U.S.A. — Circus Of Horrors

Imagine for a moment that you are in a position of power.  Now, imagine that recently you’ve made a number of bad decisions, big mistakes, and the people who decide whether you keep your position are not pleased … not at all pleased.  How do you react?  What steps do you take to try to salvage your job?  I can’t speak for everyone, but I think I would be working extra hard to try to right my past wrongs, to put my “nose to the grindstone”, work extra hours trying to do a better job, to show my superiors that I was worth keeping on.

Donald Trump is in a position of great power.  We can argue ‘til the cows come home about whether he should ever have been handed the keys to the Oval Office, but it is a moot point, for he is there.  He has made so many mistakes over the past three years that in the business world, he would have been ousted long before now.  But in the past few months, he has made grievous mistakes, and there is reason to believe he did so with the intention of destroying the country’s democratic principles.  His superiors, at least the majority of us, are looking to end his employment via the constitutional process known as impeachment.

Under this threat, one might expect him to “man up”, admit to his mistakes and work extra hard to try to salvage his job.  But nooooooo …. instead he is ramping up his vitriolic rhetoric, lashing out at all he perceives as ‘enemies’, and turning our federal government, with the help of certain members of Congress, into a damn three-ring circus!

Yesterday, just as a Pentagon official was about to testify before a closed-door hearing of the House Intelligence Committee, a group of some thirty republican congressmen forced their way into the secure facility on Capitol Hill.  Their intrusion caused a five-hour delay in the proceedings, wasting time and taxpayer’s money.  In addition, they were taking pictures and texting on their cell phones in an area where, for security reasons, cell phones are strictly forbidden.  Are these really the people we elected to represent us in Congress, or a bunch of juvenile delinquents???

Let us be clear here … we are currently at the ‘inquiry’ stage of the impeachment process.  Inquiry … as in collecting information, interviewing witnesses, trying to piece together the details of any impeachable offense Trump may have committed.  This stage of the process is, and has always been, handled by committees and not open to any outside the committee.  Soon enough, the information they have collected will be made public, but that time is not now.  Now, the republicans that disrupted the process yesterday, led by none other than the little scrapper Matt Gaetz, claimed that the democrats were trying to withhold information from republicans, but it should be noted that there are nine republicans on the House Intelligence Committee who were to sit in on the interview!

It was later reported that Trump was aware beforehand that the republican congressmen planned this little drama show and, in fact, encouraged it.

As evidence mounts that Trump did, in fact, use the threat of withholding U.S. aid to enlist the aid and assistance of a foreign power to benefit none other than himself in next year’s election, the republicans seem to have thrown professionalism and caution to the wind and are acting like I would expect a group of five-year-old children to act.  And now this …

None other than the two-faced Lindsey Graham proposes to introduce a resolution condemning the impeachment inquiry!  The “resolution” will be co-sponsored by Moscow Mitch McConnell. Now, mind you this resolution is worth about as much as the piece of paper it will be written on and carries no weight, but … its intent is to stop the bleeding.  Trump’s approval rating has been declining and congressional republicans who have tied their fortunes to his are running scared.  This is Lindsey’s way of saying to the masses who support Trump that he did nothing wrong and that the whole impeachment process is just the mean ol’ democrats who are still pouting over losing in 2016 trying to strike back at poor, innocent little Trumpty Dumpty.

What Lindsey, Mitchie, Matt and all their other ignoble cohorts would do well to remember is that this impeachment is not only sanctioned, but also mandated by the U.S. Constitution, the very document they took an oath to uphold. This impeachment is also long overdue.  There was sufficient evidence in Robert Mueller’s report that Trump had committed impeachable offenses, but Speaker Pelosi held off beginning the process.  It is obvious that Donald Trump thinks of this nation as his own personal playground.  He takes liberties that no other president in the history of the nation has ever done before.  If I didn’t have a horse in this race, it would almost be laughable, but since I have to live in this country, I find nothing funny in any of this.

That bad employee, rather than trying to shape up and do a better job, is instead trying to burn the company down. It is time … past time … to hold Trump AND those like Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell and others who defend the indefensible, accountable for their actions, accountable for turning the U.S. into a laughingstock and our lives into the Nightmare on Elm Street.

