Saturday Surprise … Just For Fun

Okay, folks … it’s the WEEKEND!  Time to shed those stifling work uniforms and kick up your heels just a bit.  And, after a brief hiatus, Saturday Surprise is back!  Except for the Feral Five, I rarely show personal pictures, but today I have a few that I just must share.  This spring, we planted our usual array of flowers, our favourites being sunflowers.  Well, to say that we planted them would be a fib … Miss Goose actually did all the planting.  We … she … waited a bit late, and so, while they sprouted quickly enough, we have been waiting all summer long for most of them to bloom.  The cosmos came up and bloomed quickly, but everything else has been just rather a jungle, devoid of colourful blooms.  But, in the past week, the sunflowers have bloomed!



This was a couple of days ago — there are more now, but since it’s dark, I can’t take another pic


The cosmos


This tiny little sunflower, only about 6″ tall, sprouted up among the 5′ giants!

Now, every year, our tiny garden is visited by a pair of beautiful yellow birds, but we hadn’t seen the birds yet this year.  On Thursday morning when I had just come in from watering the jungle, I looked out the front window and …

I still haven’t seen his partner … I hope he or she (I haven’t yet determined their genders, for they don’t allow me to get close enough) … is okay, and hopefully now that the sunflowers are in full bloom, they will both come ‘round to visit more often!


Oliver says “Hi”

I have no particular direction today, but just went looking for fun things to start this weekend out on the right foot.

And speaking of feet … the holidays aren’t all that far away, y’know, so it’s time to start shopping for those fun things for your friends and family.  I came across the perfect thing!  Chicken Leg socks!  Look!


They are available on Amazon, in case you’re interested, for $5.99 and up!  Might want to order several pair for those quirky family members … don’t deny you have them … we all do!

I’ve seen some … um, shall we say “different” hair-do’s in my day, but … these take the cake!



What do you bet he’s from Texas?

A few funny pictures …


A couple of jokes …


And I wrap it all up with an adorable animal video about a baby pig named Debby and a giant dog named George …

And that, my friends, is all I’ve got for today.  Have a safe and fun weekend!!!weekend

38 thoughts on “Saturday Surprise … Just For Fun

  1. Namaste, Miss Jill! It’s me Benjamin! Are you surprised it’s me? I had two Gem Sleepovers and tonight a Benjaboo Sleepover at my house. Isn’t that funny? Gem calls me that sometimes, nobody else does. Miss Goose is a funny name too! I love her Sunflowers, bees love the pollen and birds loves the seeds. Gem can’t grow them, she tried. Guess what? Your kitty looks just like the stripy one comes into Gem’s backyard. He tries to catch the chipmunks. He will eat them, that is yucky and not so good! The haircuts are so weird! The other pictures are funny and the video is awesome. I’m sending you lotsa kisses and neckbuster hugs, give some to Miss Goose too. Two Thumbs up for Miss Goose and the Sunflowers and lotsa Gold Stars. Thank you and Bye!

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    • Namaste Benjamin!!! I have missed you so much! How do you like kindergarten? I hope you are having a wonderful time and making LOTS of new friends! I was a little surprised, but not much, for Gem had told me in a letter than you were having a Gem sleepover this weekend. I like “Benjaboo” … it sounds just like you! Miss Goose is my granddaughter, and she used to hate being called Miss Goose, but now she’s almost 25 years old and she’s used to it. I bet Gem could grow sunflowers if she tried again, because they are so easy … you just throw the seeds on the ground and water them! Do you know what? When they die this winter, the seeds fall to the ground, and in the spring, we will have sunflowers without even planting them! I love sunflowers, except for one thing … they don’t bloom for very long before they die, and then I get sad. I’m glad you liked Oliver … we call him Ollie for short. About a year or more ago, I wrote about all our kitties and had pictures, but I think you missed it, so if you click on this link, you can read about them all! I’m happy that you enjoyed Saturday Surprise this week, and I hope you get to see Jolly Monday today, too! Miss Goose and I both thank you for the neckbuster hugs and for being such a delightful young man! Love and hugs!!!


  2. The sunflowers are lovely. That is a male American Goldfinch enjoying lunch on them (females are a bit duller of an olive yellow colour).

