♫ Daisy Jane ♫

I’ve been working hard today, between the usual Friday cleaning/laundry, plus an unplanned trip to the grocery, making homemade stuffed pepper soup and wheat rolls, and preparing for a get-together with friends tomorrow.  The whole time, I had this song rambling through the cobwebs of my mind, without consciously realizing it.  That ever happen to you?  Finally, when I was pondering my music post for tonight, I tried to put a name to the tune that had been meandering through my head, and simply couldn’t … but I had a few lyrics … “does she really love me, I think she does”, and that was enough for Google to help me out.  Still, quite honestly, I don’t believe I ever knew the title of this song was Daisy Jane!

Daisy Jane is a song written by Gerry Beckley of the group America included on the 1975 America album Hearts.  Recorded at The Record Plant in Sausalito, California, Daisy Jane had a big-name producer: George Martin, famous for his work with The Beatles.

The heartbeat that starts this song isn’t an actual human heart. David Dickey, who played bass on the track, created the sounds by hitting muted strings on his guitar.  According to Beckley …

“Every fourth one, we heard this little kind of pumped heartbeat, and said, ‘David, how are you doing that?’ And he said, ‘I’m not doing anything!’  It took a while to solo all the tracks to realize that little extra ‘ca-clump’ was my foot coming off the sustain pedal on the piano. You have to listen closely, but those are the funny little things that happen, so we kept it in. It made an interesting little bit for all the headphone fanatics.”

The song was never all that popular anywhere … it hit #20 in the U.S., #16 in Canada, and didn’t chart in the UK or anywhere on the other side of the pond as best I can tell … but I just happen to like the tune.  Nobody ever accused me of having good taste … in anything!  Clothes, music, food, men … I’m basically an anomaly.

Daisy Jane

Flyin’ me back to Memphis
Gotta find my Daisy Jane
Well the summer’s gonne
And I hope she’s feelin’ the same
Well I left her just to roam the city
Thinkin’ it would easy the pain
I’m a crazy man and I’m playin’ my crazy game, game
Does she really love me I think she does
Like the star above me I know
Because when the sky is bright
Everything’s all right

Flyin’ me back to Memphis
Honey keep the oven warm
All the clouds are clearin’
And I think we’re over the storm
Well I been pickin’ it up around me
Daisy I think I’m sane
Well I’m awful glad
And I guess you’re really to blame, blame
Do you really love me
I hope you do
Like the stars above me how I love you
When it’s cold at night
Everything’s all right

Songwriters: Gerry Beckley
Daisy Jane lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc

9 thoughts on “♫ Daisy Jane ♫

  1. Jill, great story. America has a great body of work. “Daisy Jane” is a good example of their many good songs. It is hard for me to pick a favorite. I love the fact it was three Americans meeting in England and naming the band for their home country. Keith

    Liked by 1 person

        • I recalled playing “Horse with no Name”, but not the date, so I dug back through my archives. I played it in July 2018, and guess what? I noted then how the three members who formed the band were Air Force brats whose fathers were stationed in the UK … and yet, I had forgotten that. As I get older, my brain reminds me more and more of a colander! I really like the other two you mention, as well … stay tuned!


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