STOP The World … I Wanna Get Off!

(Note to Readers:  I had already finished this post when I realized what day it is … gasp … Wednesday … good people day!  I am too exhausted tonight to spend 4 hours or so working up another post, so ‘good people’ will be pushed back one day and will appear right here on Thursday morning.  My apologies.)

Just when you think it can’t get any crazier, any more chaotic … it does.  You know it’s gotten bad when you read that the human species will become extinct soon and you breathe a sigh of relief and hope it’s tomorrow.

I no longer know if I’m being snarky or just outright ranting, so I didn’t call this post Snarky Snippets, but it is some cross, some combination of snarky & rant.  Hmmm … maybe I should come up with a new category … Snark & Rant.

The shape of things to come …

From the Moorhead, Minnesota police department …


Joseph Schumacher

On Monday, October 7, 2019, at approximately 12:08 pm, officers were dispatched to the area of 24 Ave and 8 St S. for a disturbance call. The female caller stated she was driving southbound in the 1000 block of 8 St S when the suspect pulled up next to her and rolled his window down. The male began yelling at the female expressing his dislike for the political bumper sticker the female had displayed on her car. He then pointed to his bumper sticker and further expressed his difference in national political views. The male eventually continued past the victim’s vehicle, and once in front of her, he held up a handgun inside his vehicle.

Officers were able to locate the suspect in a nearby business. After seeing a box for a handgun in plain view inside the suspect’s vehicle, officers found a loaded handgun in the center console during a further search. A passenger in the suspect vehicle also confirmed the actions of the suspect driver.

Joseph Schumacher, age 27, of West Fargo, was booked in the Clay County Jail on two counts of Felony Terroristic Threats and Misdemeanor charges for having a loaded handgun inside a vehicle without a permit.

He is a Trump supporter, she was sporting an Elizabeth Warren bumper sticker.  I fear that given the increased venom and vitriol in Trump and his supporters’ rhetoric these days, we are going to see a lot more of these incidents until that inevitable day when …

Death of the innocent

My friend Carolyn lives in a very rural area just outside of Gatlinburg, Tennessee, in the Smoky Mountains.  Like me, she is a lover of nature and a lover of all critters, large and small.  Two days ago she posted this on Facebook …

“It’s days like this (very rare) that make me hate Appalachia. Some #$%& drove by and shot a young tame doe and her baby in my front yard and left them lying there together dead. The little doe had raised the fawn close to my house. I saw them every morning and evening.

If anyone knows who did this, tell me and I will report it so they will get in serious trouble. Thanks for any help.”

Speaks for itself, doesn’t it?  😢

Two thumbs up for da judge

On Monday, Judge Victor Marrero of Federal District Court in Manhattan ruled against Trump, dismissing a lawsuit that had been filed by Trump seeking to block a subpoena for eight years of his personal and corporate tax returns.  A win for the good guys, but the best part was how the judge stated his decision.  The judge said Mr. Trump’s lawyers were, in essence, arguing that the president, along with his family, associates and companies, were above the law.

“This court finds aspects of such a doctrine repugnant to the nation’s governmental structure and constitutional values …”

Hooray … finally somebody understands that Trump cannot, must not be allowed to be above the law.  Of course, Trump’s attorneys, knowing full well what the verdict would be, already had their appeals ready, so for now … no tax returns.  I reiterate what I have said time and time again:  if there is nothing to hide, then what’s the big deal?  Obviously, there is something very serious being hidden, for them to go to so much trouble.

Where are the courageous?

Gordon Sondland, the United States’ ambassador to the European Union, had been expected to testify yesterday morning as part of the expanding impeachment probe by three House committees related to Trump’s efforts to press Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden.  Notice I said, “had been expected”.  Trump forbade Sondland to testify, and Sondland, apparently unable to find his cojones, caved.  He did not have to … he could have defied Trump & Co, gone right on up to the Capitol and given some honest answers.  Instead, he cowed in the face of Trump’s bombast.

Wouldn’t it be nice if he, or any republican in Congress, stood up to Trump and said, “There comes a point in every person’s life where they have to make a choice between doing what’s right or wrong, and that time has come for me.  I will do what I believe is right, even though there may be consequences.  I will put my country before my own self-interest.”?

