‘Toons To Brighten Your Day … Or Not

It is a dreary, dark, rainy day here today, and I thought a few cartoons might brighten the day, lighten the mood.

The big story of the day … every day for the past month or so, and for the foreseeable future … is that of the impeachment inquiries taking place in the House of Representatives, and the response by Trump and the republicans …


Ol’ Mick Mulvaney has been in the news a lot lately, since he did that “open mouth, insert foot” trick, and then tried unsuccessfully to remove his foot from his mouth …


Corruption runs rampant in Washington these days, from the “president” down through his rank of minions, and among some in Congress who feel compelled to defend Trump’s speech and actions, though for the most part there is no defense.

corruptioncorruption-2Emoluments clauseTom Toles Editorial Cartoon - tt_c_c191023.tifcorruption-5corruption-6

You all remember last week when Trump was giving a speech and he claimed that he’s building a wall … in Colorado!



Trump’s treatment of our Kurdish allies will not be forgotten any time soon.  Pulling our troops out of Syria, leaving the Kurds vulnerable to Erdoğan’s brutal attacks, was beyond unconscionable, and has shown our allies around the globe that the U.S. can no longer be trusted.


The GOP once stood for “Grand Old Party”.  Those days are long gone, and for the past ten years or so, it has stood for only the wealthiest in the nation, willing to abandon the rest of us.  Still, I think they bit off more than they could chew when they nominated and later elected Donald Trump to the presidency, and they are now struggling to figure out how to support him, how to defend the indefensible.

GOPGOP-2Nick Anderson cartoon


And last, but not least, since tomorrow is Hallowe’en …


Have a safe and fun Hallowe’en!

17 thoughts on “‘Toons To Brighten Your Day … Or Not

  1. Good Grief! I was trying to avoid the orange man all day in order to give Halloween Eve the total and proper attention it deserves. However, I’m always drawn in by Political Cartoons and the display of all the cartoonists’ wondrous talents. My favorite, need I even say it, is “Make The Pumpkin Great Again”! Thank-you!

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  2. Jill, you know how we have been noting our weariness over the daily Trump news, I watched an interview with Lindsey Graham. What he said was his routine rationalization of Trump actions, but what struck me most is how weary he looked. I imagine creating a defense of the indefensible is taxing. Keith

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    • It must take a toll, spending one’s days finding excuses and justifications for the words & actions of a madman, eh? I believe the republicans in Congress are finding themselves in that proverbial area known as “between a rock and a hard place”.


      • Jill, my presumption is the daily verbiage from GOP Senators is “what did he tweet (or do or say) now?” Since their boss likes to tweet early, the must truly dread turning on their phones. The wake-up, exercise, drink coffee, eat and then take a deep breath….. Keith

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        • Sounds about right. And all for what? To stay aboard a sinking ship? I think I’d be heading for the nearest lifeboat, but I guess that’s what the dozen or so who’ve announced they won’t run next year are doing.


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