You CAN’T Do This, Donald Trump!!!

I was just getting ready to fold a load of clothes when the ‘Breaking News’ came across with this headline:

Trump administration to revoke California’s power to set stricter auto emissions standards

NO … No No No No No!  This is not right!  I was so furious that I nearly shredded poor Miss Goose’s favourite shirt as I was folding it.  Just who in hell does this ‘man’ think he is?  He is not the king, nor is he the dictator … at least not yet!

For decades, California has had stricter emission standards, has been a frontrunner in trying to protect life on earth.  Thirteen states and the District of Columbia have vowed to adopt California’s standards if they diverge from the federal government’s, as have several major automakers.  But now, Donald F. Trump (yeah, I know it’s a ‘J’, but in my book he now has a new middle name) has decided that he and he alone can doom all life on earth, bring about our demise even sooner than was previously planned?

In July, California reached an agreement with four companies — Ford, Honda, Volkswagen and BMW of North America — under which they pledged to produce fleets averaging nearly 50 mpg by model year 2026.  The deal upset Trump and his buddies in the oil industry, for it would, conceivably, cut down on the amount of fuel they could sell … never mind that it would make the air cleaner, healthier, more breathable, and perchance help cut down on the carbon emissions that are killing life on planet Earth!  By all means, the profits of companies like Exxon Mobil, and by extension Donald Trump, are far more important than our lives!

Congress has repeatedly reaffirmed California’s right to set its own emissions standards, and in 1977, lawmakers said other states could legally adopt California’s stricter car emissions standards.  Over time, emissions control strategies first adopted by California — catalytic converters, nitrous oxide regulations and “check engine” systems, to name a few — have become standard across the country. Over the decades, the EPA has repeatedly approved waivers for California under the Clean Air Act.  And now, along comes Donald Trump whose fortunes are obviously tied to the fossil fuel industry, and says we all have to spend more money and sacrifice our very lives to put money into the pockets of he and his rich cronies.

This simply cannot be allowed to continue.  We don’t have a president, we have a madman bent on destroying the earth as rapidly as possible.  Let us hope that there is broad intervention by both Congress and the Courts, and that Trump and his oil buddies will have their tiny hands slapped and removed from the cookie jar.  Someone, somehow, must prove to this sorry excuse for a president that he is NOT the dictator of the nation, and that his job is to ensure the safety and best interest of the people of this nation … not to try to destroy us all!pollution-2

57 thoughts on “You CAN’T Do This, Donald Trump!!!

  1. I support California’s secession from the United States for multiple reasons. If he does not respect the legal rights for all the states in America, then he does not deserve to serve as President over them all.

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    • I’ve seen it and it is bad … still is even today. But, the administration, ie Trump, and his buddies who are raking in money hand over fist now that many regulations on their industry have been rolled back, don’t really care whether the people who live in L.A. or New York can breathe. Only thing that matters is more and more money. Sigh.

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  2. Ideally states should work in conjunction with federal when regulating environmental issues. When it comes to autos i do believe states should dictate emissions levels. Every state has their own local requirements and emissions testing, feds can recommend general guidelines but cannot enforce them.
    Trump is definitely overstepping his executive powers bordering on abuse. He’s also displaying conflict of interest and should recuse himself from this issue. Sleeping with Big Oil should get him impeached, but Democrat wussies led by that centrist corporate shill Pelosi would never allow that to happen. She’s definitely part of the problem considering her party fundraisers are notorious for accepting fortune 500 wall st donations, also big oil, banks, GUN LOBBYISTS, big pharma, U.S. defense contractors like Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Boeing, Northrop Grumman etc., basically she’s no different than the Republican party! They are all beholden to corporate America. Sigh

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  3. This is just another of the many despicable things that Trump is attempting to enact and nothing seems to done to deter his indiscriminate actions. Sadly for our country, we may see POTUS enabled by SCOTUS win. Thank-you!

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    Someone, somehow … I see that so far off!! … ‘Someone, somehow, must prove to this sorry excuse for a president that he is NOT the dictator of the nation, and that his job is to ensure the safety and best interest of the people of this nation … not to try to destroy us all!’

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  5. I just did a bit of quick reading, and it seems the automotive industry would like a compromise between California’s regulations and those set by Trumpty-Dumpty. Even that cannot be allowed. The stronger the regulations the better, and the faster we outlaw combustion-engine vehicles the better.
    But I have a question? How come I hear nothing about regulating the airline industry. I do not know the stats, but are not airplanes and other aircraft some of the biggest pollution contributors in the world. They use massive amouts of high-pollution fossil fuels every time a motorized aircraft rises into the air, multiplied by how many aircraft rise into the air EACH AND EVERY DAY, factored by the distance travelled by every flight, factored by the weight of travellers and cargo, the strength of headwinds, and who knows what other factors and conditions. How long can our home planet go on with this concentration of pollutants being put into the air DAILY. This on top of all the other polluters.

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      • When I try to have a reasonable discussion with acquaintances (idiots) I wan to choke (them) when they say, “He’s such a good person. 😳. He’s doing so much for Jerusalem (hypocrite Christians speak) and ‘I’ll vote for him agin to keep the economy strong (vomit in my mouth) like it is now!’” I just want to shake them till their stupid grin goes away. 🙈😫🧘🏼‍♀️🧘🏼‍♀️🧘🏼‍♀️🤬🤮🤦‍♀️

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  6. Hello Jill. What makes this even more spiteful is the Republican party is the party of states rights. We have over the last decade heard them fight Obama’s administration based on “states rights”. The fought the ACA based on that. They fought same sex marriage on that idea of states have rights to make their own laws on stuff. All those defence of marriage state constitutions laws they championed before the SCOTUS shot them down. So many times when the Government wanted to enact a country wide law the GOP disliked they screamed states rights. I guess that was OK when it comes to the culture wars, but never OK when it hits big corporations profits. Big money, which means big corporations that run the government and that means anything that interferes with profits must be closed down and one away with despite anything we the annoying people may want. Hugs

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    • Yes, I thought the same thing when I heard this … all we have heard out of them is that the federal government take too much upon itself and that this, that, and the other ought to be a decision for the individual states. I guess they mean only as long as the states aren’t cutting into the profits of either the gun industry or the fossil fuel industry, eh? Y’know … I’m fairly sick of this country. I think I might like to renounce my citizenship and live elsewhere. 😥 Hugs.

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      • Jill, I called my two GOP Senators. My message is what Scottie said. This is against what the GOP stands for. Plus, with Greta Thunberg calling Congress on the carpet, the attacks in Saudi Arabia and the need for car companies to be competitive, this action by Trump is even worse.

        We should not overlook the competitiveness issue. GM could have owned the electric car business, but they backed away from the EV1 and shredded the cars back in early 2000s. The owners wanted to buy the leased cars, but GM shredded the vehicles (even their own board questioned them). They do not want to be on the wrong side of history again. Keith


        • Good job, Keith! I will be writing to my own Senators and representative today, also. I wasn’t aware of GM shredding the electric cars back in the early part of the century! Don’t know how I missed that one. Shows a remarkable lack of foresight, doesn’t it? I surely hope somebody wakes up soon and stops the madman’s rollback of common sense!


  7. Trump like our PM is doing the role not for the greater good, he’s doing it for self gratification. They are bankrolled by hedge funds and big business. He will look after himself and his backers. That means profits and deregulation. Both governments are a clear threat to their own people and future generations. They need to go and they need to go quick or we are in huge danger.

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