You May Have Missed This One …

Did you all know there was another mass shooting in the U.S. on Saturday morning?  It happened in Lancaster, South Carolina at a sports bar – 2 people were killed, and 8 others injured.  There was no “breaking news” update on my phone, I saw nothing in the usual places about it, and even once I saw brief mention of it on the Associated Press (AP) website and went in search of further information, I found the story only in the back pages of the New York Times and Time magazine.  Nowhere else.  Why?

Is it because only two people were killed?  Because it took place in a bar?  Because it was South Carolina?  Or because we are becoming so inured to the news of mass shootings that this wasn’t really considered by the editors to be ‘big news’?  Or … more ominous still, was it suppressed intentionally?  I don’t know the answer, and I’m not trying to put forth some conspiracy theory, but folks … 10 people were shot!  Why was this not ‘breaking news’???

A clue to why this wasn’t national news may lie with the statement by Lancaster Country Sheriff Barry Faile …

“This was a violent incident of huge magnitude that was witnessed by lots of people.  We don’t think this was a situation where a random person armed himself and went into a randomly selected location and shot a bunch of unknown people.”

Apparently, the sheriff believes that the shooting was the result of a local conflict.  While he declined to discuss the nature of the dispute, he said that one of those killed had been involved in the conflict, which had been going on for a couple of months.  He also said that neither the victim involved in the dispute nor the person officials were seeking as the gunman were legally allowed to have guns, both having been previously convicted on firearms charges.

So, because it was rather a Hatfield vs McCoys situation in the rural south, it’s not newsworthy?  It’s still a mass shooting with people dead and injured because … because … well, guns. I guess that since it wasn’t widely reported, the NRA and our elected lawmakers didn’t feel they needed to bother to even send their ‘thoughts and prayers’ … it’s the weekend, after all … they obviously have more important things to do, like playing golf or watching sports on television than to be bothered that people are losing their lives.

This summer, we heard about El Paso, Dayton, and Odessa … they were big news, for a few days anyway.  But did you realize that between Memorial Day in May, and Labour Day in September, there were 26 mass shootings in 18 states, leaving 126 people dead?  More than half of the mass killing suspects this summer had a family or romantic tie to at least one victim. Among them: A teenager in Alabama accused of killing five relatives, a father in Iowa who killed his wife and two school-aged sons, a man in Oklahoma charged with killing his wife and stepchildren.

A variety of scenarios and motives.  The common denominator?  A gun.  Time and time and time again we hear the tired old NRA motto that “guns don’t kill people, people kill people”.  True, but people use guns to kill people.  Sure, people also use knives and fists to kill people, but a gun does it so much quicker and more efficiently.  You stand a good chance of outrunning or outmaneuvering a man with a knife, but you cannot outrun a gun.  Make no mistake … contrary to what those gun lovers will tell you, a gun has one purpose and only one purpose:  to kill.

While several of the summer’s 26 mass shootings dominated national headlines, others — like a triple homicide in rural Pennsylvania — received little attention beyond where they happened.  WHY???  Is this nation becoming so numb to the daily toll of gun violence that it is no longer considered newsworthy unless it happens in the public eye? Or is it possible that the ‘free press’ is not as free as we believe?

With each mass shooting that did receive national media attention, the public outcry grew louder and louder.  When Ohio’s governor spoke at a vigil in August, Dayton residents drowned him out with shouts of “Do something!”  Imagine if every mass shooting had been headline news … how loud might the public be screaming for gun laws today?  Instead, most are swept under the carpet …

Think about it.

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  1. This is nearly entering the realms of the savage satire, where the newscaster reads out ‘Today’s Mass Shootings’, like they would read out sports scores. Or where a ‘cheery’ person in the style of a weather forecaster reads out the areas where ‘today/tomorrow’ there are most likely to be mass shootings.
    (I have the scripts in my mind…they will stay there)

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    • That may be the case, and I get that … but, on the other hand, we need to know. I do support the newest trend whereby the shooter’s name is not repeated ad nauseam in the news, thereby depriving him of notoriety if that was what he was seeking.


