Monsters, Monsters Everywhere

There are monsters everywhere we look in the federal government today.  Those who are opening their mouths to say, “But it has always been so”, just hush, please.  Sure, every administration has had a few corrupt members, some more than others.  But the current administration is the most corrupt in history, and that is only based on what we know!  I think that once they are gone and the digging begins, we will find many dead bodies that we are not aware of yet.  But I’m not talking about corruption at the moment, I am talking about monsters …

It isn’t only the corruption, but the sheer lack of any shred of conscience or humanity in most of Trump’s administration, from his hired bimbo Kellyanne, to his senior policy advisor Stephen Miller, to Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin.  Look into their eyes … nothing.  No warmth, no sign of life.  And at the top of the monster chain is none other than Trump himself.  But today I write about other monsters …

Trampling the Constitution … again

Trump & Co are at it again, this time attempting to shut down journalists whose reporting is unfavourable to Trump.  A group of Trump allies has begun a program to start dossiers on these journalists consisting of basically any dirt, real or imagined, they can dig up on them, including potentially embarrassing personal social media postings.  According to the New York Times

The group has already released information about journalists at CNN, The Washington Post and The New York Times — three outlets that have aggressively investigated Mr. Trump — in response to reporting or commentary that the White House’s allies consider unfair to Mr. Trump and his team or harmful to his re-election prospects.

Operatives have closely examined more than a decade’s worth of public posts and statements by journalists, the people familiar with the operation said. Only a fraction of what the network claims to have uncovered has been made public, the people said, with more to be disclosed as the 2020 election heats up. The research is said to extend to members of journalists’ families who are active in politics, as well as liberal activists and other political opponents of the president.

The information unearthed by the operation has been commented on and spread by officials inside the Trump administration and re-election campaign, as well as conservative activists and right-wing news outlets such as Breitbart News.

This is very shaky ground they are treading upon.  Be afraid, people, be very afraid.  Trump has trampled the Constitution multiple times already, has declared himself to be above the law, and sadly the Department of Justice is now headed by a Trump sycophant who will not pursue any action against Trump.  The 1st Amendment, perhaps most especially the free exercise clause guaranteeing freedom of the press, is the major safeguard from becoming an autocracy.  It isn’t, as some would tell you, the Second Amendment keeping us free … it is the First.

Though the Times was unable to identify all the members of the group, one such member is noted as Arthur Schwartz, a friend to both Don Trump Junior and Steve Bannon.

A monster re-surfaces …

“On this day, August 25, 2019, after consultation and approval from my wife of 61 years, Ava, I have decided to run to be reelected Sheriff. Watch out world! We are back!”Arpaio-2Those were the words spoken on Sunday by the man who was convicted of contempt of court, who has engaged in racial profiling and crimes against humanity, former Maricopa Country, Arizona sheriff, Joe Arpaio.  In case you’ve forgotten, Arpaio …

  • engaged in “unconstitutional policing” and established a “pervasive culture of discriminatory bias against Latinos”
  • failed to investigate over 400 alleged sexual assault cases reported to his office, including dozens of child molestations between 2005 and 2007 alone
  • arrested a 6-year-old child during an immigration sweep
  • arrested a reporter from The Phoenix New Times for reporting on him in an unfavourable light (The Times sued and won a $3.75 million settlement)
  • refused to comply with a previous court order to stop racially profiling, and was found guilty of contempt in July 2017
  • Was convicted of contempt of court and faced a prison sentence, but Donald Trump pardoned him on 25 August 2017

Despite the pardon, Arpaio is a convicted felon and a rotten-to-the-core excuse for a human being.  Surely the people of Maricopa Country cannot be stupid enough to elect him again???

And yet another monster rears its ugly head …

moore-4You remember ol’ Roy Moore, right?  Former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama who was removed from the bench for breaking the very laws he had sworn to uphold … not once, but twice!  Ol’ Roy Moore made his own rules, refusing to remove the granite Ten Commandments monument from a federal government building, and the second time for issuing an order to Alabama judges to disregard the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in the same-sex marriage case of Obergefell v Hodges.

