The “Stable Genius” Advises The UK 🙄

It’s bad enough that Trump is making life a living hell on this side of the pond, but now he’s inserting his bulbous nose into a volatile political situation across the pond, and needless to say, the Brits are not all that happy about it.  Who can blame them?

On Thursday, Trump caused quite a stir when he phoned his pal Nigel Farage’s radio program and weighed in on Brexit, the upcoming U.K. election and Meghan Markle’s public battle with the British press … all things that are absolutely none of his business, and about which he knows absolutely nothing!

Back when Theresa May was Prime Minister, Trump claims to have given her advice, and then blamed her failure to make a deal with the EU that Parliament would agree to on the fact that she disregarded his advice.  More recently, Trump has encouraged UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to do a no-deal Brexit, in other words leave the European Union without any agreements regarding trade, travel, etc.  Boris Johnson has since negotiated a new deal with the EU and is trying to get it through Parliament, but Trump said to Farage on Thursday that if Johnson’s deal goes through, the U.S. will not trade with the UK …

“To be honest, under certain aspects of the deal, you can’t do it, you can’t trade. We can’t make a trade deal with the U.K.”

Then he goes on to tell Farage what a great thing it would be for the UK if they could make lots of trade deals with the U.S.  First, he’s wrong … Trump does not deal with any degree of integrity or honesty and the UK would likely be better off without us.  Second, Trump has no idea what is in the deal that Johnson has negotiated with the EU, and doesn’t understand the situation nor the dynamics any better than mi gato.  Third, how would he like it if, say, Canada told him that they would only trade with he U.S. if the U.S. cut off all trade with Mexico?

But that wasn’t bad enough.  Nigel Farage is as big an idiot as Trump, and Trump advised him that …

“You and I have become friends over the years and you’ve seen what’s happening with my thing. I would like to see you and Boris get together because you would really have some numbers. Because you did fantastically in the last election. I know that you and him [sic] will end up doing something that could be terrific if you and he get together. You’d be an unstoppable force.”

Think about this one for a minute … can you imagine if another world leader told Trump who he should choose for his running mate, and how he should run his campaign?  He would go ballistic, Twitter would be ablaze with his vitriol and vulgarity!

And then he went on to offer his unsolicited opinion about Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn …

“Corbyn would be so bad for your country, so bad. He’d take you in such a bad way. He’d take you into such bad places. I’m sure he’s a lovely man but of a different persuasion to put it mildly. He’s at the opposite end.”

Just who the heck does he think he is???  Few in the UK are likely to listen to his unwanted opinions, for his approval rating there is somewhere around 19% last I heard … even worse than it is here!

It always amazes me when people who have the filthiest house in town criticize somebody else for having a bit of dust on the shelves.  In this case, Trump’s own house is not only filthy (read corrupt), but he is the subject of numerous investigations that are almost certain to lead to his impeachment, if not his conviction and removal from office.  His own country is deeply divided as a result of his incompetence and corruption. What business does he have telling another how to run their country???

It seems to me that instead of calling a radio show in another country and advising that country how to run its business, his time and efforts would be better spent running his own country, trying to fix just some of the things he and his band of nasties have broken.  Certainly, the UK is a country in turmoil and uncertainty right now, but Donald Trump is not the person who can help them … all he can possibly do is add to their troubles, just as he has added to ours.

27 thoughts on “The “Stable Genius” Advises The UK 🙄

  1. He surely doesn’t know a thing because Farage never made it to Parliament in the UK. He only ever got protest votes that got him into EU politics. And now he has chickened out of the upcoming election. He thinks he can help his buddies better if he doesn’t run. Maybe Trumps intervention did do something good 😁🙋‍♀️🐝?


  2. Harrumph to Trump! 😠
    Go away… You are a menace and not welcome to interfere in British politics. The whole Brexit thing occurred because Brits don’t like being told what to do by anyone… How does Trump think he is an exemption we will tolerate? You know a lot of Brits do not see America as our friend! They only came to our aid in the second World War when they were dragged into the conflict by Japan, and then they charged us a fortune for all the military equipment provided. It is America who keeps the IRA Irish sentiments alive with funding and enflames the continued conficts between the English and Irish. Any trade deal with America will be an unfair advantage to America who will further kick us when we are down. Mr Trump can get back on his Waggon and Roll right back home to whatever swamp he rose out of! 😠

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  3. Recently on Scottie’s blog, there was some discussion on how much time tRumpsky actually spends doing his presidential duties. It’s well-documented that he spends a VERY large part of his day tweeting, watching Faux TV, and making calls (to his rich buddies, no doubt, and obviously, to other world leaders).

    Now doncha’ know? ALL of this gives him unequaled abilities to tell others how to run their country.

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    • I missed that one of Scotties … some days I simply run out of time and energy before being able to read everyone’s posts … but it’s clear that between his golf outings, scarfing down food, tweeting endless nonsense, watching Fox “News”, and chatting up his wealthy friends, he has no time for actually doing the job for which we pay him. His staff say they have to condense reports they give him to one or two paragraphs, for he cannot seem to pay attention to anything longer (might be those big words they use, eh?) Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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      • Jill, Trump is tolerated because he governs off fear. Other leaders tend to couch any overt criticism as he is highly vindictive. The Ukraine president dares to not tell the truth, as Trump will move forward with his extortion threat and hold up $340 billion in needed aid.

        My educated guess is most world leaders talk about Trump behind closed doors like Republican leaders do. “We have to tolerate this (insert favorite expletive) and support him in public, but we should not trust him.” Keith

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        • I think you are likely spot on with that, Keith. My own opinion is that the republicans AND world leaders need to stop saying it behind closed doors and say it to his face. He needs to understand how mistrusted and disliked he really is … they need to put paid to the lie he has told himself, that “everybody” loves him.


  4. Good Heavens, Trump may have a 19% approval rating here but that’s approval to run America. He’d have less than one hundredth of 1% approval for running things here. I imagine that fraction of a percent would come from anyone who didn’t know he spoke to Nigel Farage and called him friend.Possibly the most distrusted man in British Politics.

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    • I know that, you know that, but does Boris know that? Does Nigel know that? Nigel, despite not being able to get a word in edgewise for Trump’s yammering, seemed pretty chummy with him. And Boris has been pretty chummy with him in the past. I hope … I really hope … that Boris tells him to go to hell !

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      • Nigel always has a ready smile and wants to appear everyone’s friend. Boris is a consummate politician so no matter what he’ll never say ‘Go to hell’ no matter what he’s thinking, even to the leader of the opposition.

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        • Nigel with his smile always reminds me of some sort of character in a slapstick comedy routine. While there’s a part of me that would love for Boris to tell Donnie to “go to hell”, it wouldn’t likely be in the UK’s best interest, for Donnie is vindictive, so it’s good that cooler heads than mine prevail, eh?

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  5. Jill, the US president is not well versed on US issues, so he has no business advising another country on theirs. It is also imprudent.

    Sadly, these leaders cannot easily tell him to mind his own business as he is such a vindictive person. The Ukraine president cannot tell the truth about Trump as he must avoiding poking the bear. Keith

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    • Exactly! He cannot even take care of business here, so he surely has no business sticking his nose in others’ business. My fear is that this little game he’s playing will serve to further erode our relationship with our allies. Not like he hasn’t already made us untrustworthy to our allies. Sigh.

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