The End … DOES NOT … Justify The Means

Trump-MachiavelliIt doesn’t matter that he never actually said it, but the quote has so long been attributed to Niccolò Machiavelli that he might as well have said it.

The end justifies the means.

Step all over truth, honour, and justice to achieve your goals, for it is only reaching the goal that counts, not how you got there.  Trump and his minions obviously believe that, for he is willing to burn the U.S. Constitution, trash the values of the office of president, and trample the people of this nation to achieve his goal:  the establishment of an absolute, lifetime autocracy.  He has proven that he will lie, cheat, steal, and then lie some more in order to achieve his goal.

The law does not apply to the president, so we are told by Attorney General William Barr.  Oh … but only this president, for the law definitely applied to the last president … and the one before him … and the one before … well, you get the picture.  The others tried to do the right thing, tried to abide by the law, but along comes Trump under whom we have seen unprecedented corruption, and all of a sudden, the law does not apply to him.

Lawless-govt-quoteHe can attempt to blackmail another world leader in order to rig next year’s election in his favour, an act that for any other president would constitute treason, and the Department of Justice and the Republican Party see no problem.

In a speech given to the United States Mission to the United Nations yesterday, he called the whistleblower who uncovered his attempted blackmail, a spy and intimates that he (or she) should be punished as spies used to be punished … by execution.

“I want to know who’s the person that gave the whistle-blower the information, because that’s close to a spy. You know what we used to do in the old days when we were smart? Right? With spies and treason, right? We used to handle them a little differently than we do now.”

guillotineMy knee-jerk reaction to that one is to ask French President Macron if they have an old guillotine lying around somewhere that we could borrow to punish our treasonous president in the way they used to.

And, of course, his woes are always the fault of the press.

“These animals in the press. They’re animals actually. Some of the worst human beings you’ll ever meet. Fake news, fake news. They’re scum, many of them are scum. You have some good reporters but not many, I’ll be honest with you. And that’s one of the things we battle. You’ll find out, but they’ll probably like you better than they like me, but I had to get us here right? But they’re total — just terrible dishonest people.”

Never … never in my life have I heard a president, or any politician in the U.S. for that matter, speak in such a manner.  He has virtually painted a target on every member of the press, and why?  Because if his base believe that the media is ‘scum’, ‘animals’, and ‘dishonest’, then they will not believe anything that is said about Trump in the press.  And folks … it’s working.  I saw a clip on BBC last night where they interviewed a number of people in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  A few of the comments …

  • I don’t believe it, that he did anything … uh … wrong
  • He’s a businessman … he knows what the heck he’s doing. He’ll figure something out … he’s got something up his sleeve (said with a grin)
  • You mean the president? He has permission to do a number of different things that … you know … you or I wouldn’t be able to get away with, but then again, heading into the election next year, there shouldn’t be that much dirt being dug up and everything.

Welcome, my friends, to the United States of Ignorance – a nation where the head of government and many of his trusted lieutenants believe that ‘the end justifies the means’, and almost half the people just don’t care.  If the goal is to win an election, then they will lie, cheat, steal, blackmail, and perhaps even murder to win that election.  If the goal is to build a damn wall, they will rob funds intended to help people recover from a hurricane, or intended to help educate the children of military personnel overseas, in order to build a wall.  If the goal is to turn a diverse, secular nation into an all-white nation of religious zealots, then perhaps it’s okay to deport, imprison, and yes, even murder those who don’t fit the image. If the goal is to exchange a democratic republic for a dictatorship, then they will bring down an entire nation of 330 million people to do so, and never look back, never have any regrets, never say, “I’m sorry”.