In 2017, he ran against democrat Doug Jones for the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions, and lost, largely because numerous credible accusations of sexual harassment emerged during that time, the most heinous one by a woman who says Moore sexually abused her when he was a 32-year-old assistant district attorney and she was only 14 years of age.

In the weeks that followed, Moore called into question the accuser’s character, saying she was a part of a “liberal conspiracy”.  The woman, Leigh Corfman, filed a defamation of character suit which is still pending.  And now, ol’ Roy is running once again for the U.S. Senate, and he wants the court to dismiss Ms. Corfman’s suit so that it doesn’t cause him problems with the voters in Alabama.

Moore’s senate bid is unlikely to gain much momentum, even without the shame of having been accused of such misconduct, for he has raised far less in campaign donations than his two opponents.  Doug Jones has raised some $4.3 million, Bradley Byrne has raised around $2.4 million, and Roy Moore has raised a paltry $16,000.  However, the mere fact that his arrogance allows him to believe he is fit for any office higher than that of garbage collector is appalling.

To offset the darkness of this post, I bring you just a little bit of humour …

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  1. Just to be difficult, Colette, the sun neither rises nor falls. The truth is the Earth rotates while the sun remains virtually still. It is only daylight that appears to rise and fall, and even that is a lie.
    So really everything is a subjective appraisal of life. There is no truth, because even the sun will someday burn out. But yet as long as we have life, there is hope. I once believed humanity embodied that hope, but that belief has faded quickly these last few years. Not just because of Trump! He is just the embodiment of the stupidity of those around him. It is the stupidity of millenia, of thinking our world was big enough to absorb all the garbage humabity produces. The stupidity the oceans were so large they could not be destroyed. The stupidity that some god would take care of us and we could do no wrong.
    Had we realized even one of these things centuries ago, we would not be in the position we are in today. And when I say we, I am now being the voice of all life on this planet, of which humanity is less than 1% of all living things. WE ARE KILLING OURSELVES. And that is the stupidest thing in this world.

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  2. Sigh… I love 1EarthUnited’s jokes, but the political climate is just sickening these days. If one returns to the political climate in the late 1920’s, we can see similarities in the socioeconomic climate to the lead up to the second World War. The polarisation of people is destabilising everything. Monsters can only succeed because too many people agree with them.

    I am appalled that Prince Andrew is involved in the antics of Jeff Epstein at his Mansion of underage sex-slaves.

    Those in power are very often the abusers of such power. It doesn’t really matter the political party or elitist system. Anything with a hierarchy falls foul of mistreating, fooling and exploiting the lower echelons.

    For me, the ‘wheels are coming off the soapboxes’ in this system that we call civilisation.
    Morally, we are corrupted. Even some of the philanthropic stuff we see is done to avoid taxation and comes from ‘blood money.’

    The ‘monsters’ are the symptomatic face of societal failure. (Think of the Chimpanzees beating a monolith with sticks at the beginning of ‘2001, a Space Odessy,’ and you have a pretty good analogy of where we are headed. We are likeliest the easiest species to fool. People are brainwashed by TV and Media (both programming and commercials) which is why political systems turn to them to convince people of unlikely truths.

    The only truth out there is that the sun rises each morning, and sets each evening. Everything else is a subjective appraisal of life. We are all life. We must not be ‘Chimpanzees’ beating the unknown or the feared, with sticks, just because it is different to us! We must learn to embrace life.

    If alien refugees from a dying planet landed on earth tomorrow (because their world was dead), would we kill them all? Or would we help them and learn from them? To kill or exclude from society, is to go backwards, to regress and to annihilate our existence. To embrace and to learn, is to evolve. We haven’t done that for a very long time, but it is crunch time folks.


  3. Your likening these despicable people to monsters took my mind to a book by one of my favorite authors, Jodi Picoult. In “The Storyteller” there are these words that I jotted down, as is my habit, that struck me as worth remembering. “Inside each of us is a monster; inside each of us is a saint. The real question is which one we nurture the most, which one will smite the other.” Little doubt, if any, which one was nurtured in these men! Thank-you!

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    • I read that book several years ago! I don’t often read fiction these days, but Jodi Picault is one of my favourites, along with Kristin Hannah. I loved Hannah’s “The Nightingale”, in case you haven’t read it!


