Trump vs Facts

It shouldn’t have been a big deal … but it was.  It shouldn’t have received the attention of the international press … but it did.  It was stupid, foolish, but relative to the news of the day, irrelevant – just another example of the ignorance of the ‘man’ who sits in the Oval Office.  I mostly ignored it, save for a brief mention, but an ego was involved … perhaps the most bloated ego of any in the world … and thus it was blown up, mocked, and the ‘man’ in the Oval Office refused to simply say, “I made a mistake”.

I try hard not to waste my voice here on my blog with irrelevancy, unless it is to bring a smile, a laugh, a bit of levity to my readers.  But, what was irrelevant has now become yet another sign of the despotism that flows around the White House today.

The incident, of course, is the one that began last Sunday, September 1st, when Trump tweeted …

“In addition to Florida – South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama, will most likely be hit (much) harder than anticipated. Looking like one of the largest hurricanes ever. Already category 5. BE CAREFUL! GOD BLESS EVERYONE!”

The fallacy was that Alabama was not in the path of Hurricane Dorian.  Within an hour, the National Weather Service (NWS) issued a statement correcting Trump:

“Alabama will NOT see any impacts from #Dorian. We repeat, no impacts from Hurricane #Dorian will be felt across Alabama. The system will remain too far east.”

And then the sh*t hit the proverbial fan.  Had it been left there, it would likely have died before the next round of late-night television shows, for there were more important things to worry about.  But, Trump can never be contradicted, can never be told he is wrong about anything, despite the fact that he has been proven wrong about most everything.  The notice by the NWS was important and necessary, for Trump’s statement could have sent Alabama residents into a frenzy, wondering why they hadn’t been warned and running out stripping the store shelves of bottled water and other essential supplies.  It was the responsible thing for the NWS to do.

So, Trump couldn’t let it lie, took one of the official maps showing the likely trajectories of Hurricane Dorian, and with a Sharpie pen, drew an additional line to include Alabama in the path of the storm.  It was as if a 5-year-old child had done it, was obviously a stupid thing, but … well, Trump’s ego, y’know.  And then the whole thing blew up.altered-map.jpgTrump continued to defend his tweet and complain about the flak he’s received over media reports that point out that he was wrong, his vile rhetoric becoming more ludicrous with each tweet.  He tweeted a doctored video of a CNN segment that noted Alabama might feel the effects of the hurricane.  WHAT PRESIDENT DOES THIS???  Where is the professionalism of the office?  Where is the dignity?  For six straight days, he tweeted obsessively about the whole thing, even demanding an apology.

But, on Friday this truly became a serious issue, and one that should have every person in this nation up in arms.  On Friday afternoon, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the parent agency of the National Weather Service, issued a statement declaring that its Birmingham, Alabama office was wrong to dispute the president’s warning that Alabama “will most likely be hit” by the hurricane despite forecasts to the contrary.

“The Birmingham National Weather Service’s Sunday morning tweet spoke in absolute terms that were inconsistent with probabilities from the best forecast products available at the time.”

Yes, my friends, a government agency tasked with reporting facts, tasked with the safety of the nation under severe weather conditions, was forced to bow to the whims of a megalomaniac for the sake of salving his ego.  Let that one sink in a minute.

This is no longer a laughing matter, for it is further evidence that the safety of this nation matters less than the ego of Donald Trump.  This only happens in autocracies, it does not happen in democratic nations.  It is but one in a long line of such incidents, but this one received the notoriety to put it front and center and the perfidy cannot be ignored.

The biggest issue facing every industrialized nation on the globe is climate change, yet because Trump says it is a “Chinese hoax”, our government doesn’t talk about climate change.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has removed all references to climate change from every one of its documents.  The EPA has also removed the Climate Science page from its website.  All to stroke the ego of a madman who just happens to be the highest-ranking official in our government.  And now, our National Weather Service is not allowed to give us accurate warnings when a devastating, life-threatening storm is looming.

Can we ever again trust anything we are told by any government agency?  No.  We now know that Trump manipulates the information given by every agency under his control, and we should not take a single thing at face value.  Yesterday, the Bureau of Labour Statistics released their report for August, saying that the U.S. had added some 130,000 jobs during the month.  I do not believe it for one minute.  What if we actually lost 50,000 jobs?  Trump is apprised of the report before it is made public.  What if he said, “NO … we didn’t lose jobs, we added jobs — lots of beautiful jobs — great jobs!  This report is ‘fake news!!!’  Then, would the Labour Department have changed the numbers to match Trump’s whim?  I posit that no new jobs were added in August, and that the Labour Department report has no validity.  For the duration of Trump’s term in office, I shall not believe another piece of data that comes out of our federal government.

