Snarky Snippets To Start The Week

I’ve got an abundance of angst built up these days, and there’s really only one way to alleviate it … share it!

Persona non grata?

There are two ice skating rinks in Central Park that have been owned by Donald Trump since the 1980s.  As is the case with most things owned by Trump, his name was all over them … on the ‘Welcome’ signs out front, the boards around the rink, the sign where skates are rented, and even the staff’s uniforms. ice-rinkWell, while the Trump Organization still owns the rinks, you won’t see Trump’s name prominently displayed these days.  Turns out, he was bad for business!  When a Washington Post reporter visited Wollman Rink on Tuesday, the only prominent appearance of the Trump name was on the Zamboni ice-resurfacing machine.

According to an employee speaking on the condition of anonymity …

“It was hurting business. A lot of the schools, you know, liberal private schools up here, come to parties up here. That was a big income earner up here Monday and Tuesday night.”


The tarp wasn’t quite long enough to cover the whole thing!

As much as Trump loves seeing his name plastered all over everything he owns, it isn’t only the skating rinks that have taken his name down.  Three hotels and six Manhattan residential buildings not owned by Trump, but whose owners once paid to display the Trump name, have now removed “Trump” from their buildings.

It is reported that Trump’s hotels in New York, Chicago and Doral, Florida, have seen a significant drop in business since he took office.  I wonder if they will soon have his name removed as well?

Delinquent debt?

It has long been reported that Donald Trump defaults on his debts.  Throughout his tenure as a real estate developer, he has reportedly failed to pay contractors and others on a regular basis.  Some things never change.  His campaign, in other words he, owes money to at least twelve U.S. cities that has gone unpaid.

The largest is to El Paso, where he owes $569,000, and the smallest is Burlington, Vermont, where he owes a paltry $8,000.  Some, such as Spokane, Washington and Tucson, Arizona, were incurred for campaign rallies held in those cities during his 2016 campaign, while others like El Paso are for rallies held since becoming president.

debt-mapThe Republican Party claims to have raised more than $300 million in the first nine months of this year alone, and yet … they cannot pay the $1.7 million he owes to various cities around the nation?  Earlier this month, when he announced plans to hold a rally in Minneapolis, Minnesota, that city attempted to get paid in advance, but to no avail.  He now owes Minneapolis $530,000 … more than half a million dollars!

I would suggest to all cities that in the future, unless his campaign pays up front, just skip the extra police protection … let him provide his own … or not.


Trump decided to attend game #5 of the World Series between the Washington Nationals and Houston Astros yesterday.  He and Melania, along with their entourage of Secret Service, showed up shortly after the first inning, and they sat in the Washington Suite, joined by a number of other politicians including the @#$% Lindsey Graham, Steve Scalise, @#$% Matt Gaetz, @#$% Mark Meadows, and other boot-licking republican congressmen.

After the third inning the Nationals, as is their tradition, performed a salute to veterans, and the crowd was cheering.  Until … the screens in the stadium switched to Donald and Melania Trump in the stands and the tone shifted from applause to loud boos throughout the stadium.  And then … the fans began to chant … “Lock him up.  Lock him up!”  Then during the fifth inning, two men sitting behind home plate held up signs that read, “Veterans for Impeachment”.World-series

Now folks, what the heck did he expect?  It wasn’t one of his rallies where he pays people to attend and cheer him while wearing their ugly red hats.  He is under investigation for criminal acts and is likely to be impeached.  Did he really expect a standing ovation?  Does he truly think he is that well-loved?  Sheesh.  As far as I’m concerned, he got exactly what he deserved.

Well, that’s enough snarky for one day.  More to come!

39 thoughts on “Snarky Snippets To Start The Week

  1. Great snark, Jill! Glad the Washington fans gave him his due. Lucky for him that the Blue Jays aren’t in it this year – he’d likely be held up at the border until the game was over!

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  2. we usually see eye to eye on everything, but I have to say I was not a fan of the booing that took place at the baseball game. I would have just preferred silence, and I think the same message would have come through loud and clear. People were there to enjoy the baseball game, so to me it would have been better if he was just ignored. Now at one of his rallies – I’d love to see a group of people start booing him…

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    • Sigh. You may well be right, Jim. I’ve thought and thought about it today, and am working on a post for … maybe this afternoon, maybe Thursday, depending on when I can put my thoughts into coherent writing. I admit that it thrilled me to see him humiliated by the “boos” and the chants of “lock him up”. They are well-deserved, and nothing more nor less than people expressing their displeasure. But, on the other hand, does that bring us down to his level? Sigh … I just don’t know … I see both sides.

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    • Hmmmm … do I detect a note of sarcasm there? Yeah, poor little thing … I hope he chokes on his next Big Mac! Sigh. Yeah, wocking him up may be too good, but I think I prefer it for it would be the ultimate humiliation for him, and he deserves to be humiliated.


  3. Jill, I still remember the quote during the campaign from a panelist who was a building contractor. He knew contractors who had been stiffed by the Trump Organization. He said, “Word on the street is get paid up front when dealing with the Trump Organization.” Then, there is reporting where he still owes Deutsche Bank $50 million or so after the CEO of the bank told his people not loan Trump any more money, but someone did. Keith


    • Unfortunately, in his current position, as Minneapolis found out, it’s virtually impossible to insist on payment in advance. What a fraud he is … and worse yet, he is conducting the business of the nation in much the same way … just look at our latest national debt figures! Debt that will eventually have to be paid, but we will suffer those consequences after he is out of office, no doubt.


      • Jill, one of his biographers noted Trump would often leave his New York office without his wallet as he expected others to buy him lunch. We should not lose sight of his six corporate bankruptcies and other imvestments that had to be shuttered. This real estate tycoon set up a mortgage company in the middle of the housing crisis and was surprised it failed. Keith

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        • And yet … we have given him the keys to the kingdom. Sigh. After my divorce, I dated a guy for a short … very short … time who would invite me to dinner, then when the check came he always “forgot my wallet at home!” I’m a slow learner, but I think it only took me 2 dates to figure it out and dump him!


  4. Glad to see that there is a turning against Trumpism…He is such a dishonest guy! Even this latest blag about catching and killing the Isis leader. You’d think Trump did this personally, and his words were sickening, just what you’d expect from a cowardly braggart! It is all just posturing for the upcoming election, using ‘Wag the Dog’ tactics. America, you need to take him down!

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    • It’s really funny, for when Usama bin Laden was killed, Trump tweeted that Obama should not get credit, for it was the Navy Seals that killed him. But now … he thinks he deserves credit. My understanding is there is some doubt about whether Baghdadi is actually dead anyway. Trump is using this to try to bolster his declining ratings. Sadly, it will probably work, for his base are not the brightest bulbs in the pack.

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  5. He deserved every last one of those booos. Some have said we need to respect the office of the presidency, and in the past I’ve done that. But, how can we do that when the man who holds that office does not respect it, in fact soils it and spits on it every day? Way to go National fans!!

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    • He certainly did, and I chortled with glee when I first heard about it! First actual chuckle in days! I do respect the office, just not the current officeholder. As I’ve always said, respect is EARNED, not demanded. He has done nothing in his entire life to earn respect, and certainly not in the past almost three years. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever respected anybody less than I respect him. I will answer your letter soon, I promise! Been in a bit of a funk for a few days and just couldn’t write at all. Getting back in the saddle now, I think. I haven’t forgotten you!

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