A Day Made For … Snarky Snippets!

Wow, folks … just when you think it can’t get any more chaotic … it does!  My phone has been abuzz today with breaking news updates from several media outlets, every time I pull up either The Washington Post, Politico or the New York Times, there is something else that demands to be read, and my email box has been overflowing every time I’ve checked it.  I almost wish for a nationwide power failure so I could catch my breath!  I said ‘almost’, for we are expecting ❄️ snow ❄️ today, so I really don’t want to be without heat.

Karma is a …

Back in November 2017, two years ago, I did a post called More Bits ‘N Pieces From Filosofa’s Mind … rather a precursor to my Snarky Snippets feature.  In that post, one of the ‘bits ‘n pieces’ was about a woman named Juli Briskman who bravely dared to flip the finger at Donald Trump’s motorcade as it passed by her while she was riding her bicycle.  This picture went viral …girl on bikeMs. Briskman lost her job over that picture, but yesterday, she got a new job!  She won a seat on the Loudoun County (Virginia) Board of Supervisors — ousting a Republican in the process!  Says Ms. Briskman …

“It’s feeling fantastic, it’s feeling surreal. The last two years have been quite a ride. Now we’re helping to flip Loudoun blue.”

And, to put the icing on the cake, the district to which she was elected happens to include a golf course owned by none other than a certain Donald Trump!  You know what they say about karma …

Score one for justice … for now, anyway

Two thumbs up to U.S. District Judge Paul Engelmayer in Manhattan.  Yesterday he struck down Trump’s so-called ‘conscience rule’, that would have given health care providers the right to refuse birth control, sterilization, abortions, and other treatments to patients if said health care providers claimed that those treatments were ‘against their personal/religious beliefs’.  It would have also allowed health care providers to refuse treatment to members of the LGBT community if they believed homosexuality to be fundamentally wrong.  In other words, there was really no line … doctors, nurses and others could have refused treatment on nearly any grounds or no grounds, simply by claiming that to offer treatment would go against their religion.

The rule would have required clinics and research institutions that receive federal funding from programs including Medicare and Medicaid to “submit written assurances and certifications of compliance” with federal religious-freedom and conscience-protection laws to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), in order to receive federal funding.

This, in Trump’s view, is expanding the rights of religious freedom.  Judge Engelmayer saw it a bit differently, however …

“The Court has found that HHS’s stated justification for undertaking rulemaking in the first place—a purported ‘significant increase’ in civilian complaints relating to the conscience provisions—was factually untrue.”

He went on to say that the rule was “shot through with glaring legal defects.”  It is the opinion of this writer that if a person’s religious convictions are such that there are certain procedures they are unwilling to perform, or certain groups of people they are unwilling to treat, then that person does not belong in the health care field.  Period.  It is rather like … if you don’t like children, don’t become a teacher.  This rule was religious freedom run amok … it was set to cost lives, to take away the rights of others.

The Department of Health and Human Services, along with the Justice Department, say they are ‘reviewing’ the judge’s 147-page decision.  My best guess is that they will file an appeal.  Sigh.  You all do realize who’s footing the bill for all these lawsuits and appeals, right?

Only in Alabama …

Who could forget Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions, commonly known simply as Jeff Sessions, racist extraordinaire, right?  He was a U.S. Senator from Alabama for twenty years, starting in 1997, and ending in 2017 when he stepped down to accept the position of U.S. District Attorney.  In his early years in Alabama … 1986, to be exact … then-President Ronald Reagan considered appointing Mr. Sessions to a federal court judgeship, but Sessions’ nomination was not confirmed in light of prior, documented racist remarks.

Sessions didn’t last too long as Attorney General … about a year, until 2018 when he resigned at Trump’s request.  Trump had wanted to fire him ever since Sessions, in a rare moment of integrity, recused himself from the Mueller investigation.  Trump had hoped that he could coerce Sessions into firing Robert Mueller and ending the investigation.  Anyway …

It is expected that any day now, Sessions will officially announce that he is running for his old Senate seat against incumbent Doug Jones, who beat out another racist jackass, Roy Moore, in 2017.  And, to add to the drama, Roy Moore is also planning to run for that seat again next year!  If Alabamans vote for either Sessions or Moore, then I think we should get our chain saws out and cut the whole state of Alabama out of the U.S. … let it drift over to the other side of the big pond!  Oh, my head.  🤯

Jaw-dropping news!

Is it possible, just possible, that Attorney General William Barr found his cojones?  Barr has slavishly done Trump’s bidding since the day he took his seat in the Department of Justice, not seeming to mind that he looked like a fool, a wuss, a pansy.  Perhaps he has finally gotten tired of it all?

Turns out that in late September, Trump requested that Barr hold a news conference declaring that Trump had broken no laws during that now famous July phone call in which he pressed his Ukrainian counterpart to investigate political rival Joe Biden and his son Hunter.  Nothing surprising there, but now for the jaw-dropping part … Barr refused!

According to The Washington Post

“In recent weeks, the Justice Department has sought some distance from the White House, particularly on matters relating to the burgeoning controversy over Trump’s dealings on Ukraine and the impeachment inquiry they sparked.”

Perhaps Mr. Barr is beginning to envision his entire career going up in flames if he continues to pander to the madman in the Oval Office?  Time will tell.

As always, I could go on … I had a few more snippets … but, the clock is telling me that it’s time to wrap this up and move on, so until next time …Trump-king

35 thoughts on “A Day Made For … Snarky Snippets!

