Saturday Surprised — Ingo & Poldi

Hey friends!  It’s finally here … it’s theweekend

The temps are 20° cooler here than they were a week ago, so I am happy.  In fact, it is predicted to drop to almost freezing in the coming week … I hope they bring the part for our furnace before then!  I stumbled, literally, across something this week that melted my heart, and … I think carries somewhat of a message, as well.  There seems to be a lot of people who think they shouldn’t associate with or care about another person because they look or act a little different than they do, but I think these two critters have a lot more smarts about them than many of those people.

Meet Ingo and Poldi …dog-owl-1

Ingo is a beautiful Belgian Shepherd and is rather large, and Poldi is, of course, a tiny owlet.  Professional animal photographer and artist Tanja Brandt from Germany took dozens of incredible pictures of Ingo and Poldi, putting their friendship on display.  Poldi is only one year old and the photographer describes their relationship as “protector-protected”.dog-owl-2

Ingo always wants to keep Poldi close by and always offers his love and protection. Poldi “doesn’t know how to live free”, according to Tanja.

Poldi is a bit more vulnerable than his brothers and sisters. He hatched two days later than his siblings and is quite tiny compared to other owls. In short, he needed more attention and care than others. That is in sharp contrast with Ingo, who has experience protecting others. The Belgian Shepherd comes from a family of police dogs and has definitely had his tough moments in

Ingo might be the more protective of the two, but it’s absolutely clear in the photographs that owlet Poldi likes to take care of his loving four-legged friend as well. You can see that Poldi always snuggles up to Ingo and keeps him very close. Tanja captured some nice, playful and absolutely heartwarming moments of the two together and it’s an incredibly sweet sight to

Tanja regularly posts updates about Ingo, Poldi and their families on her website and Instagram account. All of the pictures are truly stunning and

Tanja took a photography workshop for beginners years ago and has always been a huge animal lover. She’s especially keen to canines and birds of prey. In other words, Ingo and Poldi aren’t only perfect for each other, but for Tanja as

She also takes care of other birds such as hawks, falcons, and tons of other owls. Even though Tanja refers to the owlet as “Poldi”, it’s actually short for “Napoleon”.dog-owl-6

Of course, Ingo and Poldi both lead their separate lives, but the best friends regularly hang out together and Tanja is always close by to capture their beautiful moments on camera.


Now, if that didn’t warm your heart, then you don’t have one!  I had hoped to post a video clip of the two, and I found a few, but none that called to me.  I hope that Ingo and Poldi brought a smile to your face this morning.  Now go forth and have a marvelous fall weekend!

26 thoughts on “Saturday Surprised — Ingo & Poldi

  1. Thank you for sharing!!.. the human beings could take some lesson from these two!!.. 🙂

    “Life gives us brief moments with another, but sometimes in those brief moments we get memories that last a lifetime, So live that your memories will be part of your happiness.” (Author Unknown)

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  2. Awh!!! Definitely brought a smile to my face! I love owls and dogs and yes it spreads a great message!! just like we were thinking when we wrote “The Odessa Chronicles” Doesn’t matter how different you are from each other, you can still become the best of friends! ❤ Thanks for sharing. Going to look her up on Instagram. 🙂 Happy Weekend to you my friend!!

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  3. What a beautiful duo.OK a loot of the pictures arte very staged but he’s obviously a gentle giant and the owl is as trusting as can be. As Colette says, they’re a lesson to the human race in how to get along.

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    • I thought so too … as soon as I saw them my heart melted. I agree … that was part of the message I was hoping to convey, that we don’t have to all be alike to be friends, to get along. Hey! I just had a thought … this is a good argument for you to get a dog … perhaps he and Joey would bond! 🐶 + 🐦

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  4. Lovely. I have seen Ingo and Poldi before. They have been featured on Paul Handover’s ‘LearningfromDpgs’ blogsite on a regular basis as Tanja updates her photos. Quite a unique relationship and shows just how all animals, including us, can learn to get along. 😁❤️

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