She Wants To Go ‘Behind Closed Doors’???

Joni-ErnstJoni Ernst is a U.S. Senator representing the state of Iowa.  Ordinarily, I would respect and admire this woman, for she served for 23 years in the U.S. military.  Ordinarily, given her military service, I would even be able to look past the fact that she is a republican.  But, when somebody starts trying to rob me and millions of other people, they lose my respect real fast.

Before I get into that, let’s take a look at Ms. Ernst and some of the things she stands either for or against:

  • Ernst referred to Obama as a dictator who should be “removed from office” or face “impeachment.” And yet … she wouldn’t support impeaching the most corrupt, autocratic president in history?

  • Ernst opposes the federal minimum wage and has said that states should have sole authority to set their own minimum wages, saying, “I think $7.25 is appropriate.” I wonder how she would like to try to live on $7.25 per hour, which is $15,080 per year?

  • Ernst has proposed eliminating the Internal Revenue Service as well as the Department of Education and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Seriously???

  • She has an ‘A’ rating from the National Rifle Association (NRA) … no wonder she has received $3.1 million from the NRA! Needless to say, she sends lots of ‘thoughts and prayers’ and opposes any and all gun legislation.

  • She endorses and supports U.S. Representative Steve King, the ultimate racist, who also happens to be from Iowa. That speaks for itself.

  • Like most republicans, she opposes same-sex marriage and abortion.

All of the above is enough to make her unsuitable to be in the U.S. Senate, but the latest takes the prize.  A week ago, during the congressional recess, Ms. Ernst held a town hall meeting with constituents in Estherville, Iowa.  During the course of that meeting, she said that members of Congress should negotiate changes to Social Security “behind closed doors” in order to dodge scrutiny from the media and advocacy groups.

“The minute you say we need to address Social Security, the media is hammering you, the opposing party is hammering you—there goes granny over a cliff.”

Say WHAT???

Please, Ms. Ernst, allow me to explain a couple of things to you.  First, every single thing you do in your job, every single word you utter, should be recorded and reported by the media.  Why?  Because you work for us, not the other way around.  We have a right, nay … we have a need … to know everything that any member of our federal government does.  Today, with the most corrupt and ignorant president in the history of the nation in office, that need is even more imperative, for you and others of your ilk have proven time and time again that you do not have the best interests of this nation and its people at heart.

Second, perhaps you don’t understand about Social Security, but WE fund it, just as we fund your salary.  Yes, WE!  Out of every paycheck we earn throughout our entire life, 7.65% is withheld … 6.2% of that is to fund our government-managed retirement account, and the other 1.45% is to fund Medicare.  Our employers match our contributions, dollar for dollar.  Neither Social Security nor Medicare are “entitlements” that the government giveth and thus can taketh away!  I see that you have a Master of Public Administration degree from Columbus State University, so how do you not understand such a simple concept???

I do not live in Iowa, so I cannot vote this woman out of the Senate, however she IS up for re-election next year, so if any of my readers hail from Iowa, or if you know of anybody who lives in Iowa, please encourage them to vote this harridan out of office, and Steve King, too!


Trump & Ernst — on the campaign trail

Joni Ernst is not alone in wishing to cut Social Security and Medicare.  In August, Senator John Barrasso, a republican from Wyoming told the New York Times that his party has discussed cutting Medicare and Social Security with Trump and said the president has expressed openness to the idea.  The Times also reported that Trump said it was “a second-term project”.  And republican Senator John Thune from South Dakota, reportedly said it is …

“Going to take presidential leadership to cut Social Security and Medicare, and it’s going to take courage by the Congress to make some hard votes. We can’t keep kicking the can down the road.”

What ‘can’???  You take our money for the 50 years or so that we are in the work force, you invest it and, assuming you invested it wisely, you get a return on that investment, and now you don’t wish to give it back?  It’s a paltry enough sum that we get back as it is!

Folks, I could list at least 100 good reasons that this nation cannot afford to re-elect Donald Trump in 2020.  This is just one, but an important one – a crucial one.

71 thoughts on “She Wants To Go ‘Behind Closed Doors’???

