Saturday Surprise — B

Good morning, and welcome to the Weekend! You guys have big plans for the weekend?  We’re having a joint birthday party with our neighbors Maha & Ali and kids this evening, so I’ll be in the kitchen most of this day.  Daughter Chris’ birthday was last Saturday, and Maha’s was on Sunday, but we were all busy doing other things last weekend, so we’re celebrating together this weekend.  I was going to put a number of candles on the cake equal to their combined ages, but as Natasha pointed out, it would be a fire hazard, and anyway, can you imagine how long it would take me to light 93 candles???  Anyway … I had to go to Kroger for a few things yesterday … November 1st and let me tell you … Kroger did not waste a single second switching from Hallowe’en to Christmas!  Christmas nuts, Christmas candy, Christmas lunch cakes, napkins, paper plates, baking stuff … ay ay ay!!!  Could we please have a little break in between holidays … and anyway, what happened to Thanksgiving???

I had heard the term “Social media influencer” a few times recently, but paid no attention and gave it no further thought.  Until last night, that is, when while searching for something to enchant you this Saturday morning, I came across a very special little ‘influencer’, and thought I should at least figure out what was meant by the term.  Now sure, I know that an influencer would be somebody or something that has influence over another person or people, but these days, social media has a language all its own, so I did a bit of digging.

“An influencer is an individual who has the power to affect purchase decisions of others because of his/her authority, knowledge, position or relationship with his/her audience. An individual who has a following in a particular niche, which they actively engage with.”

Okay, not much different than I would have thought, and it sounds like not much more than Marketing 101.  But, today’s Surprise is a very special influencer and her marketing efforts are for a very good cause – to raise money to save the bees.  Bees are the most important living thing on Earth, due to 70% of the world’s agriculture depending on them.  Frighteningly, bees are now an endangered species, with recent studies showing a dramatic decline in the insects’ numbers; almost 90% of the bee population has disappeared in the past few years.

Enter Fondation de France, an independent administrative agency established by the government for the purpose of saving the bees.  They have set up a charity, Bee Fund, and an Instagram account for the subject of today’s Surprise, an adorable little CGI (computer-generated imagery) bee called, appropriately, B.  B has more than 122,000 followers today, and B aims to save the world by generating ad revenue via social media and then donating everything to the Bee Fund charity.  Let’s take a look at a few of B’s pictures … I think you’ll enjoy her.  Please do take just a minute to visit Bee Fund’s site … I found a lot of information about the declining bee population there, as well as the things being done to try to save the bees … it’s well worth the visit.


“Yo guys! So, name a thing you love.
Chocolate? I make it.
Ice-cream? I make it. 
Coffee? Always me.
Broccoli? Me again.
Clothes? Still me. 
We are behind most of the things you use everyday! And 24% of bees are dying every year.This is bad for us, but terrible for you as well dear humans… Are you ready for a world without chocolate?”


“I love to read and reply to your comments on my posts from my bathtube! Ask me questions in the comments: I will answer to EVERYONE! (As long as water stays warm)”


“Je vois la vie en rose. Maybe I should think about painting my hive in pink.”


“I might not be in a museum, but I’m Mother Nature’s masterpiece.”


“It is essential to save the planet… And the bees too! Both are threatened and trust me, it would be terrible to live without bees. Thanks a lot for demonstrating today, it was really nice to see you all and let’s keep up the fight!”


“Afternoon at the Sacré-Coeur! Where should I go for my next painting?”


“I spend so much time in my bathroom every morning… Ladies what is your morning routine?”


“I am so happy to work on my next partnerships and I can’t wait to share it with you!”


“On my way to the Montmartre’s 2019 grape harvest festival! Did you know that without bees there would be no wine? We pollinate plants and flowers that are essential for vineyards’ health.”


“Watering my little plants! Tips for humans: always keep flowers on your balconies, we might stop by to say hi.”


“What a better place than your bed when it is rainy outside. Even though it’s very important for nature, I’m not very much into rain because it frizzes my hair!”


“Great game with my friends today! (Haha just kidding I went there just to take pictures for my Instagram.)”


“Heading into the weekend like..”


“I’m not like Pablo, but I try to do my best…”


“Trying to get a little tan before going back to work.”


“Are you ready for the Pride, Paris?? I can’t wait to march with you.”


“Check out that side bee…”


“If you love to eat, you have to celebrate World Food Day! My sisters and I are behind most of the food you eat everyday. Are you wondering which ones?”


“Finally back home and working late today but it’s worth it.”


“Today I visited @FondationdeFrance, together we are working on my upcoming partnerships. From this flower of their balcony, I feel more than motivated and thanks to you all, we will save the bees.”

44 thoughts on “Saturday Surprise — B

  1. I live in the far north of Canada, a place where bees have to really struggle to survive the winter. Since we moved here in 2007, the number of bee hives kept by the farmers has dropped astoundingly. There is something else going on, not just crop spraying and mosquito spraying. That’s been done for decades.
    My guess it is smart phones. Something about the energy waves connecting phones to just about everything under the sun, moon and stars. As far as I can teii/guess. the bee populations have been falling in inverse proportion to the use of cell phone, especially smart phones. Bees are very dependent on energy waves, and I think they are getting sick from the constant bombardment of human-produced energy.
    WARNING: This theory is totally unscientific.
    But I would love to ask you, if science proved it true, could you give up your cell phone?

