A Visit To The Other Side …

I stumbled, quite by accident, onto a very conservative website, Townhall, last night.  As soon as I saw some of the OpEd titles, I knew I was not in Kansas anymore, and was aiming to make a hasty getaway before I was spotted in enemy territory.  But then … I thought … why not take a look at what they are saying?  I’ve long said that in order to meet somewhere in the middle, we must first listen to each other, right?  Here is a sampling of the titles of some of the OpEd pieces on this site …

  • Trump Pushes Back Against Anti-Christian Bullies and Bigots – Todd Starnes
  • Trump Supporters Have ALL The Moral High Ground. Don’t Cede One Inch Of It To The Left – Scott Morefield
  • American Workers Looking Forward to Five More Labor Days With Trump – Bob Paduchik
  • The New York Times’ Revisionist History on the Start and Story of America Is Absurd and Dangerous – Richard Land
  • President Trump—Not Democrats—Is Really Helping Low-income Americans – Michael Busler
  • Mainstream Media Hijack Hurricane Dorian for Climate-Change Alarm – Vijay Jayaraj
  • Democrats Put Their Faith in the Faithless – Robert Knight

I actually read a few of these articles this morning, thankful that I hadn’t yet eaten, so there was no danger of a return visit, and then I went to take a shower, for I felt somehow dirty.  These are semi-legitimate journalists, by the way, not the Tucker Carlson variety of ranters, although I did notice Ann Coulter’s name on their list of contributors.  According to Media Bias/Fact Check, their factual reporting gets a mixed review, as they are known to “publish misleading reports and omit reporting of information”. Anyway … in case you care what the other side thinks … I shall share just a few relevant snippets.

From the Scott Morefield piece …

  • Especially given a leftist-controlled mainstream press all-too-willing to portray the president as a monster and his policies as monstrous, you may be forgiven for thinking all of those things. But the reality, however, is actually the exact opposite of what they would have you believe. In fact, it is Trump’s supporters who truly have every inch of the moral high ground. In fact, it is Trump’s policies that are the very definition of objective principles, morals, and values, even if his presentation at times gives his haters ammunition by seeming to belie that fact.
  • Every time these jackals politicize mass shootings to call for more gun control, remember that they really don’t care about any of the lives such legislation would save, especially considering they know full well the legislation they espouse wouldn’t actually save any lives. In their unquenchable thirst for control, leftists would happily take away the right to defend oneself against rogue criminals or rogue governments. They cry alligator tears at the deaths of gun victims while ignoring those who successfully defend themselves with guns or the unarmed who die from a senseless home invasion.
  • Those who refuse to support President Trump based on optics alone are completely missing the big picture. Whether you consider some of his tweets and comments “presidential” or not, the policies Trump espouses and helps to implement through executive orders, signed legislation, and appointing judges result in by far the greatest good for the greatest number of people, full stop.

From Bob Paduchik’s …

  • The Democratic Party’s presidential candidates not only want to repeal the tax cuts that saved taxpayers an average of $1,400 last year and restore the regulatory overreach that crippled American businesses during the Obama era, they’re also urging surrender in the seminal trade negotiations that are still underway between the Trump administration and the Chinese.
  • The Democrats have plenty of other nasty surprises in store for working Americans, too. Their outrageous “Medicare for all” proposal, for instance, would eliminate the private health insurance plans that workers earned at the bargaining table.

And, according to Robert Knight …

  • Democrats can’t seem to figure out whether they want to use the government to drive Christianity underground or just replace the biblical version with fake Christianity. These aren’t mutually exclusive goals; either one brings America closer to a secular, socialist state whose unofficial religion is atheism.
  • Democratic presidential contenders like former Vice President Joe Biden, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker, California Sen. Kamala Harris and South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg invoke Christianity to shill for taxpayer-funded, unrestricted abortion and the family values of Sodom, plus confiscation of wealth and redistribution. Note to the media:  Why aren’t Democrats – and Republicans – being asked what they think of Drag Queen Story Hour? Anyone?

Well, I think you get the gist, right?  The thing that disturbs me is that both sides are so far apart on all issues from foreign policy to humanitarian issues to immigration to religion that I see no room for any middle ground.  The middle ground seems to have become a barren desert where nothing can exist.  I mean, how do you debate with someone who calls gun-control advocates “jackals”, and says, “Trump’s policies that are the very definition of objective principles, morals, and values …”?  Where do you even begin?

