Vacation and politics in the Pacific Northwest

Today, I am sharing with you a post that Jeff wrote last week (I am chronically behind on everything these days!). First, I am sharing it because the pictures of his vacation are absolutely gorgeous, and I thought you guys would enjoy them. Second, though, is Jeff’s commentary about what Trump is attempting to do to the Pacific-Northwest, arguably one of the most beautiful parts of this country. Enjoy the pics! Thanks, Jeff, for sharing your vacation with us! I’m jealous!!!

On The Fence Voters

So I spent nearly a week on the road recently, traversing the great Pacific Northwest and chilling out with my better half. There was a lot of beer and wine, a lot of unbelievable scenery, and a brief respite from the goings-on in our upside-down political world. But I must say, politics is never too far away in my daily life, even on vacation. While I wasn’t into the daily back and forth as much, I still managed to follow what was going on.

And while the vacation itself was enjoyable, as well as relaxing, I still can’t forget what’s going on in the world around me. Looking out at the majestic vistas and mountains around me, I could not help but think of how fragile our beloved ecosystem has become.

In the process of driving over 1500 miles through some of the most beautiful areas you could ever imagine…

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5 thoughts on “Vacation and politics in the Pacific Northwest

  1. Well, that last sign gives us hope for improving our world… Including our Rivers.

    Britain doesn’t have anything so big or Grand as the Columbia River, but I am currently on our second largest river, the Severn. Its source is in Wales, runs through several English counties to its estuary in Bristol. It boasts the second largest tidal bore in the World, after Monckton, Newbrunswick’s Peticodiac River bore. Although I believe that China’s Qiantang River has a huge tidal bore.

    Anyway, Our Severn River, is the second longest in the British Isles. It isn’t even a quarter the length of the Columbia but it does suffer some environmental problems.
    I have just left Worcester where one of the massive weirs on the river is undergoing some new development.
    The Severn has traditionally been set up with huge locks since the industrial revolution. Essentially they dam the river for deep channels to allow navigation as far as Stourport. A major transportation hub in the past, there was no thought to wildlife… And the river has lost many native fish. The redisign of weirs (like that at Worcester) will incorporate fish ladders so Salmon and other fish can fight their way upstream to spawn.

    Britain is a tiny Nation, and the general population want her to produce some wild areas between the general urban sprawl that covers most of her land.

    Britain is not as densely populated as many Island States (like Macau, or Philippines), nor Asian countries like Singapore or Vietnam, but it is 32nd on the list.
    China is 59th, the USA is 146th, and Canada is 187th.
    I fully encourage the US and Canada to protect its wilds paces, including the keystone River habitats. It is much harder to put back once destroyed. Densely populated areas are almost unable to do this… but we are trying in Britain. Still, there is a lot of opposition to rewilding…. People are not aware of the paradise we lost to industrialisation, pollution and general greed. 😔

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    • I learned much here … thank you, my friend! I agree that we need to protect every square inch of land and waterways that hasn’t already been ruined by industry … frankly, I would rather have forests, lakes & rivers than factories and shopping malls any day! What people fail to realize is that every species, every plant, is a part of a bigger eco-system that we may not understand very well, but the destruction of which will ultimately be the destruction of the human species. This planet would have been better off if humans hadn’t shown up, I think.

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