Another Dirty Trick …

I am not a republican, and most of you reading this aren’t either, however we have a vested interest in the GOP at this point in time, for their dirty tricks in 2016 placed the most unsuitable candidate in the history of the nation into the highest position, and the GOP is up to even dirtier tricks for next year’s election.

I mentioned a few days ago that Joe Walsh had declared his candidacy for president in 2020 on the Republican Party ticket.  Now, under the best of circumstances the odds are stacked against Mr. Walsh, in part because an incumbent president almost always has the upper hand.  However, what we can hope for from Mr. Walsh’ run is that it will detract some of the attention away from Donald Trump, and that he may be able to help republican voters see that there are better options than Trump.  But …

The GOP is doing everything in its power to keep Walsh’ name off the ballot next year.  Four states — South Carolina, Nevada, Arizona and Kansas – will finalize the procedure to keep Joe Walsh off the primary ballot for the 2020 presidential election.  Think about that … republican voters will be robbed of their opportunity to choose a candidate other than Trump.  And this may well be only the beginning, for it will not surprise me at all if other states follow suit.

The question comes to mind:  What are they afraid of?  Mr. Walsh had the same thought …


Joe Walsh

“Trump and his allies and the Republican National Committee are doing whatever they can do to eliminate primaries in certain states and make it very difficult for primary challengers to get on the ballot in a number of states. It’s wrong, the RNC should be ashamed of itself, and I think it does show that Trump is afraid of a serious primary challenge because he knows his support is very soft. Primary elections are important, competition within parties is good, and we intend to be on the ballot in every single state no matter what the RNC and Trump allies try to do. We also intend to loudly call out this undemocratic bull on a regular basis.”

Good for him … I really hope that he raises such a stink that even the cotton balls republican voters are wearing in their ears are penetrated.  Another, less likely contender for the republican nomination, Bill Weld also weighed in …

“We don’t elect presidents by acclamation in America. Donald Trump is doing his best to make the Republican Party his own personal club. Republicans deserve better.”

The cancellations have been orchestrated by the Trump campaign, not the GOP itself, though these days, the Trump campaign seems to be calling the shots for the entire party.  You almost have to feel sorry for diehard republicans these days … like sheep being led to the slaughter, they are corralled, deprived of the freedom of choice, the freedom to think for themselves, and are apparently not informed enough to see what’s happening.

South Carolina GOP Chairman Drew McKissick made a statement that I take offense to …

“As a general rule, when either party has an incumbent president in the White House, there’s no rationale to hold a primary.”

So … what if that incumbent has proven over the past four years to be totally incompetent and unfit to serve for another four years, such as the current incumbent?  Just because his fat patootie is already sitting in the Oval Office doesn’t mean it should stay there.  Being president should be an honour that is earned, not given by default!  And second … perhaps the republicans, not known for deep thinking these days, haven’t considered that if their own voters have become disenchanted with that incumbent, they may just either vote for a democrat or stay home on election day! 

Nevada GOP Chairman Michael McDonald has an interesting and disturbing spin …

“It would be malpractice on my part to waste money on a caucus to come to the inevitable conclusion that President Trump will be getting all our delegates in Charlotte. We should be spending those funds to get all our candidates across the finish line instead.”

What I find so disturbing about that remark is the precedent it could potentially set.  To extrapolate … if it’s too expensive for states to hold primaries and caucuses, when we come up on the 2024 election, if Trump is still in office, does he decide the nation cannot afford to hold a presidential election and he’ll just stay in office?  No … wait … I hear you, and you’re right … that would be unconstitutional.  But think about it … Donald Trump has been trampling the U.S. Constitution for two-and-a-half years now.  Much of what he does goes against the text and intent of the Constitution, but nobody has bothered to stop him.  Can you imagine how much the Constitution will actually matter if he stays in office another 5.5 years?  My guess is that by that time people will laugh when they hear the word “constitution”.