    Oh, those hair styles are weird… But I guess that’s the point. The dreadlocks made me shudder… Goodness knows what’s living in that unwashed nest.

    The smiles are much appreciated. Sure need them. 😊❤️

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    • Why is it that females are always the least colourful of nearly every species? Somehow this doesn’t seem quite fair. Well, I guess the males got the beauty and the females got the brains, eh?

      Heh heh … I used to feel the same about dreadlocks, but having a few friends that wear them, it no longer bothers me.

      Glad I brought you some smiles, for I know that you definitely need them! Have a happy day, my friend. ❤


      • Well, no offenses to deadlock wearers, but when I was a massage therapist, I had a young client with dreadlocks. He smelled something like stale cookies. Anyway, on treatment 4, he appeared with a short haircut. I couldn’t help but make a comment. He told me that his mother marched him down to the Barbers when it was discovered that he was ridden with head lice! He was mortified and agreed for the cut and treatment. He was a nice lad, and somehow, I did prefer him with the dreadlocks. They suited his laid back attitude.

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        • The guy that has been working on trying to get our air-conditioning fixed has a set of dreadlocks down past his shoulders, and he is such a cool dude they just seem to suit him. He has 3 kids, 2 of whom have asthma, and he’s the most high-energy person I think I’ve ever seen. Yuck to the story about your client! I suppose many critters could find a home in there if they tried. Sigh.

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        • My pleasure, Jennifer! I enjoyed it and will return as often as I can. I, too, am now following you, and I thank you for following. I must warn you, that Saturday Surprise is a weekly feature, and that my normal fare is political commentary and analysis, so you may not be thrilled with my normal fare. However, on Monday morns I do a humour piece called Jolly Monday, and on Wednesday morns I do a piece titled ‘Good People Doing Good Things’, that shines a light on those people who selflessly give of themselves to help others. The rest of the time, though, my blog is a walk on the dark side. Sigh.

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          • Thank you for that info Jill 😀 I’m an Australian living in Australia so I’ll enjoy your lighter posts.
            As I feel its inappropriate for me to comment on another’s national politics 😉
            Thank you for the follow too…its a delight to have you join me in a cuppa when you can 😀

            Liked by 1 person

            • No worries, my friend! I have readers from all over the globe, from the UK to Ghana and yes, even several from Australia. I find that often people outside the U.S. see our situation with a greater degree of clarity than we who are buried in the detritus see it. So, never hesitate to comment if you see fit … all opinions are welcome here! I shall drop by for a cuppa whenever I can!

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    • The sunflowers are right outside the living room window, and reach about halfway up the window, so I can look out from my perch here and see them anytime I wish … they do, indeed, give me great pleasure. And each morning when I go out to water, my friendly bumblebee comes to chat with me, so that only adds to the joy! I love nature … much more than I love most humans! 😉

      Thank you for sharing that link! I can so relate to her first few sentences about the stress of the news, and how it makes her feel. Now, we have few weeks, and Miss Goose is usually in charge of those, but I will keep in mind the therapeutic value of pulling weeds and thinking of it as pulling off heads! 🤣

      Somehow, I can see you in that rainbow-hued hairdo!!! Why not try it?


    • Hugh said the same, so I’m thinking you’re right! I love watching them, and as long as I don’t get too close, they seem happy enough to allow me into their ‘space’. Of course … seems like every species, it is the male that gets the colourful good looks! 😉


  3. Jill, from chicken leg socks to fun (and creepy) hairdos. Now, if we could put the two together, we would have Foghorn Leghorn, the large rooster from the cartoons. Have a nice weekend. Keith

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    • I actually ordered a pair of the chicken leg socks for my daughter for her birthday … she loves funky things like that! Foghorn Leghorn … good one! I always did like him … “Son … I say, son …”


  4. My favorite was the Dad on the bike with the kids working hard behind him!! But I can do without the strange haircuts. What’s with those folks!!?? And, I think male goldfinches are bright yellow while the females are a pale green. I think. My wife would know. Have a pleasant weekend. NO POLITICS!!

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    • Eh … live and let live … it’s their way of expressing themselves, or of being ‘different’. Yes, another reader also said they were goldfinches, and since they both look almost the same, although one has fewer black markings, I’m guessing they are both males. They bring me joy. You have a great weekend also, my friend!


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