The name-calling is taking place on both sides, I engage in it myself on a fairly routine basis, but it is detrimental to any meaningful meeting of the minds.  How do you engage in any sort of discourse with people who turn a completely blind eye to the single most important issue of the day:  climate change?  When they applaud Trump’s de-regulation by executive order rather than will of the people or congressional mandate, they are essentially begging to hasten the destruction of life as we know it.  How do you speak to that?

Well, the exercise wasn’t entirely futile, for it got my adrenaline stirring and gave me some food for thought.  How ‘bout I end this with a few cartoons from “the other side” …


I didn’t really find any of them to be that funny, did you?  Thought for the day:  How can we shrink this great divide that is destroying the country?  How can two sets of ideologies that seem so far apart with nothing in common, unite?

45 thoughts on “A Visit To The Other Side …

  1. Hello Jill. One point I did not see addressed in the comments is the spectrum of right vr left in the US politics. I am old enough to remember the democratic party from the late 1970’s to 1980’s. What many people today do not seem to understand is the shift in the parties. Starting about as I can recall in the 1980’s the Republican party started shifting right. There was not much movement in the Democratic party for a while. But as the Republicans shifted more right the Democratic leaders thought they could win by picking up the center, so they shifted slightly to the right. As time went on the Republicans gained steam going harder right and the Democrats trying to keep the center so they slided even more rightward. So what is today a center position is really a right position for the 1980’s. The thing most do not realize is that the “progressives” of today are what would have been normal democrats in the 1980. Think Ted Kennedy the “Lion of the Senate” . Look at how hard the Republicans have shifted right, the Tea party, the freedom caucus. The fact is the right has dragged the left with it rightward.
    However the people in the country have become more progressive and more Democratic. So the right has done everything it can to move against that. We really are in a war for the country. We will either be progressive or regressive. The choice is up to the voters. I would remind them that three Islamic countries did not think it important to resist the religious among them, and now they are trapped. Hugs

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    • You are so right, Scottie. In recent years, the right has moved further right, and in response, the left has moved further left. What happens then is that there is no longer any middle ground, no longer room for moderates, for bi-partisanship, for compromise. I’ve referred to it as “the Great Divide” a number of times. The Tea Party movement was a direct response to the election of an African-American president in 2008, as is Donald Trump. Push, and push back. I agree that we must keep reminding people this is a SECULAR nation, not a Christian one as some would like us to believe. The Constitution sets up the government to be separate from the churches and that is how it must remain if we are to remain a free society. 2020 may be our last best hope to change things, but even then, I’m not holding my breath. Hugs!

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    • Because they are arrogant bigots who believe that they should have the final say, that their beliefs should be forced upon the rest of us, and that what they want or don’t want should be policy. No, they don’t practice what their guidebook tells them, but it doesn’t matter to them. They cherry-pick which chapters and verses to act upon and ignore the others, like the parts that say to treat others fairly and not judge others. Sigh.

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        • Perhaps I just never noticed until the past 20 years or so, but it seems to me that churches are becoming far less tolerant, less compassionate than they once were. I avoid them all … my own experiences with religion made me question everything and finally decide that, for me at least, religion is, as Karl Marx said, “The opiate of the masses”. Nature, kindness and love are my religion.

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  2. The political chaos is unprecedented these days. And lies flit around like fireflies. First you see it, then you don’t. I think it is actually worse here in the UK, where chaos is rampaging through Parliament like Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas.

    I listened to a short piece of history on BBC radio 4 this morning and it does give some perspective on our civilization.

    In the early 17th century, the continent of India was the most richly resourced place in the world. It had 97% of the resources that Brits wanted. But it wasn’t the Raj and colonialism that got it, it was a rag tag bunch of mercenary pirates. The Indian continent was beset by Mogul conflicts, and mercenaries were hired to benefit one side. The mercenaries outnumbered British soldiers, so India fell into their hands. These pirate entities formed the East India Company, and ruled commerce and trade with the corruption you’d expect. They bought off British Parliamentary members with bribes and corruptions. They set the trend for what is happening today with major corporations around the world. It is they, and their bankers that really control things (regardless of the political party). Trade wars that are occurring now, will be settled. Not by politics, but by the corporations themselves.

    I am sure that the corporations want nothing more than to keep politics calm, giving the illusion to people that they are in control. The only thing that upsets the trade markets, is uncertainty of which way it will go… The more certainty in political climate, allows corporations to back the right side and carry on regardless, independent, and relatively untouchable.

    When corporations collapse as many did in 2008, it is because they hedged their bets too much on the behaviour of people and their ability to slave (work) and pay.

    Make no mistake. It is the corporations who run this world, backed by very rich, influential people.