I have to ask … is there one single republican in Congress with the guts, the courage to do what’s right and put this nation ahead of their slavish devotion to Trump, damn the consequences?  I think we have the biggest bunch of wusses and wimps on the right-hand side of the aisle on Capitol Hill that I have ever seen.  Gordon Sondland should be at home sucking his thumb and cuddling his dolly if this is the best he can do … we need some people with integrity and strength in our government, not a bunch of cowards.

In light of Sondland’s cowardice, Democrats have subpoenaed Sondland for his testimony and documents that they say are being withheld by the State Department. The subpoena demands those documents be turned over by October 14th, and that Sondland sit for a deposition on October 16th before three congressional panels.

Then later yesterday, White House lawyers called the impeachment investigation “illegitimate” and “constitutionally invalid” and said they will block any and all cooperation with the ongoing inquiries and investigations.


Except … they can if nobody will stop them.  Who will stop them?  Will the republicans in Congress finally wake to the fact that Trump is rapidly escalating his position to that of a dictator?  Will they finally hold Sondland and others accountable by giving them a nice cozy jail cell where they can have plenty of time to think about their actions?  Will they finally provide the oversight that is mandated by the Constitution of the United States?  Will the Courts keep up the pressure, and as Judge Marrero did, say “No, the president is NOT above the law”?  Will the trumpeters out there in La-La-Land finally wake up and see what they have wrought?

If none of the above happen, people … if Trump is allowed to virtually render the impeachment investigations dead in the water, then we have lost any semblance of a free nation, we will have become a dictatorship.

Every day seems to get crazier and crazier.  I miss having a government I can trust, miss going to bed at night feeling that at least my corner of the world is in capable hands.  I want this crazy world to stop, just let me off, let me find a quiet corner, find some peace, sleep without night terrors.

87 thoughts on “STOP The World … I Wanna Get Off!

  1. If The Chief SFB does get back in. Remember this folks. Anyone who complains about the ‘way things’ are; first question you ask is ‘who did you vote for in 2020?’.
    1. ‘Why? Trump of course’…..Response: You sigh, shrug say ‘There you go then’ and walk away.
    2. ‘Democrats!!’…… Response: You ‘Yeah…(then you come out with a whole lot of words you don’t use in front of kids)
    3. ‘Uh, I didn’t vote’……Response: You….Give them the allegorical ‘both barrels’, and then (allegorically of course, for this is a family site) pummel then with the stock of the gun.

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  2. if there is nothing to hide, then what’s the big deal? — The question of the ages … especially in the age of tRumpsky. Some say Russia monetary transactions are the BIG reason for the legal scrambling.

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    • It’s not the electorate he fears, it is having to pay back taxes (with interest) to the IRS. Without the presidency filling his coffers, he cannot afford to pay back taxes. Not when he is already paying Putin 50% Daily Compound Interest on that loan!

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    • He reminds me so much of a 5-year-old child. He is too ignorant to realize that we see right through him. I hope … I really, really hope … that every last law-breaking move he has made in the last 3 years becomes public record. Not that it is likely to sway his base, but … who knows?


  3. Raging Rants, please Jill. Stop censoring yourself. Say it like you mean it! Tell it like you really mean it. We humans need to take our nuclear bombs and fossil fuels and go back where we came from. If we cannot place nice with out Sandbox friends then we should just go home and shut up.
    If the Cartoon Presiden were to meet the Abrahamic God, what would he ask for? 330,000,000 circumsized penises, so he could screw Americans all at the same time!

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  4. Courage and the Republican Party cannot be mentioned in the same breath anymore. It’s the party of Trump now. They deserve him. And, he will be attached to them forever, no matter how they will try and distance themselves from him in the future. It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of people.
    And the incident in Minnesota? This is getting so out of hand Jill. I live in a sea of red out here, and I don’t put a bumper sticker on my car for that very reason. These people are nuts. They have guns, and they’re bound and loyal to the great ‘stable genius’ Trump. I wouldn’t put it past any of them to do something crazy. Hell, how many mass shootings have we had since Trump took office, where the shooter had used him as their inspiration? We should all be able to vote and support whomever we want, and not be subjected to freaking death threats because of it. Ughhhhhh. I’m with you. This madness has to stop. Unbelievable.

