Snarky Snippets Are Baaaack!

It’s been a while since I released a full stream of snarky snippets … been taking it a bit easy, trying to keep the snark at bay, but … well, that only works for so long, y’know.

Say WHAT???

Harry-PotterWhen Miss Goose was young, I read to her the first Harry Potter book, “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” (first published as Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in the UK).  I liked it much better than she did, and I went on to read the next 2 or 3 in the series … by myself.  Although I’ve never been a fan of fantasy fiction, I have to admit they are fun books.  Harmless fun with lovable characters.  But apparently the Catholic Church doesn’t think so.

St. Edward Catholic school in Nashville has removed the Harry Potter books from its library, saying …

“These books present magic as both good and evil, which is not true, but in fact a clever deception. The curses and spells used in the books are actual curses and spells; which when read by a human being risk conjuring evil spirits into the presence of the person reading the text.”

Oh bullcrap!  Yes, that noise you hear is me stomping my feet, not the presence of evil spirits!

According to Rebecca Hammel, superintendent of schools for the Catholic diocese of Nashville …

“We really don’t get into censorship in such selections other than making sure that what we put in our school libraries are age-appropriate materials for our classrooms.”

Well if this isn’t censorship, lady, then I must not understand the meaning of the word.  I was not aware, but the Harry Potter series has drawn criticism from religious groups before.  In 2001, the pastor of Christ Community Church in Alamogordo, New Mexico oversaw a book burning of the Potter books, and a local library responded with a dedicated display, telling the public that “Harry is alive and well at the library”.

While he was still a cardinal in 2003, the future Pope Benedict XVI described the books as “subtle seductions which act unnoticed and by this deeply distort Christianity in the soul before it can grow properly”.

Wake up churches … we have entered the 21st century!  Harry Potter books are fun!  They are harmless!  There ain’t no evil spirits planning to descend upon those who read these books!

A veteran speaks …

Last week, a spokesperson for Bozo in the Oval announced that “in certain cases”, children born to U.S. service members or government employees stationed abroad may not automatically be eligible for citizenship under the new Trump rules.

Tammy-DuckworthTammy Duckworth is a former U.S. Army lieutenant colonel who has served as the junior United States Senator from Illinois since 2017.  While serving in the Iraq War as a U.S. Army helicopter pilot, Ms. Duckworth suffered severe combat wounds, which caused her to lose both of her legs and some mobility in her right arm. She was the first female double amputee from the war. Despite her grievous injuries, she sought and obtained a medical waiver which allowed her to continue serving as a lieutenant colonel in the Illinois Army National Guard.

Senator Duckworth penned a letter to Kevin McAleenan, the acting director of homeland security, stating her objections to the new policy.  Her letter bears reading …

Duckworth-1duckworth-2.pngDuckworth-3What’s next, folks?  Trump claims to love the military, love veterans, but thus far his policies have done nothing positive for them.

Spittin’ in the wind?

I really didn’t set out with the intention of picking on religion tonight … I try hard to bite my tongue where religion is concerned, but at the moment, my tongue is already bleeding.

Florida is bracing for the arrival of Hurricane Dorian.  I’ve seen countless pictures of people filling sandbags, boarding windows, helping others move inland, stocking up on supplies, and more.  But, these people …pray-ers

… gathered on the Jacksonville Beach Pier to pray the storm away.  Yes, you heard me right!  They say they are telling the storm to “calm down”.  I put this one right up there with people sending “thoughts and prayers” after a mass shooting, but then admittedly I am a cynic.  The group says they did the same thing two years ago while awaiting the arrival of Hurricane Irma.  Did that work well for them?  Well, let’s see …

Hurricane Irma delivered an $85 million hit to the city of Jacksonville, according to the city’s most recent cost estimates.

The biggest share of the total is about $40 million for hauling away all the debris left behind by the storm, followed by $16.6 million for dunes and berms, and $15.3 million for personnel and equipment costs for emergency response operations.

The total financial impact on city government is almost twice the $45 million expense dealt by Hurricane Matthew in October 2016.