    Chaos only ensues when we, the people, cannot agree on anything any more.

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    • You guys certainly do have your own ‘Tempest in a Teapot’ this week! I am holding my breath and crossing my fingers that somehow a positive result comes before the end of October, but … from what I’m hearing, it sounds like naught but chaos at the moment.

      As to the corporations & bankers being the only real power in the world … it is something I am hearing more and more on many fronts these days. I would like to say I reject it, that it is rubbish, but there is too much evidence that it is the way things are … I cannot ignore the evidence. And, once again I am glad I am old, for this is not a world I much enjoy. Sigh.

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    • I’m currently working on a project with a fellow-blogger on what the U.S. would look like with a multi-party system, what sort of system might work here, and what the odds are. Probably won’t happen until late fall, or even early next year, but it’s in process. I’ve often thought the two-party system has many flaws, which are becoming more prominent in the current culture.

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  3. Well i always said you are an open minded and fair person. Bottom line is Trump plays off political divisiveness to his advantage, polarizing the nation is part of his strategy for re-election. Sad part is it’s working, even tho moderate conservatives are leaving in droves, he still has too many hardline supporters.
    I have to admit that AOC toon is pretty funny. 🙂

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  4. No middle ground in the UK. Another government implodes tonight and yet Nero still plays his fiddle. Let’s see what lies he uses to try and get out of this mess. The problem is that the media have painted the middle ground as extreme now. At the moment it’s just going to be more butting heads and an October election which won’t sort out definitely the main issue.

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    • I hear it’s been a roller-coaster day for you guys! I’m so confused over it all that my head is spinning. I’m trying to understand it, but so far … head still spinning. Hang in, my friend … surely the roller coaster must come into the station sometime? Sigh … no, not necessarily. Hugs … that’s all I got. 😥

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  5. You can’t Jill. And it is because of the dissolution of the idea of the separation of church and state. When religious ideologies are involved, everything becomes abstract, biased and unreasonable. At this point I’d be happy to have Junior Boy George back on the hill ( worst case scenario). The unmitigated gaul to say that Democrats want total control as a Dictatorship when Trump has done everything but paint a giant Swastika on the outside of the white house! I. Can’t. Even…

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    • That is certainly a very big part of the equation. I keep trying to remind the religious right that this is a SECULAR nation, not a Christian one. That there are atheists, agnostics, Jews, Muslims, Jains, Hindus and all other religions represented in this nation and their rights are as important as anyone else’s. Take religion out of the equation altogether, for it does not mix at all well with politics and good governance. Sigh. If the divide were geographical, it would be so simple … let’s simply split the country in two. But, it exists on every street in the U.S. No, I can’t either … sigh.

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  6. Whilst you are to be commended for venturing into, what seems to me to be, hostile territory alone and unprotected except for an exit button…there appears to be little to no chance of meeting in the middle with those viewpoints such as you brought back on your return trip. In many instances, in the past, negotiating was a viable solution to resolving differences. Both sides gave a little, both sides gained a little. This time tested method has been attempted many times in the past 2 1/2 years with inequitable outcomes on most issues. I must question : Where is the middle ground on addressing the climate crisis, when many choose to deny its very existence? Where is the middle ground on halting the destruction of the environment by the EPA, the very agency meant to protect it? Where is the middle ground on women’s reproductive rights which are increasingly being denied? Where is the middle ground on gun control when so many lives have been lost and so many lives hang in the balance? Where is the middle ground in separation of church and state? Where is the middle ground on building a wall, the deplorable treatment of immigrants, the denial of basic human rights? Where is the middle ground with an ineffectual Senate controlled by Mitch McConnell? Where is the middle ground with a president that represents his own interests ahead of those he was (?) elected to serve? Frankly for the most part, I cannot see a middle ground that would be acceptable. When you are faced with the very survival of the country, of the planet…how do you find a middle ground?? Thank-you!

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    • Thanks, my friend! Next time, perhaps I’ll take you along … there’s safety in numbers 😉 You are so right that in some things there can be no middle ground, and climate change is certainly one such thing. We must do everything in our power to turn things around, even to the point of everybody making personal sacrifices, and we cannot compromise on that. And, given that is the only real issue that matters more than all the rest put together … sigh.

