Voices From Under The Hats …

I would like to make a disclaimer before I proceed:  I am not name-calling, and I am not generalizing in what I am about to say.  I do not include all republicans, nor even all Trump supporters, and I am stating a fact, not calling anybody names with the intention of being derogatory.  Please note that the word ignorance is defined simply as “lack of knowledge or information”.  

We keep reassuring ourselves that the Trump supporters are finally waking up, finally beginning to see the light of day, to see that the person they’ve been slavishly supporting is a narcissistic crook.  I have evidence to the contrary.

Trump, under a dark cloud of likely impeachment, weathering a number of scandals of his own making, was still welcomed with what can only be called mass ignorance when he held a rally in Minneapolis, Minnesota last week.  Listen to what one attendee said when asked his thoughts about the impeachment inquiry …

“They’re just making stuff up. He’s starting to fight back.”

Say WHAT???

Nobody is making anything up … both Trump and his Chief of Staff have admitted that he tried to coerce a foreign power to interfere in our upcoming election, to undermine the very principles that make this a free nation, a republic!  Facts, folks … cold, hard facts.  But, though Trump is far from the brightest bulb in the pack, he does know how to rile the masses, how to play to the audience …Maga-1

“They want to erase your vote like it never existed. They want to erase your voice and they want to erase your future. But they will fail because in America, the people rule again.”

Ha ha ha ha ha … the people rule!  What a crock!  Donald Trump rules by bullying and threatening.  Period.  The people are the last thing he cares about, but they, in all their ignorance that they wear like a badge of honour, cannot (or will not) see it.  The more of these comments I read, the snarkier I became.

Another comment from a member of the maga-hat-wearing crowd …

maga-hat-2“I think it’s a witch hunt. I don’t think Donald Trump has done any impeachable offence that’s a high crime or misdemeanour. There was nothing wrong with their conversation. It seems to me they’re turning a Biden scandal into a Trump scandal. I think the phone call has been taken out of context. They’re making it sound like he was trying to take down a political rival. If Biden was using his position to further his son’s career, then that in itself is corrupt.”

Now, here is my evidence, the facts that back up my claim that the people who attend these rallies and cheer ‘til they lose their voice are ignorant.  The thing that matters here is that Trump attempted to coerce a foreign power to interfere in the election.  Period.  The fact is that Joe Biden has already been proven innocent of any wrongdoing, but that is not the point.  The point is that Donald Trump, acting as president of this nation, broke the law.  Broke. The. Law.

And yet another …


Yes, Pleeeeeease!

“It’s a joke. It really is. It’s not an official inquiry. It’s Pelosi, having her own private poll. She’s only asking the people she wants to ask. They produced the transcript. That’s the whole story. Trump never said he was going to withhold money. They’ve tried to impeach Trump since before he was in office. It’s not really the Democratic Party – it’s just anti-Republican. If they want an official investigation, they should just go to the courts and do it.”

Obviously, this person is beyond clueless.  Still more …

“We wanted to do our little bit. We wanted to show our support for the president we love and support our free country. We know what they’re investigating. But we know what we know. I’ve read the transcript and I didn’t find anything illegal in it.”

And are you, madam, a lawyer or Constitutional Law scholar???

maga-hat-1“I don’t think he’s done anything wrong. He’s nothing to hide. If there’s corruption, we need to know about it. It’s all a big scam and the Bidens are trying to cover their tracks.”

“All these channels except Fox – it’s the only one that speaks the truth – they’re trying to come up with whistleblowers that don’t exist. They try to change people’s minds with misinformation.”

“As a president, he’s supposed to be looking for corruption. He didn’t do a quid pro quo. He didn’t say ‘I’m going to withdraw funds’. He didn’t withhold anything at all.”

Maga-2Do you even know the meaning of “quid pro quo”?  We’re not talking about “withdrawing funds”, lady!

“I don’t know, like sneaking off with a billion dollars in cash, that might be something. It’s not even a crime, what Trump did. I wish they would take it to a vote. Then both sides would have full disclosure. But Democrats don’t want that to happen.”

Trust me, a vote will be taken, and Trump will be impeached.  Wait for it, madam.

maga-hat-4“I’ve been on the Trump express ever since he got going. If you read the transcript, which I have done, there’s nothing there which was bad. If Democrats want to impeach him, that’s their loss. What did he do that broke the law? The Democrats can’t answer that.  If Obama had that same conversation would any of this be coming up? The answer is 100% no. That’s all it is. They’re out to get him. The Russian election thing failed on them massively. And when this one fails they’ll move into the next thing. They’re going to have four more years trying to get rid of him.”

