He’s Got To GO!

Folks, it’s just not funny anymore, okay?  Oh wait … it was never funny, was it?  When lives are at stake, there can be no laughter.  When the foundations of a government is at stake, the time for laughter has passed.

On November 8th of 2016, some 62,979,879 people voted for a ‘man’ named Donald Trump.  A ‘man’ few had heard of in political circles, for he was naught but a real estate ‘mogul’ and a television entertainer.  I had heard the name, but not being a watcher of television, nor an occupier of casino stools, it was largely irrelevant to me.  Until June 2015, that is.  The vote for Trump was not the majority, but nonetheless, because of racial gerrymandering, he managed to win the electoral college and thus was inaugurated on January 20th, 2017, into the highest office of the United States government.

Since that fateful day, he has been hellbent and determined to destroy the nation he swore to protect, to oppose the Constitution he swore to uphold, and most of all … to profit.

He was the most unqualified, unprepared person imaginable for this position.  He said he would surround himself with the ‘best people’.  They said he would learn … they said he would become ‘presidential’.

They were all wrong.  He didn’t.

It is now 33 months into his term, and much of the destruction he has wrought is irreversible.  The latest horror may well have been the last straw for this nation, for it has convinced our allies that our word is worth less than the paper it is written on.  As a result of his decision to remove U.S. troops from northeastern Syria, at least 38 civilians and 81 Kurdish fighters have been killed.  Those deaths are attributable to the United States.  Their blood is on the hands of none other than Donald Trump who negotiated with Turkish President Recep Erdoğan, Trump immediately removed troops from Syria, and within hours Erdoğan began brutally attacking the Kurds.

Donald Trump does not feel badly about the deaths, but instead made comments on Wednesday that the “Kurds are no angels”, and that the Turks attacking the Kurds in Syria has “nothing to do with us”.

“I view the situation on the Turkish border with Syria to be, for the United States, strategically brilliant. Our soldiers are out of there, they’re totally safe. They’ve got to work it out. Maybe they can do it without fighting.”

A classic case of that arrogant saying, “I got mine”.

Trump’s ignorance has cost human lives.  That, my friends, is not reversible.  I would like to hear from some of those who support Trump if they are okay with our allies being murdered because Trump didn’t know what he was doing.

The House of Representatives held a vote on Tuesday on whether to condemn Trump’s actions in the Middle East.  The bill received overwhelming bi-partisan support in favour of condemning Trump’s actions:  354 Yea; 60 Nay; 4 Present; 14 Not Voting.  81% of the entire House condemns Trump’s foolhardy action.  My own representative voted Nay, and had a scathing email from me waiting in his in box this morning.  The biggest disappointment was that Justin Amash, who left the GOP earlier this year after voicing support for impeachment, abstained, voting only “Present”.  Ah well, I suppose his bout of conscience didn’t last very long, did it?

What does this condemnation mean?  Not a damn thing, really, for it is mainly symbolic.  What it does signal, however, is that at least 129 republicans in the House of Representatives have had enough … for them, Trump has finally crossed a line.  This is, perhaps, the true significance of this move … it sends a message, loud and clear, that there are limits to what he can do and still have the support of his party in Congress.  My hope is that some of those 129 republicans will also now think long and hard about impeachment and see that it may be the only way to salvage what is left of our reputation before he finishes his process of destruction.  The presidency of Donald Trump is costing the people of this nation far, far too much.

Yesterday, Trump boasted of a cease-fire that had been worked out between Mike Pence and Recep Erdoğan.  It is not a cease fire.  Let’s be clear … it is a cessation of attack for five days, 120 hours, to “give the Kurds time to clear out”.  But … the Kurds have a right to be there.  The Kurds should not have to ‘clear out’.  The implication is clear … any who remain at the end of five days will be obliterated.  This amounts to nothing more than a further abandonment on the part of the U.S. of our allies.  What happens, I wonder, if Trump’s buddy Putin decides he would like to add the UK or France or Germany to his vision for an expanded USSR-style Russian empire?

It seems to me that the person who has the least understanding of international affairs, is calling all the shots now.  Or, rather, he is the puppet whose strings are being pulled by the likes of Putin and Erdoğan, who are actually calling all the shots.

And the latest, announced late yesterday, is that he has awarded himself a prize!  He, in his great and unmatched wisdom, has decided that next year’s G7 summit will be held at Trump’s Doral Resort, so that he can profit ‘bigly’.  This, my friends, is against the law.  But, will anybody hold him accountable?  Will anybody say, “No, Donnie, you cannot do that?”  It remains to be seen.  Thus far, I’ve only seen looks of disbelief and shaking heads, but no action.  Perhaps, if Trump stays on his current path of shoving our allies under the bus, he will be the one not invited to next year’s G7.

