Jolly Funday Monday!

Good Monday morning, friends!  I hope you all had a fun and/or relaxing weekend.  Mine?  Oh, nothing much … you know, hiked up Mount Everest, paddled down the Amazon … just the same ol’, same ol’.  Okay, okay … I did next to nothing!  The girls and I did our usual lunch/bookstore trip on Saturday … I took a break from my blog on Saturday, by the way!  A whole day without writing a single post!  That’s the first time since sometime late 2018, I believe!  But, now begins another week, and I’m trying to psych myself into getting back into my household chores routine, because for the past several weeks I have seriously lacked motivation to do more than the absolute essentials.

Anyway, enough of that … there are treats on the table … I have no idea what, since I let Jolly prepare the table, though I baked the treats (you remember how Jolly is in the kitchen!)  So, grab a bite and let’s start this week off with some fun!





Note to rawgod:  Note that all three plates of bacon are uniquely different.  Take whichever you wish, but take only one, please, for the others are for Emily and Larry!

When you go fishing, you expect to catch … er … fish, right?  Sure, you might get a surprise by catching a mollusk of some sort, or these days you might well pull up a net full of plastic bottles ‘n such.  But what you really do not ever expect to catch is a …bobcat.pngThat’s right … a bobcat!

Bob Hereford was out fishing on Flathead Lake in Montana, with his wife, son Brett, and the family pooch, when they heard something thrashing around in the water.  Bob very carefully steered the boat in the direction of the splashing for a closer look, and there he was, struggling to stay afloat, the little bobcat.  Son Brett gently scooped him up in their fishing net, and they drove the bobcat back to shore, releasing him on dry land.Brett-bobcatExperts say that while bobcats can swim, they typically avoid bodies of water, and they speculate that it is possible an eagle had picked up the bobcat and dropped him over the water.  Either way, all’s well that ends well, and this fish story had a happy ending!

It’s no secret that cats like to get ‘in’ things.  Leave a cardboard box lying around … before you can turn around, there’s a cat in it … well, if you have cats, that is.  When Orange was still alive, his favourite place was the fruit bowl!  A laundry basket full of clothes left unattended?  There will soon be a cat in it.  Every time daughter Chris is packing for a band trip, the cats love getting into her suitcase.Candy-mom-dadLast week, Nick and Voirrey Coole – a couple from Isle Of Man, the United Kingdom – had scheduled their 40th birthday celebrations in New York.  When they went through airport security with their carry-on baggage, the security staff repeatedly asked them if that was their bag after it had gone through the scanner, they were puzzled.  They had purposely put very little into their carry-ons, for they intended to use them to bring back souvenirs.

The security staff unzipped the bag in question, and out climbed the Coole’s cat, Candy!  Nick later posted on Facebook …Candy-1

“You know that feeling when you get ushered into a side room at airport security because you’ve got a cat in your hand luggage? Candy decided to sneak into our hand bag, thanks Barry and Lorna for picking her up so we can head off on our holiday. Fair play to airport security for helping to get her home so we could catch our flight.”


As one commenter, Richard Lee said, “Cat was obviously thinking, ‘I fits, I sits, I fly’”

How about a few houses, all decked out for the spooky season…

spooky-1spooky-2spooky-4spooky-5  spooky-3spooky-6


Oopsie … my bad … wrong scary holiday!

Shay Bradley died earlier this month, and his funeral was held on October 12th in Kilmanagh, Kilkenny, Ireland.  As friends and family stood around the grave where the casket had just been lowered, imagine their surprise when, from down in the hole, came a knocking sound and “Hello … hello!” … more knocking … “Hello.  Let me out!  Where the f*** am I?” … knocking … “Let me out.  It’s f***ing dark in here.”

His daughter, Andrea, posted on Twitter …

“It was his dying wish that we played this at his funeral. What a man, to make us all laugh when we were incredibly sad. He was some man for one man. Love you forever Poppabear.”