As for me, I do not believe that the end justifies the means.  That was the belief in 1945 when the U.S. bombed the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, many children, on a mass scale was supposed to justify ending a war.  Was it justified?  I don’t think so, but some do.  The bomb dropped on Hiroshima was named “Little Boy”, and the larger one dropped on Nagasaki three days later was named “Fat Boy”.  Donald Trump is Little Boy and Fat Boy all rolled into one, only his destruction is to his own nation, the country he took an oath to protect.  Think about it … think long and hard between now and November 2020.

end of error

34 thoughts on “The End … DOES NOT … Justify The Means

  1. Excellent piece Jill. The U.S of Ignorance. So true. The evangelical community certainly thinks the end justifies the means. They support one of the most disgusting/immoral men ever to sit in the White House. As long as he gives them a court system packed with right-wing whacko zealots? I guess he can be the most vile man on big deal. Barack Obama? One of the most decent men ever to sit in that office. Good family man and father. Yet, they didn’t like Mr. Obama did they? I’ll never get it Jill. Never.

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    • Ahhh … I shouldn’t even start on the evangelicals. I have, of late, concluded that religions are the purveyors of bigotry in all its many forms. I have reached the point that I think anybody who can still support the madman in the Oval Office is a bigot, no exceptions. And, since the evangelicals still claim their ‘god’ sent Trump to rule the nation, if not the entire world, then that automatically puts them in the category of homophobe/racist/Islamophobe/misogynist/anti-Semite/Xenophobe. They have sacrificed their own values to support this abomination. Why? What do they think they will gain? Sigh. I’m so tired of humans. I want to go be a wolf, but not in the U.S. where they shoot them for pleasure. 🐺

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  2. Great post, I’m wondering what your thoughts were on some of those asshole Republicans calling Greta Thunberg “Mentally Ill” on national TV and saying she was coerced into her position as an advocate by her parents and the Liberals… Lmao… What a stretch… It goes to show how desperate they are to try and silence this movement. It makes them look like purely evil human beings too.

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    • Thanks, Mat! I’ve been trying all week to do a post on Greta, starting with her speech Monday to the U.N., then leading into the vitriol that has been directed toward her, but so much has been happening this week that my focus has been largely shot. In a nutshell, I think these people who would denigrate a 16-year-old girl trying her best to lead the movement to save our planet, should be drawn and quartered. Greta is, in my eyes, a hero who deserves at the very least to be respected and her voice heard. She is taking on the battle that we should all have been waging for years, but instead we let our human frailties, our greed, stop us. Sigh. I don’t see a good ending at this point, for the fossil fuel industry, the airline industry, the logging industry … they are all-powerful. It’s ging to be one heck of a battle. I do have some ideas about what might happen in the interim, but haven’t gotten around to putting them to paper yet. However, let me suggest a book for you that will give you a clue and is also fascinating reading. The book is the first in the series … titled “One Second After”, by William Forstchen. Fascinating, and chilling. Happy Birthday again!


      • Well I’m starting to dip my toes in the activism and political world. The Canadian election is coming up so I’ll be writing about that for sure. I’ll help you maintain coverage 😁🙌

        I loved your comment that they should be drawn and quartered haha. Jill would rule with an iron fist!

        I think we are all going to need to rebel on the scale of Hong Kong eventually! Especially around elections!

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        • Ah yes … the Canadian election. Sigh. I fear Justin Trudeau’s boat will sink this election. I’m going to be putting out a call for guest posts from Canadian and UK readers this week, possibly tomorrow, so I would love to have you write a guest post for me, sort of an enlightenment for my U.S. readers, and your take on things, if you’re interested.

          Heh heh … yeah, I used to be a nice person, but I find these days that my tolerance for stupidity is very low. I’m not sure if it’s my advanced age, or the political climate that is turning me into a shrew! 😉

          You’re not the first to suggest that we may have to rebel ala Hong Kong … I just think people in this country are too lazy to!

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          • It would be almost a civil war in the USA if that were to happen I bet, unfortunately… There are some VERY passionate conservatives there.

            I would do a guest post for you, but honestly, I hate to admit this… I don’t know nearly as much about the Canadian politics as I do of the USA politics. I will start doing my research now! Although I’m still pro-liberal or any of the other groups NDP or Green party. Just not conservative. They’re regressive.

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            • As it is, we have some of the more idiotic members of the religious community calling for a civil war if Trump is impeached! And they will rile the masses. I’ve said for a while now that there will be bloodshed in the streets in this nation as a result … maybe not a result of Trump, but of the ideology that put Trump where he is.

