Dear Mr. President: It didn’t have to be this way

Our friend Jeff over at On the Fence Voters has truly outdone himself tonight! He has written an open letter to Donald Trump that I could never have written, for my temper gets in the way and before I know it, I am speaking in @#$%& symbols! Thank you, Jeff, for so eloquently stating what we are all feeling … and, of course, for your generous permission to re-blog!

On The Fence Voters

An open letter to the President

Hello, Mr. President. I saw you went to a World Series game, expecting to be welcomed with open arms. Basking from the news that our special forces had eliminated the leader of Isis, surely, our great leader would be greeted with cheers, bells, and whistles.

Sorry, Mr. President, the people at the game weren’t in the mood.

Frankly, the majority of Americans aren’t in the mood either. After nearly three years of constant gas-lighting and destruction of our democratic norms, the masses are restless and ready for your departure, one way or the other.

Indeed, not everyone feels this way. You still have a solid 35 to 40% of the public firmly in your corner, according to most polls. You’ve not deviated from your divisive governance and racial scapegoating, which appeals to many of your supporters. But, you’ve done nothing to court the rest…

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9 thoughts on “Dear Mr. President: It didn’t have to be this way

  1. Wow, a long and comprehensive list of Trump’s transgressions against the ppl and our constitutional republic. Shockingly that’s the tip of the iceberg, what else has been said or done behind the scenes which didn’t get reported by the media or tweeted by the bozo in office? Scary thought, Happy Halloween Y’all! 🙂


    • I don’t understand Boris’ popularity any more than I understand Trump’s … I would think that even after such a short time, the people in the UK would be fed up with Boris. I will keep my fingers crossed that the polls are wrong. But, I have a question … if not Boris, then who? Would it be Corbyn, and do you think he’s the right person for the job? I haven’t kept up with it as much as I would like.

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