It Started With A Letter …

In my personal email this morning, I received one that floored me …

Dear Jill,

Sorry to see you have promoted little Greta… the most incredible and complete shill to hit the news in some time…. Just as ‘Climate change’ is one of the the biggest hoaxes to ever be perpetrated on this planet…. just pay Al Gore your carbon tax and we can all breathe a little easier.  PLEASE…For God’s sakes do some research on this issue.




He included a link I could follow, presumably so that I could do that “research on this issue” that he recommended.  The link was to a site called “anticorruptionsociety” — sounds like a fact-based, scientific site, doesn’t it?  I did not click on the link, not because I’m so close-minded that I don’t read opposing opinions – I actually do.  But, I have no idea who this person is and the source seemed questionable.

My initial reaction was … I wanted to strike back … I wanted to reply to his email and ask him when he escaped from the mental hospital.  I wanted to tell him that in fact Donald Trump is the most complete “shill” to hit the news.  But, sigh, I know that the best response is no response, so I have not and will not respond.  Still, this letter, first thing this morning, set the mood for my day, and I have found it impossible to focus, to settle in to finish any of the posts I have started.  And so, I shall ramble for a bit, if it’s alright with you guys.

It isn’t that I’m thin-skinned and can’t take criticism … if that were the case, I wouldn’t write this blog!  I can fight fire with fire and have often fought rhetoric with facts.  But … the denial of climate change is something else altogether, for the deniers are not reasonable people and they bend or ignore facts to suit their purposes.

All the talk about the economy, Trump claims the economy is strong, but still wants the Federal Reserve Board to lower interest rates yet again.  Hopefully, Jerome Powell will stand his ground, for it would be very foolish to lower the rates at this time.  But, the fact is that if we continue to ignore the environment, the economy is not going to make one damn bit of difference to anybody.  Which would you rather have:  a million dollars, or fresh air to breathe, water to drink, and food to eat?

The United States, since Trump took office, has done less than any other western nation to address environmental issues.  In fact … it has done nothing.  Under President Obama, we were on the right track, though we still had a long way to go.  But, Trump has undone almost every environmental regulation that was put into place under the Obama administration.  Just yesterday, he announced that he is planning to roll back rules on methane emissions, a major contributor to climate change. It’s the 84th environmental rule to be targeted by President Trump.  Why would he do that?  A number of reasons …

  • He is so jealous of President Obama that he is hellbent and determined to undo everything he did
  • He is deeply indebted to his campaign donors who mainly asked for two things: tax cuts, and a rollback of environmental regulations
  • He is a fool

I see a couple of possible outcomes to this perfidy.

The first, and best-case scenario is that in just over 14 months, this nation elects a new president and replaces enough republican senators that environmental issues will once again be placed at the top of the priority list.  We re-join the Paris Climate Accord and work cooperatively with the rest of the world to try to solve the problems, largely eliminating fossil fuel use, expanding renewable energy sources, promoting improvements for electric vehicles, banning toxic chemicals, finding alternatives to single-use plastics, protecting wildlife, and more.

Another scenario, however, is if Trump is re-elected and continues to hasten the demise of the planet.  Think about it this way.  Say you live in a neighborhood where everybody tries to keep their yards tidy, most have flowers, shrubbery, and green grass.  A new neighbor moves in and every single day he throws his trash in everybody else’s yard.  How long will it be before the neighbors take action against this one slovenly neighbor?  Not long, I think.  If Trump continues to disregard the environment while other nations are working to try to bring it back into balance, don’t you think that eventually they will take action against the U.S.?  Think about that one for a minute.

sad-imgThose who truly believe that climate change is a hoax are delusional, most fall in line with the conspiracy theory of the day and are largely irrelevant.  It is, rather, those who do understand that there is a problem, but refuse to address it that are complicit in the destruction of the earth.  For some, they “live for today” and to hell with tomorrow.  For them, greed has overtaken caring.  For others, they believe that one morning they will awaken and find that their god has miraculously cleared the air, removed all the plastic from the oceans, removed the chemicals from our water and soil, re-forested the rain forests, and put everything back to rights.

We talk about the economy, about health care, about infrastructure and building walls, but in truth, there is only one issue on the docket, for if we do not take drastic action to address climate change, none of the rest will matter … not one bit.


61 thoughts on “It Started With A Letter …

  1. It’s the same across here. Can’t have a reasonable debate now. If you disagree you are labelled a conspiracy nut or traitor. Never thought 10 years ago I would get branded like that. That shows how far my country has shifted and continues to shift. It really feels like the next 5 weeks will determine if it’s going to get far far worse. In terms of the Climate Emergency I was listening to a scientist who still doubted the data. He acknowledged that he was becoming very isolated in his views. But he ended up saying that although he didn’t think it was as bad as the data was suggesting, he was in favour of strong climate action because IT WAS THE RIGHT THING TO DO to look after the planet.