  4. This is such a downer post, perhaps a joke is in order…

    Donald Trump is on his first official visit with Angela Merkel, in Berlin. After a bit of small talk, he asks Merkel about the secret of her great success. Merkel tells him, that all it takes is to be surrounded by many intelligent people.

    “How do you find out that quick, if someone is intelligent?”, Trump asks.

    “Let me demonstrate”, Merkel replies. She picks up the phone, calls up Wolfgang Schäuble (President of the German Federal Parliament) and asks him: “Mr. Schäuble – he is the son of your father, but he is not your brother. Who is he?”

    Without hesitation, Schäuble replies: “That’s an easy one. It’s me, of course!”

    “See?”, Merkel tells Trump, “This is how I am testing the intelligence of the people I surround myself with.”

    Filled with excitement, Trump flies back to America.

    Upon arrival, he immediately calls up Mike Pence to ask him the same question.

    “He‘s the son of your father, but he’s not your brother. Who is he?”

    After a lenghty back-and-forth, Pence says: “I really have no clue, but I will try to find out by tomorrow.”

    Pence torments his brain, but still can’t make any sense of it, so he decides to ask former President Obama for help. He calls him up: “Mr. Obama, he‘s the son of your father, yet not your brother. Who is he?”

    “Well, that would be me, of course”, Obama replies.

    Relieved to have finally found the answer, Pence calls up Trump, and triumphantly goes: “I got the answer to your question now! It is Barack Obama!”

    Trump is livid. “No, you FUCKING IDIOT!”, he yells at Pence, “It is WOLFGANG SCHÄUBLE!”

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    • This is very funny. Well done. At first, I thought you were going to do the real story of Angela Merkel answering Trump’s query that the US and Germany should do a deal, where she eleven times answers (again this is after Trump repeated the query eleven times) that the US must do a deal with the EU. Trump finally says after the eleventh give and take, I guess we will do a deal with the EU. The funniest part is when she looks to someone off camera as if to say this person is an idiot. Keith

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      • Hi Jill, perhaps you should have a weekly jokes post! Ur readers with a sense of humour may contribute. Could be political or not.

        One more for the road:

        Trump comes to work in the morning holding a mysterious package. Rushing into the oval office, he calls out to his secretary, “No calls. No interruptions.”

        At the end of a long day, the President comes out in a foul mood, walks back to his bedroom and goes right to sleep.

        Early the next morning, he is back at the office. “No calls. No interruptions.”, he calls out before entering the office and slamming the door behind him.

        The behavior repeats itself but after a few days, it is midnight and Trump still hasn’t come out of his office. Unsure what to do, they decide that Chief of Staff John Kelley should knock on the door. “Mr. President. Are you okay?”

        “I said NO INTERRUPTIONS and I meant it!”, they hear Trump scream through the door.

        Two more days pass without a word from the president and then the secretary’s phone rings. It is Trump. “Get me Sarah Sanders immediately!”

        The secret service is dispatched and in 15 minutes, a breathless Sarah Sanders is knocking on the door to the Oval office.

        “Come in.”

        Sanders open the door slowly and finds a disheveled unshaven Trump sitting at his desk with a big grin on his face. On top of his desk is a completed 30 piece puzzle of the New York skyline.

        Sanders doesn’t know what to make of it.

        Trump leans back triumphantly in his chair and says. “I’ve got something for your next press conference…”. Sarah takes out her notebook.

        “You see that puzzle?”, Trump asks pointing at his desk. “Well, the box says ‘3 to 7 years’ and me, I finished it in JUST 6 DAYS!”

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        • 🤣🤣🤣 Oh THANK YOU!!! I owe you a huge debt of gratitude for bringing my first smile of the day! Almost a chuckle even! Your idea about a joke day isn’t a bad one … I’ll give it some thought, and if I do it, I shall expect at least one contribution from you per week! 😉

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          • You are most welcome! Glad i can lessen the Trump load, if just a little. 🙂

            I’d be happy to contribute once week, got a million of them… speaking of Trump and numbers:

            An aide comes into the Oval Office and says to Trump: “Sir, three Brazilian solders were killed in Afghanistan last night.” Trump looks absolutely devastated, nobody’s ever seen him like this. He sinks back in his chair, saying OMG over and over. Then he composes himself and says: “Okay. Just remind me, how many are there in a brazillion?”