  1. All the worms are coming out of the rotten apples at the moment.

    I think the world is on course for a big reality check… All the bad apples (political parties) need to go… Without them, the worms have nowhere to play and spread their disease.

    OK… Metaphors aside, humanity needs to look at itself and stop the destruction. It is not acceptable to have this tragic comedy continue. Politics is a joke these days… Like bullying in the schoolyard, this rhetoric needs eliminating once and for all. Perhaps, instead of overall leaders, we need a council of leaders from all factions of opinion. Every decision should be put to at least 12 Council leaders (bit like a jury). At least the decisions won’t be so one-sided.

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    • How can Trudeau win after the politics he has been playing? The thing is to make sure Sheer doesn’t win either. Either vote NDP, or GREEN, but neither Liberal or Conservative. It is time for a different party to take the reins.
      But I know the East will never go there, they think we are still a two party nation. And both those parties are corrupt as hell.

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      • Well, good sir, I don’t think there’s any such thing as a non-corruptible political party in power. I’m not happy with what the Liberals have done with the pipeline issue, but the Tories would be a lot worse! Look at Doug the Thug in Ontario! Unfortunately, the NDP flushed the success Jack Layton achieved a few elections back and seem to be going nowhere with their new leader. Apart from their environmental platform, the Greens seem to be Conservatives-in-hiding. I’ll stick with the Liberals, thanks.

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    • You’re right, my friend … they are a dangerous lot, too. How is Trudeau looking in the polls? I would hate to see him voted out, for despite his mistakes, I think he is a good PM, and from what I’m hearing there isn’t anyone better in the running.

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      • The Liberals and Conservatives are running even in the polls at the moment. But they don’t mean much. The polls before the last election did not show Trudeau winning… but he won with a comfortable majority. You’re right, the rest of the leaders pale beside him. We’ll see…

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  2. Jill, i read social security is a ticking time bomb just like climate change. The SSA announced that at this current pace, SS will be insolvent within 12-14 years. There are more retirees than workers as baby boomers start collecting, and fewer workers needed in the future due to automation industry changes.
    More than likely politicians will at some point need to slow the bleed and reduce SS payments in order to extend the program… or increase SS deductions from our paycheck, an even smaller pie for the working class.
    Of course this will be political suicide, which is why politicians will never do anything to jeopardize that golden goose.


    • Social Security is fixable. It just takes getting in a room with data and coming up with solutions. The nonpartisan The Concord Coalition has an exercise where groups of people are given the problem and several solutions that might be considered. Over an hour, these grpups can develop a set of solutions. Congress could learn from this. Keith

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      • Agreed … and it would be ‘broken’ if it had been properly managed all along, at least in my opinion. But, no matter what they do, they cannot do it in secret, for that is our money and we have the right to know what they are planning. Congress needs to pull their heads out of their … um … the sand. 😉


      • Keith, i’m not so sure it’s fixable to the degree that would be palatable for retirees. Current contributors will be required to put in more for diminishing returns. It’s simple math really, to keep a ponzi type scheme running, one must continually find and keep new suckers to pay off the ever expanding base, keep the game going. Eventually as with all ponzi schemes the inverted pyramid will collapse upon itself as current workers contributions cannot keep pace with baby boomer retirees.
        So either more new jobs open up suddenly, or a huge die-off of retirees must happen, no amount of tweaking or gov’t intervention will save SS sadly.
        I’ve already resigned to the fact that i won’t see a dime of my contributions when i turn 65… or would congress change the minimum retirement age to 70 or 75???
        Not holding my breath for some think-tank to bail out this titanic. Sorry 😉

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        • Couple of comments. You are right to have concerns. But, note also that companies contribute the same amount of FICA taxes as you do. With that said, there are some tangible ideas that could be considered:
          – increase the normal retirement age gradually to age 70
          – increase the FICA taxable wage base to $185,000 or even $200,000
          – restrict the COLA calculation (this one is not popular)
          – raise the contribution from 6.2% (note 1.45% goes to Medicare)
          More will be needed, but that will get us in the ballpark.