32 thoughts on “U.S.A. — Circus Of Horrors

  1. New tactic:
    Everyone who didn’t vote for Trump to go start texting him ‘3,000,000 less. Ya got 3,000,000 less’, or posting it up on YouTube/Facebook etc.
    Seeing as how the brat as no sense of humour or perspective, he would collapse with apoplexy; the GOP would go into a complete tailspin as collective Hair catches fire; 2020 will be a shoe-in for the Democrats.

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  2. Maybe we have all entered an alternate Universe? Certainly, the current political situations (not just in the US) have taken us into new territory, stepping outside the rules and pressing agendas of fascism and discord… World wide phenomenon. We can only hope that we can step away and see the ludicrous situation before it is too late and we are all trodden under the feet of dictators!

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    • It most definitely feels like an alternate universe, or like the planet is spinning out of control. As you say, it isn’t only here, but in your own country, in Canada & Brazil, the Middle East … and then there’s Climate Change, which ultimately makes all the games people in our governments are playing, meaningless, petty, irrelevant. Sigh.


  3. Jill, those who fly to close to Trump get burned. Lindsey Graham has ruined his integrity and reputation. He is like a little mutt to Trump, with Trump kicking him, but he still comes back. As I ask Senators, is Trump the person you want to spend your dear reputation on?

    As for Matt Gaetz, he is in the same bailiwick with Graham and Devin Nunes. Nunes should have been asked by Paul Ryan to resign from his committee after he unethically shared their investigation with Trump. Also, GOP Senator Richard Burr approached Ryan to ask him to get Nunes to not release a report gis Senate committee found partisan.

    I just wish John McCain were alive. He would be hyper critical of Trump and these three toadies, especially his friend Graham.


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    • Those who fly close to Trump and continue to protect, shield, and defend him should get burned. It won’t break my heart to see them collecting trash for a living after the Reign of Trump finally ends! Gaetz and Nunes both remind me of little yappy dogs nipping at people’s heels while yipping and yapping annoyingly. McCain is probably rolling over in his grave at the moment, as likely are the Founding Fathers. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine this circus we have in Washington!

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      • Jill, I was watching an interview with Bruce Springsteen and he noted the dearth of stewardship at the top. He noted we have a person in charge who does not know what it means to be an American. He said it is frightening.

        I have always found Springsteen offers a needed context and depth of concerns in his music and commentary. Whether someone agrees with everything he says, you feel he has given it some thought. That, in and of itself, is unlike the president. Keith

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    • Yeah, I was the same when I woke this morning, checked my phone for breaking news updates, and saw this. I nearly threw my phone across the room … and I wasn’t even out of bed yet! It’s non-stop here these days! Most nights, I go to bed hoping that in the morning when I wake, this will have all only been a bad nightmare and I’ll wake to find that Obama is still president and all is well with the world. So far it hasn’t happened, but … 🙋

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  4. I have no words. All the words leave me when it comes to him, there are NO WORDS! Its exactly like you said, spoiled toddlers throwing tantrums! I been meaning to send you a link to a blogging friend’s post and with the talk about the “hypothetical 5th avenue shooting” I was reminded of his post. He is not usually a political blogger but this is a spoof that I think you will appreciate. https://unicorniks.com/2019/10/17/trump-burns-flag-on-fifth-avenue/

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    • You’re right … Trump has made our vocabulary obsolete and it’s time we invent some new words to define that is happening these days. Thank you for the link to Tippy Gnu’s post! I see Tippy here and there on other people’s blogs, but had never visited his (her?) blog. That post made me chuckle. Sadly, it’s probably spot on. Thanks, my dear friend!

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  5. Petulant little children, just like their dear leader. And this all comes on the heels of yesterdays court proceedings where Trump’s lawyers really did go down the road of….Yes, he can shoot someone on 5th Ave, and keep shooting….and nothing can be done till he’s out of office. Jill, circus of horrors indeed. Every day. I’m never shocked anymore. Never.

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    • Ah yes … I heard about that one earlier. I wonder where the guy got his law degree? I hear that for a time, they were given out in specially marked boxes of Cracker Jacks? I’ve got news for that attorney … he’s wrong. Sigh.

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