  2. Jill, this example is more indicative of the gun problem in America, except for suicides. It shows how not being able to handle conflict and what the presence of a weapon can do. Without a gun, a fight might have occurred. But, we must also work on civil discourse and the maturity to walk away. If you do not take offense, you are not offended. Keith

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    • I agree with all you say, but I’m finding it more difficult these days to respond calmly, or to walk away. So much of what is said is either untrue, or ridiculously unreasonable, and admittedly my patience has worn thin, especially with those who would argue that they have a “God-given right’ to own an assault weapon. Sigh.


  3. You’re pretty much preaching to the converted here who, like you, feel that incidents like these should be National News when they happen, heck they should be (and sometimes are) international news so people like me can pick up on them. Yes, it’s a mass shooting even if the police know there’s a reason for it and it bears saying that if two people involved in this were not supposed to have access to guns because of firearms crimes then it proves that firearms laws are too lax if they can get access to guns again..Every home should have a gun cabinet which is lockable and keep guns out of the way of those who shouldn’t have access. That’s only one of the many sensible gun control laws that should be in place whether the NRA agree or not. They don’t get a say in things like this. Ensuring the sale of guns is their purpose and the hugs and prayers in times like this are grossly out of place.
    Think about it…….some of us do little else.

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    • Yeah, I know … I guess I just always hope that maybe somebody will hear me and stop and think, just for a minute, about how foolish the gun culture in this nation is. Or, perhaps, that I’ll motivate the ‘choir’ to start writing letters … to their members of Congress, to newspapers … wherever they can make their voices heard. Frankly, I wouldn’t mind a total ban on guns in the hands of civilians, but we all know that won’t happen. This nation should be looked upon as the shame of the western world, for it is the only nation that gives everyone a license to kill. The only nation where people look sideways at strangers they pass on the street or in a store, looking for an unnatural bulge in their shirt that might indicate a gun. 😥

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  4. The media has long since moved from freely reporting the news to promoting an agenda. In the UK time and time again you hear about an incident which should be splashed across the world yet it’s buried. But then someone on the wrong side eats a burger in an odd way or a decent man wears a different suit style and it’s given wall to wall coverage.

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  5. So sobering! Yes I believe it’s intentional and exactly like rawgod said, don’t look at what is front and center in news for it’s what is being covered up which is the big issue and which so many don’t even think about because their heads are buried in the sand!!

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  6. Hey, Jill,
    I doubt there is one single reason why these shootings are being repressed, or concealed, or however you wañt to talk about them. I think all of your reasons, working together, are factors in the overall lack of reporting. One I don’t think you addressed is the upcoming 2020 election. The repugs in particular do not want mass shootings to become a large election issue. They are happy to let it slide to a backburner. Climate disasters are front and centre right now, so as long as that lasts they can ignore mass shooting and gun ownership. It is easier to fight on one front than on many fronts. Vaping is another such issue. Vaping hides the fenatyl issue. And it gives Trump a chance to imitate someone who cares. We all know he cares about no one but himself, but he is out to fool the foolable.
    I mentioned a few years back about his sleight of hand. Never look at the issue he is discussing, look to see what issues he is avoiding. I still hold to that. Talk of tarriffs and diplomacy is being hidden again, and he will try to hide the economic downturn that is starting to become visible. The standoff with Iran is taking our eyes off Russia. A religious conference is going to score way more points with his followers than the conference on climate change. This man has more deception up his sleeve than Tricky Dicky and the Joker put together. Gun violence, who cares about that? Sweep it under the car industry’s general strike and pollution standards fight.
    Good luck to all.

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    • You are so very right in all you say, particularly the ‘sleight of hand’. I was just thinking last night … we haven’t heard a thing lately about the kids in cages on the southern border, have we? Thanks for reminding me that we need to look around, behind and under what is in the forefront, look for his hidden agendas. I sometimes get so caught up in this circus that I forget to look behind the curtain. Your thoughts on this latest, him basically bribing the president of the Ukraine to dig up dirt on Biden? Do you think that may actually bring about his political demise, or will it, too, be swept under the rug as the Mueller report was?


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