There is growing support around the nation for impeachment.  Just today, White House Chief of Staff, Mick Mulvaney, let slip that Trump had, in fact, offered “quid pro quo” to the Ukranian President Zelinskyy, in exchange for providing false information about the Bidens in order to affect the outcome of next year’s election.  My friends … It is time for Donald Trump to go, and frankly, I don’t care in what form or fashion, for if he remains in office for another five years, this nation will hit rock bottom.  I firmly believe that.

29 thoughts on “He’s Got To GO!

    • I’ve been saying for some time now … well, since Trump threw his hat in the ring in mid-2015 … that there should be a combined education/experience requirement. Having minimal requirements made sense in 1787. It makes no sense at all in the 21st century.


  1. “What it does signal, however, is that at least 129 republicans in the House of Representatives have had enough … for them, Trump has finally crossed a line.”

    What that really shows is 129 Repugs and as many Dems are beholden to the military industrial complex. You do realize both parties receive mega donations from US weapons manufacturers (Lockheed Martin, Boeing, BAE Systems, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics etc). They rake in 100s of billions annually selling arms to the gov’t for WAR! If Trump pulls out it’s bad for business, so like the NRA lobbyists from these arms dealers squeeze Washington elites, senators, power brokers to toe the line.

    That’s the real reason the media, press and nearly all politicians sponsored a bill which received overwhelming bi-partisan support in favour of condemning Trump’s actions.


  2. There are times when I truly doubt that I can withstand the mental fatigue/torture emanating from Trump and his sycophants that continuously bombards my brain until November 2020. It grows worse, not only by the day but also by the hour! Most of the time the words that come from his mouth are beyond belief and one must wonder how anyone can remain a Trump supporter. It would seem that Trump & Co. have taken W.C. Fields advice to heart : “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.” Thank-you!

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    • I know and understand, for I feel exactly the same. And you’re right … every day brings a new atrocity … my phone beeps hourly with new ‘breaking news’, and every time I sigh, and ask, “What’s he done now?” And as for the 40+% that still support him … I have theories, but too lengthy a discussion for here and now. Later. Hang in there, my friend. You’ve got Benjamin, the antithesis to all this b.s., the sunlight that pushes the dark to the side.


  3. Jill, between the courageous testimony under oath by Maria Yovanovitch, Fiona Hill et al, knowing the president is vindictive to the continuing confessions by Trump, Mulvaney et al to the cover-up of the phone call by staff who knew he violated the law, the evidence is building for impeachment and conviction for his alleged abuse of powers.

    As for the Kurds who helped America, he screwed them, plain and simple. With this narcissistic president, it is all about what you can do for me now.

    What also gets lost is this story of the great dealmaker is false. Erdogan and Putin played Trump. In Israel, Trump ceded concessions getting nothing for it. An astute negotiator would have gotten more from Netanhayu.

    This president inherited an economy that was 90 consecutive months of growth and to his credit it continued. He made conservatives happy with his judges, but he also made the wealthy richer with his tax cut, environmental deregulation, while borrowing from our future. And, he has made us less safe by retrenching from global trade and leadership. For the most part, the US is more untrustworthy because our president is untrustworthy. Keith

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  4. The irony is that Trump is playing in the tough world of ‘gangsterism.’ He is so out of his depth, it is painful to watch. He is a ‘weak’ person, a ‘weak’ businessman, and a ‘weak’ President. He acts like the spoilt, privileged child, but is wandering into dangerously dark, dangerous, territory and dragging the US after him like an unwilling security blanket… (I can see that political cartoon in my minds eye).

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    • Yep, as I just told Roger, he claims he is tough, but he is a wuss who is actually being played by the likes of Putin and Erdogan. Anybody who cannot take even the mildest criticism, as he cannot, has no business in such a position of power, for he is a danger to us all, even on your side of the pond.


  5. He’s a gift to sharp operators like Putin and Erdoğan. They grew up in tough countries and entered into an arena of politics where one false move and you are down, the hard way and not just impeachment either; in their nations that’s just the start of ‘the hurt’ (literal)

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    • Agreed. Trump thinks of himself as ‘tough’, but he’s a puppet being played, and is too foolish to realize it. Anybody who avoids the draft because of blisters on his feet is a wimp. And just look how he cries when somebody criticizes him. We have no president. BTW … is that you, Roger?


  6. Since he’s selling the services of U.S. troops to the most corrupt of all the regimes, Saudi Arabia, America will soon be like a huge Bake Sale with the proceeds going in his pocket. America will find that none of it;s old Allies will help if any difficulties occur, He;” have to rely on new allies like Russia, Turkey and North Korea.which doesn’t bode well for the future.

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    • The minority of people in this nation sold their souls when they voted for Donald Trump in 2016. Since then, as he has chipped away at whatever was once good about the country, they have continually applauded him. The rest of us were aghast, but have done nothing to stop the madness. So, if you get right down to it, the people of this nation get what they deserve. Perhaps it is time for this nation to be brought down.


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