“I Tried Not To Be Snarky” Snippets

Friends … I had every intention of NOT being snarky this morning.  My intentions were pure and good … I would write something upbeat and cheery … surely I could have an attitude adjustment and be happy-go-lucky just for one post, right?  Right?  Sigh.  Wrong.


Below is a map of the United States … please take just one minute to look at it and see where Colorado is located (hint … it’s the blue state just left of center).us-states-and-capitalsNow, you see Colorado there, right?  And … do you notice that there is at least one whole state, New Mexico, between Colorado and the U.S.-Mexican border?  The southernmost part of Colorado is some 450 miles from the border.  And yet …

“You know why we’re going to win New Mexico? Because they want safety on their border and they didn’t have it. And we’re building a wall on the border of New Mexico.  And we’re building a wall in Colorado. We’re building a beautiful wall. A big one that really works that you can’t get over, you can’t get under.”

Dang! I didn’t know there was a feud going on between Colorado and New Mexico!  Why didn’t someone tell me?  That was Donald Trump speaking at an oil and gas conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, yesterday.  Colorado’s governor, Jared Polis, had a great comeback, though …

“Well this is awkward. Colorado doesn’t border Mexico. Good thing Colorado now offers free full day kindergarten, so our kids can learn basic geography.”

Good one, Guv!  Not so good, Donnie … in fact, downright embarrassing.

Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont also had a good one, inspired by Sharpiegate …Colorado-sharpiegate

And speaking of … misspeaking …

What’s in a name, anyway?

It isn’t the most important thing in the world, certainly not the worst of Trump’s many, many, many terrible tweeting faux pas, but it speaks volumes about how he views other people.

On July 15th, Trump formally nominated Mark Esper as Secretary of Defense.  The Senate quickly confirmed the nomination, as they have with most of Trump’s nominee’s, and Mr. Esper took office on July 23rd.  Imagine Mr. Esper’s surprise on Sunday when he saw this tweet by Trump …esperantoSure, it’s a minor thing, but it tells us that Trump doesn’t even think enough of his own hand-picked cabinet member to get his name right.  And it wasn’t a live broadcast, where he might be forgiven for misspeaking, but rather a tweet, where he had the opportunity to look at it, realize his mistake, and correct it before hitting ‘Send’.  I see this as a matter of great disrespect.  Am I surprised?  Not at all.  However, if I were Mr. Esper or any other member of Trump’s administration, I would take this as yet another sign that he considers his staff as nothing more than disposable assets to be used, abused, and kicked aside when they displease him.

The ultimate hypocrisy …

You’d have to laugh, if only it weren’t more asininities coming from members of the Trump clan.  Now, we all know that Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, served on the Board of Directors of one of Ukraine’s largest natural gas companies.  This had nothing to do with Joe Biden other than perhaps the Biden name gave him a foot in the door.  There is no scandal, such as the one Donald Trump has been attempting to fabricate for the past several months, ever since most polls revealed that if the election were held today, he would lose to Joe Biden.

But, there is a certain irony when the entire Trump clan go on national television to whine … yes, folks, they whined … about nepotism!  Think about that one for a minute.  The Trump clan … is decrying nepotism???

You’ve got Jared and Ivanka, neither of whom could obtain security clearances, serving as “presidential advisors” … and both, I might add, who have business interests tied to Trump’s presidency.  And then, there’s Don Jr. and Eric who are supposed to be running Trump’s businesses, but somehow find time to stick their long noses into the day-to-day business of governance, and frequently tweet on daddy’s behalf, and even appear on Fox News to toot daddy’s horn!  Disgusting animal killers is what they are!

And these infamous fools critique Joe Biden’s son for … um … accepting a job that his education well prepared him for???

Junior and Eric travel all ‘round the country on our dime, folks.  They are accompanied by Secret Service agents wherever they go, and believe me, they go to some places that you and I could only dream of.  And we … yes, We the People, We the Taxpayer, pay for their journeys.  Whatever high-classed (read, expensive) accommodations they choose, the Secret Service must also inhabit … on our dime.  Even though they have NO OFFICIAL ROLE, nor are they qualified for one, in our government.  And they are screeching “Nepotism” at the Bidens???  Yeah, right, dude.  If anyone buys this one, please call me, for I have a lovely little bridge in Brooklyn I will sell cheap!

Granted, none of these stories constitute impeachable offenses … that’s a story for another day.  Nor are they as relevant as certain republicans in Congress, led by the obnoxious Matt Gaetz, disruptong an impeachment inquiry for some five hours today, breaking every rule in the book.  Again, that’s a story for later.  But, even these small incidents have relevance because they show us the mindset that is allegedly running this nation.  Can’t get your own employee’s name right?  Sheesh.  When I was in management, I made sure to know even the names of the children of the people who worked for me … it’s called ‘common courtesy’, ‘respect’, ‘caring’.  And to claim to be a “stable genius”, with “great and unmatched wisdom”, but not even know where the state of Colorado is???  Every bit of this, every ignominious tweet where he misspells words, calls people names, is further evidence that not only is he not a genius, but he is neither intelligent nor educated.  And yet … some 40% of the people in this country want that.

As for my failed attempt at not being snarky … don’t look for it to happen any time soon.  In fact, I’m thinking about changing my middle name to ‘Snarky’.  But, to prove that I am not the snarkiest, here is a clip from Seth Meyers who has snarky down to a science!

