Jolly’s Monday Morn …

Good Monday Morning, Folks!  How was your weekend?  Did you do anything fun, like a trip to the beach, a hike in the forest, or a wild ‘n crazy party?  No?  Me either.  Jolly and I stayed in most of the weekend, ventured out for a bit yesterday, but nothing out of the ordinary.  I find that as I get older, the ordinary, the routine, is just fine by me.  I made a few treats for you this morning … and I have to tell you all that this is a special, happy/sad Monday, for our youngest friend, Benjamin, will be starting Kindergarten this week, and he won’t be around as much for Jolly Monday, but will be learning how things work, how to find the square root of 1,080, who defeated Napoleon and all sorts of stuff.  Remember, it is he and others his age that are our future!  Anyway, enough with the nostalgia … go grab a treat and see what Jolly and I have put together to start this week off on the right foot!

jollyGwammie … din’tya forget sumptin’?  ‘Member?  My puppie?  

You tell them, Jolly … it’s your puppy and your news.  🙄

Jollys-kittyOkay … thanks to you fwiends who made names for my puppy, but I decided to name ‘im … {drumroll} … Pweshus Pup!!!!  An’ we’ll call ‘im PeePee for short, cause he does peepee a lot!

One thing about having one’s head stuck in the deep, dark world of politics for more than half of every day is that it leaves you with a bit of an odd sense of what’s funny.  My daughter has nixed my ideas for Jolly Monday more than a few times, like the time I was going to write about a lady who had died … I can’t remember exactly how, but at the time I found it humorous … not that she had died, but the manner in which she had done so.  Chris nay-ed that one.  Anyway, my sense of humour is sometimes off, but today I came across a children’s book title that literally made me laugh standing in the middle of Barnes & Noble …we-dont-eat-our-classmatesSo, I thought … there must be hundreds of humorous kids’ book titles out there, and I Googled “funny kids book titles”.  Sigh.  The world is a scary place these days.  Some were quite humorous, but … in a very perverse sort of way … nothing I would put on this blog.

I always have fun when I come across oddly funny signs, so here are a few to provide you with a Monday morning chuckle …



What a bargain!


Isn’t this too cool?


Y’know, I have to wonder where people come up with some of the absurd things they do to get their name in the Guinness World Book of Records.  This latest one is kind of cool to look at, but it still falls into the category of … WHY???

A United Arab Emirates grocery store chain broke a Guinness World Record by using 883 bottles of ketchup to create an 11-foot-tall tower. KetchupCarrefour, which collaborated with Heinz to create the ketchup tower, was awarded the Guinness World Record for the tallest packaged food display after 52 volunteers spent more than 48 hours constructing the tower.  The tower was constructed from bottles of “Edchup,” Heinz bottles designed by pop star and ketchup fan Ed Sheeran. Smaller versions of the ketchup tower were assembled at Carrefour locations in the Mall of the Emirates, City Center Ajman and Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi.

Some people have too much time on their hands, methinks.

I found a few funny ‘toons over at Phil’s Phun that I thought you might like …


Okay, folks, that is all the funny that Jolly and I ha … wha … what’s that???  Oh!  The funny animal video?  You say you’re not leaving until I give you a funny animal video, eh?  Well … let me see … JOLLY???  Where’s the funny animal video???

I jest finished makin’ it … here it is!

jollyOkay, folks … NOW that is really all I’ve got for today.  Jolly and I have left a basket of smiles at the door … please take a few on your way out to share with people whose smiles seem to be upside down this week.  Things are tough these days, and I think we could all use an extra smile, don’t you?  Keep safe and have a wonderful week, my friends!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa and Jolly!