Bottom line is that the people’s choice is being taken away from them.  Perhaps not unlawfully, but certainly immorally.  Will republicans sit down and take this?  Sure they will … they haven’t risen up against the injustices perpetuated by Trump and his minions yet, so there is no reason to believe they will over this, either.  If I were a republican, I would be screaming at the top of my lungs, but fortunately I am not.  We can only hope it turns the tables and proves to be an advantage to the democratic candidate as at least some republicans leave the GOP in disgust.

20 thoughts on “Another Dirty Trick …

    • A highly contrasting difference between ‘then’ and ‘now’. One was a leader who remembered that it was his job to see to the best interests of the nation and its people, while the other is a selfish b***ard who cares only for his own self-enrichment.

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  1. Jill, two comments. First, Trump admires and desires an autocracy. The GOP wants to abandon its rules for a person who personifies every thing this country rebelled against and had to refight when the Robber Barons took over the country.

    Second, Weld and Walsh should sue the Republican Party. They know they are going to lose, but care about their party and country more than the White House incumbent who cares about one thing only – Donald Trump. Keith

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    • PS – Shields and Brooks opined on this on their weekly recap on PBS Newshour. It is a sign of weakness, fragile ego and North Korean-like.?All three are poor excuses.

      Shields added that it is primaries where you line-up your voters: So, not having a primary creates a hurdle. All of this because the president cannot tolerate criticism. Keith

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    • Good idea about Weld and Walsh suing … I wonder if they will? Yes, the GOP seems now to simply be the Party of Trump … hey! The acronym for that comes out to be POT … seems fitting. Anyway, to the point … I wonder if the leaders of the GOP are willing to see their party crumble for their blind-faith loyalty to a cruel and narcissistic wanna-be despot? Do you think this might be the beginning of the end for the GOP?

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      • Jill, I feel they have reached that point a while ago. They are calling themselves Republican, but what is left is a different party. The significant amount of lying and rationalization of the indefensible is stunning in its propensity. As an independent and former Republican, both parties lie and embellish, but the GOP lying is far more and ingrained due to funding and controlled messaging. The GOP has tended to be better at hammering home themes regardless of the level of veracity (think “failed stimulus,” “job-killing Obamacare,” “crooked Hillary,” or “Build the wall.”), Keith

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        • Agreed … I think they began their downhill path with the beginning of the “Tea Party” movement in 2009, which was, whether they would admit it or not, a direct pushback against the election of an African-American president. They hail Ronald Reagan as their hero, but it seems to me that Ronald Reagan would be appalled by what his party has become.


          • Jill, Reagan would indeed be appalled. He especially hated deficits, which is why he had so many tax increases after his big cut went too deep. I saw former SC Governor and Congressman Mark Sanford announced he is running against Trump, the same day that SC said they would not do a primary. My guess is all states considering this will realize the error of their ways. Keith

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            • I saw that about Sanford before I was even out of bed this morning, and I did a fist pump! It says to me that the republicans are not as united behind Trump as some say they are. And yes, I also noted the irony of the fact that he is from South Carolina, one of the four states that are planning to repress any competition who would have the unmitigated gall to run against Trump. Gonna be a fun 14 months, isn’t it my friend? Sigh. More Tums, please?


              • Jill, I heard an interview on NPR who said Trump fears losing votes and delegates in the primary. While he will get wide GOP support, what would be interesting is all those former Republicans who are unaffiliated who can choose to vote in the GOP primary. Keith

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                • Trump’s tweetstorm when he found that Sanford had tossed his hat into the ring would seem to confirm that he is definitely feeling threatened by his contenders, and I think perhaps Sanford even more than Weld or Walsh. I’m starting to feel like I am on a carnival ride!


  2. Good luck with that. Trump has already stated he “will” return for a second term, and continue the desecration of the American Constitution. The repugs cannot allow him to be wrong. With Trump the result is clear, he has already rigged the process in his favour. They cannot change Donalds in the middle of a screw-job. Power is all they care about, not who that power hurts!

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