Still More … Sigh … Snarky Snippets

So many things were flying at my radar last night when I was trying to find my focus for this post that it must be time for another episode of … Snarky Snippets!

Mikey goes to Ireland …

Mike Pence, well-known for his anti-LGBT bigotry, traveled (at our expense) to Ireland this week, for some reason unbeknownst to those of us who paid his way.  Oh yeah … his wife accompanied him, also at our expense.  You ever been to Ireland?  No?  Me either … probably never will, for I can’t afford it after paying for Mikey and Karen to go.  Anyway … to the point …

This, from The Irish Times on Tuesday, September 3rdPence-gay-protest

“A “Disco outside the Dáil” organised in protest against the visit of US vice-president Mike Pence drew a crowd to Kildare Street this afternoon.

Protesters led by Amnesty International waved rainbow flags, wore Mike Pence masks and danced to music by YMCA and RuPaul, in a demonstration inspired by US LGBT activists.

Executive director of Amnesty International in Ireland Colm O Gorman told the jubilant crowds that “the best way for us to defeat hate is to be who we are, to be courageous and bold”.

During his visit, Mr Pence has spoken repeatedly of his Sligo-born grandfather, Richard Michael Cawley, and has previously said that he was inspired by the former soldier, who served with the Irish Defence Forces in the Civil War.

However, Mr O Gorman called out Mr Pence’s claims to Irish values, saying ‘he doesn’t get to accept Irish values if he’s not prepared to listen to what Ireland has to say to him right now’.”

And back on this side of the pond, deputy White House press secretary Judd Deere claimed that …

“For all of you who think our @VP is anti-gay, I point you to his and the @SecondLady’s schedule tomorrow where they will join Taoiseach @LeoVaradkar and his partner Dr. Matthew Barrett for lunch in Ireland”

Say WHAT???  So, because Pence is doing the job he was sent to Ireland to do, meeting with the Prime Minister of Ireland who happens to be gay, that makes him unbiased?  I think not.

Note:  I will have more on Pence’s visit in a later post.

San Francisco takes on the NRA …

I lived in California off and on during my childhood and youth, and more and more I wish I still lived there.  The state government has some sense, they put people first.  California has always had the highest emission standards in the nation, and these days they are thumbing their nose at Trump’s rollback of environmental regulations, sticking to their own high standards despite his attempts to hasten the destruction of our planet’s resources.  But this latest caused me to clap my hands!

This week, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a resolution declaring the National Rifle Association (NRA) a domestic terrorist organization.

The resolution was introduced by Supervisor Catherine Stefani on July 30, two days after a shooting at a garlic festival in Gilroy, Calif., in which three people were killed and more than a dozen others injured.

Ms. Stefani said the N.R.A. conspires to limit gun violence research, restrict gun violence data sharing and block every piece of sensible gun violence prevention legislation proposed at local, state and federal levels.

“The N.R.A. exists to spread pro-gun propaganda and put weapons in the hands of those who would harm and terrorize us. Nobody has done more to fan the flames of gun violence than the N.R.A.”

Granted, the resolution has little or no practical value, but what it does do is send a message to the NRA and the gun nuts in this nation that California takes gun violence seriously, unlike states such as Texas who seem to believe that if one gun is bad, then more guns are better.  The NRA got the message and responded via … what else … Twitter:

“@NRA is the fabric of American society. We are teachers, doctors, cops, and everyone who fights for America’s freedoms. San Fran should be ashamed.”

Racism by any other name …

Mississippi has long been known for its racism … watch the movie, Mississippi Burning and you’ll see what I mean.  But, this is the 21st century and I have to admit this one stunned me.  Two people are planning a wedding.  The groom is African-American, the bride-to-be is Caucasian.  The groom’s sister, LaKambria Welch, was helping the couple make the arrangements, and as such she had been in touch with Boone’s Camp Event Hall in Booneville, Mississippi about having the wedding there.  All seemed to be going well, until suddenly the couple received a message saying that they could not hold their wedding at Boone’s Camp due to “the owner’s personal beliefs”.