              You know, Mat, don’t feel badly … I am often amazed that my friends in the UK pay more attention to what is happening here in the U.S. than to what is happening in their own country, and they surely have enough problems of their own at the moment. And, other Canadian friends also know as much about our own situation as we do! Conservatives here are regressive as well … they want to take this nation back to the days when black people were treated as inferiors, women were chattel, and only white men had the vote. Sigh.


  3. The end does not justify the means. Ever! If that were the case it would give the elites the carte blanch go-ahead to Cull 4/5th’s of humans to cut emmissions and rebalanced our stressed earth habitats. That has a good outcome but at a terrible cost and much inhumanity. The ‘means’ to any goal must always be considered first!

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    • My sentiments exactly! For any goal, there are a number of paths that can be taken to reach that goal. Sometimes the quickest and cheapest is not the most humane. We must always, I think, consider life … and not just human life, but all life … before choosing the path.

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  4. Does the end ever justify the means, even if the end is a social good. That depends, of course, on what side of the fence one is sitting on. If your end is the pursuit of money for the “social good,” you might believe it does. But if your end is the social good of helping everyone have a better life, what are the means you are willing to use to get there?
    In my mind, anytime you are willing to hurt others to get where you want to go, the means are not acceptable.
    But sometimes, it just seems like someone will get hurt no matter how you try not to. That is when things get dicey!

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    • Jill, Rawgod,Colette, good post and comments. I am reading “Talking with Strangers” by a favorite author Malcolm Gladwell (I will recap later in a post). Therein, is an example of using torture to extract information. Torture is the means and information is the ends. Three points, the last one is not from the book.
      – Torture does extract information but is it true? When one torture it puts the prisoner in a traumatic stress situation. Social science has determined with data the ability to remember events under stress is compromised.
      – To this point, the mastermind behind the 9/11 and other terrorists plots was tortured and eventually led to about 30 confessions. Looking at the information later, more than half of the confessions were not true. He was saying anything to build himself up at that point.
      – Not in the book, torture makes us no better than the terrorists groups and creates a new generation of recruits to the terrorists groups (see what they do to us). Since it has been shown in the book and other sources that torture is not productive, the ends not only do not justify the means, these means make the ends unsuccessful.

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      • I was looking through that book at Barnes & Noble the other day. I fully agree on the subject of torture. Beside the fact that it is cruel and inhumane, lowers the torturer to the same level as pond scum, it has long been proven to be ineffectual. Way back when, I actually saw a video clip of one of the 9/11 plotters being tortured and after 15 seconds or so, I had to turn it off. How anybody could do such things to a human or even an animal is beyond my comprehension.


    • If the “means” require causing harm to innocent living things, then no, I do not believe they are justified … ever. Most would argue with me. If the “end” is profit for the wealthy, there is no justification. Destroying the earth for the profit of coal and oil barons is one example. Sigh. There are days that I despise humans.


  5. Jill, good post. A couple of add-ons:

    – Barr came out of retirement and has damaged his reputation. Sadly, the lesson learned to late is when you protect Trump, the protector seems to get sullied. There is a long list.
    – In this same vein, Rudy Guiliani will get thrown under the bus by Trump to save himself
    – Trump is blaming one person for releasing info to the whistleblower (who was given credibility by his boss), the report said multiple people in the White House shared concerns. In his efforts to save himself, he wants to make it about one “spy.”

    We need to share with GOP senators that they need to lead the impeachment proceedings. What will they have to defend next week….and the weeks to come. Keith

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    • Thanks Keith! It’s rather sad, isn’t it … both Barr and Giuliani had worked all their lives, build up good reputations, and now … Trump’s contagious toxicity has ensured, I think, that once they leave Trump’s employ, they’ll “never work in this town again”. And yet, I have no empathy for either of them, for both knew what Trump was when they signed on with him. So much corruption, I cannot even seem to wrap my head around it all. As to your last point, yes, I think the only way the GOP may salvage something from this whole mess is to lead, or at least participate in the impeachment. I don’t see it, though … don’t see any signs of it happening.


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