23 thoughts on “Jolly’s Monday Morn …

  1. “Namaste, Miss Jill! It’s me, Benjamin! Don’t be too sad, okay! Gem will ark Jolly Monday for me, that means keeping it for me for when I visit. That will be fine, right? I have to go to school to learn stuff that I don’t know. It will be fun, maybe not always. Guess what? I have the dinosaur book just like yours! I love dinosaurs! I have lotsa books and puzzles and a card game and shirts with dinosaurs, cause I love them since I was a baby. I have hundreds of toy dinosaurs and a humongous one to sit on. Her name is Cera and she moves her head, and makes dinosaur sounds and when you feed her she burps! She is so cool! The humongous ketchup bottle is awesome. I don’t like to eat ketchup on anything. It’s yucky! I love the animal video! I love you and Jolly too! I like the name for Jolly’s dog that looks like a cat. Don’t call it pee-pee cause that’s gross, okay? My donut and juicebox are yummy. Gem can keep the juicebox for me, not the donuts. Could Jolly get some mini red cookies for me, please? How ’bout I send you a zillion kisses and neckbuster hugs, save them okay? Thank you and Jolly too! Bye!”

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am not permitted to write anything on his “letter”, so a few clarifications will be added here! “Ark” means archive, that’s how I save things in folders for future use. Mini red cookies are Nabisco Nutter Butter Bites, found in 8 oz. snak-saks and 3.5 oz. plastic cups with lids. He loves them!! He’s worried that “saving donuts isn’t a good idea cause they get hard as rocks”. Thank-you for making us smile!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you so much for the clarification!!! I think I would have gotten “Ark”, but I was scratching my head about the “mini red cookies” … where the heck did he get ‘red’??? Perhaps I should get fresh donuts on Saturday instead of Monday? ‘Tis my pleasure to bring smiles, my friend … especially to such beautiful faces as yours and Benjamin’s.


    • Ah, dear Benjamin! Namaste! Yes, I’m sure Gem will be happy to ark Jolly Monday for you, but I’m afraid the donuts will grow fuzz, so perhaps I better save those for Saturday? No, school will not always be fun, but … you will always be learning new things, and most importantly, new ideas … new ways of thinking about stuff. I did not know you loved dinosaurs so much! I would love to see Cera … that one sounds like a lot of fun! I will tell you a little secret about ketchup … I don’t like it either, but, if the food already tastes yucky, ketchup can sometimes make it taste better! Don’t tell Jolly, but his “dog” is a cat. And, I’m afraid he is determined to call him … er, her … “Peepee”, for that is just how Jolly is. Mini red cookies? Sure … we will try our best! Jolly and I both thank you a bazillion times for the neckbuster hugs and the kisses! We love you!! ❤


  2. 32.863353450332, and his own ego, to tell the truth. But poor Benjamin will have a mind-sized computer by the time he needs that information, and will only have to think the question to find out the answer without even opening his mouth. Kids these days!
    It is the waiter cartoon that baffles me: What are the protagonists doing speaking English in a German Kneipe overlooking either Seattle or Toronto? I’m not that well travelled, but I have never seen a Kneipe in North America!
    But the best sign has to be the 23% off free services. I presume that means a toilet with no toilet paper. Yikes!

    Have you not told Jolly yet Pweshus Pup is a pretty pussycat? He is going to be scarred for life when she has kittens!


  3. That’s a cute name for Jolly’s pet, suits Jolly’s world…Nice! 😊
    I approve of that sign…Trying avoid their civic responsibilities by the old ‘Death by Electrocution’ trick….$50 is a bit weedy if you ask me though…$500 for all the time spent cleaning up afterwards!
    The video is so much fun.
    That dog and the foal are too cute! How did they get a harness on a cat! And as for Sullivan….I can relate to him.😴


  4. Good read once again. 🙂 Did I do anything fun over the weekend? You bet! I worked myself ragged from 4 am Saturday to 5 pm Sunday evening – fed 6,000 people over 2 days, riders raising millions for cancer research. – In my world that kicks ass! Behind the scene highlights – shredded a chainlink fence with tailgate of 26 foot refridgerated truck, donated close to 1,000 meals to Salvation Army, had faith restored in the power of women – based solely on support, laughter and commitment of amazing staff crazy enough to sign-up for this wild ride. I call that a great weekend. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • !!! My GOODNESS!!! You had one heck of a busy weekend! And such great things you were doing, too! Well, except for the destruction of the fence 😉 My hat is off to you for all you did and do! Yes, by any definition that was a great and productive weekend! Now, have a great week!


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