Sunday Afternoon … Humour???

It’s Sunday afternoon, a lazy sort of time when we all try not to think about getting back to the grind tomorrow.  Today is also National Grandparent’s Day, and my girls are taking me to the local ice cream stand this afternoon to celebrate! Sunday is typically a slow news day, for the subject of most news here in the U.S. is on the golf course cheating in order to turn those 25 strokes on a par 4 hole to 3, rather than sitting in the Oval Office tweeting ignorance and vitriol.  So, what better time than to see what the cartoonists have been up to in the past week, yes?

Naturally, the whole incident with Trump using a Sharpie pen to re-draw Hurricane Dorian’s projected path to include Alabama was the subject of much mirth and mockery …



There are still fools in this world, most of them in the United States, I do believe, who would deny that the effects of the industrial revolution and our current lifestyle have led to a phenomenon we now call ‘climate change’ and that we are within years of destroying our own atmosphere.  As if that weren’t bad enough, the Amazon rainforest that provides 20% of the earth’s oxygen is still burning and far too little is being done to put the fires out.  Sigh.



So True!

Hurricane Dorianclimate-7

2019 has been the year for mass shootings in the U.S.  The NRA, though reportedly having its own troubles, is still adding to ours by insisting that more guns is a good thing and … well, what’s a few thousand lives, eh?  Trump, McConnell, and the rest of the republicans who are in the pockets of the gun manufacturers and lobbyists continue to make excuses for their inaction.  And meanwhile, the people of this nation continue to die at an exponentially higher rate than any other nation on earth.


And finally, a few random ‘toons I stumbled across …


Enjoy the rest of your Sunday afternoon, friends!

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  1. Thanks, Jill. I needed some smiles.
    I made a comment on a climate crisis post the other day. I got an answer back from MelH telling me the only hoax we need be concerned with is the way we libtards treat Mr. Trump. Apparently Trump has done 363 good things for the US (but whose counting) since his election, and if I could not list even 10 of them I was an ostritch. I tried but I could not think of even one. Can anyone else? I think a good cartoonist would have a great time showing 363 good things for your nation. Starting at raising taxes for the rich, and providing free medical for the poor. (Slaps self on side of head!) Oh, that was Anti-Trump, in Anti-Trumplandia. How silly of me!

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