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    • Agreed. I have this new thought that anybody who doesn’t vote next year is guilty of murder. The logic? I think another four years of him will cause the suicide rate to increase dramatically, therefore those who help put him in office for a second term are guilty of the murder of those who cannot stand living in his reign of terror. Yeah, I know it’s far-fetched, but it just came to my mind this morning. The mind is a scary place sometimes.

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  5. Yes Jill, remnants of Nixon’s famous ‘enemies list’ comes to mind. There appears to be monsters hidden under every rock in the Republican Party these Days. Arpaio? Hell, I looked at some of the things you listed that he’s done, and I thought to myself, that most of the Trump Cult would be just fine it. In fact, they look upon him with reverence; a hero if you will. Falling…falling….and still falling. There is no low with these people.

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    • They are without conscience, without humanity. For them, only two things matter — power and money. Trump is the same, as are many others who have weaseled their way into the upper echelons of our government. I pity their wives and children. Sigh.

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            • The fault lies within that amorphous grouping ‘The People’.
              In the first instance you have those who think that ‘simple’ solutions are the best and thus are willing to be led by any huckster or simplistic polemisist.
              Then and more dangerous are those who:
              (a) Are apathetic and too engrossed in their lifestyles to value the precious gift of The VOTE.
              (b) Having taken a surface view of the political systems and perceived these are all corrupt and the true way is not to vote, without bothering to look into the deeper question that ‘Someone’ is going to have to run the nation.
              Only by engaging or resisting (by civil means) can a person say they are truly a citizen of a nation, otherwise they are just a passenger being taken…who knows where?


              • I will debate you on (b) anytime you like, Roger, though I doubt either of us will change the other. Yeah, someone has to run the nation in a democracy, except democracy itself is what I am denying. Democracy does not work, but it is self-sustaining: it only takes one voter to win an election and no one cares about the opinions of those who do not vote. They assign all kinds of crazy reasons, not one of which is integrity of the person. I didn’t mean to run on like this, my apology, but for people like me who do not vote, that is our vote, and that is why governments stopped giving that result. They want to believe their political system is perfect, when it is the farthest thing from.

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                • This is a good argument rawgod and if we were debating on a Long Future scale into the centuries ahead I would be hesitant to argue with you. Slavery was once considered natural and now although common, abhorrent, so in the Future your system may well become an accepted norm.
                  When I write these comments I do have do you in the back of my mind, and in all good manners should clarify I am addressing my remarks to the citizens of the USA.
                  Here is a nation in which the racists, the ignorant, the neurotic and the bitter have been given a political respectability not witnessed since the 19th century. This is a pathway to a civic if not civil war which could see the disintegration of the USA. Some might say ‘Can’t happen soon enough’. To which I would say ‘Not at the accompanying cost of the blood of innocents, it is not worth the tears of one child,’
                  As I see the situation for the USA if people wish for matters to improve it is their duty to vote against the aberration of the voting system (ie Trump), it is their solemn responsibility to drown out his supporters in a massive show of rejection.
                  The winner would not be perfect, the winner will disappoint and at times fall short of the wishes of the voters, but will be a far better alternative than this ridiculous state of affairs the USA is currently in.
                  I fear, dear rawgod, in the USA there is WAR, a war for the soul of a nation and war has its own momentum requiring sides. For the USA voters the choice is a stark one. Vote against Trump or support him by voting for him or not voting at all.
                  I conclude with a quote from Elie Wiesel
                  “Always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor never the tormented.”

