Injustice. A break from the norm.

I’ve written before about people who spent 20 years or more in prison before being exonerated by either DNA testing, eyewitness testimony, or a confession by the guilty party. Today, David writes about a case where an 80-year-old man has been proven innocent, yet is still in prison. Justice? I think not! Thank you, David, for bringing this atrocity to the public eye.


I have always felt that when  an injustice has been created, the avenging angels rush down to put things right. OK, I’ve never felt that, but I did always believe that an innocent man would not be left in prison once his innocence has been established. I’m therefore horrified to find  out that under the American system, the guilt or innocence of the person has no bearing on whether they remain  imprisoned or not.

Chris Maharaj is over 80 and has been in  prison, on death row, for 33 years for a crime he did not commit.I won’t say the jury who found him guilty made a mistake because things pointed ti Kris’s guilt at that time. It’s since been proved that the lead detective on  the case committed perjury. In 2016, 6 members of the Medellin Drug Cartel testified that Kris was innocent and that this was a cartel…

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  1. I already replied to David, but we have to change this world… It has to be more caring… The callousness must stop. I am looking at the most gorgeous sunset on a glass calm river. I am so lucky to have my freedom to do that… So many have no freedom at all! 😔💔

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    • I agree, but we are headed in the wrong direction. How do we go about changing the world, or rather the attitudes of the people who populate the world? I’m at a loss … Hugs!!! ❤


      • We do it like your ‘Good People’ with compassion and refuse to be told otherwise. There is no other way forward. We do not turn away from that which is wrong, we do not ignore another’s struggle, we try hard to turn around those who do bad things, and if we can’t, we do not let them win or see us suffer. We find the feelings of the heart in everything, and where we can not physically change a situation, we send our love to it for a good outcome. We refuse to bow to fear or loathing. It is these tools that I am using in my life right now. I try not to get so angry, but instead look for any sort of positive thing I can do instead. Courage comes from love, and we need a lot more of it in the world to stop the evil and fear that spreads itself like a virus over the world. Hugs and hearts Jill. 🤗❤️

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        • You offer very sound advice, dear Colette. Easier to say than to do, perhaps, but a goal to strive for. My temper tends to get me in trouble, especially when I start threatening to bash people’s heads in! Love ‘n hugs, my friend. ❤️❤️ ❤️

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