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    • I seriously doubt that many truly disbelieve the science now, for it is right in front of our very eyes. Discounting the religious zealots, the rest I think find it easier to deny, for to admit the veracity of the science would mean lifestyle changes, and they are not willing to make sacrifices to prevent an end that is still, to them, conceptual. You’re right, people cannot discuss anymore, for your country and mine are so divided that you’re either for or against … no middle ground, no room for compromise or intelligent discourse. Sigh.


  2. The odd thing to me, not including the conspiracy nut case types, like your emailer, the profit driven corporations and the super wealthy who only care about more money, are three other types.

    One is the far right religious nuts who are just waiting and drooling for the end times, so they can get to their anti gay, anti immigrant white heaven. They are hopeless. Included in this group are the other ones who think god will come save the day and magically clean up the climate with a wave of the wand.

    Then there are the totally clueless apathetic people, who might actually believe it, but just don’t care.

    And then all the other deniers, trump supporters and republicans who simply don’t buy it for whatever reason.And there is the oddity for me. You would think they would have the “better safe than sorry” attitude. Like I don’t believe it’s true, but in case, I’m wrong and they are right, it’d be best to go at it as if it might be true.

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    • Your assessment is accurate. The religious nuts … they have been brainwashed since birth and I don’t know how to wake them and pull them out of their fantasy world. Those who believe, but simply don’t care are short-sighted and narrow-minded, selfish, caring only for what they have or can do today, and if future generations pay the price for their ways, then “Oh well, I won’t be here to see it”. In truth, I doubt that, other than the mentally deranged, there are any true deniers, people who honestly don’t see the devastation being wrought on this planet, for it is as plain as the nose on their face. But, they are able to comfort themselves with either, a) that religious fantasy, b) that somehow things will just magically work out, or their god is going to replenish the earth any day now, or c) the next generation will fix it all. Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die. Sigh.

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  3. I checked out  “anticorruptionsociety” and it is a free WordPress blog site with few readers. WordPress analysis says it is safe. It is not written by your mystery emailer, but is rather the work of a former respiratory therapist with a drum to bang about computer safety and a variety of grey-area subjects like ‘vaccines.’
    Everyone has a right to their perspectives I guess, but I find ‘Greta bashing’ particularly disgusting and shameful.
    I can sympathise with the mind bounce and the incredulity that we still have climate deniers amongst us. Trump must love them. The rest of us are nervously wondering where we will end up.

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  4. Jill, sorry I am not at home and replying in haste, en route to rainy places suffering from the weird weather we have been experiencing –  which is of course not down to climate change but a right wing conspiracy. Hah! I shouldn’t joke, climate change deniers are at the very least deluded, if not borderline criminals in my opinion and I am disgusted by how some ‘adults’ have been treating a brave girl who has done more to help humanity in the last few months than they want to believe. I imagine that your correspondent is a bot-like creature and if real too scared to admit his (probably) lunacy. Keep up the good work. Larry is reading James Lovelock, I can expect lectures over dinner! 😘🤗

    Get Outlook for Android

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    • Hello my friend!!! I wasn’t quite sure it was you until I got near the bottom and saw Larry’s name and then I knew for sure! So, you’re headed for a visit with him on the site, eh? Where is he this summer? I’ve forgotten. Yes, my letter-writer is either a bot, or a damn fool … I suspect the latter, for he must have read my piece on Greta and gotten my email from my blog. Have a wonderful time in … Namibia? I must look into James Lovelock, for I know little about him. Have fun!!! Keep safe! Love ‘n hugs!!! ❤

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      • HI Jill, sorry I forgot I was on this site for your posts! No, not visiting him on site, he’s home from Zambia now but about to dash over for a family visit to TX. We were merely having a couple of days away in what turned out to be a very rainy Cumbria, magnificent views eclipsed by clouds and lashing rain! Ah well, a change… And it gave Larry the chance to read about Gaia. We missed a demo against prorogation by 20 minutes! But the pitchforks are coming…

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        • Ahhhh … I’m glad he’s back safe and sound, and that you to had a getaway, even if it was rainy. One can find things to do inside, too 😉

          I saw that there had been some major protests against Boris’ latest move this weekend … I hope they make a difference! Do you think they can? Hugs, my friend! ❤

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  5. Wow. Just wow. These people are lost causes Jill. No gray areas for them. Just black and white. No ability for nuance or scientific facts. Neanderthal thinking in the age of Trumpism. I too share your hope in a new Dem President, House, and Senate. We HAVE to make that happen. The idiot has done so much damage already and he still has over a year left. Scary as hell times

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    • Yeah, amazing, isn’t it? You’d think that nobody could still be denying that climate change is real if they so much as read just one factual article. Heck, if they just watch what’s happening outside their window! The hottest July on record … ever??? I’m actually hoping that Dorian hits Mar-a-Lago and flattens it! Funny, I didn’t used to be cruel. Yes, my friend, we have our work cut out for us, for we must make it happen. Sorry I haven’t answered your latest email … been a bit under the weather, but I’ll be back on top of it soon!