It is a damn shame when one ‘man’, in just under three years, can completely shred the credibility of the entire federal government, but that is exactly what has happened.  Would we receive proper warning if there were a pending threat from another nation?  Maybe, maybe not.  Depends on what Donald Trump wants us to know.  This is a dangerous and disturbing situation.  Next time there’s a hurricane, the NWS will ask Trump where he would like them to draw the projected trajectory.  I can envision a number of scenarios where lives would be placed in danger, lives perhaps lost, to protect the fragile ego of a man-child.  Think about it.

53 thoughts on “Trump vs Facts

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  2. I did see this… Shook my head considerably at the Trump lie and hoped people would ignore him as an ‘idiot.’
    There was a radio program yesterday, that I listened to as it featured the thousands (yes there is an official count done by fact of Trump lies. The many lies should leave people in no doubt not to trust Donald Trump’s words which are really just a sales spin on whatever idea he wants to sell.
    The wrap up of the program did say that Trump supporters will always say that the ‘lie’ is not a lie for them, because they believe in the sales pitch, and they don’t care about the truth.

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    • I think people would have ignored or forgotten the incident, but he just had to keep stoking the fires. Sigh. Yes, I keep up with the fact checker on his lies … last I saw it was over 12k. But, his avid supporters don’t care … they will make excuses, or say it simply doesn’t matter. Some will even say that the truth is whatever he says it is. How does one fight such ignorance?


      • I guess we just need to keep calling out the lies. But there are muddy lies too… Propaganda has infiltrated everywhere. We must be especially astute these days to pick through it all and recognise ‘tampering’ for what it is. We must double-check all ‘facts,’ for many are manufactured these days. 🤔

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  3. Here’s a good idea for the Flabmiester:
    The next time a hurricane is going to break he should gather some of his millions on that coast, and they can start building a wall to keep the illegal immigrant out.
    When a band of heavy snow starts coming down out of the Artic they can all gather in open ground to mock the snowflakes and shoot at them with gunz
    (And the rest of us wait while Nature takes its course, ‘thinning out the herd’)

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  4. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    This IS the part the really got me angry … ‘On Friday afternoon, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the parent agency of the National Weather Service, issued a statement declaring that its Birmingham, Alabama office was wrong to dispute the president’s warning that Alabama “will most likely be hit” by the hurricane despite forecasts to the contrary.’ … arrgghh!!

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  5. Up is down. The sky isn’t blue. The sun sets in the east and rises in the west. And on and on…And now we hear the military fueled up at a failing airport near one of his golf courses…and stayed there? Is the military now doing stuff to make him happy? Or, did the idiot strongly suggest they stay there, such as he allegedly did to Pence? Damn Jill, there is no end to this nightmare. He’s committing impeachable acts–all out in the open for everyone to see. I’m numb. This just can’t go on much longer. Or can it? Sigh!!

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    • Some days, Jeff, I just hold my head and think that I cannot take any more of this madness. But then … I remember that if those of us with brains and consciences give up, who will save this nation? And I remember the citizens of Germany in the 1930s and what happened because they turned a blind eye. And then I know we … you and I and people like us … have to keep fighting, no matter what. I’m still digging on the story about the military transport that stopped at Trump’s place in Scotland both coming and on the return trip, and that is a can of worms, for sure. I’ll write about it when I feel that I have enough facts, but for now I can say without reservation that corruption is run amok! And to answer your final question … I fear that it could go on a whole lot longer, for nobody in power seems willing to stop it. But, it is up to us to keep screaming, and maybe to go further, to open the eyes of the voters between now and November 2020. Sigh. Hang in, my friend … we cannot afford to get discouraged yet, for there is a long road ahead.

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      • Yes, I see the orange menace is already trying to explain the whole Scotland airport/golf resort thing this morning on Twitter. There is literally so much corruption for House Dems to look into, I just don’t see how they can even keep up. But damn it, they have to. This crap cannot be ignored. We have to go on record to totally and completely repudiate this mad man. It appears that an impeachment inquiry is imminent. Maybe that’s the best we can hope for?

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        • NO WAY he didn’t know and wasn’t behind the military transport stopping there and the personnel staying at his “luxury resort”.

          Sigh. They have been looking into it since April, I hear, but nearly six months later and they still aren’t ready to file the articles of impeachment? What the flippin’ heck are they waiting for??? Has Pelosi been taken over by an invasion of the mind snatchers? I think that if they don’t proceed with impeachment, it will doom the democrats in 2020. I could be wrong, and I hope I am, but they are coming across as confused, disunited, rather in a daze, and weak. Not exactly words that inspire and motivate. A whole lot of people who voted for dems in the midterms did so in order to ensure impeachment. There’s even more at stake here than the Oval Office! Sigh. Beam me up, Scottie!

