Yeah, I know … my 2nd rant of the day.  I promise to make this one short.

Today, I heard loud engine sounds from within my house, so I went to the front window to see what was happening.  The street was blocked by two large pickup trucks, one with a bin-on-wheels attached, the other with some sort of large piece of equipment on a pull-along attached.  The piece of equipment was running loudly, and as I watched, three men got out and started removing chain saws, rakes and leaf blowers from the trucks.

Now, last year some of you may remember, the landscapers pulled up all my sunflowers and I caught them just as they were pulling the last one.  This year, my sunflowers have succumbed to autumn, but still, the birds come ‘round every day to score some seeds, and I have a profusion of cosmos and morning glories still in bloom.  I was not about to turn my back and let these dudes chop down my flowers … I went out the front door (in plaid jammie bottoms and a holey t-shirt) arms akimbo, ready to do battle if they so much as even looked at my little tiny garden.

However, they were out for bigger game than my little flowers … they began by, I thought, trimming the tree at the south end of the street.  They trimmed branch after branch … until it was bare, and then … they chopped it down!  WHY???  Then they crossed the street and proceeded to do the same with the Asian Pear, one of two on the street that bloom so beautifully every spring.  Then the next, and the next.  They chopped down the tree next door … I have no idea what kind of tree it was, but it attracted a profusion of bees every year.  By the time they left, there were only two trees left on our entire street.

I asked the older of the three men … “Why are you doing this?  Why are you chopping down our trees?”  He looked at me as if either I had two heads, or perhaps I was frothing at the mouth.  Realizing that I was powerless here, my parting shot as I stomped off (being barefoot makes it hard to do a convincing stomp, but I gave it my best), was “You, sir, are a murderer and I hope your conscience keeps you awake tonight!”  I should have asked him if he was related to Donald Trump or Jair Bolsonaro.

As much as we need trees, and these eejits are cutting them down for no reason!  Trees provide beauty, they provide substance and shelter for bees, birds, squirrels and more.  And then, there’s that little matter of trees providing much-needed oxygen!!!  I am furious … and I am heart-broken.  And I just felt a need to rant a bit about it.  Thanks for listening, my friends!

25 thoughts on “THE TREES!!! GONE!!! 😢

  1. Probably because the trees were there.And sometime in the future ‘something’ might be put there.
    Or maybe in the Fine Old Town of Numbnuts (up state) someone sued the town council for infringement of his constitutional rights not to have trees in the same kind of location yours were and so they were chopped down just in case.
    Or perhaps someone found out Hilary Clinton likes trees.


  2. How sad — but becoming increasingly common. In this farming area the farmers generally regard the trees as taking up valuable space where corn and soybeans could grow. And the corporations, of course, take out old homesteads and groves of trees in an afternoon. As I say, very sad. Not only do that trees provide beauty, as you say, but they also provide oxygen! And around here they break the miles of flat, ugly landscape.

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  3. Oh my, I think I would have gone and wrapped my arms around the tree.

    We have a wood stove, and often my hubby will go out with his chainsaw to cut up dead trees that have come down in storms and been felled by canal maintenance people. Yesterday, he found a fallen tree (dragged to the side of the towpath but left in situ). He began to saw it up, but I ran out and stopped him. Some of it had stayed alive, putting up hopeful sprouts from the trunk. I must have looked like a looney. “It’s alive,” I’d screamed. “Stop it, you’re killing it!” Now my husband doesn’t normally listen to me, but there were a few dog walkers around, and the vision of an elderly woman screaming “murder,” would likely draw attention, so to my relief, he did stop and then told me “it’s still growing,” as though it was his idea in the first place (narcissist). Main thing was, I got the desired result, which was to leave the poor thing alone.

    I am so sorry for your trees Jill. I feel quite bad that so many came down. 😩 You will notice their loss for a long time to come.


  4. Oh my, my heart weeps! In Vancouver all trees, including those on private property are subject to legal protection. Private property owners must apply for a permit to remove any tree with a trunk circumference greater than 20 centimetres. If the city removes a diseased tree it promptly replaces it with another tree. No building or development permit is issued without an arborist report amending development/building plans to protect existing trees. Sigh.

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  5. Trees make the landscape beautiful, they provide homes and shelters to all kinds of life, including their own, and help the environment in so many ways. Their leaves fall to the ground to be turned into fertile soil. Yet so many humans hate them. I will never understand why.

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  6. It sounds like needless savagery but I would like to know if this was County contractors maintaining the highway where roots were starting to break up the tarmac, or maybe the sidewalk. Perhaps private contractors from the owners of the properties destroying the trees because the County have complained about damage to the highway they maintain.To be honest in any of these scenarios I’m sure they can dig out the roots and redirect the growth though the problem would likely repeat at some stage..I hate to see trees killed but sometimes there s a reason.Dutch elm disease for instance.

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  7. It reminds me of my conversation with a city worker digging on my property for a buried property marker. He told me that my side of our crescent was slated to get sidewalks because of the new provincial accessibility law. I looked and commented that such a project would require all the trees on our side of the street to be taken down. He nodded and told me not to worry as our crescent was way down on the list. Even so…

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  8. Power lines? Disease? Roadway improvement? McDonald’s is planning a new restaurant nearby. The lot has 2 glorious grandfather (why not grandmother?) oaks that were on the chopping block. A local busy body got wind of McDonalds’ nefarious plan and that construction is now on hold. Hurrah for us We do win sometimes.😎

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  9. Did you ever find out why they were cutting down the trees? Was it the City or the County or individual contractors? Perhaps they plan to put in a sub-development and needed to clear the land?

    Inquiring minds want to know!

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