Yo, buddy!  You can read???  Wow, I’m impressed.  But let me set you straight here … if Obama had done any one, single thing that Trump has done, he would have been impeached, tried, convicted and removed from office within a week.  Can you spell r-a-c-i-s-t?

And lastly, this …

“If people were open minded about what he’s doing, and put aside what they think of him anyway, I think they’d find his views are a lot closer to theirs than they think.”

No, lady, I can guarantee you that there is not one single thing I would agree with him on.

So, there you have it folks … the voice of the 40%.  Differences in political opinion are one thing.  I can deal with someone having a different ideology than I have, being more or less liberal, etc., but I have no idea how to have a sensible discussion with those who are ignorant, and I think that all of the above comments bespeak of ignorance.  Lack of knowledge, and a disinterest in trying to learn about things they don’t understand.  One part of me wants to feel sorry for them, but … these are the very people who got us into this mess we’re in, the very ones that have elected and supported a demagogue who is shredding our Constitution.  Sorry, but I find I cannot dredge up a shred of empathy for them.

85 thoughts on “Voices From Under The Hats …

    • Much food for thought here. I largely agree, though in part it is an over-simplification. One sentence in particular, made me really open my eyes … “Why is it, then, that the average American dies in debt, worries about his kids being shot at school, and lives one emergency away from bankruptcy?” This is so damn spot on! We are a nation that brags about that which doesn’t exist in reality, and yet we thumb our noses at others who work harder at being an egalitarian society than we. Sigh. Thanks for this share, Colette … much food for thought here!

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  1. Trump’s Pets are taught to follow. Religion calls them sheep for a reason. Not because they are meek like sheep, but because they trust the man who leads them to their slaughter. ALL THIS MAKES ME SICK!

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    • It has made me sick for a long time, my friend. I no longer recognize nor respect this nation and its people. If, on 03 November 2020, the people of this nation vote in such a way that Trump will be allowed to remain in the White House for another 4 years, I will leave the country, one way or another.

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      • I thought about that if somehow the conservatives win a majority again, but in the end there is nowhere to go. The best I could think of was Antarctica, which does not have a govt per se. But I can’t afford to get there, let alone stay. No, I will have to face the destruction of the earth right here where I am.
        When Greta was in Alberta this past week, she did a fine job of bringing out concerned Albertans, but also in bringing out the crazy oil people who would rather kill the earth than give up the high-paying oilfield jobs that many of them don’t even have right now. They are so used to living high on the hog they cannot see they are trying to ride a greasy pig. (Sorry to real hogs and pigs, who have more sense than human ones do!)
        Meanwhile, more people are taking planes than ever before. They cannot get it through their heads that 1 (humanity) + 1 (fossil fuels) = 0 life.

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        • Antarctica is too cold!!! You’re probably right that there is nowhere to go. Anymore, it is nearly impossible to move to a different country unless you are wealthy or have some special skill to offer. However, I cannot imagine living here under Trump for 4 additional years. I must have a “Plan B”, I think. On another note … I just checked the election results and the Liberal Party was ahead by 7+ points, but as I watched, right before my very eyes, that margin decreased to 6.4.


  2. Today I watched The Family on Netflix courtesy of a friend and I am still somewhat in shock by it. I thought it was just fiction, but it is a true documentary and believe me these trump supporters…the ones at the rallies and your next door neighbor are being duped like you wouldn’t believe and the elite powerful rich white men in power are using religion as their tool. I won’t go in to detail here, but I recommend it.

    There are powerful men, globally, and we are just the meaningless peons and these people will do anything to win and keep power. They use politicians and they are using trump. The politicians and trump use their gullible base and on and on it goes. Trump is not so stupid as long as he gets a deal and he is a master at brainwashing and getting his based fired up and all this translates to votes for him and anyone he recommends and that means power. It’s all money and power. Morality doesn’t play into this at all.

    And they are ignorant and they chose to be because it’s easier and they don’t have to think.

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    • I checked out the wiki about The Family, and it definitely sounds worth watching, if only to understand. I have bookmarked it to watch later this week. Thanks, Mary!

      Sigh. More and more it feels as if we are but pawns in a giant chess game, the goal of which has nothing to do with us. I’m of a notion, more and more these days, that I’m just ready to stop being a human and reincarnate as a wolf … I’m tired.