55 thoughts on ““I Tried Not To Be Snarky” Snippets

  1. Trump says something stupid….Business as usual.
    Y’know what worries me, by accident he might say 2+2 = 4 and mathematicians and computer programmers all over the world will start checking their data understandably thinking it must be the wrong answer.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Oh! I am so sorry, my friend. If you’ve noticed, I almost never allow his photo on my blog, but in these two cases, it rather came with the package, the tweet and then the video, so I hadn’t much choice. I will, however, be more careful in the future, for like you, his picture and his voice both make me ill.

      Liked by 1 person

        • I didn’t take it as you ‘losing it’, my friend … I am much the same … just seeing him makes me want to throw something through my computer screen. And, I refuse to watch any video clips of him talking.


  2. Jill, too many on point comments to take in. What surprises me most about the Trump White House is the level of chaos and incompetence. I expected the lying, bullying, nepotism and impatience, but I at least expected a certain level of competence. Two of your snarks could have been avoided with the a minimal amount of checking. Keith

    Liked by 4 people

    • Excellent point, dear friend. You’re right … some of these would have taken only a bit of checking, just a glance, to avoid. Perhaps when Trump declared a moratorium on political correctness, he also declared one on accuracy, good grammar and facts?

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  3. The Queen of Snark still reigns supreme, all hail to the Queen! Your snarcasm is a wondrous talent that is freely given and gratefully received by your adoring followers. It is beyond any doubt that Seth Meyers delivers a great snark, no more so than in the included video, but he has writers and gets paid handsomely to do so. Not so our Jill, no writers save herself and unpaid except for the comments posted! More to the point…this is the sort of great snarking that we have come to know and love by the inimitable Queen Jill. Thank-you! P.S. I think Margaret and Helen would agree!!

    Liked by 4 people

    • Oh my, dear Ellen!!! You do realize you have given me a big head, right? Thank you so much for your wonderfully kind compliments, and as I will share with you in an email shortly, they were so much-needed today! Love ‘n hugs, my friend!

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  4. Hello Jill. I just thought of one more thing I want to add about the Eric tRump interview. I have been trying to figure out why Eric tRump couldn’t see he and his family were doing far worse than the Biden’s are accused of. Then it hit me. The entire family from tRump Sr on down has such an entitlement complex that they can not see what they are doing as wrong. Yes others doing it is wrong, but not them, they are entitled to it. Laws and rules do not apply to them, only to other people. They have it so ingrained in them their superiority that they some how feel that they deserve these things others can not have or can not do. It is surprising it took me this long to see it in the kids as I have long seen this attitude in the tRump Sr. We all have met someone in our lives that was so clueless as to believe they were some how not as they really were. We ask our selves how they can not look in mirror or how they are so out of it. Now I see the entire family has a metal illness passed from father to offspring. Hugs

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    • Such is the mind of a narcissist, my friend. They see themselves as far above the madding crowd, as far superior, as … invincible. Look at Ivanka’s expression some day … it is one of “I am so far superior to everyone else”. This is why I wish somebody, somehow, would have castrated Trump back in his early days. Who knows how many mini-trumps walk among us with their attitudes of superiority. Worse yet, the trump kids are having kids of their own. They should have all been sterilised at birth! Hugs!

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    • I was alluding to this very post in my comment! Your comment must have appeared as I was laboriously typing mine and only noticed post posting my own. I LOVE these ladies!! Their post from August 29, 2017 is so good too. Thank-you for including the link for others to discover the wit of two elderly women…a computer skill that I lack, among many others.

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  5. Hello Jill. I watched clips of Eric tRump on Fixed Noise State TV Propaganda station and it was total clueless sickening garbage. His fake outrage and claiming that his innocent family has been treated so badly while the Biden’s are raiding countries all over the world was disgusting and vomit inducing. Hugs

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  6. Good snark Jill. You know, I think America would have a better President if the Presidency were offered up as a winning prize to the winner of a TV game show. The absolute illiteracy, stupidity, lack of education, lack of morals and outright idiocy of your President and his family are beyond any humour. This President make George W Bush look like ‘Einstein.’ I don’t think America could do any worse, if it looked for the worst, most uneducated offender in one of your prisons.

    Trump is now trying to make himself look like the good guy in the Turkish/Kurdish conflict, after causing untold damage to ‘peace’ in that region. Trump is a menace to the World, let alone Americans. He should not just be impeached, kicked out, and shamed, he should be held responsible for crimes against humanity. Will Americans ever wake up to their rose-coloured view of this tyrant?

    Liked by 5 people

    • I think you’re right … we couldn’t have a worse president if we tried. Sigh. Not only is he ignorant, but self-serving and cruel. He sees our nation as his personal playground, and the people as his toys. He may pat himself on the back for his actions in Syria, but in truth he is guilty of the murder of countless Kurds, and has likely lit the fuse to what will become all out war in the region. The damage Trump has inflicted on our nation and others is irreparable. But, I would only caution that when you ask when “Americans” will wake up to the reality of Trump, that’s making an assumption that all of us are blinded by those rose-coloured glasses. The majority, some 60%, are actually awake — we’re just not sure how to stop the madness. Sigh.

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  7. “We have secured the Oil.”

    Did you not read this, Jill, or did you just forget to mention it? No matter, I am highlighting it. The Kurds lost citizens, both civilians and fighters. They lost homes, and the land on which they have been living on. They are displaced again. Their lives are disrupted and completely DISREGARDED. But Trump SECURED THE OIL! I hope he has fun drinking it, once all the clean water in North America has disappeared. It may turn his mouth, throat, and stomach as BLACK AS HIS HEART, but he should be able to wash those out with soap. I’ll even do it for him. Hell, I might even put the lye(s) right back where they came from.

    BTW, good snark!

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