Selling Guns In Schools???

The NRA Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that raises and donates money to outdoors groups and others such as ROTC programs, 4-H and Boy Scouts. In 2010, the NRA Foundation distributed $21.2 million in grants for gun-related training and education programs: $12.6 million to the NRA itself, and the rest to community programs for hunters, competitive shooters, gun collectors, and law enforcement, and to women and youth groups.

Friends of NRA is a program that raises money for the NRA Foundation. Since its inception in 1992, Friends of NRA has held over 17,600 events, reached over 3.2 million attendees and raised over $600 million for The NRA Foundation.

You already know how I feel about the National Rifle Association (NRA), for I have made my thoughts known frequently on this blog.  But, until this morning, I was unaware of both the NRA Foundation and the Friends of NRA.  They came onto my radar via an article in The Washington Post about Friends of NRA holding gun auctions in schools!  That’s right, folks … in schools.  A few excerpts from the Post article …

Parents and students trickled into the Muhlenberg County High School gym on a hot Saturday night as the sounds of cheers and a referee’s whistle carried from an athletic field nearby. Inside the “Home of the Mustangs,” Friends of NRA was raffling off guns: semiautomatic rifles and handguns, guns with high-capacity magazines and pump-action shotguns.NRA-3In the past two years, the NRA Foundation’s fundraising program had displayed actual guns along the wooden bleachers in the gym. This time organizers showed only pictures, bowing to objections from parents who pointed to a shooting at another western Kentucky high school last year that left two students dead and more than a dozen wounded.

“It’s obscene that they have had guns inside our gym,” said Shannon Myers, whose 16-year-old son attends band practice next to the gym where the event was held in September.

That money is the leading source of cash for the NRA Foundation, a charity that supports the shooting sports. The events combine the efforts of what organizers say are 13,000 volunteers with the NRA’s multimillion-dollar marketing machine. They are family-focused by design, helping to cultivate the next generation of gun owners and NRA members.

Helping to cultivate the next generation of gun owners.  Think about that one.  According to the Friends of NRA Facebook page …

“Every year the NRA fights for our Second Amendment rights. But what is being done to ensure the firearm traditions we love today don’t become a thing of the past? The answer . . . Friends of NRA.”

Yesterday, in my Snarky Snippets piece, I made note of a few shootings in the past week, including one 7-year-old child who was shot by a 15-year-old child.  In response to that segment, one UK friend commented that “You guys have got a serious problem with firearms.”  That may just be the understatement of the year … we have more than a serious problem if we are auctioning guns in schools, and “cultivating the next generation of gun owners”.

The following video, put out by the Friends of NRA, will give you an idea of just how serious a problem we have in this country …

The auction held at Muhlenberg County High School in Kentucky that was referenced by the Post was held in September, and was attended by more than two dozen children, some of them toddlers sitting on their parents’ laps.  Hundreds of schools around the country host these events.  One of the organizers of the Muhlenberg auction was annoyed by activists who find it inappropriate, to say the least, to bring guns into schools, and said …

“If you pick up one of these guns and shoot someone with it, it’s not the gun’s fault, is it? You pulled the trigger. Everybody wants to blame the ARs. Anyone can cause just as much problems with a knife.”

NRA-1In the U.S., it is illegal to purchase cocaine, heroin, or other such drugs.  Why?  Because they are dangerous and can ultimately cost the life of the person who takes them.  Yet, not only are guns not illegal, but they can be purchased by almost anybody in a Wal-Mart, at a gun show, or even at an auction in your local high school gymnasium.  And, while an overdose of heroin will kill a person, that AR-15 that was auctioned off at the high school event could potentially kill dozens.

The NRA Foundation is considered a ‘charity’; therefore they pay no taxes on the money they take in.  They spend that money to provide guns to people and to defend ‘gun rights’ around the nation.  We have, as of 2018, approximately 553,000 homeless people in the U.S., and 18.5 million people in this nation are considered to be living in deep poverty.  It is my not-so-humble opinion that the NRA, it’s various outlets, and the people who support it have their priorities seriously skewed.

As I mentioned in my Snippets post, there have already been more than 32,000 gun deaths in the U.S. this year … in just over 10 months. There are more firearms in circulation in the U.S. than there are people.  We have, I think, more than a ‘serious problem’ … we have the makings of a catastrophe.

40 thoughts on “Selling Guns In Schools???

    • So it would seem, Padre. A few years back, I wrote of a family who were given a choice by Children’s Protective Services, to give up their guns or lose their children. They kept the guns and the kids went into foster care. Granted, that is an extreme case, but obviously there are parents who think more of their ‘right’ to own firearms than of their responsibility to their kids. Sigh.


  1. I no longer remember where or when I read about the NRA Foundation and Friends of NRA, but it was a long time ago. Then there is NRA – Firearms For Freedom, another of their organizations, that if I recall correctly is aimed at selling and auctioning guns that are donated to them amidst other activities to obtain funds to carry on their legacy for future generations to enjoy. The NRA and Friends must think selling guns in schools is a lovely way to bond families and guns together. Mayhaps they deduced that if readers are made on the laps of their parents, the same could be true of shooters. One would think that there is a law against selling guns in schools, even under the guise as a family event…but not if the NRA is involved! Deplorable organization! Thank-you!