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                  • If you are only directing your comments towards the upcoming 2020 election, and if Trump does get the republican nomination as he and most everyone else expect, then I will go along with you. Not because I support any person in particular, but because this time there is a definite difference to be decided upon.
                    The worst part of any election in the USA is that a good number of voters want to vote, but are prevented from doing so by cheaters and liars, and thieves who want to steal their franchises away from them. These people you cannot say are neutral, but you can say one particular party does not want them to vote. They will do almost anything not to lose.
                    But as for people who usually do not want to vote for the better of two very bad choices, this particular time I will not disagree with anyone who wants to vote against the worst of two bad choices. Putting Trump back in power is signing the death warrant of most, if not all, life on this planet. The world needs him gone, and, in fact, decimated.
                    Meanwhile, there is this guy in the UK who needs to be treated the same way in your next election. I actually thought when May fell a new election would have to be called, as it was not just her that was defeated, but it was the whole party! Even though our Canadian political system is modeled on the British one, I guess there are some differences. To my mind, Johnson should have to face a general election before any new political deal or move can be approved. It was not his party that was voted into power, but May’s party. Johnson should have to FACE THE NATION!
                    Getting back to the upcoming American election, I will say to you what I tried to say to the NY Times a couple days ago. American voters must realise this time that they are not just voting about America, but they are VOTING FOR THE WHOLE WORLD! Each American is voting for at least 50 people of the world. You have responsibilities beyond your own borders. A vote for Trump is a vote to see all life die. A vote against Trump is a voice raised to defend all life on this planet. Please choose wisely, and choose well. The whole world is depending on you to get rid off the great orange balloon buffoon.

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                    • Sadly rawgod The odious, adulterous creature born of privilege Johnson has a substantial support in the British population. Unlike in the USA this is possibly a majority.
                      This state has also been achieved by the crass ineptitude of the current version of the UK Labour Party and their leader (The Sainted) Jeremy (let us not speak ill of him, lest we are assumed as agents of Mossad)
                      We the populations of these Isles are therefore complicit in this grand folly. There will be pain and suffering before Johnson and his crew of rich and arrogant folk meet the fate as a vilified and discredited government.
                      History watches us along with other European nations stagger blindly down that ghastly path of populism and sadly shakes it head.
                      AS you see The USA has a simpler chance to put on the breaks. Get rid of Trump. The minority incumbent
                      There is no other option.

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                    • Simpler? First they have to discover all the feindish plots Trump has set in motion, and THEN they have to counteract them. There is nothing Trump will not do to try to stay in power!

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                    • I never did credit Trump will the ability to set in motion plots. To do that you have to have a depth of intelligence. Trump blunder about with all the finesse of an adolescent youth having had their first few drinks of beer.
                      He is a creature who has had it easy all his life. As I have said before he is there because of others. He is nothing more than a manifestation of 60,000,000+ peoples fears.
                      Take away his privilege, take away his current position and what have you got….A bloated, conceited, creature of low character.
                      Oh, he will try and cling to power, because he has no sense of dignity.

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                    • And therein lies his genius. He even has you convinced. He is an idiot savant, Roger. There is a streak of super intelligence in him most of the world cannot see. Ask Jill, I saw it a long time ago, and it shivers my timbers to the bone…

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                    • I still cannot credit him with any intelligence, let alone genius, though. Cruelty, conniving, cunning … yes, but intelligence? The man didn’t even know Category 5 hurricanes exist! He cannot even speak a whole sentence!


                    • I keep on saying, idiot savant. 90% nothing, but 10% everything. We cannot see any charm in him at all, yet nearly a third of the population does, not just in the States. He didn’t get to be president on that charm, though, he wheeled and dealt his way to the top. To us he is a bully, but to others he is a leader. I’m not saying I know what it is, but that’s what scares me all the more. If we knew, we would be defeatable. Since we don’t, there is still going to be a huge fight to get rid of him.

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                    • Sigh. Yes, what you say is true … he somehow has snowed some 40% of the voting public, pulled the wool right over their eyes, and there will be a huge fight to get rid of him. And, even as we speak, he is stacking the odds against us by allowing Russian propaganda, gerrymandering, and his own vile rhetoric that his followers eat for breakfast.


                    • So that is where he needs to be attacked. Out the Russian propagandists. Bus people to their polling stations, and make sure they get safely inside. And make his vile rhetoric even more vile till it sickens his own followers. Know your enemy, and help him to defeat himself.

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                    • Hmmm … food for thought here. More and more, I’m thinking your idea from a few months back is apt, especially as I look at Hong Kong … the people are out in the streets, risking life and limb, fighting for their rights. Even London, when Boris prorogued the Parliament, people took to the streets in protest. And what do we do? We write blogs. Some don’t even do that, but post pictures of their meals on Facebook. Sigh.