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      • The whole time I was watching it, I felt this is such evil and it’s still going on and both parties were involved, but mostly republicans.
        The yearly? Prayer breakfast is a big deal for this group and power is the underlying game. Trump is their perfect vehicle because of his draw to the ignorant and the evangelicals

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        • I found it on Netflix, watched the trailers, and also found that there is a book on which the series is based, so I downloaded the book (free from Amazon) to my Kindle. I’ll let you know what I think when I get started reading it.


  3. LOL, yup. Many of these arguments sound all too familiar as I’ve tried debating reasonably with friends and family members who are conservative. They aren’t necessarily Trump supporters but hold conservative ideology so they default to Trump b/c the Dems are so much worse (according to them). It’s difficult for them to keep an open mind and simply look at the plain facts. In that regard I would have to agree with you, YES TRUMP SUPPORTERS ARE IGNORANT, not b/c they are stupid or evil but b/c they choose to ignore the facts!
    Political bias tend to blind fanatics, this applies to both sides. FACT: Democratic congressmen/women, candidates, supporters aren’t blatantly defiling the Constitution or overtly breaking laws on a daily basis!
    Sadly Trump won’t get impeached due to a corrupt Senate, Moscow Mitch can simply dismiss the impeachment charges and it’ll be business as usual for the orange man in the white house. 😦

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    • I am convinced that he will be impeached, but typically have believed that the Senate convicting and removing him was a long-shot. More and more, though, I see republicans in both chambers of Congress becoming disillusioned, becoming tired of defending the indefensible, and I am beginning to see a glimmer of hope that he may actually be convicted and removed. If not … then we have our work cut out for us in the election. It isn’t only the ignorance of the 40%, but gerrymandering in swing states, and at least 3 foreign leaders having been recruited to assist his campaign. Perhaps even more importantly, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook who refuses to ban the false, misleading ads from his platform Sigh.

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      • Agreed, gerrymandering is a major issue the Democrats need to address & pass regulation before the 2020 election, otherwise Repugs are literally rigging the election process.
        Proving that foreign leaders assisted his campaign is very difficult to prove, it’s all he said she said. If our Intelligence Community had actual proof, would it not be all over news headlines and talk shows? All we have is innuendo and speculation, not even enough from Mueller to get him impeached. It only helps solidify his base, which we cannot afford. Pelosi is right to be cautious of such spurious accusations.
        Zuckerberg cannot afford to ban misleading ads since it’s too lucrative to do so. If he bans conservative ads he’ll have to do the same to liberals, otherwise he’ll be investigated for campaign interference, manipulation, collusion. He already appeared in front of Congress once, I think he got the message. Stay out of politics and let the ads fall where it may. Besides, he’s making millions during elections so what does he care?
        Sigh indeed.


  4. You can see the same cult behaviour happening in the UK. It’s backed by the mainstream media who run news based on punch lines and government publicity releases. They refuse to examine in detail the facts. The stupidity of the world is perfectly described by your brilliant summary. On a separate note – I quite fancy having a stable genius cap for my morning runs.

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    • I do see it happening in the UK as well, but … you guys are not as divided … somehow you’ve managed to remember that you’re all in this together … you don’t hate each other simply because you see things differently. In this country, though, I feel something in the air … I think it is only a matter of time before people pull out those guns and start killing each other simply because they disagree … not even on any political ideology, mind you … but simply because they disagree about Trump.

      I will see what I can do about getting you that cap for your morning runs, my friend!!! Hugs!

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  5. Benjamin Franklin wisely said : “Being ignorant is not so much a shame, as being unwilling to learn. He that won’t be counseled can’t be helped.” Apparently the people found under these MAGA hats have not received their $30 “Get Over It” T-shirts from the Trump’s shopping site. They apparently have received their information from the Trump Campaign on the web and buy every single thing that they are being fed without question. I came across an interesting and enlightening article in today’s Politico Playbook that is from The New York Times dated October 20, 2019 by Matthew Rosenberg and Kevin Roose titled “Trump Campaign Floods Web With Ads, Raking In Cash as Democrats Struggle.” If the Trump Campaign’s money can win the 2020 election through widespread misinformation and outright lies, the Democrats are in trouble and better get moving! Thank-you!