I’m thinking maybe not so much.  And during Irma, they even had the help of some 59,000 people who had the brilliant idea to point fans toward the east and blow the hurricane back out to sea!  Imagine how much worse Irma might have been if she hadn’t been thwarted by all that hot air!fans-Irma


Okay … I’m done snarking for tonight.  I’m fairly certain I’ll have more soon, though.  Meanwhile, to all my friends and readers in the path of Hurricane Dorian, please keep safe and let us know you’re okay.  Love you all!

47 thoughts on “Snarky Snippets Are Baaaack!

    • Good one! I was only surprised somebody didn’t line the old republican geezers, who are all full of hot air anyway, along the coast and tell them to blow-hard! We have our share of fruits ‘n nuts over here … I guess they sprout up all over the world, eh?


  1. I am saddened but not shocked that our heartless President would decide to play golf and tweet excessively as Hurricane Dorian moved toward the Florida coastline. From a political perspective, how might that play out for prospective Florida voters in the upcoming Presidential election?

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    • Right … he canceled a trip to Poland that he didn’t want to make anyway, because the second leg was initially supposed to be to Denmark, but he canceled that because Denmark wouldn’t sell him Greenland and even had the temerity to … GASP … mock him!!! So, he cancels Poland to “monitor” the hurricane, as if he had some control over Mother Nature … oh wait … perhaps he was thinking to nuke Dorian! And then he heads out to the golf course, and spends his time tweeting excessive vitriol that would get you or me thrown off Twitter for life! I suspect … I hope … that Florida was already fed up with him and this was the straw that broke the camels back, but … who knows?


  2. Tammy Duckworth certainly deserves a standing ovation, her letter is superb! Avid reader that I am, Harry Potter was never read. Eldest daughter loved the books and the movies. I notice that Suzanne updated on the stance of the Catholic Church, so I will simply say…better late than never! I’m wondering if some industrial strength fans set inside the door of the Oval Office would relocate its occupant? Your snarcasim is entertaining! Thank-you!

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    • OMG!!! You, Ellen, never read Harry Potter??? Wait just a minute … I must pick myself up from the floor … now where are my glasses? I actually thought there was no book you hadn’t read, no music you hadn’t heard! I doubt the fans would work to blow the duckwad out of the Oval, for he weighs some 300 pounds and I can’t imagine … well, perhaps a jet engine? Thank you … glad I haven’t lost my knack at snark!


  3. Jill, the Harry Potter falderol is just noise to me. As a Christian I am more concerned with bigotry from the pulpit than an entertaining kids book which teaches right from wrong. Hugh introduced us to a radio minister who said “intelligent women make terrible mothers.” I find that remark not only highly offensive, it is ignorant in both its assertion and application. To my crazy way of thinking, having an intelligent mother would enhance learning through genes and practice.

    So, I’m all for Hermoine, Tammy Duckworth and mothers. Keith

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    • I agree … it is just noise … but noise born out of ignorance and it makes me angry. Yes, I am offended by that remark as well … but, perhaps it is the goal of that minister and his ilk to keep the masses ignorant, and children having intelligent parents works against that goal. After all, it is easier to corral ignorant, uneducated people, to make them believe what you tell them to believe. Sigh.

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  4. Wow! Those prayin’ folks must have the right idea! Dorian still hasn’t moved to the Florida coast. Gosh-a-mighty! Do you think we’re missing an opportunity? Maybe if we all get together and pray for new leadership … ???

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  5. So, did the people of Florida stop the shit from hitting the fan? All they did was give it more fans to hit.
    A similar tactic was used last year, I think, in Oregon and Washington State to send the smoke from Canadian wildfires back to Canada. All it did was succed in pulling the smoke from the California wildfires north, so they got double-whammied.

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    • Y’know … we have mandatory public education in this nation through at least age 16 … you’d think that in that length of time, they could teach people just a bit of common sense? Guess not. Sigh.


    • And Dorian is now targeting the Forida coast…. Gonna be wetter than they could ever have imagined. This slow moving behemoth is not finished yet, despite the downgrade. Stay safe in Forida… Do not go to the coast beaches, you’ll end up like King Canute.