                    • Don’t be ashamed to be a blogger, you are trying to do something. Whether you are doing it visibly or under the surface, you want to make this world a better place foe everyone, not just for you. Some people want the world to just be better for them, and those are the people we need to see things are better when everyone is living for everyone, not just living for themselves.

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                    • Thanks, rg. I don’t really even need it to be better for me, for my life isn’t bad the way it is … and I surely don’t need more “stuff” in my life. I just want the world to be at peace, and the wealth of the world to be far more equal. I want people to stop being greedy and think of others instead of themselves. Sigh. I’m beginning to see, though, that it will never happen. The only consolation is that old adage “The bigger they are, the harder they fall”. Things that we are used to doing without, it will kill the rich to have to live without. And someday, that is what it will come down to. Survival of the fittest, and the rich damn sure aren’t the fittest!


                    • There we must disagree rawgod.
                      To me he is nothing but a bloated bag of privilege and vanity who was raised by a part of the population who have convinced themselves he is something he is not.
                      I credit him with nothing.
                      It is the 60,000,000+ who worry me, for when he falls they will seek out someone else.

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                    • How about we call him DemiJerk Twiddlepuss. Because he is all those things you and Jill say he is.
                      Yet somemhow he rose to the presidency. He cheated. He lied. He stole. But his “everyman” army forgave him, and worshipped him. Whatever it is we are too intelligent to see it. And it is giving his pets what they want.
                      But we are suffering for it.

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                    • Well by my standards that is a polite term for him.
                      He is not the first, he is not the last of this kind, nor is he the most capable and adept at the game.
                      This one swept along by his 62,000,000 puppet masters; dancing and capering to the act they want him to do and he thinks he owns them, when it is the other way around.

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                    • Personally, I have concluded that there is only one sure-fire option, but I shall leave it to you guys’ imagination, for I don’t want the men in dark glasses pounding on my door. 🙀


                    • They might well be waiting in the wings, with all their platitudes ready.
                      Willing to play the ‘shocked and saddened’ card. Followed by the ‘Plea for Unity’ card, in conjunction with shredding Trump’s reputation in a media version of a ‘show trial’.
                      You see the thing about Trump is he is so useless at this game he can only cling to his own base, now a real devious pro will reach across to the other side and draw folk in. If you are going to isolate, make sure those you isolate are a political minority (as opposed to a social or racial minority, as that leaves you open).
                      This is why I don’t rate Trump, he’s a shmuck. No sense of playing the long and wide game.

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                    • Whereas I snort at Conspiracy Theories (that’s when I ma being polite about them)…I do very much adhere to the ‘Ploys of Governments’, which have been in play over the many centuries.
                      All I will say is this…..
                      Don’t be surprised is there is an announcement that ‘The President is unable to carry out official duties due to a severe Head Cold. And is resting’
                      Followed by other bulletins on his health.
                      Then watch out for the ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ statement.
                      He wouldn’t be the first.
                      After all this is a very big nation we are talking about, and some folk take stability of the nation as paramount..
                      Just saying….that’s all.

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            • It is because they need that “power” that they do this. They need to be able to tell others what to do and how to live. It is their aphrodisiac. And it is an addiction they cannot overcome…

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  6. Jill, to be clear, we did have this level of corruption in the Nixon adminstration where over twenty
    Nixon staff members went to jail. We also should not lose sight of Trump is more corrupt and untruthful than Nixon. He is also less competent, which makes him more scary, in my view.

    I keep reading editorials from conservatives telling me the party is not racist. Yet, per his attorney fixer, “Trump is racist” and the party has people the Judge, the Sheriff, Maryland mayorial and Oklahoma Congressman, that are that need condemnation. Keith

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    • I don’t know, Keith … I strongly suspect there is as much, or likely more, corruption in the Trump administration as in Nixon’s, but the difference is that in Nixon’s day, we had a Department of Justice that went after them, whereas today we have Trump’s lackey William Barr who helps gloss it all over. But, think about just what we know … look at Scott Pruitt and Tom Price, just off the top of my head. And none of his cabinet members were hired for their appropriateness, more than a few having significant conflicts of interest, such as Andrew Wheeler. What would have been seized on in the early 1970s, is now simply getting a shoulder shrug, but I truly think that at the end of the day we will find there was far more corruption than we every dreamed in this administration. Just my thoughts, of course.