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    • It seems that the laws today apply only to those of us who cannot afford to buy a member of Congress. I agree … the NRA is deplorable and a number of other adjectives I could think of, and in my book, to be a part of such an organization, one must have no conscience, no sense of humanity. We are the only nation on earth that practically worships those instruments that have only one purpose: to kill. Sigh.


  2. There is no ration to this, or logic, or any kind of defence. Guns kill people because people want to kill people. Humans have a hatred inside them, a self-loathing that they don’t have the guts to do what they really want to do. But put a gun in their hand and suddenly they are invincible. These are the people the NRA cater to, the weaklings, the ones that believe themselves worthless. They have nothing to live for but hatred. I may feel sympathy for them, they are living beings, after all, but they have no desire to be better people.

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    • The majority of the people in this country, including gun owners, want stricter gun regulations, but … Congress is largely in the pockets of the gun lobby, and as long as that remains the case, the people of this nation will be ignored. And, in truth, though some 80% want stricter gun laws, they are up in arms if you mention severe restrictions on who can own a gun and in what circumstances. Concealed carry laws are one of the worst laws of the land. Teaching kids to shoot guns is the f***ing stupidest thing I can think of. Sigh.


  3. it’s amazing that so many people lump suicides into the statistic for gun homicides in this country but then to push an antigun agenda, people need a high number to justify their position. 60% of the deaths by gun are suicides, not someone killing someone else with a gun. ban the guns and you’d still have people killing themselves because there are plenty of other ways to die.

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    • I didn’t refer to gun homicides, but rather gun ‘deaths’, which rightly would include the 20,000 or so suicides. And, let’s face it, Scott … if there were no access to guns, people wouldn’t commit suicide by gun. Sure, they might try other methods, but most all of those at least give the person a fighting chance if discovered in time, whereas a gunshot does not. So, I think they are properly included in the statistic for ‘gun deaths’.

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  4. If the Friends of the NRA and thee NRA Foundation just helped train people to shoot at targets and skeets I’d have no objection at all. We have shooting competitions in the Olympic Games and it gives you a broader base to choose from. But they should not be training children to kill birds or deer or any other living thing including other children.

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    • Even if they only trained people in target shooting, I think I would still be against it, for you know that some of those people won’t be content to just shoot at a tree or a piece of paper, but will then take their newfound skill elsewhere. Remember the disgusting pictures of the Trump boys with their “trophies”? I just really don’t believe that guns belong in the hands of civilians. Given the current divisiveness in this country, and people’s propensity to solve their differences with violence … I’d just as soon see all guns destroyed. Sigh. Not that I’ll ever get that wish.

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      • I can’t disagree with you, especially about the Trump boys but as a multitude of people remind us there is currently the 2nd Amendment. Scrap that and confiscate all guns (no chance) and I’m a happy bunny. If not then I’d rather they were all taught target practise than being allowed to slope off as loners to prepare for the huge battle with the Government (

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        • I see your point. Funny, isn’t it, how Trump & Co have trashed many parts of the Constitution, such as freedom of the press, the emoluments clause, separation of church & state, and congressional oversight to name but a few, and nobody says a word. But, mention any degree of gun regulation and they are shoving a copy of the 2nd amendment in our face while screeching like banshees. Double standard?

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        • speaking of guns, here’s a tragic story but listen carefully to the end where he says, if this were a pro-gun advocate who killed her kids, the news media would be plastering this story all over every outlet for weeks on end. Since she was an anti-gun advocate who obviously had some mental issues, after all, who of a sound mind kills their own kids, regardless of whether or not there for or against guns, there’s just a little story about how this is a tragedy. It certainly is and I can’t imagine the pain of those left behind but we all know that mainstream media is never honest about anything, ever.


          • It seems to me that his entire point was to politicize the gun issue. Fact is that we have a huge gun culture problem in this nation that is costing lives every day. It needs to be addressed. It is not, or at least ought not to be, a political issue, but rather a humanitarian, common sense issue. I cannot condone his snotty attitude that turns this into an “us vs them” issue. Fact: the majority of gun owners in this nation would like to see stricter gun regulations. Fact: more people die from guns in this nation than in any other nation in the world. Fact: there are more guns than people in the U.S. Fact: there is no skills or competency test to own and carry a gun. It’s not us vs them, Scott … it’s just common sense. The NRA likely paid for that video clip, for they are the source of the gun culture, of the refusal to pass any … ANY gun legislation. Sigh.


    • It is, indeed, crazy, and yes, we are regressing to the days of the Wild West, only now it’s the Wild Nation. Civility? Gone. Compassion? Gone. Sigh. I really wish, for the first time in my life, that I had been born almost anywhere but here.

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  5. Selling guns in schools is such a disturbing idea, and it is outrageous that the NRA is a ‘charity’ and does not pay tax!

    It seems to me that if the NRA accepts the premise that it is the person and not the gun that kills, then surely it should be a strong advocate for background checks, licences, safe storage etc. By that statement it understands that there will be many gun owners who should not own guns. If the person is the problem, find ways to make sure the person holding the gun is not going to use it on a murderous rampage.

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    • You make an excellent point, my friend! One which I hadn’t considered, but yes … if they say it is people who kill, then why would they fight the ideas of better screening of ‘people’ before allowing them to buy guns? It is a sad state of affairs that in this country, profit takes precedence over people. Sigh.


  6. Trying to re-blog. Hope I make it. Great find. Really more guns than people? Reference? Shockingly unbelievable. Do you think the sexual symbolization is behind it? Or just the aggression instinct? When one is speechless, writing helps.

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