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  7. In answer to your last question, there has to be a way even when it looks impossible. Right now there is little true willingness to listen to “the other side” when they fear that side. Democrats fear that Repubs are going to wreck the world for everyone, and the Republicans fear the Dems are going to wreck the world for everyone else, or vice versa. “We The People” has become “We Our People” and “Them Their People” on both sides.
    A line has been drawn, and sides have been taken. This is a result of two main things: Capitalism, and Competition. We try to teach fair play and sportsmanship, but in the end we have to declare winners and losers. The winners are the champions, the losers are everyone else. In Capitalism the winners are the ones with all the money, again the losers are everyone else. No one is satisfied being “everyone else.”

    The trick has to be to make everyone equal, not just born equal.

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    • This is a result of two main things — I would debate that. I think it’s ONE main thing and that’s the guy sitting in the Oval Office. He has done nothing but instigate the divide that we’re now facing. Do you remember the meeting related to the wall and shutting down the government? Where was the compromise? Somewhere in the dust under his feet, obviously.

      There will always be disagreement between the two political parties, but the current leader — through his unending tweets — has daily fanned the flames and this is why Jill found the quotes she cited.

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      • Ahhhh … but Trump isn’t the only problem … it is the element that put him into the Oval Office, and even once we get rid of him (is tomorrow too soon?), that element, the 40% who feel they are above the rest of us, who believe they deserve more than they have, will still exist and will then go looking for another to beat their drum and rally their cause. That they are too ignorant to realize he is screwing them over along with the rest of us is irrelevant, for they don’t get it. Sigh.

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    • Your analysis is spot on! I read it through three times, each time it made even more sense, and lightbulbs were pinging in my brain (yes, it was painful). But, the big … BIG question becomes … HOW do we make everybody equal? Isn’t that the question that some of us have been trying to answer for thousands, or at least hundreds of years? I can think of only one way, and far too many of us wouldn’t survive it.

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      • One needs to change their own ways of looking out only for themselves and their loved ones, and start stopping to be the Joneses. There is no reason in the world to need to have a nicer home than anyone else, all that does is make people envious. There is no need to eat fancier food, or go to fancier restaurants, or fancier theatres. And there is no need to keep all one’s money where it is doing nothing for oneself while other people suffer. and starve.
        The entire philosophy behind capitalism decries any brotherhood or sisterhood with others, including non-humans. It takes a seachange in thoughts and attitudes, but it can be done, hopefully without bloodshed. That blood is already being shed right now for totally selfish reasons is a sign of a sick society. It is time to heal–everyone!

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        • Very well said, but how do you fight human nature and those who desire physical stuff? I thinking it’s a process of evolutionary consciousness. Ppl must grow thru stages, 1st stage is survival (food, shelter, clothing). Now we all live in a civilization, a network of ppl with interconnected interests, so that takes care of the survival basics.
          2nd stage is accumulation or desire for material goods, money, sex, power… all the trappings of society (dog eat dog).
          3rd comes realization and awareness, you can’t take it with you, you can’t really control others, some can’t even control themselves. Material success is fleeting and corporeal, and after awhile fancy cars, McMansions, money, fame, “success” doesn’t satisfy anymore. One grows out of consumerism, greed, jealousy esp as one grows older.
          Then one drops religion, philosophies, ideologies and whatever mental baggage one accumulates over a lifetime of programming.
          When one becomes free from extraneous noise and thoughts from the outside, then real inner peace can allow for transformation. That’s when one views and respond to the world significantly changes for the better, for all of humanity and not just for self. Only then can true healing within can influence global healing without. The inner and outer worlds must align in order for a fundamental shift to occur. It starts with a shift in consciousness and awareness. I think that’s why we all blog so passionately, to spread awareness and change ourselves, then others.
          Yes it’s a long, frustrating and tedious process, but evolution must take it’s course, what choice do we have as a collective? We have to uplift everyone, even those we perceive to be hurting us. That’s why Jesus stressed about loving your enemies, for they are us at one point in evolutionary consciousness.
          Granted Trump is below par mentally, physically, spiritually and dragging humanity backwards. But we have to send him more love than ever, to help him shift perspective. Cause i can guarantee you criticism, cursing, wishing ill will only empowers the man, and nothing changes. In fact it just gets worse. Much worse.
          Bible refresher:

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    • I often wonder … do they actually believe the lies he feeds them and they repeat, or are they playing the game in hopes of … ??? Power? Money? Notoriety? Fame & Fortune? I often asked the same about Sarah Huckabee Sanders when she was Press Secretary … how does one sleep at night, for surely she knew she was lying every day? But, now she’s moved to Fox to tell her lies there. Sorry, I could not do it. I was thinking wine, but sure, marijuana would work, too. Let’s hope we are celebrating instead of drowning our sorrows in 14 months!

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