      It’s funny, but I think people who are racist and claim they aren’t, often define that word differently than you or I do. I once had a friend tell me she wasn’t a racist because she ate lunch at work every day with a group of co-workers, one of whom was black, and it didn’t bother her at all. Sigh. We’ve got a long way to go, my friend.


      • Jill, you are right on both counts. All people are prejudiced – it is just a matter of degree. When people look away or do not condemn so-called leaders or public figures for racist comments and actions, we lose a large part of our ideals. Some feel flying a Confederate flag is not racist, yet it conjures up an imagery of racism and Jim Crow that lasted well beyond the Civil War. John McCain went to SC after he lost in 200o to Bush apologizing for not making that statement during the SC primary. Keith

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  7. Oh the windmills in his mind
    Wind him up and set him free
    To wag his lips
    But never say anything meaningful
    To me
    Do they to you?

    The Dummy of the Deal really should listen to himself, literally. Everytime he opens his mouth he convinces another person he has no idea what he is saying.
    Sock it to all of them, Jill. But mainly, socket to him.

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    • Nice lyric re-write! If it’s true that ‘ignorance is bliss’, then Trump must be just about the happiest person in the world today. Sigh. Yep, my friend, I will be socking it to him in spades! Too bad he never reads what I write! 😊


        • I have! I’ve tweeted and emailed them to him more than a few times, but never any reaction. I’m just a nobody, beneath his interest. Which is probably good, if I don’t want men in dark glasses pounding on my door some morning, but still, I like the idea of being a thorn in his side. 😉


          • Probably too long for him to focus on. Maybe you need to try some shorter epithets:
            King Trump of Nothing (or Nowhere)
            Don the John
            King Trumpsy Doodle
            Arrogant Twit
            Piece of PooPoo
            Daddy DoDo

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            • I like all of them! Don the John is definitely a good one. My favourite is King Trumpsy Doodle, except for the fact it sounds rather cute, and there ain’t a cute cell in his fat body. Roger once dubbed him “ol’ wobble belly”. Were you reading my blog back in early 2017 when I sent him the Dr. Seuss book, Yertyl the Turtle? I had it sent through Amazon and had them enclose a note saying that if he wasn’t able to read some of the words, perhaps his staff could read it to him. Funny … I never did get a ‘thank you’ note.


              • I started reading you early in 2017, shortly after I joined WP, relatively speaking. But I don’t remember thay one. Of course, I don’t remember much anymore…
                Too bad it didn’t work!
                He got it but he couldn’t read the return address either.

                Speaking of which, the other day you wrote a negative statement followed up with “Me either.” I meant to tell you most Canadians would have said “Me neither.” Was that an Americanism, or was it just a typo? I’ve wondered since I read it.

                Liked by 1 person

                • I figure either he got it, had Hope Hicks read it to him while sitting on his lap, but he didn’t understand the message in the book. Or, the Secret Service ripped it to shreds looking for a white powdery substance.

                  Grammar was never my strong suit, and there are several things I have trouble with … either/neither is one of them, so I likely just chose the wrong word.


                    • Don’t be sorry, silly! ‘Twas an honest query … I’m just never sure when to use which, unless there is an “or” or “nor” involved, and then it’s easy. As I said, I struggle with grammar, which is why I actually use a grammar-checking program, but I don’t use it for comments, emails and such.


              • Gail and I just read Yertle the Turtle, and we liked it.

                Now to find a trumpet named Mack
                To trumpet and knock down poor Donnie’s big stack,
                Let him fall from the throne up high like the moon,
                And squash on the earth, get swept by a broom
                Thrown in the garbage where he does belong
                And trumpets everywhere can learn a new song:
                Trumpet and bump it and make his wall fall
                And he can be king of nothing at all.

                Liked by 1 person

                • It’s a great story, isn’t it? And it carries an important message, one that I’m sure was lost on Donnie if he even read the book. I never knew you were such a wordsmith! You did well with that one!


                  • Should have taken more time, but I just start it and watch to see what follows.
                    I fool a lot of people. They think I know what I am doing, but really I don’t. I just channel my subconscious, what some people call their Muse.


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