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          • Hi Keith, hate to be a negative nellie but in real life these “fixes” are not realizable. For instance, what profession allows one to work to retirement age, forget 70! More like employers want you out by 40 so they can hire someone younger, cheaper or a foreigner under the H-1B Visa program.
            Again employers will hire more independent contractors to avoid paying into FICA, health insurance, pensions, benefits rather than keep full time employees, rendering mandatory FICA contributions moot.
            If i remember my economics, gov’t economists have been freezing COLA due to manipulation of the inflation index. It is well known – just like unemployment, CPI, PPI, ECI, GDP Deflator are weighted to whatever index they see fit, lol.
            For example:
            Inflation Index Controversy
            It has been estimated that up to 30% of the United States Federal Budget is based upon changes in the Consumer Price Index. During the 1990’s, when Bill Clinton served as President, the CPI was changed to reflect “buying habits” rather than serving as a true inflation index. This involved rule changes that accounted for substitution. That is, if the price of beef skyrockets, families will switch to chicken. Therefore, the price of chicken is used instead of beef. Likewise, if a product improves and remains at the same price, the index is lowered to reflect the fact consumers are getting more value for their money. Some economists believe this drastically understates the real rate of inflation.
            There’s a limit as to how much our FICA contribution can be raised. With low income earners, take home pay after all the taxes, insurance contributions, retirement plan, voluntary and involuntary contributions… what’s left to take home?
            The working stiff getting squeezed from every side has developed rigor mortis! No wonder we are a society of zombies!

            Which goes back to the point of this post… Trump the consummate liar manipulates his supporters by promising more jobs, better times ahead, MAGA blah blah blah, so our most vulnerable, destitute and poor citizens go out and vote for him! Dems don’t offer anything better to help the working class, which is their major downfall come 2020. I am desperately worried that we’re gonna see a repeat of 2016 b/c the Democratic Party hasn’t changed it’s stripes, they have no real agenda to help the working class. This is quite a mess we’re all in.


    • You got it! They are the only ones that count, but I wonder who they think will grow their food, manufacture their fancy cars and other toys, build their mansions, and do all the other things that support their hedonistic lifestyle when they kill us all off? Yeah, when the people who are being hurt by all this are too damn dumb to see it and applaud the idiot-in-chief, it makes me want to smack them upside the head. Sigh.

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  3. The famous quote from Newt Gingrich comes to mind: We want Social Security to just ‘whither on the vine,’ or something of that nature. They’ve never liked it. They’ve always wanted it to go away or be privatized. Like nearly every policy they are for, the American people are against. Yet, we are where we are. 2020 must be such a landslide they won’t know what hits them. Let’s put a stake in that Party…once and for all Jill.

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  4. Jill, I invite people to reach out to these Senators like Ernst. I have seen her register a few concerns of late about Trump, but not nearly enough. They know he is untrustworthy. I think they know he is as Anthony Scaramucci said last week “off the rails.” We need to remind the Senators that we know they know, asking them what do they plan to do about it? Even last night, he starts a feud with John Legend and Chrissy Teigen? Why? What leader would do such a thing? The answer is a leader would not. Keith

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    • I would indeed like to reach out to Ms. Ernst … with a baseball bat! Sorry … I’m not in good humour and Ms. Ernst has pushed me over the edge. Yes, we should reach out and let her know, but we should also reach out … or rather the people of Iowa should reach out … at the polls in 14 months and really send her a message.

      Yes, I heard about him going after both Legend and Teigen and I was scratching my head over that one. Perhaps the rumours that he has lost it are true? And then there was his tweetstorm against Mark Sanford. What professionalism, eh? Sigh.


    • Yeah, apparently she didn’t learn much about how government works. Children in cages? Hah! These bozos don’t care … they have nice soft beds and plenty to eat … that’s all that matters to them. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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  5. I just wrote today about how the Environmental Minister of Canada had to be given a security detail because she’s receiving so many threats on her life and the life of her family because she’s trying to address Climate Change. How stupid are these people? What an uncomfortable time to be alive. It really makes me want to be an activist.

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