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  5. You are afraid of a second Trump win. I don’t blame you.The constitution could disappear very quickly under a man like that. It’s odd how even a lot of Republicans in the senate are waiting for you to break him rather than face him down themselves.They won’t help with impeachment until maybe………big maybe the last second. It’s likely you’ll fail. But have heart,you have the numbers, you can take him in the polling booth. Go get him Tiger

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    • I was hoping Sen Ted Cruz would step up and lead the charge. Alas he simply fizzled after chastising Trump for Syria. I suppose no one is willing or able to challenge der führer so it’s up to we the little ppl. Keep on blogging Jiil, we’re all making a difference spreading awareness, this will pay dividends come election time. ❤

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    • Thanks, dear David … you always offer encouragement when I seem to have only despair, and it helps. Thank you. I think you’re right that impeachment isn’t going to get him out of office. The possibility, I think, remains that he will do something so totally horrendous that the republicans in the Senate can simply no longer support him, but as you say, that’s a long shot. Not a long shot that he will do something horrible, but that they will find their consciences in time. That leaves next year’s election. I wish I were more confident, but I am encouraged by the fact that more people are supporting impeachment, which surely must mean that fewer people would vote for him? Fingers crossed, anyway.

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  6. On “Good People”:

    I nominate Jill as our “Good People” for this week. She works so tirelessly to bring us her informative blog.

    On that Minnesota crazy person:

    Well, that’s why I avoid bumper stickers on my car. I know that there are crazy people out there.

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  7. I got a great idea.
    Everyone who wants to carry guns have to sign up for five years in a combat units to be despatched anywhere in the world at the behest of the UN to hunt down war lords and drug gangs, as this would require fighting in hostile terrain this would require ‘light infantry’ so no heavy weapons.
    Until they have their card stamped as having served- no guns.
    Then come in for a check up every year for health and be ready at short notice for the next ten years to serve at short notice on a reserve basis.
    Not a perfect solution by any means but it would clean out the week-end heroes who like threatening unarmed folk and killing harmless animals.

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  8. The part about the two little deer is just horrible! What despicable creatures humans are.

    And so many white men of all ages so very angry, hateful and horribly evil…..why? What is wrong with them?

    I have not been around as much, as I needed to back away from letting all this and trump upset me so. I have reached a point where I feel it’s hopeless and it’s evident to me that greed and religion(especially the far right variety) are the culprits. We are a very morally bereft species prone to destruction and it will not end well.
    Mark my words, trump will not be impeached and he will be re elected and we think things are bad now…

    Let the extinction begin!

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    • Just a theory of mine, I believe men are frustrated b/c times are changing and it’s no longer the old white boys club. Patriarchy is waning, so those in power want to hold onto their outdated positions for as long as possible. Their archetypical caveman-esque leader is Donald Trump!

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    • I know … I literally cried over that one. I don’t blame you for staying away as much as possible … the news of the day keeps us depressed and stressed. I don’t think he will be impeached, but I still have hope that he won’t be re-elected. If he is, I will leave this country, one way or another, and will renounce my citizenship. I have already made that clear to my family. Sigh.

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  9. I think you can have both ‘Snarky Snippets’ and a ‘Real Rant’ as catagories Jill. These are shocking stories Jill. The fact that hateful people are running around with loaded weapons and ready to use them at the slightest provocation, is very troubling, Jill. Why on earth do we keep weapons? We know full well, the results of them when combined with hate. Peaceful people don’t want weapons… Says a lot about humanity. As for Trump… He is an evil cartoon straight out of gangster land.

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  10. This post came across my Facebook feed a couple of days ago. I saved it to write about it but I realize as the saying goes, “there is no one more blind than one who does not want to see.” I’ll share here as I think it sheds some light to this craziness. I see it often. Talk about emotional blackmail. As far as an answer or a solution, “I got nothin’.”

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