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    • Yes, my friend, they are standing in line to receive their daily dose of b.s. from the ‘man’ behind the curtain, the snake-oil salesman. Sigh. I read that article in Politico, and also a couple about Mark Zuckerberg’s willingness to continue allowing Trump’s campaign and others that are promoting Trump’s re-election to continue advertising falsehoods on Facebook. I am very seriously considering closing out my Facebook account, despite the fact that it is the only way I have of keeping in touch with some valued friends and family members. The democrats indeed need to get their act together. I’m thinking that the possibility of impeachment and subsequent conviction/removal from office is looking better, but still not a sure bet. That said, if he is not removed from office, we MUST defeat him in 2020. Now, we know he has solicited the aid of at least 3 foreign leaders … and we know that most of the swing states he must rely on are heavily gerrymandered. The democrats better damn well get their act together, else we are all going to be saying “Heil Donnie”. Sigh.

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      • You can’t really close a Facebook account. I closed mine in 2015. Deleted all my data and were told after a year it would be fully deleted. In May I went back because it is the easiest way to get info from Extinction Rebellion and guess what? It was there with everything I hadn’t deleted and I get all these ” reminders” of past posts too. That’s four years I weren’t on there and my account basically still existed. FB is a seriously scary place my friend. We should worry about Zuckerberg and mates a lot more than we do! 🙋‍♀️🐝

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        • Really? I had no idea! I haven’t fully decided yet, for I have old friends from my former jobs, and nieces and nephews who live hundreds of miles away, that I would lose touch with were it not for Facebook, but Zuckerberg disgusts me these days, and I hate what Facebook has become. Sigh. 🙋


  6. Jill, don’t you just want to grab them by the shoulders and shake them? Tell them to wake the hell up? No need to answer. I know your answer. They’re in an alternate reality universe. I like the one guy’s response…if he stole a billion dollars or something…blah…blah…Hell, even that wouldn’t do it for these people. Nothing will work. Nothing he does. Nothing he says. It just doesn’t matter. Great piece Jill. Keep up the snarkiness!!!

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    • Thank you, Carolyn! Yes, my mind lives in a state of boggledom these days. I am stunned that he still has the support of some 40% of the adults in this nation. I am angry and disappointed in the people of this nation. I … am no longer proud to be a citizen of this nation.

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  7. What is really sad for people who don’t understand the political issues that they read about, or more likely hear in some watered down, in accurate form, is that they don’t try to understand and instead just believe whatever they are dogmatically fed by their Lord and Chief. This is not the land of the ‘free,’ or the home of the ‘brave.’ This sort of conditioned behaviour to believe Trump and ignor any evidence happens in the land of the ‘captive’ and the home of the ‘slave.’ It is sad to watch so many people be fooled by a man who cares only about himself and his own wealth. It is sad to see them rally around him when he would cut them down in a minute, and then toss them free paper towels to mop up the blood (‘fake blood’ is what Trump would call it). It is sad to watch ordinary, hard working folk think that this idiot in chief is going to give them a ‘utopia’ when in fact, he is creating a distopia. It is sad to watch people pledge allegiance to a flag who’s image of “freedom’ fades with each passing day. It is sad to watch America fall while its people are totally unaware because they believe in a leader who is piping his pipe of destruction, to follow him over the cliff. It is just sad that so many people have become blind to democracy, hope and social justice because they believe those things are ‘fake.’

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    • It is sad, but … I am past being sad about it … I am now in full-blown rage that these people are so dense that they will not even listen to any but Trump and his cronies over at Fox “News”. I am enraged by those who are too enamored of his persona that they cannot or will not see that he is lying to them, that he is using them, that he is purposely dividing this nation for his own autocratic purposes. The United States is NO LONGER a democratic-republic. We have sunk into a plutocracy, an aristocracy, an oligarchy … call it what you will, but never again use the word democracy in the same sentence as the United States. 😥

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  8. Simply amazing, isn’t it? I kinda didn’t have any patience for them. I don’t have anything now. Not even pity. They disgust me as much as he does. Like I said … they’re the ones that got us in this mess! 🤬

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    • I have no empathy left … but … this is what Trump has done to this country. Divide and conquer. He has made us hate each other such that there can be no cohesion, no overwhelming majority to overthrow him, to vote him out of office. Why can these people not see what he is doing? Why can they not think for themselves? Because, they are told that their ‘God’ put Trump in office to be their saviour and they buy that b.s., hook, line and sinker. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I am beyond disgusted. We will become the Germany of the 1930s … perhaps we already have.

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      • I simply can’t!! That’s one of the reasons I’m in PR!! For now I’ll be traveling back & forth … by it may be permanent eventually.

        Excellent questions! Why? … and there’s no r es I answer. Those in the Congress are totally benefiting but the ‘populace’?