Ms. Welch and her mother went to Boone’s Camp to try to find out what had happened.  They were told …

“We don’t do gay weddings or mixed race, because of our Christian race, I mean our Christian belief. I don’t want to argue my faith, we just don’t participate.”

Christian race???  WTF???

Boone’s Camp Event Hall said in a statement on Tuesday that the owners had previously been taught to believe that “interracial marriage was against the teachings of the Bible.”  They followed the statement with a milquetoast apology.  There is much I could say about this, but I’ve said it all a million times before, so I will leave you to pick your jaws up from the floor now, as I do the same.


And just a bit of humour to end this post.  I had saved the link to an article in The Washington Post that I was using as a source for one of the above stories last night, and when I tried to pull it back up today, I got an error message … I had never seen this one before, but it definitely gave me a smile!oops.png

31 thoughts on “Still More … Sigh … Snarky Snippets

  1. Hold on there!…Like wayyyyy hold on there!!!
    ‘our Christian race’?????????????
    Now let’s dial that back there….
    Do you mean ‘Our Christian race’ the first ones being those followers of Christ being born in ‘The Holy Land’ and not being in anyway, like Anglo-Saxon?.
    Or do you mean ‘Our Christian race’ who were folk born and grooving around the Agean area???..again where’s the ‘race’.
    OR….please point out in the New Testament where Jesus specifies the racial profile of those who will be allowed to enter the Kingdom of Heaven?????????
    Man, what a LOAD!!!
    Naw! Don’t babble to me your excuses…..Discuss it with The Lord God and His Son…..

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  2. I applaud California’s Catherine Stefani, definitely “two thumbs up and a gold star”. Now, if only other states would get onboard that bandwagon…there is strength in numbers, and loud voices. A new NRA – No Rifles Association is much more pleasing to the ear! In regards to Mike Pence’s all expense paid trip abroad, I’ll withhold comment as nothing kind comes to mind. In regards to his noble gesture of sitting down to lunch with Ireland’s gay Prime Minister…you are being rewarded handsomely to do your job, whilst staying in a Trump’s Doonbug golf resort on the opposite coast, just to keep you safe. Contrary to what your press secretary is espousing, a duty bound luncheon does not prove that you are not homophobic! Oops typo, “Doonbeg”, the bugs are in Trump’s New York apartment buildings. Just in case there was any doubt, racism is alive and well at Boone’s Camp. On a happier note, the Washington Post sign gives you no service but with a smile! Thank-you!

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    • Yes, California’s move sends a message, but the more states that join in, the louder the message. However, unless I am dead wrong, I don’t expect any other state, except possibly New York, to follow suit. You’re right about Pence … not much nice that can be said. And the woman in Mississippi … just grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. The error message was a delight … kept me from cussing at the computer as I might have otherwise done. 😉


  3. Good for California, but now we need other states to follow suit. I cannot see any state with a repug governor do so. Where would they get the money for their campaigns?
    You actually surprised me yesterday when you said the NRA had only 5 million members. With the power they have I expected that number to be 555 million in a country with 300+ citizens, plus a few hundred million Russian trolls thrown in.
    None of the other snarks phase me, I an unfortunately getting used to them.
    But Trump holding up a doctored map of the “expected” map of Dorion’s path through Alabama, that floored me. It is impossible for the man to admit he knows nothing about his own country, let alone the rest of the world. Has anyone ever asked him to name the 50 states and other territories, and their capitals (A for Alaska, T for Tennesse, O for Oregon, C for Canada, G for Greenland!)? I doubt he would get 5 right before he changed the subject!

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    • While I would love to see every state in the union do the same, I know it is not going to happen. Even most blue states won’t likely do it. But, I like that California did … it sends a message, I think. Actually, most gun owners don’t much care for the NRA, and most do actually want some degree of gun control. Not, obviously, the level I would seek if it were in my power, but they are almost all for expanded background checks, and probably more than half would support the ban on assault weapons. But, see, what we want is largely irrelevant. And the NRA lies and makes it seem as if all those gun owners are against any regulation, which simply is not the case.

