Good People Doing Good Things — Helping Kids (And A Turtle)

Ready for a look at some good people today?  I know I sure am … seen enough of the other kind this week!

Andrew Levy is a real estate agent in Palm Beach Gardens, but much of his business is conducted in the area of Jupiter (the city in Florida, not the planet).  You may remember a few months ago I wrote a piece about children who couldn’t afford their school lunch, and schools were not only denying them lunch, but shaming them as well?  Well, somehow the plight of numerous children in Jupiter, Florida, came to the attention of Mr. Levy and he was stunned to find that some children were going without lunch, or being given only a dry cheese sandwich.

Andrew marched (well, he probably drove) to the school district offices and paid off the debts of every child in the nine Jupiter schools! Andrew-Levy

“These children that were in debt were going to either not eat or they would get just cheese sandwiches and I thought that’s crazy. I thought you know something? If for a modest sum I could make that change, I’m gonna do it.”

Now it wasn’t, by most standards, a huge amount … $944.34 in total … but wasn’t it a beautiful thing to do?  And, Andrew isn’t planning to stop there, either!

“Every quarter, I’m going to do either a GoFundMe page or a fundraising page that can raise money every quarter, so lunch debt never accumulates so that children never have to worry about a hot meal and parents never have to worry about paying the bill.”

A little thing?  Maybe, but isn’t that what it’s all about?  People doing whatever they can to help others.

Jonathan Pollard is a lawyer in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  He says he remembers what it was like, being in college, too broke to go home for the holidays.  So, he wants to help young college students get home for the holidays this year, and this is what he posted on LinkedIn:

“If you’re a college student and you want to go home for Thanksgiving, but can’t afford the plane ticket home, I’m pitching in. I will book your ticket.

You must be in college, have financial need, and be able to prove that you are excelling in academics, sports, or extracurricular activities. Basically, you have to be excellent at whatever your passion is.

If you’re in college, can demonstrate excellence and need help getting home, just send me a message. I’m a small time nobody and can’t possibly afford to help everyone out there. But I’ll do my part. I’ll help as many people as I can. Because I don’t want anybody staying on campus alone because they can’t afford to get home. Trust me.

I know what it’s like to be in college, flat broke and too poor to go home. Well it’s not happening to you. Not on my watch.

I could go buy a new truck or I could send a bunch of young folks home for Thanksgiving. Seems like a no brainer to me.

I never forgot what it’s like and I never will.”

Another man with a kind heart … see, folks?  They are out there!

Dylan Ence is a senior this year at Dixie High School in St. George, Utah.  When Dylan was a freshman in 2015, he and his family visited the very poor village of Patamban Michoacan in Mexico, and the memory has stayed with him ever since.  So ….

Dylan is planning a return visit to the Mexican village in December.  And, guess how he’s getting there?Dylan-busYep, a school bus.  But … why?  Well, see, for the past four years, Dylan has been saving every penny for this day.  He was so moved by the plight of the poor village children who had no transportation and often spent entire weeks at school so as to not miss their classes, that he … bought them a bus!  Yep, Dylan bought the bus at auction and in December he will be driving it to Patamban Michoacan to donate to the village.

But that’s not all.  Ever since his initial visit, he has been taking donations of school supplies, buying some himself, and now the bus is filled with backpacks, pens, pencils, socks and clothing for the young village students!  He is currently in the process of getting insurance and travel papers from the Mexican government to get his bus and supplies safely across the border and plans to leave for the three-day journey on December 20th.  What a young man, yes?

Well, folks, that wraps … what?  Looks like Jolly just got up and he has a little good people story he wants to share, too …

jollyHi everybody.  I found a story about a turtle an’ I wanna share it with you, ‘k?  There was a big fire in the Amazon Rain Forest, an’ that’s a long way from here.  Anyway … a turtle named Freddy was burned really, really bad in the fire, an’ his shell was ruined, see?

Freddy-1.jpgAn’ then there’s this group of scientists called “Animal Avengers”, and guess what?  They made Freddy a bran’ new shell with somethin’ called a 3D printer! Freddy-2See, Freddy woulda died without a shell, but now he gots a bran new one!  But … the Avengers guys thought Freddy needed some colour, ‘cause his new shell was good, but it was just plain ol’ grey.  So …Freddy-3Dey painted his shell!

Freddy-4Isn’t he beeyuteeful!!!  Here’s a picture of the Avengers …AvengersAn’ you can watch this video, too … don’ worry … it’s real short!

jolly‘Bye now!  I hope you liked my story ‘bout Freddy!

Well, folks … Jolly had a pretty cool story, didn’t he?  He doesn’t usually help out with the good people posts, but he begged to get to tell that one.  And that’s a wrap for today … remember, friends … let’s all try to be a good people and help make the world just a bit better, okay?

33 thoughts on “Good People Doing Good Things — Helping Kids (And A Turtle)

  1. Namaste again, Miss Jill! It’s me again, Benjamin! You are not surprised cause I already surprised you today. Wowza, Animal Avengers are the bestest good peoples! They made an awesome shell for the burned up tortoise. I’m glad Freddy has a safe home in his new shell and somebody to take good care of him too. Tell Jolly that I love the video and I watched it three times. Kutaputash and Bye!

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  2. Jill, thanks for the weekly uplifts. Helping people (or turtles) need not cost a lot of money. The helping human stories are pay-it-forward kinds of actions. Those college kids will do something similar for others at some point. Keith

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow… That is a whole lotta caring!
    That poor turtle made me cry… Such a terrible thing (all the fires). I feel really a bit vulnerable to the sad things happening in the world’s (just heard that 39 people were found dead inside a container truck in Britain – a smuggling operation gone wrong). These Wednesday posts do something to restore some of my faith in humanity. 🙏

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