  6. ‘Little shit’? ‘Little shit’??????
    I tell you who is the ‘Little shit’ is, the ignorant, SFB, lower life, sewer living, ass-hole idiot that sent it.
    Oh I could give this guy nightmares about World Governments. He obviously does not have a 🤬ing idea about reality and needs at best a good allegorical shaking. ‘Duckwit’!!
    Either that or he is one of Propagandists of the Alt Right…..Another group of SFBs
    Let’s all have his e-mail address. Gang up and bring a small slice of hell upon him?

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  7. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Can’t be stated any better … ‘We talk about the economy, about health care, about infrastructure and building walls, but in truth, there is only one issue on the docket, for if we do not take drastic action to address climate change, none of the rest will matter … not one bit.’

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      • Yes!! A friend from FB, who lives in the Netherlands, did tell me a while back that Greta was a hoax. That her parents were exploiting her. That she has some medical condition along the lines of Asperger or so.


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        • She does have Asperger’s Syndrome, but she’s no hoax! She’s an intelligent young lady who is willing to step far outside her comfort zone to fight a battle we should all be fighting. Funny that your friend from the Netherlands would say that, for the Dutch are largely very supportive of Greta and her cause. 🤷

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            • From everything I’ve read, that is not the case at all! Sigh. I admire Greta and I think she is having a tremendous influence on young people worldwide, and making all of us a bit more aware. Need more like her and fewer of the naysayers! By the way … are you in the path of Dorian? Keep safe, my friend! Hugs!

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              • Hi!! Thx so much for saying these words about Greta! I was unhappy about what I was told. 💞

                We are in central FL. It seems it’s veared to the east. Hoping it goes even further out. 🤞🏽 … as prepared as we can be. Supposed to be in the area Monday & Tuesday. Keeping tabs on it.

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                • I’ve been keeping up with Greta since about March, and have written about her 5 times now … I am convinced she is the real thing. She even convinced her parents to stop flying, to buy an electric car, and something else that I can’t remember offhand.

                  Yes, I saw that it would likely hit Georgia or the Carolinas. That can change, though, so just keep safe, my dear friend. Love you!

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  8. You said it all… I’ve been saying for a few years now that this planet is going to end up just like it’s portrayed in the movie “Elysium.” And today Trump announced the establishment of Space Command (which has already existed for several years now — it’s not his new idea), so maybe by the time this planet is being fried that space home Elysium will be ready! Grrrrrrrr….

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    • Trump and his little boy toys. Methinks we need to be worrying more about what’s happening on this planet than about space travel, for it’s already proven that this is the only planet in our solar system that can sustain human life. But, the fool plays to a mindset that is more interested in fantasy than reality. Sigh. Good to see you, my friend! I know … I still owe you a letter … been a bit under the weather lately and I’m very much behind on everything! Hugs!

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      • Yes, I think he’s really 4… He behaves just like my grandson Caleb. And please don’t fret about emails, girl! They’re not going anywhere! (Pesky little things, aren’t they!) But what’s up? I get feeling some better and you get feeling some worse? Hardly seems fair! ❤

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        • He behaves worse, I’m betting. Nah, not pesky things at all … I cherish our emails! But, somehow it seems there are never enough hours in the day anymore. I think either somebody is robbing me of a few hours daily, else in my old age I am getting slower. No need to answer that question 😉 I’m thrilled to hear that you’re feeling some better! Mine, I think, is just a blip on the radar, likely stress-induced and compounded by the heat and the air-conditioning being out. I’ll be fine … one upside is I’m sleeping more! ❤


          • Interestingly, I’m sleeping much less these days. I was taking a nap twice today for months. I don’t really feel the need to do that at the moment. Maybe temporary, but I sure hope not. Get feeling better, girlfriend!

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  9. Thanks for sharing!!. Ignore the individual, he is just looking for a place to rant.. 🙂

    “We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark, the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.” Plato

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  10. My initial reaction was … I wanted to strike back …

    My normal reaction is to blow those responses off. I do not see them as serious.

