The Birth Of Capitalism

I first came across this poem over on Nan’s Notebook a week or so ago, and it struck a chord with me. It is short and simple, but a more concise explanation of capitalism has never been written. This is rather the concept of “All for one, and one for all”, only with a twist … think of it as “All for one, and one for himself”. Thank you, Dave Henderson, for your generous permission to share your words!

A Humanist's perspective

By the strangest of circumstances,
A group of ten previously unknown,
Were deserted in a far off sea,
A tropical isle they now commonly owned.

We must work together, said one;
And together erect ten huts.
If we will only cooperate,
Then we won’t find ourselves in a rut.

We must also gather food,
So each one of us can eat.
We will share what we gather,
At an appointed place we will meet.

Most everyone agreed,
Yet as plans were underway,
A certain man stepped forward,
He had something he wished to say.

Everyone was silent,
As this man made his case,
He said equality is wrong,
Then he volunteered to run the place.

He explained that their plan,
As pleasant as it might seem,
Was actually Socialism,
Contrary to the American Dream.

Cooperation is a liberal plot,
And sharing lacks the appeal,
Of good old fashioned competition,

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20 thoughts on “The Birth Of Capitalism

  1. Good share Jill.
    A warning against the hucksters. Folk do fall into these traps.
    ‘Bout a year ago I came across this YouTube thread posted up by someone I know. Basically it was this guy who makes his money by telling folks to buy his book or courses on how to make money. Aside from the fact that he f-bombed in his sales which offended me (I mean kids could read it), he was arguing that someone who cleans floors at restaurants would only ever earn the same amount now matter how well they cleaned the floors….while he could show you the way to make ‘lots’…..Struck me straight away ‘Man if you went into a restaurant with dirty floors you would be the first to by whinging and whining’.
    Maybe there is a place for Capitalism (hush mah socialist mouth!) in the areas of production of actual goods and trade of actual goods but far too much phoney money is being created for folk who essentially do nothing (Hi Influencers…….Hi property speculators…Hi pundits…..etc, etc……OH yeah, almost forgot….Hi Donnie!)

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    • Such arrogance as expressed by the man in the YouTube video is part of what turns me off about capitalism. It inevitably leads to greed and arrogance, to the owners of corporations thinking they are somehow ‘better’, superior to the rest of us peons. I have lately concluded that capitalism as it exists today must go. I lean much more toward socialism these days, but … in the implementation, there would also be greed and corruption. I think that no system can safeguard against the greed of human nature, and so … where does that leave us? Sigh.

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  2. There’s always one idle sod with a reason why everyone else should do all the work. I say the nine should live in the grand place their labours built and put the single guy out to work for them for a while.

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