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          • I’m so tired of hearing that the Dems are ‘angry.’ My God, he is literally thumbing his nose at everything they try to do. It’s time to start throwing their butts in jail. It’s that simple. But can you see Pelosi or Schumer doing such a thing? I have my doubts!!

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            • Dems are angry … and why wouldn’t they/we be? We have been trampled, our Constitution has been trampled, people are losing more and more of our rights on a day to day basis … and meanwhile, Trump and his cronies are raking in the dough, eating steak and laughing all the way to the f***ing bank! Sigh. Forgive me … it’s 9/11 and it does this to me.

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  6. so I guess that because hurricanes have multiple projected models because by nature they’re unpredictable, and because the president said something contrary to what some official forecasters report regarding one of the possible paths that this storm could take the media has to wet itself and go all infantile over this comment for days.
    And if Trump’s tweet was so childish and insignificant, why the hell did the stupid news media spend all that time on the matter anyway.

    I keep telling all of you that the media is just as complicit in all this crap as the president because they are giving this whore the attention he desires and it’s just a continuous cycle of ignorance and stupidity that will keep going on as long as the moron in the Whitehouse and these idiotic political activists keep doing this pathetic ridiculous dance.

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    • Hurricanes do have a range of potential paths, but in this particular case, Alabama, which is inland, was under no threat whatsoever. The danger in Trump’s error, and it WAS an error, is that Alabamans might have panicked, caused huge lines at the gas pumps, boarded their windows and stocked up on supplies, or even evacuated and gone further inland, all for no reason. The NWS was right and proper in correcting Trump. It was not the media who kept this story alive, but Trump himself who continually tweeted about it. Had he shut up after being proven wrong, or manned up and said, “I misspoke”, it would have died out by the next day. But no, he lied and connived to try to prove that his mistake was not a mistake, for he cannot possibly ever be wrong. And so, with every tweet, the story became just a little bit bigger. Now, I’ll grant you that if the entire press had left it alone, ignored every single one of his tweets, he might have finally given up the ghost. But, somehow I doubt it. Nothing was going to satisfy him until he forced the NWS, or in this case the NOAA, to appease him. The danger here is Trump, my friend, not the media.

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  7. Jill, what the US president fails to realize is the greater sin is asking his people to go out of their way to make sure he saves face. They have to burn through their time, energy and remaining integrity to cover his hind-end. In so doing, he loses face and drags them down with him.

    Yet, his not being accountable is not a surprise nor is his dragging people down with him. The fragility of his ego is only matched by his lack of integrity. Keith

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    • I honestly don’t see how anybody with a shred of pride in their job, with a shred of integrity or human dignity, can work for him. I had a boss once whose modus operandi was to scream and yell. I worked for her for just about a year and finally told her where she could put her job. The next boss who tried it received my letter of resignation the very same day. A persons sanity and reputation is worth more than any paycheck.

      No, his lack of accountability, of honesty, is no surprise, but that government agencies are kow-towing to his whims is frightening and demoralising.

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      • Jill, I agree. When a leader or manager is not accountable, takes undue credit and blames others, that is not leadership. When a leader or manager does not want to hear dissent and berates others, that is not leadership.

        I saw your conversation with sklawlor. The issue is the lack of accountability and getting staff to do a major CYA effort. I do agree the media should not focus on every faux pas as it makes us inured to his behavior. He uses this to tell his followers to ignore the media and my critics as they just don’t like me. I find it interesting short-lived Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci referred to Trump’s manner as “gaslighting.” Very apt. “It is your fault I am lying, reckless and a bully” is the message. Keith

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  8. I just finished reading 1984, and some of the similarities are eerie, such as the one where all the information was doctored to make it sound like Big Brother knew what he was doing. Now it’s happening in real life…

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  9. I appreciated your take on this. Honestly, I just heard about the map this morning from Seth Meyers (been on the road a couple of days) and I was baffled.

    But I’m always kind of baffled when he’s just too damn proud to just say ‘I misspoke’.

    This particular instance is troublesome because I’m certain there are people in Alabama who listen to the things the President says and they believe him without ever questioning it. You know what I mean? Imagine sitting in your house in Alabama and hearing the president say a hurricane is about to barrel down on you? I just… and then he doubles down and triples down rather than just admitting he said the wrong thing.

    Anyways, long story short of my rambling, thank you for writing this. I appreciate your perspective and your ability to share on what a lot of people consider a touchy subject.

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