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    • Well, while your theory is unscientific, who’s to say? If a microwave oven can set off a pacemaker, and a cell phone can cause a gasoline fire if you are using it while pumping gas, then … who knows what other cause/effect things are going on that scientists haven’t yet discovered. To answer your question … yes, in a heartbeat. But, I suspect I would be in the minority … look how many people refuse to give up flying, or even turn their thermostat down a bit and don a sweater. People are selfish and short-sighted, but you already know that.


      • Yeah. I know that. And I know that is what is wrong with most humans. It’s bad enough the leaders don’t care about the rank-and-file, but when the rank-and-file don’t care about the rank-and-file, who is left? Not the right, that is for sure!

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        • Well, my friend, there is us and those like us who DO care, but frankly I don’t think it’s enough. We’ve talked about this before, and … well, if the human species is too selfishly ignorant to see what they are doing to our planet, then they will get what they deserve. You and I won’t be around to see it, but perhaps my grandchildren or great-grandchildren will. Sigh. 😥


          • It’s a lesson that needs to be learned, but is it one that will be understood? If our “civilization” crashes, as it appears it will, will those who survive realize why it crashed? If electricity disappears, the internet cannot be maintained. Once upon a time there were books that could survive, providing people could still read. With no internet, most recently-written words will disappear. Everything that makes our lives so easy will be gone. What will our great-grandchildren know about the things we depend on?


    • You know rg, your statement might be unscientific, but I think it has great merit!
      I am thinking of cutting back on social media and phone use anyway (I don’t have a computer). But the phone towers and 5G roll out still continue. I think it has a big effect on all life. We are energy life forms and interfering with the background frequencies in our world are detrimental to our own cellular structure, I’m sure.

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      • I would not have brought it up if I did not think it might have some chance of being true. I’ve looked at a lot of things in the 12 years we have lived here, and the major change has been the smart phone. Every adult, every kid over the age of 5, and every truckdriver that drives through the area (there are a helluva lot of them!) are talking on their smartphones, or tapping away about something. The energy pulses have increased astronomically, and the bees and other insects have decreased almost as fast. It might not be related, but, it might be.
        But thinking on that line, if it is true, what is happening to people who live in cities, esp big cities? Energy used to be more or less confined to covered wires. Now it goes willy-nilly in every direction, bombarding all living things. Will we ever know the true effects of that?


  2. Namaste, Miss Jill! It’s me, Bee-N-Ja-Min! Get it? I love B, he is so cute in all of his pictures. B is a cool Influencer! Bees are so important. Gem and I learned all about them on the computer a long time ago. Peoples need to stop killing them by spraying bad stuff on plants. That stuff is bad for peoples and bees! We went to B’s BeeFund page, it is so awesome. I love B in a ghost costume for Halloween the bestest of all! We are going to show it to Mommy and ask her to follow B for me. Gem needs to get Instagram and follow B too. Cause we both love him and she doesn’t do all the those things. I told Gem, you can do it if you try. Did you like me in my Crocodile Hunter shirt with Crikey my crocodile? They came all the way from Australia, that’s really far away. I wasn’t that for Trick or Treating, I was Mario! You get Two Thumbs up and 10 Gold Stars for today. You get lotsa kisses and neckbuster hugs too. Bye and thank you!

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    • Namaste Benjamin! I was hoping you would drop by and get to see B today! How have you been? You are very right, that people need to take better care and stop spraying stuff that kills bees and birds, for we need the bees … and the birds. I hope your mommy will let you follow B on Instagram! Maybe Gem will get Instagram too … I know she can do it, because it is pretty easy. I have an Instagram account, but I never ever post pictures, I just look at other people’s pictures. I did LOVE the picture of you in your Crocodile Hunter shirt! I used to love to watch the Crocodile Hunter, and now his kids are taking over and taking care of animals too. But you know what? Mario is my absolute favourite! Miss Goose and I used to play Mario a lot, and sometimes we still do! I loved the picture of you in your Mario costume … you looked just like him! Did you get a lot of candy for Trick-or-Treat? Thank you so much for the neckbuster hugs, kisses and gold stars! Here’s a huge hug for you 🤗


  3. In our little town we have weekly spraying to kill the mosquitoes. It kills a few of them but, apparently, the vast majority of the bees and other pollinators. Thus we still have mosquitoes to deal with but very few bees and other insects and, accordingly fewer and fewer birds. It’s terribly sad. And in the fields the farmer are spraying endlessly and the entire region has been affected. A friend in Wisconsin says Minnesota is referred to by him and his fellow bee keepers as a “kill zone.” Not a healthy situation.

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    • They do the same here, and in our apartment complex, I have to watch closely in the spring, for they come around and spray not only pesticide, but weed killer which kills my flowers as well. I’m pretty vicious when they come around … stand outside, ready to lay down my life for the flowers! We are all going to be very sorry we didn’t use better judgment, didn’t prioritize differently.


    • There is much we need to do to stop the chemical companies influencing farmers and government. As an added assault, these chemicals and fake fertilizers are also breaking down the soil microbiome. In very few years (they say less than 60 harvests now), the soil will be useless for life of any description. Why people are not alarmed by this, is due to the lies spun by government and corporations. People need so much to begin natural gardining in their own yards and try to retain something of a natural world, full of insects and soil creatures, because the Government and farmers just aren’t doing it!

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    • Thanks! Not a party, just a shared meal with our friends, Maha & Ali, but it’s always fun when we’re with them. Yes, I saw almost no bees this summer, either, despite having a profusion of flowers in both front yard and on back patio. It is alarming and sad. 😥

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