for Trump. Then again, mayhaps I am missing the connection betwixt the two! Thank-you!

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    • You are quite correct … his behaviour this year is not much different than what we’ve come to expect, and you’re also right about him trying to weasel out of going and about the joint statement. I actually wish he hadn’t gone, for all he did was further humiliate and embarrass us, but … we knew that was inevitable. Thus far, most people in other western nations have not blamed We the People for this abomination that calls himself a “president”. However, if he is re-elected next year, I believe that will change, and I believe the American people will also be held accountable for putting the entire world in grave danger. As for the Trump Footlong … it is a mockery of the size of his {ahem} … the joke that started when Marco Rubio, in one of the 2016 debates, referred mockingly to the size of Trump’s hands, and … well, you know. 😊


  2. Jill, Trump’s own Dept. of Defense says climate change is a threat to national security, but that is an inconvenient truth. The Amazon provides over 1/3 of the planet’s oxygen and it is burning, so I think that deserves some of the president’s precious time. It is already bad enough he is missing Fox and Friends and Hannity. Keith

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    • PS – By the way, a second Republican candidate is officially challenging Donald Trump for the Republican nomination. Former Congressman and talk-show host Joe Walsh has thrown his hat in the ring using words like “bully,” “coward,” and “unfit” to define the Trump. It needs to be repeated loudly and clearly, it is not just Democrats using these terms. Keith

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      • John Walsh … yes, I saw that this morning! He even apologized for helping to get Trump elected in 2016. I hope that at the very least, he can throw a wrench in Trump’s plans. I doubt he stands a chance at the nomination, but if he can make Trump work for it, it’s a start. I think he is more of a credible opponent than Weld.


    • I know, but he listens only to his “gut” over his advisors. I hear there are also wildfires in Spain and France … as one of my readers commented, “It feels as if the world is on fire”. I hear that Bolsinaro was partying last night, while the rainforest continues to burn unchecked. Sigh.


    • Oh, they are blood brothers! Two peas in a pod. Trump has already encouraged Boris to go for a “no-deal” Brexit, and promised him a sweet trade deal as soon as he does. Grrrrrrrrr … It isn’t enough he ruins the U.S., but now he sticks his fingers into other nations’ business!

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  3. I too will be interested in what happens at the close of the G7 tomorrow. Will Trump leave in his usual huff or will he shake hands with the other delegated in a sense of cooperation.Joking apart I can seriously see it being the G6 by next time.Watch for the tweets.

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    • I understand that Iran’s Foreign Minister made a surprise appearance this morning, though I haven’t read yet what happened. I’m sure that Trump won’t leave on good terms and with cordial handshakes … he will somehow further lower us in the eyes of the world. Sigh.

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  4. Even our Buffoon seems prepared to talk climate and Brazil. Suspect the difference is Boris can waffle better on hot weather and fires than international economics. To be fair to Trump he is not really talking international economics it’s trade – trade in terms of his and his friends business interests.

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