Tell Me Again …

Tell me again, Donald Trump, why we should fear Latino or Muslim immigrants, when just a few hours ago yet another white male, natural-born citizen, went on a shooting spree, this time in Odessa, Texas, killing at least five people and injuring at least twenty-one?

Tell me again, Republicans, why we cannot ban assault weapons or have a single shred of meaningful gun legislation in this country?

Tell me again, how a “good guy with a gun” is the answer to a bad guy with a gun, when at least three of the wounded were police officers, supposedly the “good guys with guns”?

Tell me again, somebody, how allowing more and more civilians to carry guns in public makes this a safer nation?

Tell me again just what benefit your damn “thoughts and prayers” will give to the families of the dead and wounded?

Answer these questions for me, those of you who support the NRA, a Bozo in the White House, and a Russian pansy as Senate Majority Leader, but don’t … DO NOT … send your meaningless, thoughtless, “thoughts and prayers”.  Nobody wants them.  We want answers, we want an assault weapon ban, we want extended background checks and waiting periods, we want requisite skills training and testing, but we do not want you thoughtless “thoughts and prayers”.

Tell me again what it takes to wake you fools up?  Does it take having one of your own children become the victim of gun violence?  Think about it.

38 thoughts on “Tell Me Again …

  1. and here’s a book written by a parent to one of the victims of the Parkland shooting, though it’s not specifically related to this particular situation, I thought you guys might at least want to take a look.

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  2. I contribute much of this “look the other way” problem to our “autopilot” culture that keeps everyone so busy that they take no time to question the absurdities we are facing today. They should slow dow, practice yoga and meditate to search inside.

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    • You are right that we are so connected to our electronic gizmos, so busy trying to keep pace with our own lives … but that isn’t true of all of us. Just those, I think, who have some notion that it will all work out, somehow, someday. Sigh.


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  4. Jill, also occurring Saturday night was a shooting at an Alabama football game. And, what got so very little airplay is a mass shooting was thwarted this week at High Point University with fellow students reporting scary activity by one student. Keith

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    • I didn’t see either of those stories! I just now looked up the Alabama one and found that 10 were shot. Perhaps the fact that nobody died kept it from being “breaking news”. And I had not heard a thing about the High Point U story. Thanks for enlightening me … I’ve not been “newsing” as much the last few days and missed these. This nation is becoming a scary place, my friend.

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  5. reblogging this on obsolete childhood…great post. too bad it won’t change the asshole’s minds about gun reform. to do that, this piece would have to touch their souls..and they obviously sold theirs to the NRA

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  6. Well said, Jill. I believe you are right. Until the mass shootings hit home and NRA Senators and/or their loved ones become victims, they will not move on gun control. I’m praying for a massive blue wave in 2020 to sweep Trump and his Senate enablers out of office.

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    • Thanks John. More and more I hate this country and about 40% of the people in it. Like you, I am hopeful to at the very least replace the president and gain a democratic majority in both the House and Senate next year. But, there is no guarantee … the republicans have a lot of dirty tricks up their sleeves and it will not be a fair & honest election, that much has already been established.

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    TELL ME AGAIN … so many questions!! … ‘tell me again, Drumpf, why we should fear Latino or Muslim immigrants, when just a few hours ago yet another white male, natural-born citizen, went on a shooting spree, this time in Odessa, Texas, killing at least five people and injuring at least twenty-one?’ … and much more!!

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  8. “Moments ago, the U.S. Senate decided to do the unthinkable about gun violence – nothing at all. Over two years ago, when I was shot point-blank in the head, the U.S. Senate chose to do nothing. Four months ago, 20 first-graders lost their lives in a brutal attack on their school, and the U.S. Senate chose to do nothing. It’s clear to me that if members of the U.S. Senate refuse to change the laws to reduce gun violence, then we need to change the members of the U.S. Senate.” – Gabrielle Giffords. These words of the former member of the House of Representatives from Arizona were spoken on April 17, 2013. Gabby was shot on January 8, 2011 and barely survived, many others did not. She speaks of the Sandy Hook School shooting where many innocent children died. The list of deaths by gun violence grows longer by the day and still…NOTHING is done! Gabrielle, “Gabby” Giffords continues to advocate for gun control through “Giffords”. Read about their work at “”. As DaShanne Stokes has said : “Thoughts and prayers won’t stop a speeding bullet.” Legislation by Congress could, only when they pass it! Thank-you!

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    • I have the utmost respect for Gabrielle Giffords and her husband, Mark, but was not aware of their organization. I will check it out today! Thank you! Mark Kelly (her husband) is running for U.S. Senate next year against the incumbent, Martha McSally and I really hope he wins! One of the sorriest arguments I heard last week for not passing gun legislation was that “so many people already have guns it wouldn’t do any good”. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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  9. Hello Jill. The wealthy and the powerful do not see this as a problem affecting them. They live in protected communities, their children go to protected schools, the staff does their shopping so they don’t have to rub elbows with the rest of us riff raff. In the US today you can not go anywhere or do anything without wondering if you will be injured or killed by gun violence. Not even going to the grocery store is safe. But until the wealthy and powerful feel as unsafe as the rest of us, they will ignore us as much as they can. The class system in the US between the ruling class and the ruled over is bigger and deeper than most people know. Hugs

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  10. A comment on “Thoughts and Prayers”
    Act 3 Scence 3
    Claudius’ siiloquy:
    “And what’s in prayer but this two-fold force,
    To be forestalled ere we come to fall,
    Or pardon’d being down? Then I’ll look up;
    My fault is past. But, O, what form of prayer
    Can serve my turn? ”
    Probably a bit too refined for the Flabmiester and those who put him there but worth a quote…….

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