    Yes, it is reasonable to ask whether Greta is a shill. But we have both considered that in the past, and concluded that she is for real.

    There’s also the reasonable question of whether your correspondent is a shill. But I lack the evidence to settle that question.

    Best wishes. And keep up the good work.

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    • Thanks, Neil! I deleted his letter so that I wouldn’t in a fit of pique fire off an angry response, and hopefully that is the end of it. It’s sad that the people trying to do the right thing are the ones who, it seems, get the most criticism. Ah well. Cheers!

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  11. So he’s obviously on of those Conspiracy Nut Jobs floating around out there who don;t really want too do any in depth investigation.For instance who out there wants One World Government more that the GOP’s dark money backers who want to be able to overrule all the Global Warming.proofs so they can reinstate much of the reasons for global warming existing.And not just global warming but World pollution.Over the last few years America has had more than one problem with fouled/poisoned water in a Township. These have been proved to come from companies polluting the water table but the owners of those companies are more interested in profits than in protecting peoples drinking water.. It’s companies not Government caught disposing of poisonous substances in other than legal dumps.
    Your man BJ would be much better if he picked conspiracy theories that are at least true so he can tell his friends ‘I told you so’ and be proved right for a change.

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    • There seem to be so many elements working to keep people in the dark, to try to convince people that everything we are seeing is simply the natural course of things and … “nothing to see here, folks, go on back home, keep driving those gaz-guzzling SUVs and buying more electronic toys to keep your mind occupied” … and those who stand to make the most money, ie the fossil fuel industry, logging industry, auto industry, have bought our government, lock, stock and barrel. So, here’s a young 15-year-old girl who has basically given up her teen years to do what the adults are too selfish & greedy to do, and some jack has the nerve to call her a “shill”??? And he is not alone … I’m disgusted, as you already know, with the lot of humans who put their own bank accounts ahead of humans and who seem content to use every last bit of the earth’s resources, leaving nothing for future generations. I can only hope that ol’ BJ comes to a fitting end, like perhaps choking on his own words. Sigh.
      Cwtch Mawr

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  12. If those naysayers took an unbiased look at the science they might understand that our world is in peril. Example: the lowered PH levels and increased carbon dioxide around coral reefs – the result is inhibited shell growth in marine animals. I just want to shake these stupid people!

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    • Yes, the evidence is everywhere if one just opens one’s eyes, or reads a bit. The hottest July on record … ever. Hurricanes, fires … more numerous and stronger than ever before. Forest fires in the Arctic??? How can anyone claim that is ‘natural’ or ‘normal’? But they do, for to admit there is a problem would mean they could no longer refuse to address the problem. Addressing the problem means making sacrifices, finding better ways to do things, driving less and walking more, putting on a sweater, distilling your own water, etc. We’ve become a lazy society and like our conveniences, but … at what cost?

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  13. Jill, ignore it. It is strange that the US Department of Defense has said climate change is a threat to national security. It os strange the World Economic Forum has cited the global water crises and climate change as the two biggest long term risks facing the planet. And, on a regional basis, Duke Energy has factored into its modeling an additional 11% of water evaporation due to climate change. I could go on.

    I do take some comfort that five automakers have agreed to comply with the new California mpg standard, ignoring the Trump roll back of the Obama standard. Greta Thumberg is hero and should be applauded. Oh, and by the way 67% of Republicans age 18 to 34 say we must do something about the human influence on climate change. The young folks get it. Now, about that debt thing we are leaving our kids….Keith

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    • I did … I deleted it so I wouldn’t, in a fit of anger, reply. Greta Thunberg has basically given up her teen years to tackle that which the ‘adults in the room’ are failing to do, and I think her full impact may never be known, but she is motivating and educating around the globe. For anybody to denigrate her, much less to call her a ‘shill’, is just unconscionable! But, I should be used to all the hate by now.

      Yes, we are indeed leaving a grand legacy for future generations, aren’t we? Sigh.


  14. This is what burdens my heart every day now. And thoe folks you described in the paragraph above your last statement are the majority of whom I work beside every day. Turning a blind eye because it is too uncomforatble to face and accept the ugly truth. That would have incensed me too. 😞

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    • This truly is, though most don’t realize it or would deny it, the biggest problem facing life on earth today. I think we will never know quite the extent to which young Greta Thunberg has helped motivate and educate people, and it infuriates me that people put her down for it. It says a lot when a 15-year-old kid has more sense than most of the adults in charge.


  15. Your last line says it all!!
    And as much as I hate the email that got sent to you I am glad and applaud you for not replying back! So sorry this is how your day had to stsrt!! Wishing you many brighter emails to come!! And my hugs and love!!

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