I think we have time for just a few cartoons …


Alright, folks … time for us all to go forth and be useful … no, Joe, not multiply … you’ve already done your share of that!  Oh, but first … how could I forget the cute animal video?  This one comes to us courtesy of Colette … she saw it, and knew we would all love it!  It’s short, but guaranteed to bring a smile to your face!

jollyAnd now, we must really go.  Jolly and I have so enjoyed spending time with you this morning.  Share those smiles, friends … some people seem to have lost their own!  Keep safe and have a wonderful week!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa and Jolly!

22 thoughts on “Jolly Funday Monday!

    • I agree … but sometimes that WAY too much is fun, too. As long as it’s somebody else’s house and I didn’t have to do all that work! 😉 That happens to me sometimes, too, so I always check my spam folder before deleting it … no rhyme nor reason sometimes. Gremlins indeed.


  1. Namaste, Miss Jill! Surprise, it’s me, Benjamin! No school today and I am having a Gem Day. Gem told me that Jolly and you always have donuts and a drink for me, just in case, right? But, Miss Jill, don’t those peoples know that much bacon is bad for your health? Tell them, okie dokie! The Halloween houses are cool. I want to do that to my new house too! Gem does inside her house but only a cut up pumpkin and a sign outside. Teddy is so cute! He sure likes corn on the cob. Two Thumbs up and Ten Gold Stars for you and Jolly! Lotsa kisses and neckbuster hugs too! I have something to tell you! I learned a new word for thank you on another yesterday last week. Kutaputash, isn’t that an awesome word? Kutaputash and Bye!

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    • Namaste, Benjamin!!! What a wonderful surprise, seeing you here on a Wednesday! Why no school, though? Yes, Jolly and I ALWAYS put out donuts and either milk or juice for you, just in case. Yes, they know that bacon is bad for you, but sometimes people need a little treat, even if it is bad for them, you know? Larry, rg (whose real name is Jerry), and Emily like their little Monday treat of bacon, just like you like yours of donuts! I thought of you as soon as I saw the Teddy video! My friend Colette sent it … I think she had you in mind, too. I hear you had a wonderful last weekend with Gem and went to a pumpkin farm and everything! Neckbuster hugs back to you, Benjamin, from me and Jolly. And … Kutaputash for coming to visit!


  2. Yep! ‘Candy’ made the British news. We get regular stories (a) Lorry Drivers opening up the back and out pots a cat (at least 100 miles from home) (b) International air flights. (c) And one of the most favourite of political personalities on the UK scene is ‘Larry’ The Number 10 Downing Street Cat – you’ll find him on YouTube, Face Book, everywhere.
    Definitely Teddy gets this week’s cuteness award.
    Just wondering…y’know….
    Do you think the folks who did all that Halloween decoration would get the joke if a few folk came along in a Ghost-busters Van, in Ghost-busters outfits and kicked down their doors?
    I mean it would be in the spirit of the holiday

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    • Ahhh yes, I remember Larry, the Downing Street Cat, and I wrote something about him way back long time ago! Yes, wasn’t Teddy the cutest thing ever? Who knew that porcupines talk? Um … I think the joke might not go over so well, and the jokester would likely end up in jail, so put the thought back into whatever drawer you pulled it out of, okay?

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  3. amazing story about the cat sneaking into the luggage, and that was nice of the airport folks to take care of the situation. and it’s amazing how much people get carried away with decorating for Halloween. For us, it’s just a pumpkin outside the front door…

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  4. Well cats do like getting into small spaces, but how embarrassing to find your pet smuggled into your luggage rather too late! 😂

    I know those Halloween houses look cute, but er, doesn’t anyone think that it might be time to cut back on the purchase of unnecessary plastic and lighting wasting electricity? How about just pulling it back a little folks? Trying to outdo your neighbour on the flamboyant decorating is just soooo bad for the planet. 😔🌎

    Love the noises coming out of Teddy, the porcupine. Can you say ‘let go!’ 😂

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    • Talk about embarrassing … your neighbor finding your cat inside their car! 😳 🤦

      I agree … I have fun looking at them, but always think of all the money spent … Christmas is even worse!

      I did, too … Teddy made me smile. Who knew porcupines could talk???

      Have a wonderful week … if you can! ❤


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