♫ You’re The Voice ♫

Most often, my music posts are apolitical, just music for the sake of music, with no underlying meaning.  Every now and then, though, I break out of that mold.  Every now and then, either I feel a real need to make a statement through my music post, or a song crosses my radar that grabs me in something of an AHA!!! moment.  Tonight’s song is a result of both.  It first came onto my radar two nights ago in a comment on one of my posts by our friend Roger (determineddespitewp).  I listened, and as I did, I was moved … no, there was no earthquake … it was the cats playing ‘neath my chair.  But seriously, I think this song carries a message that those of us in both the U.S. and the UK need to hear today.

The lyrics of this song encourage the listener to see the sheer power he/she possess within to make his/her voice heard and speak against the ills of society and/or government.  So many today think that our voices don’t count … we call or write our elected representatives, and in return we get a canned response, and it seems as if nothing changes.

Chris Thompson, who was the lead singer in Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, wrote the music for this song with Andy Qunta and Maggie Ryder. When he needed words, he called on Keith Reid, who is best known as the lyricist for Procol Harum.  According to Reid …

“Chris called me and said, ‘I’ve got something and I don’t know what to do with it lyrically. It feels as though it should be slightly political, but I don’t know. Have a listen.’ And we sat down, he played me the tune, and I got the title idea, ‘You’re The Voice.’ It’s an anti-war song in a way, but it was more of a ‘make your voice heard’ kind of thing. Wake up to your own power.”

“Johnny Farnham,” was a teen idol in his native Australia and took over as lead singer of The Little River Band from 1982-1985. You’re The Voice was his first solo release as “John Farnham,” and it propelled him to stardom, at least in Australia where he became one of their most popular performers. The song was #1 in Australia and many European countries, #6 in the UK, but flopped in the United States, reaching only #82.

One of the highlights of You’re the Voice is its iconic bagpipe solo. That solo is widely considered as the greatest bagpipe solos of all time.  The ultimate message of the song is to encourage the ordinary man to make his voice heard on important social issues. It encourages confidence and courage in the ordinary man to take a stand and support the right thing. You might see yourself as an ordinary person. However, you really have nestling deep within you remarkable power to change this world. That power is asleep. Just wake it up. This basically is the long and short of You’re the Voice.

You’re the Voice
John Farnham

You’re The Voice
We have the chance, to turn the pages over
We can write what we want to write
We gotta make ends meet, before we get much older
We’re all someone’s daughter
We’re all someone’s son
How long can we look at each other
Down the barrel of a gun?

You’re the voice, try and understand it
Make a noise and make it clear
Oh-wo-wo-wo, oh-wo-wo-wo
We’re not gonna sit in silence
We’re not gonna live with fear
Oh-wo-wo-wo, oh-wo-wo-wo

This time, we know we call can stand together
With the power to be powerful
Believing, we can make it better
We’re all someone’s daughter
We’re all someone’s son
How long can we look at each other
Down the barrel of a gun?

Songwriters: Keith Reid / Andy Qunta / Maggie Ryder / Christopher Thompson
You’re the Voice lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc, BMG Rights Management

24 thoughts on “♫ You’re The Voice ♫

  1. I had never heard this original recording of the song, having thought the song to be by “Heart” that was released sometime in the very early 90’s. Eldest Daughter heard it on an album she had purchased and played it for me at the time. The “Heart” vocalists, sisters Ann and Nancy, gave an outstanding performance that I liked so much Daughter purchased the single for me. I was never a Heart fan, but she remained a huge fan and has several of their albums including the “Greatest Hits 1985 – 1995” and this song is on that album too. I have not thought of nor heard this song in years. I’ll have to share this recording with her, those bagpipes are a marvelous addition! Thank-you!

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  2. Somehow I only became aware of this song in the last couple of years. I found I couldn’t let this one just pass over me into oblivion but had to keep listening until I realised it was because I wanted it to come true.We have to stop talking over the barrel of a gun because that’s not talking that’s imposing your will.

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    • When Roger posted it in a comment, I listened and could only vaguely recall hearing it back in the 70s … likely it wasn’t played often here. But, the more I listened, then read the lyrics, the more I realized that it is perfect for our world today. Like you, I really want it to come true.

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