Just For Fun …

I’m working on a couple of pieces, hope to have another later this evening, but a while ago I took a break to check my email, and found that Ellen had sent me a couple of short videos to give me a laugh or two.  Well, it actually DID give me a laugh … more than a couple, in fact, and I thought … “Y’know … I’ve been too serious lately … maybe my friends would like a laugh, too!”  And so, I went in search of some ‘toons to go with the videos.

There are many adjectives that apply to Donald Trump, but the two I find myself using most frequently are “stupid” and “ignorant” — both are terms I would prefer not to have to use, especially in regards to the person whose decisions affect all of our lives!  However, over the course of the past week, he has exceeded even his own level of stupidity when it comes to Hurricane Dorian, and hurricanes in general, and it seems the cartoonists and the late night talk show hosts all decided to have a bit of fun.  If they can have fun with it, so can we, right?  Yeah, I know, there are more relevant issues I should be addressing, but I just needed a laugh, and from the looks on your faces, so do you!  I’ll get back to the serious stuff in a minute …


Take a look at Stephen Colbert … he’s always funny, but this one will have you laughing … I promise!

And not to be outdone, Seth Meyers touches on a number of topics and literally had me choking on my coffee …

Now that we’ve had our afternoon chuckle … back to work!Men working together on road

44 thoughts on “Just For Fun …

  1. Ok Jill. Sorry as the truth is and sad as this government has become, I laughed my a..off over these two video clips. I rarely have the chance to watch these shows anymore but I love the hosts. So much truth and yet, his rabid supporters would be just like Pence. Spew out nonsensical platitudes and Bible verse to try to sidestep a logical question. The laughter was good for me though. Holy moly. 🙄

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  2. I’m going to have to watch these videos again, I’m in need of some fun. My late afternoon bike ride did not end well at all. Having recently had new tires, a new seat and general maintenance performed (at no small cost I might add) and I’m riding for the first time since the work…as I’m flying down the road, a huge dog came barking and lunging at me from a yard. It jumped up against the front wheel and I kissed the ground under the bike. My dignity is barely intact, I’m scrapped/bruised and the bike’s front wheel is bent!! Pushing it back home, up the hill, was not fun. I think that I must rethink biking as a pastime! Be that as it may, the cartoon’s are making me smile. Love the one with the rolls of paper towels! Thank-you!


    • OH NO!!!! How awful! I’m so thankful you aren’t more seriously injured … you could have broken a hip or collarbone! I’d hate to see you have to give up your biking, for it’s good for you! Maybe a different route is in order, though! Take care, my friend … you will be sore tomorrow! Hugs ‘n love! ❤


    • To Jodi and Jill : I wear a number of scrapes and many more bruises are visible this morning. I woke a bit stiff and sore, but intact. It appears that my bones are in good shape for the age that they are. Whew, that tumble could have been my downfall (get it?)! Thankfully, I was wearing my helmet and avoided scrambling my brain. My bike suffered more serious injuries than I did. I failed to mention yesterday that apparently the dog had not meant me bodily harm, as he was on top of the bike that was on top of me…licking my face! Yucky, but better than a bite. Mayhaps I should carry a bag of dog treats to toss when needed or try another route when my bike is repaired. Thank-you both!!

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  3. Gail tells me I giggled twice, once in each show. I don’t remember giggling for Colbert, and I was wanting to laugh so bad I finally let out a giggle for taking 3 hours to rewire Pence. As useless as Trump is, I find nothing funny about Donnie Junk Truck. Most people laugh so hard they cry. Me, I cry so hard I cannot laugh. He is a Drunken Johnny Talker!

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