        The Congress people are to blame too & they will dearly pay … 😢 my heart, my soul, my being aches. The image that I had, all my life, about America is shattered. Was it ever like this before and I didn’t know? That’s been my question as I’ve embarked in this ‘roller coaster’ … my question since I started paying attention, reading, listening and educating myself,

        I know PR isn’t perfect but if I’m going to ‘suffer’ I’ll do it at home! I remember saying/thinking this on the night Nov 6! 😢😢

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        • Those 40% in the populace, I think, simply do not understand what he is doing and the likely price we will all ultimately pay. Many think of this as paying us “liberals” back for imposing a black president on them. Others have been brainwashed and honestly believe he is helping them, somehow. Others stick with him because they believe he will get enough on the Supreme Court to overturn both Roe v Wade and Obergefell v Hodges. All born out of ignorance, out of a lack of understanding. Sigh.

          I hope you are relaxing and having a ball in Puerto Rico! No, no place on earth is going to be ‘perfect’, but the U.S. is a hotbed waiting to explode these days. Hugs!!! ❤

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  9. Jill, you make legimate points. The president routinely tries to group his critics as only Democrats and the media. Two specific examples are on the news. The G7 summit decision is an unforced error on the president. It was the Republicans who forced him to change a very unwise decision. Trump is being investigated for abuse of power, so he goes out and abuses his power.

    As for the betrayal of the Kurds, this was an impulsive decision made by an uninformed person. In short, he screwed an ally that fought with and for us. There is bipartisan disdain for this move as evidenced by the vote in the House to condemn it and the Senate Leader op-ed doing the same.

    We must push back on comments with “help me understand why you would say that…”

    By the way, Chris Wallace did that to Mick Mulvaney today using the latter’s own words. Organizations take on the personality of their leaders. – Mulvaney saying he did not say something he did, comes from the top. Keith

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    • PS – It should be noted editorialist Christine Flowers wrote this week she is leaving the Republican Party over the betrayal of the Kurds by the president and the blind rationalization of his supporters. It should be noted Republican Governor John Kasich and Congressman Francis Rooney noted their support for the impeachment inquiry as do two conservative groups Republicans for the Rule of Law and Checks & Balances. This is not just Democrats and the media.

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    • So true!!! A New York Times article tonight says that the republicans in Congress were getting tired of having to defend him and had begun to criticize his decision to hold the G7 at his Doral club, and said it had ‘crossed a line’, and that they could no longer defend him on this. But still, like the juvenile he is, he blames the democrats and the press. Truth is, I think Congress or the Courts would have stopped this madness anyway. It was clearly a constitutional violation of the emoluments clause, no matter what he said.

      Did you read McConnell’s OpEd in The Washington Post? I was annoyed that he blamed Obama for much, but he also spoke out against what Trump did to the Kurds in Syria, which did please me.

      I did see a clip of the Chris Wallace-Mick Mulvaney interview, and I actually chortled when Wallace called Mulvaney on his attempt to lie. I am looking for Mulvaney to resign as White House Chief of Staff soon … just a feeling I have.

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        • Jill, I think I posted a second version of the same comment. Newt Gingrich said on CBS this Morning he would have advised Trump to check with a few folks beforing announcing the G7 meeting location. One of the presenters said, it is reported that he did and went ahead. Republican legislators are trying to focus on Adam Schiff and his process, but they are missing out on who is saying what. I come back to starting with a key theme – Trump is using shadow diplomacy with people not vetted by the Senate. It is increasingly apparent that Guiliani has a conflict of interest, but there is no doubt Trump, Kushner and Ivanka have conflicts of interest. People are vetted for a reason. Keith

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          • Newtie should know by now that Trump listens to nobody and thinks his “gut” is superior to any advice he receives. I keep thinking, though … can you imagine any other president in history getting by with all that Trump has gotten by with? Why, I don’t even think the republican hero Reagan could have done so!


            • Jill, there are a litany of rash decisions to choose from, but I think the recent two – the G7 summit at Trump Doral and the betrayal of Kurds are prime examples of what not to do. The G7 summit was dumb the second it was announced. Neil Cavuto was hosting Fox Business when it came back from the press conference and he was immediately critical. As for betraying the Kurds, Trump surprised his defense people who had no time to caution, stage, vet, or plan. It is not unlike his disastrous travel ban which was pulled after two days. Keith

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              • He operates on a whim and leaves his staff to figure out how to pick up the pieces he leaves behind. I hear he is considering Kellyanne for his next Chief of Staff after he gets rid of Mulvaney, probably by the end of the week. That should make for some real interesting dinner table conversation at the Conway house, don’t you think?


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