An interview with Putin in 2035

Apocalypse Now? Our friend Keith has stated what I’ve only had the nerve to whisper under my breath. Please read!


Good morning. This is Natalia Smirnov with Fox/ RT News. I am here with Tsar Vladimir Putin in the first of a series of interviews looking back on his career. Good morning Comrade Tsar.

Q – Comrade Tsar, what do you see as your greatest achievement?
A – I believe the reconstitution of the New Soviet Republic. We are once again a country of great importance.

Q – What were the key events leading to this ascension?
A – Clearly, the fall of a united west was most critical, but that took a lot of planning. I also believe our alliance with China helped show the world that we are the future.

Q – You mention a lot of planning, what do you mean by that?
A – It took proactive and reactive planning to accomplish our goals without using military might. My training allowed us to take advantage of…

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24 thoughts on “An interview with Putin in 2035

  1. Hi Jill. This is an unrestful story, but I think it is too “white” in its scope. I am not saying racist, or anything like that, because I know Keith is not like that. However, it almost completely ignores the Islam question, and assumes the Chinese will ally with the Russians. I think Islamic nations are going to play a much larger part in the future history of the world. Africa too is slowly on the rise, though it may not seem like it.
    This world no longer belongs to the whites, though leaders like Trump are holding on for all they are worth. IF we can get past climate disaster losing less than half the present population of the earth, white nations are not going to be as prominent as they currently are. White nations are not poised to be survivors, they are going to lose too much.
    If Keith took climate change out of his story, he could be right. But climate change is real, and nothing is going to look anything like today once any human survivors are able to start building a new civilization in tune with the new reality. That is my prediction.

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    • You are right, of course, that it is simplistic, but it was only intended to be a short blog post, not an analysis of the entire world. Really, was only intended as a 60-second commercial, as opposed to a 2-hour documentary. The only intent was to say that we, the U.S. under Trump, are playing a dangerous game and this could be the unintended (or is it?) result. To your last sentence … are we really sure humans will even be around to start re-building civilization? I’m not convinced. And if they are … do you think they would do it any better the 2nd time around? Sigh.


      • And I was just trying to broaden the focus in my own inimitable way. My answer is the cynical one, I do not expect humanity to survive, nor do we deserve to. But if we do, I sure as hell hope we learn from our stupidity. If we are lucky, no one will be able to read surviving religious texts.

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        • Rawgod, good comment. For brevity, I strayed away from many issues. I also did not touch on India or the rising influence of Brazil, Nigeria, Kenya, Singapore, South Korea, the middle East, etc. My main audience will never read this as it is intended for populist Americans, Brits and Europeans to wake up to what is happening. Here in America, we are a largely uninformed nation, so we do not know the major issues facing the rest of the world.

          I also appreciate your thinking well of my intentions. Many thanks for taking the time to read what I wrote. Keith

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          • My pleasure Keith, I am only sorry its writing was necessary. My only protest is we cannot allow people to think this is not a universal problem, because it is, and that is why I said what I did. Many Americans are not well-informed, and that needs to stop. You are part of the world, and the world is part of you. Spread that, it is not news.

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        • You and I have agreed on the role of religion many times, and I was having a conversation with David a day or so ago whereby I wondered if we would have a kinder, gentler world if religion had never been thought of, for it seems to be the impetus for so much of what is wrong in this world. Sigh.


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