  1. Excellent post Jill. The whole religious freedom thing drives me absolutely nuts. I totally agree with you…if they object to these things, don’t enter the field. Pretty simple isn’t it?

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  2. What really burns my butt: why isn’t Trump charged with international war crimes?
    Video footage shows American made weapons arriving in war-ravaged Yemen secretly as the country suffers from the ongoing Saudi aggression.
    Released by CNN on Wednesday, the video purportedly shows US-made Oshkosh armored vehicle in the early morning darkness at the Yemeni port of Aden.
    The US heavy weaponry and reinforcement were meant to support Saudi Arabia and its allies in their aggression against the impoverished country.
    Answer: same reason all previous Presidents never get charged with war crimes. War benefits our military industrial complex, and will receive full approval from Congress, White House, Pentagon, Intelligence Agencies and all the key political players in Washington. This cost taxpayers 100s billions every year which could be used more productively paying off student loans, providing free healthcare for all like the rest of Europe, building better roads and transportation etc.
    Incidentally, both parties are complicit in current regime change wars in Syria, Yemen, Ukr & breakaway republics, previously involved in Venezuela, N Korea, Iran. US is one hot mess!

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    • you are absolutely right and I have always spoken out against the military industrial complex and how both parties are in bed with this monstrosity.

      I love how the democrats always say that it’s the republicans who want war when all the time, they are just as guilty of being complicit in all of this mess as their political rivals.

      the reason Tulsy Gabbert is facing such headwinds from the corrupt immoral DNC is because she’s the only candidate out of every single person running for the 2020 presidency, on both sides, who opposes said regime change wars.

      What does this tell you about the democrats, a party who, back in the 60’s was opposed to Vietnam but who now give the president hell for withdrawing from Syria?

      Sure, the middle east is a place we never should have been but we’re there now so we can’t just leave but even if trump made a smaller move to get some troops out of anywhere, the democrats would find something wrong with it.

      The only thing that will make these people happy is if trump got a bullet to the brain on national television.

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  3. On Jeff Sessions: I would prefer Sessions to Roy Moore, if that turns out to be the choice.

    Yes, I see Sessions as racist. However, he does seem to have some principles, unlike too many other Republicans.

    I have the impression that being a senator was what Sessions really enjoyed. And he wants to get back to that. I can understand the feeling. However Club Senate is going to be a very different place after the damage that Trump has been causing. Sessions might not like it. The smart move for Sessions would be to just retire gracefully.

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    • If those were my only two choices, I agree with you, for at least Sessions has shown a conscience on one occasion. However, I’d just as soon Doug Jones remain in office, and that both Sessions and Moore go back to whatever pit they came from.

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  4. Those are positive news. Thank you Jill.
    I went to Grad School to U of A, Tuscalooser, Alabamer. (Roll Tide!) And it is sad to see that State go back to old demons… And I can testify that not all Alabamians are die-hard rednecks.

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  5. Here’s Ambassador Taylor testifying that Ukraine was not aware of a hold on military aid until the end of August, over one month after @realDonaldTrump’s call with President Zelensky.
    so, based on your knowledge,
    Okay .
    nobody in the Ukrainian Government became aware Of a hold on
    military aid until 2 days later, on August 29th.
    AMBASSADOR TAYLOR: That’s my understanding.

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    • Per Politico after reviewing the released transcripts:

      “The transcripts reveal a widespread concern among American diplomats that critical military aid intended to counter Russia’s aggression as well as a meeting between the two country’s presidents was conditioned on the politically motivated investigations sought by Trump and his allies.

      In the assessment of the five diplomats at the center of the impeachment inquiry, Giuliani was everywhere. He was texting with State Department officials and directing U.S. foreign policy, all seemingly at the behest of the president. He was Trump’s free-wheeling emissary seeking to push a foreign government to, in effect, publicly tar Joe Biden.”

      What concerns this independent and former Republican voter is this is far more than one phone call. It is a modus operandi that the US president has used for years – strong arm people into acquiesence. We must get to the bottom of this and it is shameful no Republican House members voted for the impeachment inquiry. That is a disservice to Americans. As I shared with several House members’ staff, I could understand them voting no to impeach, but to not vote for an inquiry is poor.

      Having read the Mueller report and followed this story which is still evolving, I am concerned over abuse of power, extortion for personal gain, violation of campaign finance laws, violation of emoluments laws and obstruction of justice. Call me crazy, but that is what I feel.

      We simply cannot have a president whose modus operandi is to act in this manner. It is damaging to our democracy, our global standing and the Republican Party. It is also a danger to national security.

      One thing I want people to think about is why is an unvetted and unwieldy person like Rudy Guiliani doing the nation’s business instead of well-versed, vetted and oath-taking diplomats? To be frank, I have concerns that Ivanka and Jared have not been blessed by the Senate. This is especially true when it was known globally that Jared needed money to pay off a $1.2 billion loan.

      As an independent, I want legislators to do their job and stop trying to keep their job. If the president is guilty, we need to ferret this out.

      As for Sessions running, it is funny that he took his oath seriously and recused himself and eventually lost his job. Barr may be finally realizing that he is Attorney General and not the president’s personal attorney.

      Sorry for the soapbox. Good post, Jill.


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      • You make an excellent summation and excellent points, my friend. You and your soapbox are ALWAYS welcome here! I agree with you … the republicans in the House are playing a dangerous game … one that is likely to cost them dearly if justice and truth prevail. Trump has divided this nation far more than it was before he came on the scene, and my hope is that we can begin to heal once he and his divisive rhetoric leave the scene, though I’m fairly certain it will take a long time, likely a decade or more. Sigh.


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