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      • Wow, Colette. I don’t know where I used King Canute last night, I know I put it somewhere. But according to the new history of The Vikings, Canute knew he could not stop the tide from rolling in. It was just a demonstration of christianity and the power of god, no less. In school I was taught he was a damn fool. I guess nothing has changed, just the viewpoint.

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        • Don’t know why Canute popped into my head really. I just think Hurricane Dorian is not acting like a typical Hurricane. There is some speculation as to whether it will graze the florida coast (before heading up to South Carolina, and Georgia) or whether it will make a landfall at Fort Pierce (just above West Palm Beach). While the wind speed has been downgraded, (the eye has torn itself apart because of the wind speed), the storm diameter has grown much bigger… there will be a lot of rain… Between 2 and 8 inches. They aren’t ruling out storm surges on the florida coast. I don’t trust this storm to die quickly… I think it is still very dangerous…

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          • I think so too, but the latest news I just heard had it heading north at 10 Kph. If it speeds up it will probably skirt the shoreline rather than climb up on land. But that in itself will cause a lot of damage. Following it up the coast it looks like it might land on Nova Scotia, and though it might downgrade by then it could still do one helluva lot of damage. Between the Bahamas and Canada, the USA will be torn apart. Nature proves once again, there are no such things as borders.

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            • I think it is too soon to call. The storm is only moving closer to the Cape Canaveral portion of the Florida coast. If it stalls or remains this slow moving… Could bring big storm surges (even if landfall isn’t made).

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  6. the stupidity of our federal government appointees is beyond human comprehension! A change in “policy” does not a Constitutional Amendment make…one more example of why a “businessman” should never be POTUS.

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  7. Well, I seem to have run out of words on the political mayhem and nasty, exclusionary policy unleashing itself these days. As for the people praying ‘Dorian’ away… we’ll if it worked (doubtful), it has doomed the Bahamas to a stationary megalithic, Biblical flood. Way to go people! 🙄
    I always liked Harry Potter. Oh that I could magic away our current hate mongers to voldermort’s nasty dimension… They could entertain him instead of making life here so miserable.
    The Church fears the fun in Harry Potter, because it gives kids the idea that they can control their own destiny (not some unseen, overbearing force that cowers them in a corner. Harry Potter empowers kids to think independently… Not something that the Catholic Church likes me thinks.

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    • Yes, I was just telling Mary that I think we have run out of adjectives to describe what is happening in the world today and perhaps it’s time to expand the ol’ dictionary a bit! As for the prayers and fans to stop the hurricane … an old television ad for some butter substitute product many years ago had a slogan, “You can’t fool Mother Nature”, that comes to mind in these cases. These fools would all be better off doing helpful things, maybe even helping their neighbors prepare for what is to come.

      Your assessment as to why they are picking on Harry Potter is astute! Anything that shows people they can control their own destinies, that teaches them to think for themselves, to observe the world, is a threat to religions who need to be able to keep tight rein on the thoughts and beliefs of their constituency.

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  8. It’s all just become too much and I’ve run out of steam… stupid, stupid people and yes crazy, selfish, wacko and a thousand other terms…
    Stupidity, ignorance, racism, religious nuttier and he list goes on and appears to be adding new fans on a daily basis…
    There is no way this is going to make a better world…ever…

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    • Oh and Harry Potter, I love..the movies are fabulous and my second favorite is the Lord of the Rings series. So many lessons of good vs evil in these and of good winning out. What’s not to like an admire in that!
      Fools these people are!

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      • I’ve only seen one of the Harry Potter movies (I’m not a big movie-watcher because of very poor hearing), and a few friends have been trying to convince me to watch the LOTR series, but I’ve yet to start it. Perhaps I need to find time to sit down and watch some movies! Yes, religious people are threatened by anything that teaches ideas of diversity, it would seem. Fools, they are.


    • From my understanding, the EU stands to lose a lot from you guys leaving, too. It’s just too bad that cooler heads, people with the best interest of all in mind, cannot sit down at the negotiating table and work it out, one way or another. You guys, like us, are so divided now, though, that I think the cooler heads have likely gone into hiding. Sigh.

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