      Yeah, it’s a sad state when the things I snark and rant about don’t much faze us anymore, isn’t it? The meme makers have been having a blast with Trump’s stupidity over the Alabama thing, and worse yet, he keeps on pushing the issue. He’s wrong, he must surely know he’s wrong, and if he had just dropped it, it would have been out of the news by now, but nooooo … he has to keep perpetuating the lie, and now his staff are making up excuses for the lie. 🙄


  4. A lot nicer error message than the 404 Illegal Activity one I keep getting these days. I think if anyone stays at a Trump resort from the Government in the future, Trump should be denied payment and should be liable for the costs himself. That includes his weekend golf trips with a retinue. The thought of such cost will probably make him claim to have a headache when the G7 are coming over next year.

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    • Yes, definitely a nicer way to say “You screwed up!” than the usual. Typically, the Office of Government Ethics (OGE) would have stepped in long before now regarding Trump’s emoluments, but since Walter Shaub resigned 6 months into Trump’s term, there is really no oversight anymore. Shaub resigned because his staff had been cut, Trump refused to heed his advice (surprise) and corruption was running rampant. The G7 won’t likely be staying at Trump’s resort … well, it’s completely against all the rules, but … who knows at this point. I keep forgetting Trump makes his own rules. Sigh.

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  5. Ah, I totally forgot over our Brexit drama, that there is shit going on elsewhere too… thanks for reminding me. But a BIG Hurray for California!!! At least someone calls the problem by its name…. 🙋‍♀️🐝

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  6. Jill, the religious liberty stuff is a slippery slope. As for the wedding, we should remember that Loving v. State of Virginia which said different races could wed passed the Supreme Court 9 to 0 in the 1960s. Not 5 to 4, but 9 to 0. That is a statement.

    As for Pence, I take issue with him staying at a Trump hotel. This is simply not right. Period. I do not care what party does this. It is dead wrong. The president cannot make money off being president and his wanting to hold the G7 at his resort is wrong for so many reasons.

    But, it should be pointed out this is one reason the Trump Foundation was ruled in violation of the rules of charities, as he used the funds to pay for events at his resorts among other things. Trump’s use of his Foundation as a piggy bank was so egregious, that when ordered disbanded, the judge said no one named Trump could oversee the distribution of the funds. Please feel free to Google this.


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    • Granted, the religious liberty issue can be a slippery slope, but this one is just so blatantly wrong from whichever angle you view it that in my thoughts, it has nothing to do with religious liberty, but with civil liberties. As you mention, Loving v Virginia put that issue to bed unanimously many decades ago.

      Yes, that is part of the other issue I still want to address, Pence staying in a Trump hotel which was a great distance from where he needed to be the next day, thus costing us even more in travel expenses for him AND his wife, while Trump’s organization was profiting from … us. It would be interesting to know just how much money Trump Organization has made from foreign dignitaries staying there, our own officials staying in them, not to mention the Secret Service staying in them whenever either he, Melania, or his children stay in one. Not taking a salary? B.S., and even if that were true, he’s costing us a heck of a lot more than his salary would. The same, by the way, can be said of Ivanka. She may be unpaid, but from what I can see, she does nothing much, but travels extensively on our dime.

      Yes, I was pleased when his “Foundation” was shut down, for it was obviously naught more than money-laundering. That, in itself, tells you about the values of this family. Sigh.


      • Jill, I read that Pence’s standing with other Republican leaders has fallen such that he can rule out being the next GOP presidential candidate. His puppy dog loyalty to Trump has turned even the spineless ones’ stomachs. It would not surprise me if Pence is dumped as the VP this election making way for Nikki Haley.


        Liked by 1 person

        • I don’t think he could have won an election on his own on his best of days, for he has the personality of biscuit dough. But, he has further destroyed his standing, as you say, by his slavish loyalty (faked, I’m thinking) to Trump. I wondered, too, if Trump would keep him as his running mate for 2020 … but admittedly, I hadn’t thought about Haley. That would not be good for the democrats, though. Sigh.


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